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Neighbours Episode 1143 from 1990 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1143
Australian airdate: 21/02/90
UK airdate: 04/04/91
UK Gold: 19/03/97
Summary/Images by: Graham
Toby leaving Ramsay Street with Noeleen as Kerry and Joe look on sadly.
No. 22
Christina is looking at job opportunities in the newspaper, at the kitchen table. Caroline joins her and looks at what she's circled, but she remarks:
CAROLINE: You could find a better job than *that*.
CHRISTINA: I'm only marking possibilities.
Caroline glances at the paper and points out a job, but Christina asks what she knows about *plants*. Caroline tells her that it says they'll train. Christina says she thinks she should just take her old job back. Caroline tells her that she was probably the lowest- paid shop assistant in the whole of Australia. Christina, however, insists that it wasn't that bad. Caroline adds that it was way over the other side of town: her sister would be worn out with all the travelling. Christina says:
CHRISTINA: So why can't we just move back there?
CAROLINE: That would be no good because *I'd* have to travel then.
CHRISTINA (coolly): The difference is *you* can easily get another job with your experience.
CAROLINE: I *like* working for the Robinson Corporation - it's the perfect career step for me. I don't want to leave.
Christina sighs and asks what they do. Caroline shrugs and tells her sister that if her old job is so important to her, she supposes she should go back on her own. Christina remarks in surprise:
CHRISTINA: So we separate?
CAROLINE: We always knew the time would come. I guess this is it.
CHRISTINA: Well... I suppose you're right. It's not as if I can't manage on my own. And I've probably been living in your shadow for long enough anyway.
CAROLINE (warily): That sounds like Trevor talking. Did you 'phone him?
CHRISTINA: Well, I thought I should explain why I left so suddenly.
CAROLINE: I didn't think you were that keen on him, especially after he let you down so often. Is he the reason why you want us to leave?
CHRISTINA: No! I don't know... At least he's a friend; I don't have any of those in Erinsborough.
Caroline tells her sister to give it some time; just mix a bit more. Christina groans that she's tried that, but the bottom line is that she just wants to go back to the way they were. Caroline pleads with her to try a little bit longer - and if it doesn't work out, *then* they'll talk about leaving. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Caroline goes and answers it to find Helen standing on the step. She invites her in and Helen asks her if she can take some Home James files into the office, as Paul needs them urgently. Christina joins them and Helen asks her how she is. Christina shrugs that she's all right. Helen then invites the twins for dinner, and Caroline smiles that they'd love to come.
No. 26
Todd, Nick and Beverly are sitting at the kitchen table. Jim tells the boys that if they want a lift to school, they'd better get their gear. They head off to their room. Beverly stands up and says she'd better get going too, as she's got a busy day ahead. Jim remarks coolly:
JIM: Yeah, sure. Why should *today* be any different, eh?
Beverly leaves the room as Helen comes in and Jim asks her if she saw Caroline. Helen tells him that the twins are both coming over for dinner tonight. Jim muses that it's going to be a really fun time for them... Helen sighs:
HELEN: Oh Jim, I'm getting so tired of this atmosphere. Now, why don't you make up? Give Beverly the necklace and then we can all get back to normal.
JIM: I'm not in the mood to give Beverly the necklace and she's not in the mood to receive it.
HELEN: Force yourself.
JIM: In my own good time.
With that, he, Todd and Nick head out. Helen heads through to the lounge room and asks Beverly if she'll be in for lunch. Beverly nods that she should be. She then asks Helen if she's seen her calculator. Helen replies that she thinks she saw Jim using it last night. With that, she heads off to the shops. Beverly walks over to the desk and opens the top drawer. She looks in it - and finds a gift- wrapped little parcel inside. She tears off the wrapping and finds the case with the necklace in it. She smiles as she undoes the clasp and puts the necklace round her neck. She goes to look at herself in the mirror, but is interrupted by the 'phone ringing. She answers it and then tells the person that she'll be there as soon as she can. She then picks up her bags and heads out.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Two men are sitting outside the Coffee Shop, drinking from bottles of beer. Gloria walks over to them and tells them to put the bottles away, as they haven't got a licence there. One of the men tells Gloria that it's milk they're drinking! Gloria rolls her eyes and tells them to keep it out of sight, as she doesn't want her boss to see them. The guys smile that she's a good sport. Des approaches suddenly and Gloria says to him quickly that she's got the perfect table for him inside. Des, however, sits down and says he might catch a few rays: it's a perfect day for it. The two men with the beer bottles start laughing loudly and Des looks round at them. Gloria glances at them nervously.
Coffee Shop
Todd is sitting with Josh at a table inside. Josh has a model boat in front of him, and he asks Todd what he thinks of it. Todd mutters that he supposes it's OK. Josh exclaims that it's *brilliant*; he just needs to borrow a cut- out switch and a couple of minor items from the science lab and he'll be ready for the big launching on Lassiter's lake. Todd remarks that the boat could do with a canopy or something, couldn't it? Josh stares at him and sighs:
JOSH: Mate, are you going to help me launch it or whinge?
TODD: Oh, I don't know. I've got heaps of homework to do.
JOSH: Mate, I don't believe you - you're *still* hung up about Melissa, aren't you?
TODD: No, not really. It's just we used to hang down at the lake and I don't want to go down there and stir up old memories.
JOSH: Todd, stop being a dag. It's *over* between you two. Just forget her. There are plenty more guppies in the fish pond.
Todd doesn't look convinced.
No. 26
Jim is in the kitchen when Helen comes in and hands him the morning paper. She smiles at him:
HELEN: I'm so pleased you've made up.
JIM (blankly): Made up?
HELEN: Oh, and it looks lovely!
She glances at Beverly, who walks in at that moment, still wearing the necklace. Jim stares at her and gasps:
JIM: I don't believe it. You just took it from my drawer and wore it.
No. 26
A few moments later, Jim snaps that he's sorry he *bought* the damned thing now. Beverly retorts that *she's* sorry he bought it, too, if he's going to get so worked- up about her wearing it. Jim tells her curtly:
JIM: I *was* waiting for the right moment to give it to you, but for you to go rummaging through my drawer is rude, inconsiderate and an invasion of privacy.
BEVERLY (retorts): I was not rummaging, I was looking for my calculator, which *you* took without asking.
JIM: It's hardly the same thing.
Beverly takes off the necklace, puts it down on the table and storms off, muttering as she does so:
BEVERLY: 'Waiting for the right moment'. Huh!
Jim follows her through to the lounge room and snaps:
JIM: No, you're right - you're right, absolutely right. How could there possibly be a right moment? You're at work 24 hours a day; I never *see* you.
BEVERLY (mutters): Here we go again...
JIM: And another thing: where did you find out about the necklace?
Helen chips in quickly that *she* mentioned it to Beverly the morning after their anniversary evening; she didn't know he hadn't given it to her. Jim says to Helen tersely:
JIM: Will you tell Beverly she is being unreasonable?
BEVERLY (warns Jim): Don't drag Helen into our fight. She knows only too well who's being unreasonable. Right, Helen?
HELEN (sternly): No, *wrong*, Beverly. Look, I am sick to death of your constant bickering. The atmosphere in this house is unbearable at the moment. You are two supposedly- intelligent people. Now, for heaven's sake, sort out your problems before you drive me out of here.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Des is sitting having lunch at his table outside the Coffee Shop. Caroline and Christina walk over to him suddenly and say hi. Caroline adds that it's busy there today, and she asks if they can join him. Des tells them to take a seat. As they do so, the two men with the beers laugh loudly and Caroline remarks to Des that they're having a great time! Des smiles that the lunchtime's really picked up there since Gloria's taken over. Caroline comments to her sister:
CAROLINE: It's a really friendly atmosphere here, isn't it?
CHRISTINA: I guess so...
Des then says to Caroline:
DES: Speaking of atmospheres, how are Paul and Melanie getting on?
CAROLINE (looking surprised): Why are you asking *me*?
DES: Well, you work with them.
CAROLINE: Well, I haven't noticed any friction between them, if that's what you're asking.
DES: Oh. I thought Paul might've been on a short fuse because the kids graffitied his car.
Christina asks Des what he's talking about, and Des explains that some kids wrote 'vandal' on Paul's car: there are a lot of people up in arms about this nightclub proposal. Caroline shrugs that she doesn't know much about that. Des says *he's* in the group that thinks they should save the playground, but going to *that* measure is going too far. Christina remarks sarcastically:
CHRISTINA: Sounds like Erinsborough's a nice friendly place...
Des looks at her, a puzzled expression on his face, and Caroline explains quickly that her sister's a little bit depressed at the moment: she's been job- hunting. Des asks her if she's had any luck. Christina replies that she hasn't - but she's sure something will come up soon... The guys with the beers laugh again as Gloria joins Des, Caroline and Christina and remarks quickly that the guys are a noisy lot. Des tells her that he was just saying how she's brightened up the place since she started. Gloria heads over to the men with the beers and says to them warily:
GLORIA: Hey, I told you two this isn't a pub. That's my boss over there: if he catches you drinking, he'll have a fit.
One of the men just pulls Gloria towards him and slurs that she's the light of his life! Gloria, however, pushes him away and says she's going to have to ask the two of them to go. With that, the men stand up and walk off. They pass Des and twins' table and stop. One of the men looks at the twins and giggles:
MAN: Hey, Paddy, I think I'm seeing double!
PADDY: Must be the coffee!
They walk off, leaving Des to comment to the twins that those men were friendly!
Melissa is walking through the park when she bumps into Josh, who's holding his model boat. She asks him where he's going and he replies that he's heading to the lake. He asks Melissa if she's going to come and help him launch the boat. Melissa mutters:
MELISSA: I suppose you've invited Todd along too.
JOSH: No I haven't. Anyway, he's got more *important* things to do - like nursing his broken heart.
MELISSA (shrugs): Who cares?
JOSH (mimics): 'Who cares?' Why don't you talk to him or ask him out or something?
MELISSA: Oh, drop dead.
No. 26
Nick is in the kitchen with Helen, saying he still reckons Bronwyn should go to New Zealand and be with Henry: it's what she wants, and Sharon's a big girl now and can take care of herself. Helen nods that that's true, but they *are* sisters, and for all their various squabbles, they're very close - it'll be very hard for Bronwyn to walk away. Nick says he still reckons Sharon's being unfair: she should tell Bronwyn it's fine to go. Changing the subject, he asks Helen why she invited the twins to dinner. Helen replies that she was just being neighbourly - they're nice girls. Nick comments:
NICK: I would've thought with the way things are between Jim and Beverly at the moment, it wasn't exactly a top idea.
HELEN: Well, I'm hoping the company will force them to be civil to each other - at least for a while.
NICK: Good luck!
Jim comes in through the back door at that moment and asks if Beverly's home. Helen replies that she isn't yet. Jim goes on:
JIM: I wonder what sort of mood we can expect from her today.
HELEN: I've no idea.
JIM: I've got to try to get through to her: make her realise she can't keep on working like this.
HELEN: Jim, this is-
JIM: I want to be fair. I understand she's had problems, and you were right about giving her more time to get over Rhys. Maybe she needs *more* time? What do you think?
HELEN (sighs): Jim, I don't want to be involved anymore. This is between you and Beverly.
JIM: I was just trying to find out-
HELEN: I *know* what you're trying to do, Jim. I'm not going to take sides.
The front door bangs suddenly and Beverly comes in. Jim looks at his watch and exclaims that it must be slow. He heads through to the lounge room, leaving Helen to mutter:
HELEN: You two...
She follows Jim through to the lounge room, where Beverly says to her:
BEVERLY: What are we going to do with him, Helen?
HELEN: Not *we*, Beverly. I've told Jim and now I'll tell *you*: I don't want to be involved anymore. You two are driving me crazy.
Beverly looks at Helen in astonishment.
Lassiter's lake
Josh is placing his model boat into Lassiter's lake when Todd runs up and joins him. He tells Josh that things were a bit tense at home, so he thought he'd come down. Melissa stares at Josh and snaps that she thought he said Todd wasn't coming. Todd glares at Josh and snaps:
TODD: This is another one of your set- ups, isn't it?
JOSH: No, mate, I swear - it was just-
TODD: Yeah, well, it sure looks like it.
MELISSA: Yeah, you tricked me into coming here just so you could get me and Todd back together again.
JOSH: But the-
Melissa tells Josh tersely that it's all over between her and Todd - why can't he just mind his own business? Todd adds angrily that Melissa's made it pretty clear she doesn't want to go out with him. Melissa looks at Todd in surprise and says:
MELISSA: Oh Todd, I didn't mean *that*...
TODD: What *did* you mean, then?
MELISSA: Well, I know it *sounded* that way, but I thought you didn't like me anymore, so I-
TODD: *I* thought you didn't like *me*. I've been trying to get back together with you for *ages*.
MELISSA (smiles): Really...?
TODD: Yeah, really.
With that, Todd puts his arm round Melissa and they walk off together! Josh starts up his model boat and uses the remote control to steer it into the middle of the lake. He calls to Todd and Melissa to come and have a look - but at that moment, the boat's engine cuts out and the boat sinks in the water!
No. 26
It's evening time. The dinner party is underway and Jim says to Caroline that he hopes Paul isn't over- working her. Caroline replies that they're a bit busy, but she *likes* to work. Jim says pointedly:
JIM: I'm all in favour of the work ethic - as long as you don't forget there are *other* responsibilities just as important.
CHRISTINA: Thank you - maybe she'll *listen* to *you*. [To Caroline] I think you're becoming a workaholic.
Jim goes on that it's very easy to overlook your other responsibilities when you let work overtake your life. Beverly mutters:
BEVERLY: Is that so?
JIM: Just an observation, darling.
BEVERLY (to Caroline and Christina): This is Jim being satirical... I've been working rather long hours lately.
JIM: I wasn't referring to that. You're being paranoid.
Helen starts to say that she doesn't think the girls are interested. Beverly, however, interrupts her and says pointedly:
BEVERLY: You see, what Jim fails to understand is that unlike *his* line of work, I can't always leave an ailing patient 'til a time more convenient to me. Some jobs are just, well, more important than others and have to be approached accordingly. I'm sure you agree, Caroline, being a professional woman yourself.
CAROLINE: Er, yes, I guess-
Before Jim can interrupt and continue the 'debate', Helen asks Nick quickly about Todd and Melissa. Nick replies that Todd rang to say they're going late- night shopping - they must be back together *again*. Beverly remarks:
BEVERLY: How nice to be young and in love... before it all starts falling apart on you.
Caroline sits there looking awkward.
Ramsay Street
Melissa and Todd are walking up the darkened street towards No. 26. Todd asks Melissa if she wants to come inside to wait for her dad, but she smiles and shakes her head. She then thanks Todd for buying her the music books. Todd asks her who's going to teach her the piano when Hilary leaves. Melissa shrugs that she'll find someone. She adds:
MELISSA: I just wish you hadn't spent any money on me.
TODD: It's OK! You *deserved* a present after the way I acted like such a doob!
MELISSA: I guess we owe one to Josh for finally getting us back together!
TODD: Yeah. I'm glad we are, though.
MELISSA: Yeah. So am I...
With that, the two of them kiss passionately.
No. 26
At the dinner table, Helen is saying she agrees with Kerry: Paul has no right to ask the community to give up one of its playgrounds just to build a nightclub. Jim sighs and retorts that nothing is being given up: there's *another* playground. Helen asks if they really need a nightclub. Jim retorts that Paul wouldn't push a project that wasn't viable, so there must be a demand for it. He looks at the twins for support, but Caroline just tells him that they're not into nightclubs much. Beverly says:
BEVERLY: *I* think the playground should stay exactly where it is.
JIM: I don't think there's any point in you being so bloody- minded. There's another playground within a couple of blocks.
BEVERLY: And most kids have to cross busy intersections to get to it, which only increases the risk of accidents which *I'll* have to deal with the results of.
Jim says coolly that he thinks it's sad she can't behind Paul on this one: he *is* family and they're all going to benefit from the extensions to the workshop. Beverly comments:
BEVERLY: Longer hours for *you*, possibly.
JIM (admits): Possibly...
BEVERLY: Good - then maybe you'll appreciate *my* position.
Caroline chips at that moment in to say that she and Christina really should be going. They thank Jim and Beverly and head to the door. Helen goes with them, apologising as she does so for the atmosphere. Outside, Christina remarks to her sister that she doesn't think she's seen one thing today that makes her want to stay in Erinsborough.
The next morning, Beverly and Jim are sitting in silence at the kitchen table. Helen joins them and asks them if they slept well. There's no response. She then tells them:
HELEN: You'll be pleased to know that *I* didn't sleep a wink - and it's all because of your constant bickering. There's Todd... he can't concentrate on his studies... Nick can't wait to get away from this place each day... and as for your performance last night in front of our guests... I mean, you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves. Anyway, if you want to keep on acting like spoilt, selfish children, it's up to you, but I, for one, refuse to live in this atmosphere. So I've come to a decision: I'm moving out.
Beverly and Jim stare at Helen in shock.
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Christina Alessi, Caroline Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1143
Christina Alessi, Caroline Alessi

Helen Daniels, Caroline Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1143
Helen Daniels, Caroline Alessi

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1143
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1143
Beverly Robinson

Gloria Lewis, Paddy in Neighbours Episode 1143
Gloria Lewis, Paddy

Todd Landers, Josh Anderson in Neighbours Episode 1143
Todd Landers, Josh Anderson

Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1143
Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1143
Des Clarke

Josh Anderson, Melissa Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1143
Josh Anderson, Melissa Jarrett

Helen Daniels, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1143
Helen Daniels, Nick Page

Todd Landers, Melissa Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1143
Todd Landers, Melissa Jarrett

Josh Anderson in Neighbours Episode 1143
Josh Anderson

Nick Page, Christina Alessi, Beverly Robinson, Caroline Alessi, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1143
Nick Page, Christina Alessi, Beverly Robinson, Caroline Alessi, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Melissa Jarrett, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1143
Melissa Jarrett, Todd Landers

Christina Alessi, Caroline Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1143
Christina Alessi, Caroline Alessi

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1143
Helen Daniels

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1143
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

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