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Neighbours Episode 1148 from 1990 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1148
Australian airdate: 28/02/90
UK airdate: 11/04/91
UK Gold: 26/03/97
Summary/Images by: Alex/Graham
Lassiter's Office
Hilary is telling Paul and Jim she wants to have some money put by for Adelaide, and the only way to do that is to withdraw her money from the Robinson Corporation. Paul jumps straight in saying she can't do that, he needs the money for his nightclub project. Jim chips in his two cents worth, asking if she can wait a few months and Paul agrees by that time she will have enough money to buy ten houses the way this project is going! Yay! Apparently Hilary can't wait that long, and a bank loan doesn't make good business sense when she can just get her own money out of the corporation. Paul begins looking at options and starts talking a load of financial stuff about absorbing Hilary into the company debts (yes, you guessed it he lost me right at the beginning of this speech). Hilary eventually stalks out demanding that Paul get her money immediately leaving Paul to moan about his precious nightclub project going down the drain to Jim, who is more concerned it won't affect the current operations, which Paul admits it won't.
Lochy is chucking food around and Joe tells her just to eat it. She's going to get it next time apparently...ooh would you look at that it fell on the floor. Joe makes her clean it up now, not later, and she begins scrabbling around on the floor, while he talks to Sky about investing her pocket money in real estate. She is a girl after my own heart, she wants to invest in Mickey Mouse. He yells down and asks Lochy if she's finished clearing up. She's actually been tying his shoelaces to the table leg. Rather conveniently the doorbell rings and he has to get up to answer it causing him to fall flat on his face. Lochy lets in a puzzled Jim at seeing Joe lying in the middle of the kitchen floor but he has come to apologise for Paul stopping Joe's work and says he will have a word with him to try and change his mind.
Lee is pointing houses out to Matt from the paper and has found one that is worth a look. He wishes they could afford a place on their own, but they can't and he agrees the one she has picked is the best of the bunch. Besides, it has a garden which may be private...he says leaning for the kiss. Leaving us in no doubt of what he has in mind. Hilary, with impeccable timing, chooses that moment to come in. Lee gets up to leave remarking they have a lot to talk about. Hilary, all steely, agrees, like Matt not going to Adelaide. Matt is a little surprised to hear that, given he hadn't told her. But Hilary rattles on saying she was being unreasonable expecting him to drop everything, in ultra-sarcasm mode. She says it doesn't matter as long as Matt and Lee are happy. Which Lee says they will be, because they have this great feeling about this place they are going to see.
HILARY: How nice.
And if she's attempting to convince them she means that, she has work to do.
Jim is telling Helen she is a guest and so she doesn't need to help out clearing up dinner, Nick has conveniently disappeared to study with Sharon however, although clearly not to escape Beverly's cooking, Jim adds. She's just as quick to suggest he will be "eating crow" after she beats him at their golf game the next day. Helen wants to remind them all that Hilary is leaving tomorrow, so she is going to have a leaving party for her and wants them to stop by. Jim and Beverly agree and all attention then flicks to Paul sat at the table, who quickly begins making his excuses that he's already said goodbye to her, and his nightclub. He moans Hilary's going to look like the town hero for preventing it, when suddenly the light bulb flashes on in his brain and he dashes up to the phone to call the Erinsborough News...
...when, as if by magic, we cut to the next morning with Joe reading the article in question while Kerry is talking about going to collect more signatures. Joe reads from the paper about how the nightclub project will not be going ahead after the strong feelings against it from the community and the effects on the environment. Kerry is thrilled, while Joe, being the sharp man he is, is rather more cynical about it all. He complains that Paul's going to come up smelling like a rose and they have even managed to print Kerry's apology on the same page in the paper. She isn't overly happy about that, but points out Paul now can't go back on it after such a public announcement and she's rather pleased with a good few days work.
Coffee Shop
Matt is following Lee about in a really annoying way as she works. I'd have told him to stop by now. He is remarking that it was a pity about the garden because the house was nice, or "pretty good nick" as he puts it. Ah, so they have been to see this house then. Matt's extremely enthusiastic and is rabbiting on about something to do with renovations and bay windows. Think he's making plans for the house. Lee is looking about as excited by this as the prospect of scrubbing the bathroom while Matt is continuing with his plans, this time for covering the cracks in the walls. All making it sound as if it's a fabulous place. He finally begins to cotton on and asks Lee if she is getting cold feet, which she denies, saying it will be fantastic. Before looking down at the table.
Some Random Golf Course
Jim is telling Beverly what score she needs to get so they will be neck and neck, in a rather patronising manner there. She clearly agrees, threatening to get a hole on one to shut him up. While walking, she is clock watching, careful about not being late to Hilary's party, as she has to be in the hospital by six. They discuss how Hilary has withdrawn her money and Jim says he is relieved at the less work, one workaholic in a family is enough apparently...joke, he is quick to correct himself. Beverly isn't looking amused mind and goes to take her shot. As she is about to take it, Jim starts laughing to himself. Questioning him chuckling away to himself would be one thing, as would questioning his knowledge of golf etiquette as I'm sure you're meant to shut up when someone is taking their shot. But anyway, apparently he is remembering Clive and Melanie and her getting a flukey hole in one. And he then congratulates her on a good shot.
Hilary apologies to Helen for being late, but she knows what moving is like...heehee. She pushes past her to find a beautifully set up lounge...and no guests at all. Helen is quick to make excuses, Jim and Beverly will be along soon, the kids, well, they are of course studying. Everyone will be here soon. Hilary just looks gutted, as well she might. And we cut conveniently back to...
Random Golf Course
With Jim and Beverly, Jim looking pleased with himself as he hits a shot. Beverly finally notices the time and drags Jim off, who is protesting they only have a couple of holes left to play.
Ramsay Street
Kerry and Lochy are sat playing on the pavement and Des uses the opportunity to ask Kerry to look after Jamie, which she agrees to, while Lochy busies herself filling Paul's pockets with little snails. Kerry uses the opportunity to question Paul about his sudden change of heart, but he just replies he listened to the reactions of the public *cough cough* . Kerry replies it was big of him to come out and say so in the paper. *cough cough* Des is puzzled Paul let Kerry's protests affect his business *cough cough*. Paul tells him it didn't, explaining how Hilary pulled her money and he's just winning a few brownie points while he can. He fishes in his pocket for his keys and discovers the snail, causing two grown men to go "yuck" and jump back, before Paul chases after Lochy.
Kerry, the only guest, is complimenting Hilary on her efforts with Matt and how she knows what it is like to be a single Mum. Hilary, resenting being likened to Kerry, jumps in to start to defend herself before subsiding and agreeing. Kerry offers help to Matt and Lee, but Hilary (bitter? Never) replies they are packing up their stuff now and have made their own arrangements. Kerry gets up to go, and Helen lets in Jim, Beverly and Ken. Beverly quickly says her goodbyes, explaining she has to be at the hospital and Kerry also dashes off. Helen tells Jim the pool water pump is making a funny noise, the oldest line in the book. He eventually cottons on and they leave Hilary and Ken alone. He has come to say goodbye and to say he is sorry that things didn't work out, and apologises for what he said, he understands it was something she felt strongly about. He wants to keep in touch, and refusing to show any emotion whatsoever, Hilary agrees they could write occasionally. And, still refusing to show any emotion, tells him if he is ever in Adelaide to look her up.
Beverly comes in from the hospital and Jim is surprised to see her back so soon, because she always says she will be home as quickly as possible but there is always an emergency and she is hours late. She tells him the only emergency was a motorcycle rider they could do nothing to help. Jim, with all the sensitivity in the world, says he is sorry but she should be used to this by now.
BEVERLY: The day I get used to it is the day I stop being human!
And she stalks off.
As Kerry comes into the kitchen, Joe complains he can't figure out Paul's game, but Kerry, determined to take it at face value, replies he hasn't got one, he was really genuine when they spoke earlier. Lochy, who is amusing herself at the kitchen table painting in a wonderful shade of black and nothing else, says he is slime. Joe just rolls his eyes and tells her she says the nicest things about people doesn't she? She reasserts he is totally slimey. Kerry asks her if she wants to use any other colours but apparently black is her favourite. Joe remarks this is weird, and then turns the page of the newspaper to discover Lochy has shown how black is her favourite rather nicely by completely painting over the double spread in, yes, black. Joe isn't amused, and Kerry tells her to behave, because if she does she will have a surprise for her in ten minutes to cure her boredom. Joe, who is still looking rather disgruntled to put it mildly, throws something at the kitchen table.
Lee, Helen and Hilary walk out to the car together, Lee telling Hilary she hopes it all goes well for her. Hilary replies she is sure it will, before graciously thanking her. She and Helen hug, and she asks Helen to look after Sharon, who isn't there, but apparently found 2 seconds earlier to say goodbye before dashing off again. Helen tells her not to worry, as Sharon will be fine. Hilary walks off to the back of the car, where Matt has been loading her bags into the boot. They share a lovely little moment, which we can tell by the music playing in the background, as she tells him she is glad he came here. He tells her she will always be his Mum. She wishes she could have been a better one. He gives a lovely little speech in reply, in which he says she did lots for him, he wouldn't have got through his last year at school otherwise, and he moved to Erinsborough because of her, and now he has made friends, got a job and met Lee. At this point we can see Lee's little smile. But the best bit was getting to know his Mum apparently. Aw. They share a hug and he tells her he loves her. Before she finally gets in the car and drives off down Ramsay Street, music still playing in the background.
Joe is multi tasking impressively by cooking in the kitchen and looking after Lochie at the same time. The doorbell rings and Joe tells her that will be her surprise. The surprise follows Kerry into the kitchen bringing some flowers that are apparently for Kerry. Kerry introduces Lochy to this little girl, Natasha, and then asks her what she thinks. Natasha says she and Tiffany (get her) are in the same class at school and Lochy says they hate each other. Kerry says she will have to get over it as Natasha will be coming here every day after school. Lochy, rather than screaming yippee, which was presumably Kerry's intention, replies she won't be if she can help it. Natasha just smiles a little sickly sweet smile.
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Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1148
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Hilary Robinson

Lochy McLachlan, Joe Mangel, Sky Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1148
Lochy McLachlan, Joe Mangel, Sky Bishop

Joe Mangel, Lochy McLachlan in Neighbours Episode 1148
Joe Mangel, Lochy McLachlan

Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1148
Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney, Hilary Robinson

Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1148
Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson

Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1148
Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels

Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1148
Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Lee Maloney, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1148
Lee Maloney, Matt Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1148
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1148
Hilary Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1148
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Paul Robinson, Kerry Bishop, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1148
Paul Robinson, Kerry Bishop, Des Clarke

Des Clarke, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1148
Des Clarke, Paul Robinson

Kerry Bishop, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1148
Kerry Bishop, Hilary Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Kenneth Muir, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1148
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Kenneth Muir, Hilary Robinson

Kenneth Muir in Neighbours Episode 1148
Kenneth Muir

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1148
Beverly Robinson

Kerry Bishop, Lochy McLachlan in Neighbours Episode 1148
Kerry Bishop, Lochy McLachlan

Matt Robinson, Helen Daniels, Lee Maloney, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1148
Matt Robinson, Helen Daniels, Lee Maloney, Hilary Robinson

Kerry Bishop, Natasha Kovac in Neighbours Episode 1148
Kerry Bishop, Natasha Kovac

Lochy McLachlan in Neighbours Episode 1148
Lochy McLachlan

Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1148
Kerry Bishop

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