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Neighbours Episode 1096 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1096
Australian airdate: 20/11/89
UK airdate: 29/01/91
UK Gold: 13/01/97
Summary/Images by: Graham
Bronwyn pretending to be happy after Henry tells her that he's been offered a job with a New Zealand radio station.
Self-Defence Class
A female instructor is demonstrating to the class of women how to throw a male attacker. Madge comments to Kerry and Helen that she makes it look so easy! The instructor asks who wants to go first. Kerry tries to push Madge forward, but Madge holds back and so Kerry volunteers. She walks up to a man standing in the middle of some mats. He lunges towards her and she grabs his arm and throws him to the floor! The other women in the group applaud her! The instructor smiles that that's excellent. Madge then steps forward. The man lunges for her and Madge follows Kerry's actions. The man lands heavily and mutters:
MAN: What a way to make a living!
MADGE (shrugs): Not much to it really, is there?!
Helen doesn't look so sure...
No. 24
Henry is bouncing around the kitchen, beaming that he still can't believe it! Harold, sitting at the kitchen table, points out that the entertainment business isn't very stable. Henry asks what he's got to lose, but Sharon muses:
SHARON: It's a long swim back to Erinsborough!
Henry insists that he's got to give it a go - and if it's no go, he'll have gained the expertise. Harold admits that there's nothing like hands-on experience. Henry adds:
HENRY: And the good news is, Harold, I'll be getting paid, so there'll be no worries on *that* score!
Sharon looks pointedly at Bronwyn, but Bronwyn looks away. Harold asks Henry if he's told Joe that he's going to have to find himself another partner. Henry's face drops and he says he'd better go give him the news. He then gives Bronwyn a big, sloppy kiss and dashes out! Harold gets up from the table and heads through to the lounge room, leaving Sharon to demand of Bronwyn:
SHARON: Why didn't you tell him about your job?
BRONWYN: Oh... you know Henry: once he takes off, no one can get a word in.
SHARON (warily): Bronny, you're not going to chuck it all away and follow him to Wellington, are you? After all the study you've done and holding down the job at the Coffee Shop...
Bronwyn hesitates. Sharon exclaims in astonishment:
SHARON: I don't *believe* you sometimes.
BRONWYN (insists): This is his big chance, Sharon.
SHARON: Just like it's *your* big chance. Come on, Bronny, you're entitled to a career as much as *he* is.
BRONWYN: It's not that simple.
Sharon asks Bronwyn to at least tell Henry that she got the job. Bronwyn sighs that she will - when he calms down a bit...
No. 32
Henry has turned up at No. 32, and as he and Joe head into the lounge room, Joe beams that he'd better get Henry's autograph *now*: it could be worth a bit down the track! He adds excitedly that Henry will knock them dead. The two of them sit down and Henry says:
HENRY: That's the *good* news. The *bad* news is you're going to lose your radio programme.
JOE (looking surprised): How's that?
HENRY: The new manager wants to change the format of the show, and he's not into gardening.
Joe shrugs that they've done enough business out of the radio show - they don't need any more publicity: he'll just do one more show and bid a fond farewell to his listeners and get himself another freebie. Henry, however, says mutedly:
HENRY: Er... there isn't going to *be* another show, Joe - Bronny and I have to take off for Kiwi-land *next week*.
JOE: Gah, that's sudden.
HENRY: Yeah... and I know we've got heaps of job lined up, but... I guess you're just going to have to find another partner.
JOE: Oh mate... oh mate... Oh, it's not going to be easy finding someone... who's as hard to get along with as you!
Joe then beams that they'll be right! He adds that they'd better have a couple of tinnies before Kerry gets back from her kung fu class!
Self-Defence Class
Kerry throws the man again and he lands on the mat. The women clap and the instructor tells Helen to have a go and see if she can do better this time. Helen steps forward, but says nervously that she can't quite get the moves. The instructor says she thinks Helen is perhaps intimidated being in this type of class, and she suggests that she move to one specially tailored for senior citizens. Helen's face freezes and she retorts that, on the contrary, she'd like to give it a go. The man steps forward. He lunges for Helen, but she grabs his arm and throws him to the floor. Everyone applauds and a wide smile crosses Helen's face. The instructor then tells everyone to find a partner and they'll go through the original attack exercise. Madge opts to work with Helen. She says to her:
MADGE: I'll tell you what: Harold better watch his step now!
No. 26
The next morning, Helen is preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Nick, Jim and Lucy are sitting at the table and Jim smiles:
JIM: Is it my imagination, Helen, or are you moving slowly this morning?!
Nick says he wishes he'd been a fly on the wall! Lucy asks Helen when she gets her black belt, but Helen tells her:
HELEN: I don't - 'cos I'm not going back.
Lucy asks in surprise what happened, but Helen just explains that it's just not for her. With that, Nick and Lucy head through to the lounge room, where Lucy asks Nick what he's doing after school. He retorts that there's nothing much he *can* do now he's grounded - except maybe go to the Coffee Shop. He asks Lucy what *she's* going to do, and she mutters that she'll sit around at home getting bored stupid, she supposes. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Nick calls to the person to come in. It's Matt. Lucy gives Nick a kiss and tells him that she'll see him later. Nick, however, just mutters:
NICK: Yeah. See ya.
With that, he and Matt head off to school, leaving Lucy looking upset.
No. 24
Madge, Harold and Bronwyn are sitting having breakfast at the kitchen table. Madge is reading a book called 'Self Defence for All' and Henry grins that after one lesson she's a fiendish fu fanatic! Harold comments coolly that he doesn't fancy the idea of his wife turning into some muscle-bound freak. Madge, however, insists that science and strength having nothing to do with it. Harold mutters that he'd challenge *that* theory. With that, Madge glares at him and tells him to stand up. Harold retorts that a gentleman does not attack a lady. Madge insists:
MADGE: Come on, Harold, I want to show you.
HAROLD (sighs): Oh all right. Honestly, I won't get any peace until I do.
Harold stands up and Madge tells him to grab her wrist as if he was about to attack her. Harold does so. Madge then demonstrates the moves she needs to spin him round and pin his arm up behind his back! Henry and Bronwyn look on admiringly and Bronwyn says she's impressed! Henry adds that he and Bronwyn won't lose any sleep about her getting mugged while they're in Wellington! Madge lets Harold go and he changes the subject, asking Bronwyn how her job interview went. She replies awkwardly:
BRONWYN: Oh, it was good, thanks.
HENRY (smiles): That's my girl, you see: beauty... brains. We'll have no worries getting the same sort of work over in Wellington, eh, Bron?
Bronwyn stands there looking less than convinced...
No. 32
Kerry is sitting in the lounge room, sketching some designs on a large pad. Joe comes in and asks her what she's up to. She tells him that she used to make a bit of jewellery to sell at the markets: she saw the same sort of thing down at the shops the other day and the prices were outrageous, so she thought she might turn her hand to it again. Joe sighs:
JOE: Oh strewth, mate, things aren't *that* crook. I mean, since my brief but brilliant stint as a radio superstar, work's really coming in.
KERRY: And that's why you're still here?
JOE: Oh, well, yeah, see, a lot of jobs take *two* blokes, and if I do it on me own, I'll do meself an injury.
Kerry asks Joe what he's going to do about replacing Henry. Joe insists that he's thinking real hard - but a partner's got to have the right temperament. He then asks how class was last night and Kerry smiles that it was great! Joe sighs that it's not right: nature made blokes bigger and stronger to *protect* their women. Kerry, clearly relishing a challenge, stands up. Joe stands behind her and puts his arms around her in a hug as she muses that there's never really a big, strong man round to protect you when you *need* one. She then grabs his arm, pins it up behind his back and pushes him down into the couch before saying:
KERRY: I think you should do the vacuuming today! What do *you* think?
JOE (quickly): Oh yes - what a good idea!
Coffee Shop
School is over for the day, and Sharon is standing with Bronwyn at the counter of the Coffee Shop, asking her if she's sorted things out with Henry. Bronwyn replies that she's going with him. Sharon exclaims:
SHARON: You're *what*?
BRONWYN: Well, we *are* engaged. Besides, I'll get a job over there.
SHARON: Yes - probably doing what you're doing right now. How is that going to help you become a vet? Anyway, you know what Henry's like: even if the job's good, he'll probably want to chuck it in in a few weeks and come home.
Bronwyn just mutters that she can't talk about it now. Sharon pleads with her to at least tell Henry that she got the job. Changing the subject, Bronwyn indicates one of the tables - where Nick and Matt are sitting - and tells Sharon that she'd better tell Nick about the letter she wrote before he reads it for himself. Sharon shrugs that she'll just hope he doesn't get to see it. She rejoins Nick and Matt as Lucy comes into the shop and sits down at their table. Nick asks her what she's doing there and Lucy replies that she was going crazy hanging around home on her own. Nick comments that her dad will crack a mental when he finds out. Lucy just shrugs that that's too bad. She then asks how school was and Nick retorts that it was rotten as usual. Matt adds that it'll be worse if they don't get the Maths assignment finished. Nick suggests they go through it at No. 30, and with that, he and Matt head off. When they've gone, Sharon says to Lucy:
SHARON: So... how are things *going* with Nick?
LUCY (glumly): I don't know. I mean, when it's just us, it's great - but when other people are around he practically ignores me.
SHARON: He's probably a bit embarrassed.
LUCY: *Why*?
SHARON: Come on... you *are* a lot younger than him: the other guys are probably giving him a really hard time.
LUCY: Less than two years younger. Big deal!
SHARON: Guys like Nick hang around with girls their own age because they want someone who knows the score.
LUCY: What makes you think I'm so naive?
SHARON: I *don't* think you're naive; all I'm saying is that... well, Nick's gone a long way past holding hands in the movies and kissing goodnight on the doorstep - if you know what I mean...
Lucy sits there, looking taken aback.
No. 24
Madge is lying back on the couch, reading out loud to herself from the self-defence book. She lets out a yawn, though, and begins to doze off. The book falls onto her chest and she begins to dream.
*In* the dream, she's dressed in black, in a room sheathed in white. A ninja dressed in a red hood suddenly jumps down in front of her and lines up to attack her. In slow motion, Madge kicks out her leg and the attacker flies back onto the floor! He gets up and lunges for Madge again, but she punches him away. Another ninja appears and she takes him on as well! Having been vanquished, the ninja takes off his hood. It's the guy from the self-defence class!
Back in Ramsay Street, Harold arrives home and smiles as he finds Madge asleep on the couch. He bends down over her and goes to kiss her. In her dream, the attacker lunges for Madge and grabs her by the shoulders. In real life, Madge - who's still asleep - grabs Harold by the shoulders and throws him over the couch! He finds himself lying on his back! Madge wakes up and cries in shock:
MADGE: Harold! Oh, my poor darling - what happened?
HAROLD (pants): I don't know. I just got here!
Front yard of No. 24
Henry climbs out of Bertha and walks round to the trunk. Sharon walks over to him and asks what he's going to do with the car when he leaves. He admits, though, that he hadn't really thought about it. Sharon murmurs:
SHARON: You, er, haven't really thought about Bronny much, either, have you?
HENRY (frowns): What do you mean?
SHARON: Well, now she's chucking in her job at the vet's surgery, I suppose the best she can hope for is cooking your tea and maybe a bit of waitressing if she's really lucky.
HENRY (looking puzzled): Look, she didn't actually say she *had* it; she just said it went all right.
SHARON: She *got* it all right.
HENRY (shrugs): She can get the same sort of thing over there.
SHARON (exclaims): Henry! Those sort of jobs are really hard to find - *you* should know that. She couldn't believe how lucky she was to get *this* one.
HENRY: How come she didn't say anything about it to *me*?
SHARON: She was worried about your 'brilliant' career. What about *her*? After all that study, finally getting the job she really wanted...
HENRY: Why didn't she talk it over with me?
SHARON: Maybe she couldn't get a word in. It's really stupid to give up this chance, don't you think? I mean, look at it *this* way: would *you* do the same for *her*?
Henry sighs heavily.
No. 30
Matt and Nick are in the lounge room, studying, when Sharon comes in and asks angrily how men can be so dumb. Nick asks her what she's on about and she retorts that it's Henry and Bronwyn. Nick says he's going to get moving. As he stands up, though, Sharon says quickly:
SHARON: Nick, um, I was just wondering: what are you playing at with Lucy?
NICK: What do you mean?
SHARON: She's pretty keen...
NICK: And does that bother you?
SHARON: No - but it ought to worry *you*.
NICK: Come on, Sharon, she's a nice girl. We're just having a bit of fun together. I mean, what's the problem with *that*?
SHARON: Lucy is *serious*.
NICK: Oh, knock it off.
Matt chips in that he thinks Sharon's right: that was a pretty touching send-off Nick got from Lucy this morning. Nick, however, retorts that it was nothing. Matt warns Nick not to blame *him* if the other guys start hassling him about cradle-snatching. Nick sighs:
NICK: Oh come on - it's not as if Lucy acts or looks like she's 15, does it?
NICK (coldly): Well I'll tell you *what*, Sharon: she's a damn sight easier to talk to than *some* girls I know.
SHARON: Oh. Well. If that's all you want - someone to *talk* to - go for it.
Nick looks away dismissively.
No. 32
Joe and Kerry are discussing their finances in the lounge room, Kerry sighing that they still owe $2,000. Joe asks where they're going to get *that* sort of cash. Kerry tells him that they don't have to pay it off all at once, but by paying it off just in dribs and drabs they're only really paying off interest. She then adds that she's got a bit of money set aside - a few hundred dollars. Joe looks at her in surprise and asks:
JOE: How come?
KERRY: Well, I've been pretty careful with our money - and then there's the money for minding Lochy. I thought I might try and save, you know - just in case some kind of emergency came up.
JOE (warily): Oh... I don't like the idea of us using your money.
KERRY: *Our* money.
JOE: You know what I mean.
Kerry insists that it'll tide them over for now, and that's all that matters. Joe sighs that he supposes they haven't got much choice - but they've still got to find the rest - and he needs to find a new partner: the sooner the better...
No. 24
Bronwyn is sitting at the kitchen table with Henry, telling him that the last thing she wanted to do was ruin his big chance. Henry asks how come she didn't even tell him she'd *got* the job with this vet. Bronwyn replies that he didn't *ask*. Henry points out that they *always* talk things over, don't they? Bronwyn shrugs that life's been pretty hectic since he got this DJ offer. Henry says sincerely:
HENRY: Oh yeah, I know, but... gosh, Bron, this is the job you've had your heart set on. If it'd been *me*, I would've been telling the *world*. I guess I've been so full of myself I didn't stop to think about what *you* really wanted.
Madge chips in from behind the kitchen counter that Bronwyn will be able to get a job in a vet's in Wellington. Bronwyn sighs that in Erinsborough the vet promised she could help with minor operations: she'd be learning heaps and getting practical experience at the same time. Henry comments:
HENRY: You wouldn't get a chance like that too often, eh?
BRONWYN: Well, he did say there were ten others-
Harold interrupts and says he's sure Bronwyn will be able to get something along those lines over there. Henry asks Bronwyn if she's told the vet that she's not going to take the job, but she replies that she hasn't yet. She then changes the subject and asks if they could pick up a New Zealand paper somewhere: it would be great if they could check out a few flats and things in Wellington. Henry, looking thoughtful, murmurs distantly:
HENRY: Mmm... that's a good idea.
No. 26
Lucy is in the kitchen with Helen, who asks her to turn the oven down to 200 degrees after about twenty minutes. She heads off to the lounge room, just as Nick comes in through the back door. Lucy tells him quickly that she has to talk to him. He looks at her and she goes on quickly:
LUCY: I know I'm a bit younger than you, but you don't think I'm just a kid, do you?
NICK (shrugs): Do I *treat* you like one?
LUCY: Not when it's the two of us, but when other people are around, sometimes you make me *feel* that way.
NICK: Lucy, you *are* only 15.
LUCY: Maybe - but I know how I feel and I know what I want.
Nick goes to the 'fridge as Lucy adds:
LUCY: I'm *serious* about you, Nick.
Nick looks at Lucy warily.
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Helen Daniels, Kerry Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1096
Helen Daniels, Kerry Bishop, Madge Bishop

Harold Bishop, Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1096
Harold Bishop, Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay

Henry Ramsay, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1096
Henry Ramsay, Joe Mangel

Madge Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1096
Madge Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1096
Helen Daniels, Madge Bishop

Nick Page, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1096
Nick Page, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson

Matt Robinson, Nick Page, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1096
Matt Robinson, Nick Page, Lucy Robinson

Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1096
Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1096
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1096
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Lucy Robinson, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1096
Lucy Robinson, Sharon Davies

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1096
Madge Bishop

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1096
Madge Bishop

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1096
Madge Bishop

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1096
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Sharon Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1096
Sharon Davies, Henry Ramsay

Matt Robinson, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1096
Matt Robinson, Nick Page

Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1096
Kerry Bishop

Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1096
Bronwyn Davies

Nick Page, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1096
Nick Page, Lucy Robinson

Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1096
Nick Page

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