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Neighbours Episode 1093 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1093
Australian airdate: 15/11/89
UK airdate: 24/01/91
UK Gold: 08/01/97
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Summary/Images by: Graham
Jim discovering Lucy and Nick being sprung by the police for being at the Waterhole underage.
No. 26
Back at home, Jim rants at Lucy and Nick, asking them angrily how they could pull such a stupid stunt. Lucy tries to protest that this had nothing to do with Nick, but Jim just yells at her not to interrupt and to be quiet. Helen emerges from her bedroom, demanding to know what's going on. Jim tells her curtly:
JIM: I have just returned from picking these two up from the Waterhole, where they were about to be arrested for underage drinking.
HELEN (gasps): What?
JIM (indicating Nick): This young lout took my fifteen-year-old daughter out for a night on the tiles.
Lucy starts to tell Helen that it wasn't *like* that. Jim, however, ignores this and says:
JIM: The only reason they weren't charged was because I came along to take responsibility for them.
Helen asks Nick in astonishment if he was drinking. Jim tells her that Nick was too smart for that, but *Lucy* was drinking. He asks Nick angrily:
JIM: What - were you planning to get her drunk?
NICK (indignantly): Oh, come on-
LUCY: Dad, stop it. This has nothing to do with Nick. It was *my* idea to go to the Waterhole and *I* ordered the drink.
JIM: Oh, I see - you make a habit of popping off to the pub any time the mood takes you, do you?
LUCY: No, this was the first time I'd ever been - honest.
JIM (grimly): Honesty hasn't been your strongest suit lately, Lucy; why should I believe you *now*?
Lucy tells her father that she wanted to go and hear the band; Nick only came along because she made him. Nick murmurs that he thought he'd better keep Lucy out of trouble, but Jim just retorts that he did a fine job of *that*. Nick glares at him and says tersely:
NICK: Oh look, we did the wrong thing, OK, but it's your fault too: you make her feel like a little kid all the time and then go mental when she rebels. What do you *expect*?
Helen warns Nick that Lucy's only 15, but Lucy retorts that it's old enough to have some freedom. Jim just orders her and Nick to go to bed. He adds that they're both grounded until further notice.
No. 32
Joe is watching TV the next morning as he has breakfast. Kerry comes in and asks him if he's got any work lined up for today, and he replies that he's got a few things to do out the front this morning, before the judging. Kerry muses that that won't pay the bills... Joe, however, assures her that once he's won the gardening competition, the customers will be all over them like a rash. Kerry looks at him and says:
KERRY: Do you think you can handle some constructive criticism?
JOE: Like?
KERRY: Well... maybe you should get rid of one or two of those statues... or three or four.
Kerry adds that they draw attention away from the plants. Joe nods thoughtfully that he could shift a few - but he doesn't want Harold to get one up on him, after he carried on about his plants being stolen. Kerry asks:
KERRY: Have you talked to your mates at the nursery about that, yet?
JOE: Oh no, no - too busy.
KERRY: But I told dad you'd sort it out - and if necessary contact the police.
Joe insists quickly that he'll clear it up - but after the gardening comp. With that, he heads outside. Kerry looks at Bouncer despairingly!
Front garden of No. 32
Harold is standing in Joe's front garden, looking at one of the statuesque plant pots Joe has put out there and chuckling to himself that it's absolutely awful! Joe comes up behind him suddenly and orders:
JOE: Get your grubbies off that!
Harold mutters that he thought all those eyesores would have been impounded by now, as they *are* all stolen. He adds that they *have* been reported, haven't they? Joe retorts:
JOE: Harry, just go and water a petunia or something!
Harold goes to walk off - noticing as he does so that Jim is doing some gardening in *his* front yard. He wanders round the street, noticing also that Hilary has a man in her garden, doing some digging. He smiles at her:
HAROLD: Making a few improvements, I see. Entering the gardening competition, are we?
HILARY (looking slightly embarrassed): Well... yes.
Harold comments that all this sudden refurbishing really does contravene the spirit of the competition: it's meant to encourage those who've devoted *years* to their garden. Hilary remarks coolly that she supposes there are no new items in *Harold's* display, then... Harold admits that there's the *odd* new thing... Hilary muses:
HILARY: 'Odd' being the operative word - particularly in the case of the Mangel menagerie.
Harold insists that that does not change his point: Hilary can't suddenly create a new garden and expect to compete with those who've spent years on theirs. Hilary just shrugs that she has merely hired muscle; the design concept was her own. Jim wanders over at that moment. Harold, looking annoyed at Hilary, walks off. Jim comments to Hilary:
JIM: Your garden's looking very nice; very... *new*!
He goes on that the competition has certainly inspired everyone to make an effort: he hasn't seen the street looking so well in years! The two of them wander over to Harold and Joe and Joe smiles that his garden's beautiful: he can't lose! Jim points out that the judges may have *another* opinion. Joe, however, says they'd better not: he's got a lot riding on this!
No. 22
Paul is standing holding a child's mobile, but he throws it down in disgust on to the couch. There's a knock on the front door and he goes and opens it to Jim, who steps inside and notices various items strewn around the lounge-room floor. He comments that Paul looks busy, and Paul retorts coolly that he's getting rid of some junk. Changing the subject, Jim says awkwardly:
JIM: Er, have you talked to Madge today?
PAUL: No. Why?
JIM: The licensing squad called at the Waterhole last night.
PAUL: They haven't done *that* for a while. Well, at least I know they'll find nothing out of line *there*.
JIM (clearing his throat): Well... unfortunately, they *did*.
PAUL (sharply): What?
JIM: Underage drinkers: Nick and, er, Lucy.
PAUL (exclaims): You're joking...
JIM: Sorry. Wish I was. Fortunately they weren't charged.
PAUL (angrily): Well, who the hell let them in?
JIM: No one. In fact, Madge asked them to leave. She thought they *had*.
PAUL (furiously): What the hell were they *doing* there? I mean, both should've known better.
JIM: Apparently Lucy wanted to hear the band.
PAUL: And you let her go? That's smart, dad, that's very, very smart.
Jim insists that he told Lucy to stay away, but he can't watch her every moment. He adds that if Paul's going to have a band there, he should realise he's going to attract young people, and it's Paul's staff's responsibility to check IDs. Paul retorts furiously that it's the parents' responsibility to check where their kids are. Jim demands:
JIM: What - you're saying I'm not careful enough?
PAUL (coldly): Dad, they were *there*, weren't they? I'd say that's *your* fault.
Ramsay Street
A female judge is standing in the garden of No. 26, talking to Jim about his roses. She and two male colleagues then wander round to No. 24. Harold welcomes them and the judge comments that he's evidently put in a great deal of work. She adds that they left Ramsay Street 'til last because of the multiple entries: they're very impressive. Harold, glancing across to No. 32, murmurs:
HAROLD: Some more than others...
Across the street, Kerry - pushing Sky - and Lochy walk up to Joe, who's polishing one of his statues. Kerry smiles that it looks great! Joe asks in concern if the garden looks too bare, but Kerry insists that it looks fantastic! Lochy says she doesn't know what all the fuss is about: it's just a dumb bunch of flowers.
Over at No. 22, the judges are admiring Harold's Sunset Serenade. Harold offers the female judge a cutting, and she grins wickedly that sounds suspiciously like an attempt to bribe the judges. Harold splutters that he'd never do that, and the judge assures him that it was just her little joke!
No. 32
Kerry, Sky and Lochy head into No. 32. Lochy walks through to the lounge room, but stops in her tracks and calls to Kerry to come and have a look. Kerry joins her. Joe has filled the lounge room with the statues removed from the garden! Lochy asks if they're going to *stay* there. Kerry muses that it would certainly be different!
No. 22
Paul is talking on the 'phone to a police Sergeant, saying he was hoping they could avoid some unpleasant paperwork. Lucy comes in through the front door, meekly, as Paul sighs that he knows that once a complaint is filed, it's filed. He thanks the Sergeant wearily and hangs up. He then glares at Lucy and says coolly:
PAUL: The Licensing Squad has just filed an official complaint about your little visit to the Waterhole last night.
LUCY (guiltily): Sorry, Paul.
PAUL: Lucy, have you got any idea what the fine is for a minor just *being* in a pub?
PAUL (angrily): Five hundred dollars. Now, do you fancy paying me back out of your pocket money? No, I didn't think so. Do you want to know what *else* they've got in mind for me?
LUCY (murmurs): Not really.
PAUL (snaps): Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. One - I'm on a warning: you see, the police intend to put the Waterhole under what they call 'close scrutiny'. That means I'm going to have police in my pub every night of the week. My customers aren't going to like that, so they're going to go somewhere else. Now, that costs me money. Two - if by chance they find another underage drinker in the hotel, they slap me with a *bigger* fine. They could very well suspend the Waterhole's trading licence. Do you realise that one quarter of Lassiter's revenue comes from the Waterhole? Do you think I can afford to lose that?
LUCY (meekly): I guess not.
PAUL (snarls): Damn right I can't. This is all because you insist on being 15 going on 35.
LUCY: I really am sorry, Paul. I came to *apologise*.
PAUL (furiously): Apologies are not going to impress the police, Lucy. Are you trying to *ruin* me?
LUCY: Don't be dumb!
PAUL: What's dumb is the way *you* have been acting. Lucy, it is time you grew up.
Lucy stands there looking upset.
Ramsay Street
Jim and Harold are watching from across the street as the female judge asks Hilary to tell her about the history of the planting of her garden. Hilary starts to talk about Camellias coming originally from China, but the judge explains that she wants to know when the beds were dug, how deeply, and so on. Hilary just shrugs that all the plants grow quite easily for her! One of the male judges asks if she does all the work herself. Hilary nods:
HILARY: Oh yes. Absolutely. I practically spend the entire weekend nurturing my plants.
There's suddenly a very loud and obvious clearing of a male throat that sounds like Joe, from across the street! Hilary bends down to one plant and says:
HILARY: I'm sure you'll all recognise a Dusty Butcher when you see one.
HILARY (aghast!): I beg your pardon?
MALE JUDGE: Pig Face. The plant: it's called Pig Face. Very common.
The female judge comments to Hilary that perhaps she won't mind if she points out a few potential areas for improvement. Hilary stares at her, stony-faced!
No. 26
Helen is putting some roses in a vase in the kitchen when Nick comes in. He asks where Lucy is and Helen explains that she's gone over to give Paul a well-deserved apology for last night. She adds that it wouldn't hurt Nick to do the same. Nick nods that he'll see him when he gets home. He then goes on:
NICK: You know, I don't mind copping the grounding bit, but I did try to talk Lucy out of going to the pub.
HELEN: Then you should've tried a bit *harder*.
NICK: She's really stubborn.
HELEN: Nick, I'm well aware of how determined Lucy can be when she sets her mind to something - but if you're going to take younger girls out, then you have to be more responsible.
With that, Helen heads through to the lounge room with the vase of flowers. Lucy comes in through the back door and sits down at the kitchen table with Nick. He asks how it went with Paul, and she mutters that she got a big lecture about growing up. Nick then tells Lucy that he likes her, but he's not keen onto getting into strife every time she acts like a five-year-old - so maybe Paul's got it right. Lucy sits there looking annoyed.
Ramsay Street
The judges have arrived at No. 32, and the female judge comments to Joe and Kerry that Lochy is *so* adorable! She adds that she always says that a good family man makes a good gardener: it's the nurturing qualities. She then asks Joe about his work in the garden. Joe shows her around, pointing out and naming various plants. Jim and Harold are watching, and Jim asks Harold if Joe swallowed a gardening catalogue! Harold mutters that Mrs. Edwards is bound to be put off by the statue. Mrs. Edwards, however, notices the statue suddenly and tells Joe delightedly that she's got one just like him at home! Harold and Jim's mouths drop!
No. 26
Lucy sits down at the kitchen table with a magazine, looking glum. Helen comes in and Lucy says in a depressed tone:
LUCY: Gran... does everybody hate me?
Helen, however, insists that they're only trying to save her some grief: at *her* age it's only normal to want to rush at life, and they don't want to see her making mistakes. Lucy sighs:
LUCY: I've been a pain, haven't I - but I wouldn't have been if it wasn't for *dad*: it's all *his* fault.
The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Helen answers it. After a few seconds, she says:
HELEN: Why Gail - hello! How are you? ... And the little ones? ... Oh, I'm so glad! Give them each a big kiss for us!
Helen listens further and her face then drops as she says:
HELEN: Well don't you think you should call him direct? ... Well surely you can manage a civilised telephone conversation? ... Well, I hardly think hearing that from me is going to make it any more palatable, but if you insist, I'll tell him. ... Yes, I'm sure he'll be in touch. ... Bye.
With that, Helen hangs up. Lucy asks what Gail wanted, but Helen replies grimly that she'd better tell that to Paul - although she doesn't think it's going to improve the mood he's in at the moment...
Ramsay Street
The three judges are standing in the middle of the street, comparing notes. Jim says to Harold and Joe that he's certain they liked his roses. Harold murmurs that perhaps he shouldn't have offered Mrs. Edwards that cutting. The three judges nod at each other and Mrs. Edwards then walks across to where the three men are standing. She says to them:
MRS. EDWARDS: Well, we *have* had an interesting afternoon here in Ramsay Street. With one notable exception, the gardens have been of a very high standard indeed. You could all give yourselves a pat on the back!
Harold chuckles! Mrs. Edwards then goes on:
MRS. EDWARDS: Because no two entries are the same, there are a number of factors to take into consideration.
HAROLD: Oh... such as?
MRS. EDWARDS: Continued cultivation over a period of years would be a factor; so would careful choice of the overall effect of the garden; also general horticultural knowledge; and marks will be added for originality. Of course, I can't say anything official until the presentation ceremony at the weekend, but I don't think it would be terribly wicked of me to say that one of you will be very gratified by the announcement!
Jim, Harold and Joe all stand there looking smug!
No. 22
Helen has turned up at Paul's. He offers her a seat, apologising for the mess. Helen asks if the bags and boxes strewn around contain Gail's things, and Paul nods that he's sending them to Tasmania tomorrow. Helen says:
HELEN: Darling, Gail just *rang*. I told her that she should speak to *you*, but she insisted that wasn't possible.
PAUL (mutters): Yeah, well, we don't have anything to *say*, gran.
HELEN: Well, she asked me to tell you-.
Helen breaks off and then says awkwardly:
HELEN: Paul, she wants you to pay rent on this house.
Paul stares at Helen in astonishment.
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Lucy Robinson, Nick Page, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1093
Lucy Robinson, Nick Page, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1093
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 1093

Joe Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1093
Joe Mangel, Harold Bishop

Hilary Robinson, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1093
Hilary Robinson, Harold Bishop

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1093
Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop, Mrs. Edwards in Neighbours Episode 1093
Harold Bishop, Mrs. Edwards

Joe Mangel, Sky Bishop, Lochy McLachlan, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1093
Joe Mangel, Sky Bishop, Lochy McLachlan, Kerry Bishop

Kerry Bishop, Lochy McLachlan in Neighbours Episode 1093
Kerry Bishop, Lochy McLachlan

Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1093
Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson

Mrs. Edwards, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1093
Mrs. Edwards, Hilary Robinson

Nick Page, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1093
Nick Page, Helen Daniels

Mrs. Edwards, Lochy McLachlan, Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1093
Mrs. Edwards, Lochy McLachlan, Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1093
Helen Daniels

Mrs. Edwards, Jim Robinson, Harold Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1093
Mrs. Edwards, Jim Robinson, Harold Bishop, Joe Mangel

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1093
Paul Robinson

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