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Neighbours Episode 1095 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1095
Australian airdate: 17/11/89
UK airdate: 28/01/91
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Alan
Madge is walking home and breaks her heel. She hears a noise in the bushes and thinks it's Mick Tucker, but is then confronted by a young man.
A street
The young man tries to grab Madge's bag. She manages to hold onto it while screaming out and pushes him over, then whacks him with it!
Bronwyn tries to make Henry feel better about his new boss who he thinks will sack him. Harold arrives home and Madge turns up shortly afterwards. She falls back onto the sofa (after pushing Henry off!) and announces that she's been mugged.
BRONWYN: Are you alright?
MADGE: You should see the other guy!
Harold's not happy that she didn't just let him take her bag as she could have been hurt. He wants them to go to the police station but Madge is too tired.
Joe gets a call and sounds very excited. He tells Kerry they've won the Erinsborough Gardening Competition! Henry turns up and says Harold's gonna die when he finds out. Joe is very proud of himself. Henry says he's taking Madge to the police and tells them about the mugging. He asks if Joe knows what his prize is and Joe says the mayor is handing whatever it is over at lunchtime.
Beverly and Helen talk about the awards and Helen says they're going to give Ramsay Street a 'highly recommended' award for being the best kept street in Erinsborough.
Harold can't believe the result of the competition and berates Joe's win. Madge tells him he's being a sore loser. Harold gets a call from Lorna Edwards from the committee making sure he's going to be there for the prize giving. Bronwyn says she's got her job interview for the vets that afternoon. Kerry comes over to find out how Madge is - she says it's great that she stood up for herself and tells her about a self defence class on at the community centre. She talks her into coming along that evening. Harold isn't impressed.
Ramsay Street
Lorna Edwards presents the 'highly recommended' award to the residents of Ramsay Street and then officially announces Joe as the winner of the competition. Kerry whoops but Harold refuses to clap! The mayor presents Joe with 'The Zodiac Guide to Gardening', a $25 gift voucher for the local nursery and a silver-plated trowel. Joe doesn't look impressed. Malcolm Bliss from the Erinsborough Times asks him if he'll do an interview later, Joe agrees after finding out he will get some good promotion and the guy says a photographer will be along later that day.
Coffee Shop
Henry reads 'Dear George':
'I'm a painter who recently had my first exhibition which was very successful...when the creative urge hits me, I have to paint and nothing else in the world matters. I've tried to explain this to my girlfriend but she just refuses to understand. Don't you agree her needs are less important than my art?'
Bronwyn thinks it might be Nick but then reconsiders because of the other letter and the fact that Sharon isn't his girlfriend anymore.
Beverly plays with Rhys and Helen asks her if she's heard any news on Debra, but Bev says nothing yet. Madge comes in and Helen checks how she is. Madge says Harold got more of a fright than she did! She adds that she's left feeling very angry and wants Helen to join her at the self defence classes. Helen isn't sure she can see herself doing it, but Madge says they're designed for women and Helen agrees after Madge makes her feel bad for using her age as an excuse.
Coffee Shop
Harold is even angrier when he finds out that Joe didn't call the police about the stolen plants. Sharon turns up and Bronwyn tells her about the Dear George column and that she thinks Nick might have written in, but she's not sure. Bronwyn deduces that it was Sharon who wrote it and gives her a serve because if Nick really didn't write the first letter, he's going to feel rotten about this one.
There's a knock at the door and Joe thinks it's the photographer, but it's actually the police to tell him that the local nursery has been closed down and the owners charged with dealing in stolen merchandise. The police ask him to give him a hand with identifying the stolen goods he's got and they'll collect them and be on their way. He can't believe it.
Helen asks Paul if it's really necessary for everything with Gail to be so official and cold. Paul says it's the only thing he can do and they can't get much worse. She thinks they will be continually bickering but he says that's all the more reason to get it set out in writing. Beverly comes in and Helen thinks it's time the two of them have a chat. Todd comes in and he's got braces - Paul calls him a 'metal mouth' and 'tracks'. Helen says he's a great help and Todd is worried about the reaction he'll get.
Bronwyn tells Sharon that the vets want her to start as soon as she's finished her exams. She's very excited and can't wait to tell Henry. Kerry turns up to collect Madge who is all fired up for the classes: 'Let's rip em apart!'
No.32 Garden
The garden looks a mess and Joe can't believe it. The photographer turns up.
JOE: You and me both.
PHOTOGRAPHER: No, no, Michael Cross. From the Erinsborough News.
Bouncer is busy digging a hole. Mr Cross decides to take a picture anyway. Harold turns up and asks if he's the police photographer. Harold can't believe Joe is still getting publicity and gets in the way of the photos - he tells Joe he was the one who reported him to the police. Joe gets angry and Harold steps back and falls over a hole!
Harold is fuming about Joe and plans to call the mayor about the stolen plants. Henry turns up and he, Bronwyn and Sharon try to talk Harold out of it. Henry says he's got a big announcement - he's been offered a job as a DJ with his own show.....in Wellington. Bronwyn and Sharon's excitement fades, but he says it's the beginning of the big time for them and Bronwyn pretends to be happy.
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Madge Bishop, Madge
Madge Bishop, Madge's mugger

Madge Bishop, Madge
Madge Bishop, Madge's mugger

Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1095
Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Harold Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1095
Harold Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Helen Daniels

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1095
Joe Mangel

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1095
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1095
Paul Robinson

Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1095
Todd Landers

Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 1095

Harold Bishop, Michael Cross, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1095
Harold Bishop, Michael Cross, Joe Mangel

Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1095
Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay

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