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Neighbours Episode 1138 from 1990 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1138
Australian airdate: 14/02/90
UK airdate: 28/03/91
UK Gold: 12/03/97
Summary/Images by: Graham
Paul and Melanie pashing on the couch at No. 28.
No. 28
The next morning, Des is making himself a cup of coffee when Melanie emerges from her room, looking sheepish. Des offers her a coffee, but Melanie asks if she can have two! Des comments that it must have been a very hard night! Melanie giggles:
MELANIE: No, silly, one of them's for Paul. Is he in the shower?
DES (blankly): What would Paul be doing in *my* shower on a Sunday morning?!
Realisation then dawns! Melanie explains that last night, after dinner, she and Paul had a wonderful long talk and he ended up staying quite late... Des clears his throat awkwardly and tells Melanie that Paul *isn't* in the shower. Looking surprised, Melanie says:
MELANIE: You know, Des, he's really different from what he's like at work. I mean, some people are boring at work and boring at home or just real slave- drivers, but Paul's different: he's sensitive and romantic... I always knew my secret admirer would be out there somewhere, but who would've thought it would be Paul?!
Des warns Melanie that she shouldn't be too sure of that just yet. Melanie, however, goes on that Paul's her boss; she never thought of him like 'that'. Des points out that Paul's been through a rough time with Gail; she should take it easy for a while. Melanie assures him that she will - she'll take it one step at a time. She then smiles:
MELANIE: I wish he didn't have to rush off like that. I can't wait to see him at work on Monday!
No. 22
Christina is sitting on a sunlounger in the back garden of No. 22 when Caroline dashes out of the house and demands:
CAROLINE: What the hell are you doing outside?
CHRISTINA: Um... Breathing in fresh air! Eating my breakfast!
CAROLINE (snaps): You're supposed to stay indoors; you *know* that.
Christina cries that that's easy for Caroline to say; *she's* cooped up all the time. Caroline tells her sister that she knows it's hard for her, but she's going to have to be strong and stick to the plan. Christina stands up and mutters:
CHRISTINA: Yes, ma'am.
Caroline goes on that they'll try and work something out so she can get out soon, but it's too important that they don't take risks; they don't want another close call like they had with the gardener. Christina says awkwardly:
CHRISTINA: Oh, I forgot to tell you: I ran into him in the street.
CAROLINE (gasps): What?
CHRISTINA: I really needed to get out and I was being so careful, but he took me by surprise. I think I worked it out, though - I just apologised.
Caroline remarks that that's why he acted so funny: *she* apologised to him, too. She goes on that this is exactly what she's talking about: Christina has *got* to follow the instructions. She escorts her sister back into the house and then tells her that she has to go to work. She adds:
CAROLINE: If you need anything, give me a call.
CHRISTINA (sarcastically): Can I have time off for good behaviour, warden?
No. 26
Jim joins Helen in an otherwise- empty kitchen and asks if Todd and Nick have gone to school already. Helen nods that they have. She then comments that Beverly was in a good mood this morning; she's glad she and Jim have cleared the air. She goes on:
HELEN: I half expected her to be wearing her necklace.
JIM: Well, the fact of the matter is, Helen, I haven't given it to her yet.
HELEN (sighs): Why ever not?
JIM: Well, I thought I'd wait until I'm sure that she has her priorities straight as far as work and the family's concerned.
HELEN: So *she* thinks you've forgiven her completely, whereas you're still punishing her. Don't you think that's rather unfair?
JIM (bluntly): Under the circumstances, no - and to tell you the truth, Helen, I am perfectly capable of handling the situation without *your* help.
Helen shrugs that she'll say no more - but she thinks he's not only being unfair, he's being extremely petty. Paul comes in through the back door suddenly and says good morning. Jim asks him what brings him to this neck of the woods. Paul holds out a sheet of paper and says grimly:
PAUL: Trouble. These are starting to appear in opposition to the playground development project.
Jim looks at the sheet of paper and asks who's behind it. Paul says he has no idea, yet. Helen, however, says *she* has: it's Kerry Bishop - she's determined to see that the playground is not destroyed. Paul exclaims:
PAUL: Gran, why on earth didn't you tell me this before?
HELEN: Well, up until now I didn't know you were the developer. And there's something else you may not be pleased to know: she's mustered up a lot of support in the neighbourhood - including my own.
PAUL (snaps): Thanks very, very much. You know, I'm trying to get a project off the ground that's not only going to provide jobs, but entertainment in the area - and instead I face obstruction from a band of revolutionary, reactionary do- gooders.
HELEN (curtly): That's a neat generalisation for a group of concerned parents and citizens.
Jim chips in tersely that they're concerned parents and citizens who may just be ill- informed, and he asks Helen if it's occurred to her that the council wouldn't sell the playground if it was in regular use. Paul tells his father that he's having a little media get- together this afternoon at Lassiter's and he's going to point out the benefits for the community; by this time tomorrow, the opposition will be non- existent.
Ramsay Street
Des drives out of the driveway of No. 28 and starts heading down the street. Jamie is in the back seat. As the car passes No. 22, Des sees someone coming out through the front door. It's Christina, who's wearing a blonde wig, a straw hat and sunglasses. Des remarks to himself that Linda must have visitors.
Coffee Shop
Hilary walks into the Coffee Shop, to find it has been decorated in a Chinese style. She looks around and exclaims:
HILARY: Good lord.
Gloria joins her, wearing Chinese costume, and explains that it's all in the name of drumming up new business; it's Des's idea - every week, she's going to have an ethic cuisine day. Hilary remarks that it certainly seems a novel enough idea. Kenneth Muir comes in at that moment and Hilary asks Gloria to excuse her. She then asks Mr. Muir what in heaven's name has happened, as he sounded so serious on the 'phone. The two of them sit down at a table and Mr. Muir says:
MR. MUIR: Sorry for asking you to meet me at such short notice, Hilary, but I wanted to speak to you before the school gossip starts.
HILARY (warily): What's happened?
MR. MUIR: I've just come from a meeting with the Education Department. I've been offered a new position as the Headmaster of a very large country High School. There are staff and academic problems, and it's going to be such a lot of hard work, but *what* a challenge. The last Headmaster had a nervous breakdown at the thought of returning again this year, poor man, but think what a feather it will be in my cap to get things running smoothly again.
Hilary sits there stony- faced. She says eventually and flatly:
HILARY: Congratulations. I'm sure you'll do an excellent job.
Mr. Muir nods that he'll certainly give it his best effort. Hilary then murmurs:
HILARY: I'll miss you, Kenneth.
MR. MUIR: Er, Hilary, my dear, you misunderstood me.
He takes Hilary's hand in his as he tells her that he has no intention of going alone. Hilary says:
HILARY: You haven't?
MUIR: No. I've become far too fond of you to leave you now. I was thinking perhaps the most satisfactory thing would be for you to come and live with me in the country.
HILARY (exclaims): *Live* together?
MUIR (quickly): Oh, no, no, nothing improper. I meant as my wife. I want you to marry me, Hilary.
Gloria, who's been listening to every word, totters over and beams that she couldn't help overhearing! She offers her congratulations and shakes Mr. Muir's hand. She smiles:
GLORIA: I never thought I'd meet the bloke game enough to take on Hilary! Working without a safety net, too!
Hilary just sits there looking nonplussed!
Reception area/Office of the Robinson Corporation
Paul walks in from outside with 'Linda'. They're talking about the media presentation this afternoon. Melanie says a cheery good morning, but is just ignored. She follows Paul and Caroline ('Linda') into the office and says:
MELANIE: Good morning, Paul.
PAUL (nods): Melanie.
'Linda' tells Paul that the speed at which he's thrown this deal together dizzies her! She heads to her desk. Melanie smiles at Paul and asks him how he is today. Paul just replies flatly that he's fine, thanks. Melanie goes on that she was sorry he had to rush off so early yesterday morning. Paul frowns at her, looking annoyed at her mentioning it. He then turns to 'Linda' and says:
PAUL: Linda, that list is probably a little incomplete. Can you just add business associates and people we have day- to- day dealings with?
He then tells Melanie that he'd like her to attend the meeting this afternoon and he asks 'Linda' to explain the details to Melanie. With that, he walks out, leaving Melanie looking downcast.
No. 26
Helen opens the front door of No. 26 to find Hilary standing on the step. She comments to her that she's looking very flushed and she asks if something's wrong. Hilary replies breathlessly:
HILARY: No. No, no, Helen, everything's fine. At least, *I* think it is.
She steps inside and Helen asks her if she wants to talk about it. The two of them sit down and Helen asks what the trouble is. Hilary replies quickly:
HILARY: Oh. Oh, there's no trouble. My goodness, it's very hot in here.
She pauses before going on:
HILARY: Helen, Kenneth Muir has asked me to marry him.
HELEN (looking surprised): Oh. Hilary, I'm so happy for you. That's *wonderful* news!
HILARY: Yes. Yes, it is - but I need your advice.
HELEN: Why? You're going to accept, aren't you?
HILARY: I... *think* so.
HELEN: Reservations?
HILARY: Oh Helen, there's nothing I'd like *more* than to marry Kenneth, but everything's happened so quickly.
She goes on:
HILARY: What I am trying to say is... Kenneth and I have become aware that we've grown fond of each other - but I've lived so much of my life *without* a partner, I really don't think I could make that adjustment.
Helen tells Hilary not to sell herself short. Hilary says she'll have to consult Matthew on the matter. Helen, however, tells her that *he'll* be happy as long as *she's* happy; Hilary should do what's right for *her*.
Coffee Shop
Des is sitting at a table with Paul, telling him firmly:
DES: Kids need playgrounds.
PAUL (sighs): *Adults* need playgrounds *too*, Des - *and* jobs. I think you might just change your mind when you hear what I've got to say.
DES: I doubt it - but I'll listen.
Gloria emerges from the kitchen and asks the two men what they want. Paul and Des opt for the chow mein. Gloria writes it down and then asks them if they've heard about Hilary and her headmaster. Des asks what's happened and Gloria smiles that Hilary's gone to the top of the class: Kenneth Muir popped the question! Paul grins that he doesn't know who to feel the most sorry for! Gloria heads back to the kitchen, leaving Paul to remark:
PAUL: It just goes to prove the old adage, doesn't it: there is somebody out there for all of us. Talk about the odd couple! Tsk - Hilary...!
DES: Speaking of odd couples, how are you and Melanie working out?
PAUL (shrugs): What can I say? You know, we both had a bit too much champagne and I guess I made a bit of a mistake, eh?
DES: Well, why didn't you *tell* Melanie that, instead of just shooting through?
PAUL: Well, I- I- I had a lot to do, you know?
DES: Yeah, that's what *she* thought. She's keen on you, mate - she thinks there's a relationship in it.
PAUL: I didn't promise her anything. Come on, Des, you know how it is, eh?
Des tells Paul that if it *was* a mistake, he should tell Melanie and let her down gently. Paul, however, asks Des if he isn't just over- reacting a tad; Saturday night was no big deal, so they should just let it slide. Des sits there looking worried.
Ramsay Street/Driveway of No. 22
Christina, still wearing the blonde wig, straw hat and sunglasses, heads up Ramsay Street and turns to walk up the driveway of No. 22 - but Melanie suddenly calls out to her from across the road and runs over. She stares at Christina and smiles:
MELANIE: Wow, what a fantastic wig! Are you going to wear that to the cocktail party?
CHRISTINA (looking taken aback): No, I-
MELANIE: You should - it really suits you.
Christina tries to head into the house, but Melanie stops her and asks her if she thinks Paul has been acting really weird around her. Before Christina can answer, though, Caroline emerges from the house. She can only see Christina from side- on and doesn't recognise that it's her sister standing there, so she says:
CAROLINE: Melanie, would you like a lift?
MELANIE: Yeah, thanks, Linda.
She then looks at Christina - and back at Caroline, apparently confused! Caroline quickly introduces her sister, Christina, explaining that she's staying with her for the moment. Melanie accepts this and beams:
MELANIE: You two could be twins, except for the hair colour!
Caroline asks Melanie if she'd mind waiting in the car, as she and Christina have a few things to sort out. Melanie walks off, leaving Caroline to ask Christina angrily what she's doing outside. Christina explains that she needed the fresh air. Caroline snaps that they'll talk about this when she gets home from the cocktail party.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Paul is putting on his tie for the cocktail party when Melanie comes in and asks if they can talk. Paul, however, tells her that people are starting to arrive for the party already. Melanie ignores this and says:
MELANIE: You've been avoiding me all *day*. It's because of Saturday night, isn't it?
PAUL (tersely): Melanie, this isn't the time to discuss that, all right?
MELANIE: *When*? I've been trying to talk to you, but you keep ignoring me. You're acting like you're ashamed or embarrassed about what happened.
PAUL (sighs): All right. Look, I am sorry. Saturday night is one of those things that... well, it shouldn't have happened.
MELANIE: That's not very nice, Paul, just to use somebody and then *dump* them. I really *liked* you. I didn't think you'd treat me like this.
PAUL (gently): Melanie, I didn't mean to upset you - but if my actions are going to interfere with our business relationship, then... well, perhaps you'd be happier working somewhere else, eh?
MELANIE (tersely): Oh no you don't, Paul Robinson. If you think I'm going to quit my job just so you don't feel guilty, you've got another think coming.
PAUL: Melanie, I-
MELANIE: And don't even think about trying to sack me - the law's on my side. I'll take you to the Anti- Discrimination Board if you do.
With that, Melanie walks out, leaving Paul looking frustrated.
Lassiter's Hotel
The media event is taking place in one of the function rooms at the hotel. Helen is standing with Des and Jim, and, looking round at the number of other people there, she remarks that Paul is going all- out to win support for his project. Des tells her that there are a couple of council members there; if he gets *them* on- side, there's no stopping him. Caroline walks over with a tray of drinks and Jim comments to her:
JIM: Nice turn- out, Linda - things seem to be going well.
CAROLINE: Yes - Paul's proposal has obviously attracted a lot of attention.
Paul calls everyone to attention at that moment. Standing behind a lectern, he says:
PAUL: Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for attending the little get- together at such short notice. Now, I have press releases here outlining the huge advantages that my project holds for the community. Entertainment and employment: two large aspects of our lives. Two large aspects that I intend to provide.
Christina walks into the function room suddenly and goes and stands next to Gloria. She looks around. Caroline spots her and, looking horrified, she ducks down and crawls under a table, where she's hidden by a long table cloth! Gloria comments to Christina that it's a terrific spread of food. Christina thanks her. Caroline crouches on her knees under the table, looking annoyed.
No. 30
Hilary opens the front door to Kenneth Muir and invites him in. They head into the lounge room, where Mr. Muir asks Hilary if she's thought over his proposal. Hilary nods:
HILARY: I have. I've given it careful consideration and...
MR. MUIR: And?
HILARY: And... my answer is yes.
MR. MUIR (smiling): Oh Hilary, I'm so delighted.
HILARY: I feel quite impetuous! - and very happy.
MR. MUIR: Your happiness means a great deal to me.
Mr. Muir then tells Hilary that the scheduling of the wedding will be very much subject to his move to the new school; a small intimate ceremony with a few close friends and relatives will suit them. Hilary smiles that that would be perfect. Mr. Muir goes on:
MUIR: Of course, we'll want to consult mother.
HILARY (her face dropping): Oh. Certainly.
MUIR: Would tomorrow lunchtime be convenient?
HILARY: Oh, I can't tomorrow, Kenneth - I'm due in court to clear up some ridiculous situation with the taxation department.
MUIR: I see.
HILARY: It's something that's just blown completely out of proportion - concerning interest I have on certain investments.
Mr. Muir smiles that they'll arrange some other time for her to meet his mother. Hilary smiles that everything is happening so quickly. Mr. Muir tells her that there's one other subject to consider: their honeymoon. Hilary stands there looking suddenly worried.
Lassiter's Hotel
Paul is still making his speech when he suddenly spots Caroline peering out from under the table. She ducks back under. Paul then glances at Christina, who's smiling at him. Helen, Jim and Des look at each other as he hesitates, apparently confused. He completes his speech, though, and then says he'd be happy to answer any questions in the foyer. Caroline starts crawling along under the tables. Des says to Jim, Helen and Gloria that what Paul said doesn't change the fact that the kids are missing out on their playground. Helen nods:
HELEN: Exactly. I hate going against my grandson, but I can't agree with what he's doing.
JIM (exclaims): I can't *believe* you two: he's helping Erinsborough grow; creating jobs.
He mutters that he might head for the foyer and see if the general consensus differs out *there*. Gloria goes with him. Out in the foyer, Paul is talking to a number of people when he spots Caroline crawling out from under the table. She stands up and Christina dashes over to her. Helen stares at the two of them. Caroline demands of her sister angrily:
CAROLINE: What are you doing here? Are you trying to get us *killed*?
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Des Clarke, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1138
Des Clarke, Melanie Pearson

Christina Alessi, Caroline Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1138
Christina Alessi, Caroline Alessi

Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1138
Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels

Jamie Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1138
Jamie Clarke

Christina Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1138
Christina Alessi

Gloria Lewis in Neighbours Episode 1138
Gloria Lewis

Hilary Robinson, Kenneth Muir in Neighbours Episode 1138
Hilary Robinson, Kenneth Muir

Paul Robinson, Caroline Alessi, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1138
Paul Robinson, Caroline Alessi, Melanie Pearson

Hilary Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1138
Hilary Robinson, Helen Daniels

Paul Robinson, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1138
Paul Robinson, Des Clarke

Caroline Alessi, Christina Alessi, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1138
Caroline Alessi, Christina Alessi, Melanie Pearson

Paul Robinson, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1138
Paul Robinson, Melanie Pearson

Jim Robinson, Des Clarke, Caroline Alessi, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1138
Jim Robinson, Des Clarke, Caroline Alessi, Helen Daniels

Gloria Lewis, Christina Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1138
Gloria Lewis, Christina Alessi

Hilary Robinson, Kenneth Muir in Neighbours Episode 1138
Hilary Robinson, Kenneth Muir

Caroline Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1138
Caroline Alessi

Helen Daniels, Des Clarke, Gloria Lewis, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1138
Helen Daniels, Des Clarke, Gloria Lewis, Jim Robinson

Caroline Alessi, Christina Alessi, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1138
Caroline Alessi, Christina Alessi, Helen Daniels

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