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Neighbours Episode 1139 from 1990 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1139
Australian airdate: 15/02/90
UK airdate: 01/04/91
UK Gold: 14/03/97
Summary/Images by: Graham
Hilary telling Kenneth Muir that she has to appear in court on a matter relating to interest on her investments.
Christina turning up at Paul's media event and Caroline asking her angrily if she wants to get them both killed.
Lassiter's Hotel
Christina smiles at Caroline excitedly:
CHRISTINA: You can calm down, OK? It's fine - we don't have to hide anymore!
Looking astonished, Caroline exclaims:
CAROLINE: The police *caught* him?
CHRISTINA: Uh huh - he's all locked up behind bars. There's no way he's going to get us *now*!
CAROLINE: We can be *us* again!
CHRISTINA: No more hiding... no more pretending... and definitely no more wigs!
Caroline hugs her sister in delight! Paul walks over and Des asks him if he's seeing things! Caroline looks at him and remarks that he guesses he thinks this is really weird! Des admits:
DES: Yes!
Helen comments:
HELEN: You're twins.
PAUL (quietly): Sharp, gran!
Caroline goes on that they don't want to confuse anyone more than they already have, but neither of them is called Linda!
No. 32
It's evening- time. Toby and Lochy are sitting watching TV in the lounge room at No. 30 when Joe comes in. He remarks:
JOE: Home is the hunter!
Kerry comes in and asks him what he caught, but Joe sighs that there was nothing much: he went to Lassiter's to see if they had any extra work, but he couldn't find anyone to talk to: they'd gone to some cocktail party. Kerry asks what it was in aid of. Joe tells her:
JOE: Something very close to *your* heart: they, er, launched Paul's plans for the playground: they're putting up a nightclub:
Looking horrified, Kerry exclaims that that's awful. She comments that at least when people find out what Paul wants to build, they won't be too keen on supporting him. Joe, however, points out that if you give journos free booze and food, they're on your side every time. Kerry mutters that if Paul thinks they're going to let him get away with this, he's got another think coming. Joe asks:
JOE: What are you going to do? You've already written to the council and the local rag.
Kerry pauses before replying:
KERRY: I'll go to Lassiter's tomorrow and protest. I'll hand out pamphlets telling people how Paul is destroying our kids' childhood.
Toby asks excitedly if he and Lochy can help. Kerry smiles that she'd love them to; after all, it *is* their playground. Joe says uncertainly that he's not sure he wants the kids picketing. Kerry ignores this and tells Toby and Lochy:
KERRY: You guys can write letters to the council. When people they're *affecting* protest, they might sit up and take notice.
She then asks Joe if he can help her ring around for volunteers, adding that they'll hit the Council chambers... the schools...; they'll flood Erinsborough with the campaign. Joe sighs that he's not *that* keen. Toby says:
TOBY: Dad, we're talking about my future here!
LOCHY: And mine!
Joe groans and says:
JOE: Where did you learn all this emotional blackmail stuff?
LOCHY: My Aunty Dorothy - she's really good at it!
With that, Joe and Kerry head out of the room to start making calls. Left alone with Lochy, Toby asks what sort of stuff they're supposed to say. Lochy replies:
LOCHY: That we want to keep our playground - but I don't think letters will work; we've got to do something *better* than that.
TOBY: Like what?
LOCHY: I don't know - yet; but it's gotta be something to show the council we're not going to be pushed around.
No. 28
Paul is standing at the kitchen counter pouring out glasses of champagne for himself, Des, Caroline and Christina. Paul tells the women that it's *their* party, so they have to decide the toast. Caroline declares:
CAROLINE: To the end of Linda: I never want to hear that name again!
CHRISTINA: Neither do I!
With that, they all raise and clink their glasses. Des comments that he can't believe what the girls have been through: they must have been terrified. Christina nods that they *were*. She goes on that the worst part was not being a person anymore; just being twins is bad enough at times, but when you're a nobody that's really hard to take. Des says:
DES: Yeah, well, it's all over now. There's no more danger?
CAROLINE: None at all. The guy was acting on his own, so we're perfectly safe, but we still have to be witnesses when the case goes to court.
Christina beams that she can't even begin to explain how magical freedom feels! Des proposes another toast:
DES: To Caroline and Christina!
Coffee Shop
Matt is in the kitchen at the Coffee Shop with Nick and Lee. Nick is teasing him:
NICK: What are you going to call him? Pop? Papa? Daddy?!
MATT: No, no, I think I'll be sticking with 'Mr. Muir' just for the moment.
NICK (in a twisted way!): I wonder what Hilary calls him when they're alone!
The three of them head out onto the shop floor, where Nick comments to Matt that he bet he's glad he left school, otherwise the kids would make his life a misery. A schoolboy comes into the shop and says a shy 'hi'. Nick just mutters:
NICK: Yeah, McLachlan.
Matt asks Nick who the boy is, and Nick explains that he's Lochy's brother: he's just started at Erinsborough High; up until now, he's been going to a private school. Matt asks what he's like, but Nick shrugs that he doesn't know and doesn't *want* to know. Lee comments that he might be a perfectly nice guy - Nick should give him a chance. Nick retorts:
NICK: *He* hasn't tried to get to know *us*, has he?
LEE (darkly): How can you blame him if everyone's treating him the way *you* are?
Toby is sitting on a swing, rocking backwards and forwards slowly, as Bouncer lays on the ground in front of him. Toby says to the dog:
TOBY: You wouldn't want it to be a nightclub, would you, Bouncer? You can't chase balls in a nightclub.
Lochy walks towards them, holding a length of chain, and she asks Toby if he's ready. Toby sighs that he guesses so, but he asks Lochy warily if she's sure the plan's going to work. Lochy insists that people *always* chain themselves to buildings and trees when they want to save them. Toby asks:
TOBY: How long do we have to do it for?
LOCHY: A few hours... days... Maybe even longer.
TOBY (sighs): Can't we just write the letters?
LOCHY (pointedly): Toby...
Toby sighs that he was just asking. He then asks what they chain themselves to. Lochy indicates a roundabout nearby. She hands Toby a padlock and asks him if he's got enough stuff. Toby nods that he's got drinks and comics and some other stuff. The two of them go and sit down in the middle of the roundabout and Lochy starts wrapping chains around them. As she does so, Toby says:
TOBY: So what do we do now?
LOCHY: Wait for the TV News teams to come.
TOBY: Wow! Really?!
LOCHY: Happens all the time!
Toby starts looking around, excitedly!
Lassiter's complex
Helen is walking through the complex with Paul, exclaiming that it's an amazing story and such an ordeal for the two girls. Paul nods that at least it's over for them now: they can relax and settle into Erinsborough. The two of them stop in their tracks as they round the corner and find Kerry - with Sky - standing by the bridge. She holds out pamphlets to Paul and Helen. Paul looks at his briefly and then mutters:
PAUL: You've got to be kidding, haven't you? 'What's worth more: a night on the town or the life of a tot?' Come on...
KERRY: Well, that's what it all boils down to. No matter how much you try and con people with your fancy cocktail parties, it's still the basic issue.
PAUL: That's absurd - there's *plenty* of other playgrounds in the area.
KERRY: There's only one and you know it - and it's blocks away, across two main roads.
PAUL: Oh, the roads aren't that busy.
KERRY: Fine. Let's hear you say that again after a child's been run over.
PAUL: Don't you think you're being just a little melodramatic? I mean, what is it with you people? The minute somebody mentions progress, you hysterics start careering round bleating about what a bad thing it is.
KERRY (coldly): And we'll keep *on* 'bleating' until the council throws your development application in the bin, where it belongs.
PAUL: Oh no no, not on *my* property you're not. Now, I want you and your pamphlets out of here *now*.
Helen chips in and asks Paul if he shouldn't allow Kerry her freedom of speech. Paul exclaims that he's not going to let Kerry protest about him on *his property*. He adds that they're talking about Jim's livelihood here too. Helen nods that she knows, but she's given it some thought and she happens to believe that it's more important for children to have open space to play in. Kerry says to Paul:
KERRY: You see? I'm not hysterical. Other people think like I do too.
PAUL (snaps): I'm not going to stand here arguing about this, Kerry, and I'm not going to have my guests harangued by dim- witted greenies, either. Now, I want you and your pamphlets off my property *now*.
KERRY: I'm not budging, Paul.
PAUL (icily): Don't push me, Kerry, because I am deadly serious about this one.
With that, he walks off. Helen smiles at Kerry awkwardly that Paul *does* get carried away. Kerry shrugs that it's OK: she's had worse things said to her.
Bouncer is lying on the ground next to the roundabout. Toby and Lochy are still sitting on the roundabout, but Toby asks what happened to the TV cameras. Lochy comments that they probably had to go to a fire or a bank robbery first. Toby then asks Lochy if she thinks they'll get in trouble for wagging school. Lochy just demands:
LOCHY: Are you trying to wimp out?
TOBY: No, of course not. I was just wondering.
Lochy warns Toby that he'd better not be lying or she'll swallow the key to the handcuffs. Toby points out that it's too big! Lochy shrugs:
LOCHY: Then I'll... I'll throw it away.
TOBY: Suits *me*. *I* wasn't planning on running away.
LOCHY: Fine.
With that, Lochy throws the key - which is attached to a large fob - away across the playground. Bouncer leaps up, though, and starts chasing after it! He grabs it in his mouth and brings it back! Toby says:
TOBY: Take the key away, Bouncer, take the key away.
LOCHY (derisively): He won't understand *that*.
Bouncer, however, runs off with the key, causing Lochy to comment that he's pretty smart. Toby sighs:
TOBY: Don't think he's smart enough to ring the TV station, though...
Coffee Shop
Nick is sitting with Matt at a table, commenting that he doesn't know what Kerry's on about: a nightclub would be the best thing that's ever *happened* round there. Matt nods that if you don't count the movies, the place is *dead*. Lee walks over as Nick comments that the playground is fine for little kids, but what about *them*? Lee says:
LEE: What do you expect them to do? Play on the streets?
The shop door opens and Caroline and Christina come in. Lee walks over and smiles at them that it's true: they *are* twins! She adds that Melanie told her. She then invites them to take a seat. The twins sit down and Christina says to her sister:
CHRISTINA: Isn't it wonderful?! I mean, no one is following us... no more disguises... and no more peering over my shoulder. I *hated* it. Nothing but freedom! You know, for me the rest of the day is going to be out in the sun doing absolutely nothing!
CAROLINE (warns): Enjoy it while you can, madam, because we've got some serious thinking to do.
CHRISTINA: I've done enough of that for a lifetime, thank you!
CAROLINE: And you're going to have to do a little bit *more* now. For starters, we're going to need more money now that the police aren't subsidising our rent. Unless you get a job, we can't afford to stay in that house.
CHRISTINA: But who *wants* to? I want to go back home to my friends; don't *you*?
CAROLINE (hesitates before saying): No.
CHRISTINA: You're kidding!
CAROLINE: I *like* Erinsborough, OK? I love my job and I think the people are *great*.
Caroline tells her sister that it's really worth giving it a try - even if only for a few weeks. Christina doesn't look happy, but shrugs that she'll give it a try.
Lassiter's complex
Still standing by the bridge, holding Sky, Kerry hands a pamphlet to a passer- by. Des walks across the bridge and joins her and he asks her what sort of response she's been getting. She tells him that it's been pretty good - apart from one extra- large exception: a certain hotel owner. Des asks:
DES: What did he say?
KERRY: Well, it was sort of hard to tell - he was frothing at the mouth! He went completely off his tree.
DES: You're still here, though?
KERRY: Well, of course I am. Des, I spent *years* lying in front of bulldozers. I'm not going to let someone like *Paul* put me off.
At that moment, though, two security guards walk over and one of them tells Kerry curtly that he's going to have to ask her to leave. Kerry mutters:
KERRY: So, he's sending in the Stormtroopers.
The security guard tells Kerry that their orders are to remove her if she continues to harass the guests. Kerry asks them if they haven't heard of free speech. Des adds:
DES: Leave her alone - she's not bothering anyone.
The security guard warns Kerry;
SECURITY GUARD: Either you leave voluntarily or we'll *help* you leave. It's entirely up to you.
KERRY: Look-
DES (angrily): Who the hell do you think you are, pal?
Kerry puts Sky down and asks Des to look after her. The security guards then grab her arms and lead her away. Sky bursts into tears.
No. 32
Joe is in the lounge room, filing some papers, when Kerry - holding Sky - and Des come in, Kerry ranting that Paul's got his own private army. Joe asks what's going on. Des tells him that there's been a bit of an incident. Kerry adds:
KERRY: It's an assault, Joe. Paul got his guards to drag me out of Lassiter's for handing out pamphlets. They left poor little Sky all on her own. If Des hadn't been there, *anything* could've happened to her.
JOE (gasps): What - they just *left* her there?
DES: Afraid so.
KERRY: I was going to go and tell him what I thought of him, but Des thought I should come home first and cool down.
Looking furious, Joe exclaims that that's it: business is one thing, but bullying women and kids... Kerry insists that Paul isn't going to get away with it: she's going to tell him what she thinks of him. She asks Joe to look after Sky, but Joe tells her that he's going to come *with* her. Des says he has to get back to work. Joe tells Sky that they'll put this down to education!
Toby and Lochy are reading comics on the roundabout. They swap, but both realise they've already read all the comics. Toby sighs that it must be past 3pm; they could've been home by now and be watching telly. Lochy mutters:
LOCHY: Would you stop complaining? We're doing something really important.
TOBY: Oh yeah? Then where's the TV cameras?
LOCHY: How am *I* supposed to know?
TOBY (mutters): This has been the most boring day of my whole life.
Lochy groans suddenly as she sees someone approaching. Toby asks who it is and Lochy explains that it's Natasha from her class; she's a real crawler and she hates her. Natasha walks over to them and asks them what they're doing. Lochy retorts:
LOCHY: Wouldn't *you* like to know?
TOBY: We're protesting.
Lochy gives Toby an annoyed kick! Natasha asks what they're protesting about. Toby explains that it's about them wanting to make the playground into a nightclub. Natasha says:
NATASHA: And you think by sitting on a roundabout's going to stop them? That's dumb!
LOCHY: No it's not. We're going to be on the news.
TOBY: Yeah - and we're going to show them that they can't just push us round.
NATASHA: That's what *you* think...
With that, she grabs one of the arms of the roundabout and starts pushing it round! Lochy snaps at Natasha that she hates her!
Coffee Shop
The boy who came into the shop earlier comes in again. Lee says to him:
LEE: Hello again. You're Ryan McLachlan, aren't you?
RYAN: Yeah. How'd you know?
LEE: I live next door to where Lochy gets minded - on Ramsay Street.
She then introduces herself and takes them over to Matt and Nick's table. Nick asks Ryan if he wants to sit with them. Ryan sits down and Nick asks him how he likes Erinsborough High. Ryan shrugs that a school's a school. Nick asks him how come he left the last school he was at and he explains that he was expelled. Nick asks:
NICK: What you do?
RYAN: I locked a teacher in the store room.
MATT (grins): Smart move!
RYAN: Yeah, well, the teacher didn't think so! I had detention, but I'd organised a date, so I locked him in there thinking the cleaners would let him out in an hour or so.
NICK: And did they?
RYAN: It was Friday. They didn't even find him until Monday morning!
Nick comments that it's no wonder he got chucked out! Matt smiles that he knows where Lochy gets it from! The shop door opens suddenly and Helen comes in. She joins the boys and tells them that she's been trying to give away some tickets for the Artistic Community's Annual Ball, but nobody seems to be interested. Nick smiles:
NICK: Try *me*: *I'm* the artistic community!
Helen says she doesn't think it'll be his scene. Nick, however, insists that Sharon will be in it. He asks Matt and Lee what they think and Matt tells him that they're in. He looks at Ryan who agrees to come along as well. Helen smiles that in that case the tickets are theirs - but they'd better get organised quickly because the Ball's tomorrow night. Lee stands there looking less than happy at the idea...
Natasha is lying on the ground, using her feet to turn the roundabout! Lochy glares at her and asks her if she hasn't got anything *better* to do. Natasha retorts that she's going home for afternoon tea. She then adds that it's going to get dark soon and she asks Toby and Lochy if they're going to stay there all night. Lochy retorts that they will if they have to. Toby adds quickly:
TOBY: But we probably won't have to.
NATASHA: I hope not, 'cos there's all kinds of wild animals out there. I heard last year that they ate some kids here when they were out here at night.
Lochy snaps at Natasha that she's making that up. Natasha, however, gets up and runs off, saying:
NATASHA: Hope they don't eat you!
When she's gone, Lochy mutters:
LOCHY: I hope she dies.
TOBY: I think *I'm* gonna die, Lochy - I feel sick.
LCOHY: I'm not crook, but I really, really need to go to the loo.
TOBY: Can you hold on?
LOCHY: I hope so...
Reception area/Office of the Robinson Corporation
Caroline is making herself a coffee in the reception area when Joe storms in - followed by Kerry and Sky - and snaps that he wants to see Paul. He marches through to the office, where Paul is standing by the door. He asks what's going on. Joe gives him a shove and says angrily:
JOE: Look, mate, I want to have a serious word to you about your hired thugs manhandling my wife and leaving little Sky to fend for herself.
PAUL: Listen, Joe, my security guards were just doing their job, thanks. I had warned Kerry-
KERRY (to Paul): Look, I don't see why you're so afraid of free speech. I mean, if you really think a nightclub's better than a playground, then you shouldn't have to suppress debate.
JOE: Damn right - I'm with her all the way.
PAUL (warns): Listen, I'd have a very serious think about this if I were you, Joe. If you won't do something about Kerry's protesting, I might just have to reconsider who does the gardening here at Lassiter's, eh?
KERRY (coldly): You can't do that - it's not *fair*.
PAUL: Oh isn't it? I think it's *very* fair to insist that whoever works here supports the management. Now, what's it to be, Joe? Some misguided principle or your bread and butter?
Kerry warns Joe not to let Paul bully him. Paul tells Joe that it's entirely up to him. Joe retorts:
JOE: It's like I said, mate: I'm with her all the way.
PAUL: Fine. Fine. You can now consider your employment at Lassiter's terminated. Now, get out, both of you.
Joe and Kerry stand there looking shocked.
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Caroline Alessi, Christina Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1139
Caroline Alessi, Christina Alessi

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1139
Paul Robinson

Toby Mangel, Lochy McLachlan in Neighbours Episode 1139
Toby Mangel, Lochy McLachlan

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1139
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Paul Robinson, Des Clarke, Christina Alessi, Caroline Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1139
Paul Robinson, Des Clarke, Christina Alessi, Caroline Alessi

Nick Page, Lee Maloney, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1139
Nick Page, Lee Maloney, Matt Robinson

Ryan McLachlan in Neighbours Episode 1139
Ryan McLachlan

Toby Mangel, Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 1139
Toby Mangel, Bouncer

Kerry Bishop, Sky Bishop, Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1139
Kerry Bishop, Sky Bishop, Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson

Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1139
Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson

Lochy McLachlan, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1139
Lochy McLachlan, Toby Mangel

Christina Alessi, Caroline Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1139
Christina Alessi, Caroline Alessi

Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1139
Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Des Clarke

Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1139
Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel, Des Clarke

Natasha in Neighbours Episode 1139

Nick Page, Lee Maloney, Ryan McLachlan, Helen Daniels, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1139
Nick Page, Lee Maloney, Ryan McLachlan, Helen Daniels, Matt Robinson

Lee Maloney in Neighbours Episode 1139
Lee Maloney

Toby Mangel, Lochy McLachlan, Natasha in Neighbours Episode 1139
Toby Mangel, Lochy McLachlan, Natasha

Paul Robinson, Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1139
Paul Robinson, Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Joe Mangel, Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1139
Joe Mangel, Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop

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