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Neighbours Episode 1182 from 1990 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1182
Australian airdate: 17/04/90
UK airdate: 29/05/91
UK Gold: 13/05/97
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
- Christine and Eddie tell Caroline that they're getting married.
Caroline is very shocked and says it's not possible - they've only been on one date. But Christina and Eddie insist that they're made for each other.
CAROLINE: I've heard that his happens, but I just didn't think it would happen to you, Chris!
Christina and Eddie try not to laugh and tell Caroline that they don't want to announce their engagement publicly yet(!)
No.24, the following morning
Harold and Sharon are having breakfast and start chatting to Madge about Eddie. They still think it's odd that Eddie would come all the way from the UK for a holiday and then spend it just hanging around Erinsborough. Madge thinks his behaviour is very suspicious.
Just then, Eddie comes in with a box and takes it into his room.
MADGE: Did you see that box?
SHARON: Probably a bomb.
The phone rings and Eddie comes out to answer it. They hear him speaking quietly down the phone saying he'll "come round and pick it up as soon as he can".
Lochy has got Bouncer in a pram and has dressed him up.
JOE: Oh, strewth, what have you done to him?!
LOCHY: He's my baby! Now that he's got a bad leg he needs a lot of looking after!
Joe opens the bill for Bouncer's vetinary treatment and balks.
JOE: Flamin' 'ell! All this for one little plaster cast? I'm in the wrong business!
He's glad that Dorothy is paying the vet fees - he'd never be able to afford to pay himself.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy is having a coffee and observes that business is slow today. Madge comes in and says she's been in Eddie's room to look in the box. It was full of cans of kidney beans!
SHARON: Maybe he's addicted to them?
HAROLD: Curiouser and curiouser, eh?
No.24, later
Madge finds three lettuces in the fridge. Eddie is surprised to find her home. He tells her that he bought the lettuces to help with the household groceries, but it's clear that isn't the reason. Eddie runs out saying he has an urgent appointment before she can tackle him further.
Coffee Shop
Caroline is distracted - she's thinking about Christina. Melanie sits with her and she pours out the story about Christina and Eddie. Unlike Caroline, Melanie is thrilled and says it's very romantic. Apparently Christina and Eddie have been making eyes at each other all weekend(!) Melanie advises Caroline to let Chrissie live her own life, and show her some support. She suggests that Caroline holds an engagement party for them.
Dorothy is sorting through some ornaments and wondering what to do with them. Lochy gives Dorothy the vet's bill.
Coffee Shop
There still aren't any customers. Just then, Joe comes in and Harold goes to sit with him. He sits with Joe and tells him seriously that if he's strapped for cash, he can always turn to Harold - he doesn't want Joe's family going hungry(!)
JOE: Yeah, thanks, mate. But things aren't that desperate yet. We'll manage.
Eddie is having a sleep on the sofa when Madge comes in and wakes him up. Madge opens the fridge and sees that the lettuces have gone. Eddie says he was peckish and he ate them(!) Madge tells Eddie that it seems to her that he's "mixed up in something" - he's been behaving very strangely and coming and going oddly. Eddie insists that he's not up to anything illegal.
Melanie and Caroline have set up a table with a decorated cake for Christina and Eddie.
When Christina and Eddie come in, Melanie, Caroline and Paul sing "For he's a jolly good fellow". They don't know what to say, but decide they have to come clean - that there's no engagement after all. She just wanted to show Caroline that she was capable of running her own life. She promises to mind her own business in the future.
PAUL: Well, let's celebrate anyway!
He starts pouring champagne!
Coffee Shop
Paul comes in and Harold tells him that business is slow for the second day in a row. Paul is surprised, saying the Waterhole and the Brasserie are as busy as ever. Harold asks Sharon to have a walk through the shopping centre to see if any new establishments have opened up or anything.
Dorothy has brought Joe a cheque for the vet's bill. He thanks her for helping them out. Dorothy asks if he could do some carpentry work for her - she wants to display her ornaments on them. She agrees to take Joe on and he'll do it this afternoon.
A road
Sharon is walking along a road and sees the Coffee Shop's problem standing on a corner - it's Eddie, selling tacos out of a mobile stall.
SHARON: What are you doing?!
Eddie says he wanted to make some spare cash, and Sharon tells him off for taking Harold's business off him. Eddie says it's just free enterprise.
SHARON: I tell you what, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes when Harold Bishop finds out. He is going to murder you.
Coffee Shop
Harold has found out about the taco stand and is ringing the council to report unlicensed trading. He tells Madge about the mobile food stand, but he doesn't seem to know that Eddie is involved yet.
HAROLD: Whoever it is has sold his last taco!
<<1181 - 1183>>
Caroline Alessi, Christina Alessi, Eddie Buckingham in Neighbours Episode 1182
Caroline Alessi, Christina Alessi, Eddie Buckingham

Sharon Davies, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Eddie Buckingham in Neighbours Episode 1182
Sharon Davies, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Eddie Buckingham

Lochy McLachlan, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1182
Lochy McLachlan, Joe Mangel

Sharon Davies, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1182
Sharon Davies, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Eddie Buckingham in Neighbours Episode 1182
Eddie Buckingham

Paul Robinson, Caroline Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1182
Paul Robinson, Caroline Alessi

Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1182
Melanie Pearson

Dorothy Burke, Lochy McLachlan in Neighbours Episode 1182
Dorothy Burke, Lochy McLachlan

Harold Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1182
Harold Bishop, Joe Mangel

Eddie Buckingham, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1182
Eddie Buckingham, Madge Bishop

 in Neighbours Episode 1182

Christina Alessi, Caroline Alessi, Melanie Pearson, Paul Robinson, Eddie Buckingham in Neighbours Episode 1182
Christina Alessi, Caroline Alessi, Melanie Pearson, Paul Robinson, Eddie Buckingham

Joe Mangel, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1182
Joe Mangel, Dorothy Burke

Sharon Davies, Eddie Buckingham in Neighbours Episode 1182
Sharon Davies, Eddie Buckingham

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1182
Harold Bishop

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