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Neighbours Episode 1075 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1075
Australian airdate: 20/10/89
UK airdate: 31/12/90
UK Gold: 13/12/96
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Summary/Images by: Graham
Nick collapsing. Beverly telling Helen to call an ambulance.
No. 24
Henry is trying to come up with ideas for his radio show. Bronwyn is busy studying and she looks annoyed when Henry interrupts her with his suggestions. She asks if he shouldn't wait until he gets the OK from the station, but Henry assures her that they'll go for the idea - anything to get people listening. The front door opens and Madge comes in, saying she just saw an ambulance pulling out of the street. She adds that she'd better call Helen and see if she knows what's going on. Before she can do so, Henry asks eagerly:
HENRY: Did you get a chance to listen to my show?
MADGE: Oh, yes, yes, I did, actually. Um... yeah, you handled yourself quite well.
HENRY (suspiciously): Why do I get the feeling you're keeping something back, mum?
MADGE: Well, I mean, you did as well as you could with the material at hand - but let's face it: the subjects discussed on Erinsborough Radio aren't exactly riveting, are they?
Henry sighs that his own mother thinks he bombed! Madge tells him that the radio was on in the background at the Waterhole, and she didn't get a chance to hear it properly. Henry smiles that he's got it on tape: she can listen to the whole thing! Madge says she might listen later, but she wants to 'phone Helen now. Henry sits back down with Bronwyn and sighs:
HENRY: Branded a failure by my own mother...
No. 28
Clive is unpacking his belongings in the lounge room when the doorbell rings. He finds Melanie on the step and she heads straight inside! She says to Clive:
MELANIE: Des told me you were staying here while he was away. I've always loved this house - it's so... um... roomy!
CLIVE (warily): That depends on how many people are *in* it, I suppose...
Melanie then tells Clive that she has to talk to him about something. She goes on that life's funny: one minute everything's fine, and then the next minute everything changes and nothing's ever the same again. Clive comments that she's lost him! Melanie explains that it's Janice Wilson, her flatmate: at first she thought she was really nice and really sweet, until she moved in with her; all of a sudden she found out Janice talks and talks and talks and talks and talks and never shuts up, and *she* can never get a word in edgeways! She goes on:
MELANIE: You know *me*, Clive: I get along with *everyone*. I really made an effort to be friends, you know? I really tried everything - but nothing worked.
CLIVE: Well, maybe you're not compatible-
MELANIE: So I finally decided that I should move out from her. Actually, Janice is *kicking* me out, but only because her name is on the lease; I would've gone anyway. But a time comes when you've got to say 'enough's enough' and make a change; don't you think?
Clive just stands there, knowing what's coming! Melanie tells him:
MELANIE: That's why I came to see *you*. You see, I've got a teensy-weensy favour that I wanted to ask you.
CLIVE (warily): *What*?
MELANIE: Well, seeing as Des is away and you've got this ginormous house to yourself, I was wondering if it would be OK if I stayed here with *you*!
She adds that it wouldn't be for long - only until she found somewhere else to stay - and she'd be as quiet as a mouse; Clive wouldn't even know she was there; and Des wouldn't mind. Clive starts to say:
CLIVE: Melanie, it would be great if you could stay, but the problem is-
Melanie doesn't hear anything more than the word 'great', though, and she throws her arms round Clive and beams that he's the best; she was so nervous he'd say no! Clive gives in and asks her when she wants to move in. Melanie asks if tonight would be OK. Clive shrugs that it would. Melanie says she'll just go and get her stuff.
CLIVE: Do you want me to drive you?
MELANIE: No, it's all on the porch!
Clive stands there with a strained expression on his face!
No. 24
Harold arrives home from work and tells Henry that he heard him on the radio earlier. Henry comments warily that he guesses Harold would rather listen to grass grow than listen to his radio show. Harold, however, exclaims that it was quite the contrary: it was interesting and informative - although Henry's disc jockey patter was a little racy! He adds that he can't wait to tune in again tomorrow. Henry's face drops and he murmurs:
HENRY: That's *all* I need!
Madge points out to Henry that Harold just paid him a compliment. Henry apologises to Harold but explains that his tastes are pretty conservative: if *he* liked the show, he hasn't got a hope of reaching a *wider* audience - not unless his talkback idea goes through. Madge queries:
MADGE: Talkback?
BRONWYN: Mm. Henry wants to do an open-line talkback segment on his show. That's why we're trying to think of slogans.
Henry explains that if they involve the listeners, more people will tune in. Madge asks him if he's sure he's going to get any calls, as she doesn't know *anyone* who listens to Erinsborough Radio! Her voice tails off! Henry insists that people may not listen at the *moment*, but they will soon; he'll go in tomorrow, early, and clear it with the boss. Harold says he thinks the format's perfectly good as it is. Henry assures him:
HENRY: Don't worry, Harold, I know what I'm doing!
No. 26
Sharon is looking out through the front window. She turns to Jim, who's sitting on the couch, and asks him if she can ring the hospital again. Jim, however, says he's sure Beverly will let them know if any news comes through. Sharon sighs that she just can't stand waiting. At that moment, the front door opens and Beverly comes in. Sharon asks straight away:
SHARON: How's Nick?
BEVERLY (admits): We still don't know what's wrong with him.
SHARON: It must be serious.
BEVERLY: His optic nerve is bulging, which suggests some form of pressure on the brain - though it could be caused by any *number* of things.
SHARON (nervously): A brain tumour?
Jim insists quickly that there's no point them jumping to conclusions. Beverly repeats that it could be any number of things; the results of the preliminary tests will be through tomorrow and by then they should have a clearer idea of what's going on. She continues that, whatever happens, Nick's going to have to stay in hospital for the next few days; she just came home to pick up a few of his things. Jim asks how Helen's bearing up. Beverly tells him that she's OK: she and Todd are going to wait at the hospital a while longer. Sharon asks:
SHARON: Do you think Nick's being sick would've had anything to do with him being so touchy lately?
BEVERLY: It wouldn't surprise me.
SHARON: He *is* going to be all right, isn't he?
BEVERLY: I wish I could give you a definite 'yes', but I just don't know. All we can do is wait for the results to come through.
Sharon stands there looking worried and upset.
Sharon is sitting in the reception area with Clive. He asks her if she shouldn't be at school, but she tells him that she's got a spare after lunch - and she wouldn't be able to concentrate anyway. At that moment, Beverly comes in. Seeing Sharon there, she tells her:
BEVERLY: The results just came through: Nick has a skull fracture which has led to meningitis.
SHARON (looking worried): How did *that* happen?
BEVERLY: Well, Matt told me that he slipped and hit his head at the swimming pool. They didn't think it was serious at the time, but I'm sure that's the cause.
She adds that it *does* explain why Nick's been behaving strangely. Clive asks how his condition is and Beverly replies that he's responding very well to the intravenous antibiotics. Sharon asks if he'll be all right then. Beverly smiles that they should see a dramatic improvement over the next few days and, if all goes well, he'll be out of hospital in a week. Sharon sighs that she should have *seen* something was wrong. Beverly, however, points out that she *lives* with Nick and didn't realise what was happening. She then offers to drop Sharon back at the hospital. Sharon declines, however, and says she'd better get back to school. She heads off. When she's gone, Beverly asks Clive:
BEVERLY: So, any major catastrophes while I was out?
CLIVE: You mean besides the flash flood? Not really!
Beverly looks at her appointment list and comments:
BEVERLY: I see Debra Turner's coming in this afternoon.
CLIVE: Yeah. She dropped in earlier - with her baby. I offered to talk to her, but she wanted to talk to you and you alone.
BEVERLY: Mm. She insisted I deliver the baby, even though my foot was in plaster.
CLIVE: Yeah, well, apparently I am not an acceptable substitute! Actually, she looked really down.
BEVERLY: Mm. Post-natal depression.
CLIVE: Well, from the looks of her this morning, I don't think she's feeling any better.
Beverly sighs heavily.
Radio station studio
Ted Morrow, the station manager, is in the studio, looking through some jingle cartridges. Henry arrives and knocks on the window from outside. Morrow indicates to him to come in. Henry does so and Morrow remarks that he's early. Henry explains that he wanted to talk to him. Morrow replies:
MORROW: I want to talk to you, too. Bernie Fletcher called. He was meant to give a talk on-air about his kite-flying club today, but he cancelled. We have to think of something else to fill in the time.
HENRY (smiling slightly): That's great! I mean - I had an idea about doing some open-line talkback on the show. It sounds like today could be a good time to start - that's if it's OK with *you*.
MORROW (warily): Mm... talkback, eh? I don't know. We've done that sort of thing before; we didn't get much response.
HENRY: Well at least let me give it a go, eh? All the equipment must be rigged up if you've done it before. Please, Ted?
MORROW (hesitates then says): All right - but if it doesn't work, we'll drop it.
HENRY (beams): Thanks! No, it'll be a smash - I promise!
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Jim is standing with Madge, telling her that if Nick keeps improving at the rate he is, he should be home from hospital within a week. The main door opens suddenly and Melanie comes in. She looks at Madge and tells her that she's looking great! She then beams:
MELANIE: Guess who your new neighbour is!
MELANIE: Well, have a *guess*!
MADGE: Princess Di?
MELANIE: No! *Me*, silly. Clive's letting me stay with him while Des is away!
Madge gives Jim a look! The two of them then stand and listen while Melanie rants on about Janice Wilson! When she's finished, Madge asks Jim to give Nick her regards. Jim says he's going to go and see him later, and he asks Madge if she wants to come. Madge, however, says she promised to listen to Henry on the radio. Melanie asks if *she* can come and listen with her: it would be really exciting to be in Henry's house while he was actually on the radio! Madge says in a strangled tone:
MADGE: Yeah. Yeah, of course!
The door to Beverly's consulting room opens and Beverly comes in with a young woman who's carrying a baby in a basket. Beverly says:
BEVERLY: I'm sorry I wasn't here this morning, Debra. How are you feeling?
DEBRA: I'm tired all the time. [Indicating the baby] He won't stop crying.
Beverly goes to look at the baby and she asks Debra what she called him. Debra, however, just says bitterly:
DEBRA: It's* your* fault, you know? You talked me into having him in the first place. I shouldn't have gone through with it.
BEVERLY: Now come on, that's not strictly true. I presented the options as I saw them, but it was *your* decision. You getting any support from the father?
DEBRA (coolly): Shot through, didn't he?
BEVERLY: Oh. Well, your mother said she'd help.
DEBRA: That was before she got her new boyfriend. Now I never see her.
BEVERLY: Well, maybe if I spoke to her?
DEBRA: It won't help. It's *me*: I'm just no good. He cries all the time and I don't know what to do. He won't let me sleep... He just wants me to hold him - all the time.
Beverly insists that Debra doesn't have to cope alone - there's the Family Health Service and the Nursing Mother's Association... Debra, however, retorts that they'll talk to her over the 'phone or come and visit for half an hour and then go; and then her baby will start to cry again; it's just him and her all the time, and it's too much. She then declares:
DEBRA: I think I'm going to give him up.
Beverly stares at Debra and says quickly:
BEVERLY: Debra, a *lot* of women feel depressed after they have babies. Don't worry - it won't last forever.
DEBRA: Yeah? How many kids have *you* had?
Beverly looks away, sadly. Debra mutters:
DEBRA: None, hey? So what would you know about it anyway?
Beverly tells her that that's not the point. She lifts up the baby to have a look at him as Debra asks bitterly:
DEBRA: What *is* the point?
Radio station studio/No. 24
Henry's show has started and he's telling the listeners that that concludes their talk with Ms. Pratt about the fascinating world of patchwork quilts, and the next subject on the agenda is the collection of refuse in Erinsborough. He then says:
HENRY: If any of you people in listening land have some comment you'd like to 'dispose of'(!), do give us a call on 929 3432. That's 929 3432, and Erinsborough will lend you their ears!
Melanie, Bronwyn and Madge are all sitting at the kitchen table at No. 24, listening to the show. Melanie comments in a low voice that that's the third time Henry's asked people to call and no one's even bothered yet. An advert starts playing on the radio. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Bronwyn gets up to answer it. She sounds surprised when Henry comes on. He tells her:
HENRY: Bronny, Bronny, Bronny, I am desperate - no one's called; I'm going to have to put *you* on the air.
BRONWYN (exclaims): *Me*? Henry, no! I wouldn't know what to *say*.
At the studio, Henry glances at Ted Morrow, who's standing outside the window. Henry asks Bronwyn to make something up, but she suggests he ask Madge or Melanie to do it. Henry tells her to put Madge on quick. Madge takes the 'phone from Bronwyn and Henry tells her that he's going to have to put her on the air or his boss will drop the whole thing. Madge says quickly that she's not going to go on the air: one of her friends might hear her and she'd feel like an idiot! It's too late, though: the advert ends and Henry says into the microphone:
HENRY: Yes! And on the line, we have... Lorna... Lorna from... Elliott Park. Lorna would like to share some of *her* garbage experiences with us, wouldn't you, Lorna?
MADGE (nervously, in a posh voice): Um, yes, um, I have quite a few complaints about the garbologists around here: they are always blocking the driveway when my husband wants to leave for work, and they make far too much noise.
At the studio, Ted Morrow smiles at Henry, happily. On-air, Henry thanks Lorna for her comments and reminds the listeners that the talkback line is still open. He then puts on some music. Ted Morrow knocks on the window and gives Henry the thumbs-up. Henry smiles at him through gritted teeth!
Radio station studio/Surgery
A short time later, Henry is talking on the 'phone to Clive, asking him to say a few controversial things and then hang up. Clive agrees reluctantly, but tells Henry that he owes him! The music Henry is playing finishes and Henry tells the listeners that he's got Doug on the talkback line. Clive puts on a voice and starts to tell Henry about seeing Elvis Presley at the pub yesterday! Henry asks the other listeners to let him know if *they've* seen Elvis! He puts on another piece of music and sits back, looking relieved!
Beverly and Debra emerge from Beverly's consulting room, Beverly telling Debra to call the organisations she suggested and have a talk to them, then come and see her again in a week. She then asks Clive to come and read some files to her, as she can't decipher his handwriting! The two of them head into the consulting room. Debra looks down at her baby lying in his basket.
Ramsay Street
Jim pulls out of the driveway in his car just as Sharon is coming up the street. He stops next to her and tells her that he's going to see Nick. He asks her if she'd like to join him, but she declines, saying she's got a lot of work to do. She asks Jim to say 'hi' to Nick for her and tell him she might come and see him later on - maybe tomorrow... Jim says:
JIM: If you're worried how Nick's going to react when he sees you, Beverly is *sure* that his illness caused the bad moods.
Sharon, however, insists that she really does have a lot to do. Jim has to accept this and he drives off. Sharon stands in the middle of the street, looking upset.
No. 24/Radio station studio
Harold has joined Melanie, Bronwyn and Madge. He's standing by the radio and he comments that the last person Henry spoke to sounded very familiar, and he asks if they know a Doug! Bronwyn muses that Henry's probably calling up all his friends and asking them to talk under false names like he did with Madge! Melanie, however, says:
MELANIE: No, I reckon that last caller was for *real*.
MADGE: Why?!
MELANIE: Because when I worked in the Op Shop, this American guy came in who sort of looked like Elvis. I remember him because he said he hated the smell of mothballs.
Bronwyn grins and asks why Elvis Presley would buy clothes in an Opportunity Shop! Melanie insists that it was a cover so people wouldn't recognise him! The 'phone starts ringing and Madge answers it. Henry comes on and tells her anxiously that he's run out of friends to call and she'll have to go on the air again. Madge, however, retorts that she's done her bit and she's not talking on the air again. Melanie leaps up from the table and says *she'll* talk to him. She takes the 'phone from Madge and says 'hi' to Henry. Henry turns off the music that's playing and then tells the listeners that they've got Maria on the line, wanting to get something off her chest. Melanie, however, says on-air:
MELANIE: It's not Maria, it's Melanie - Melanie Pearson! Hi mum, hi dad! I just wanted to say that I think that Elvis is alive and well and living in Erinsborough too! And I wanted to say hello to some friends - Clive and Tanya and Mark, and all my friends except for Janice Wilson. You know, Henry, you know that sweater I wore on our first date? The blue one? She threw it in the dryer and ruined it. I was so angry with her!
Henry tries to cut Melanie off, but she tells him that she hasn't finished yet! Henry says quickly that he's got other calls waiting! He puts on some more music before leaning back and taking off his headphones. Ted Morrow appears outside the studio window and knocks on it. Henry beckons him in. Morrow then tells Henry that he wasn't too sure about this talkback idea, but the response is good. He adds:
MORROW: I don't know how you're getting them interested. Keep it up!
Henry smiles through gritted teeth!
Beverly and Clive emerge from Beverly's consulting room, Clive commenting that it's the end of another fun-filled day! Beverly comments that she can't wait to put her feet up! She goes to head out - but all of a sudden hears a baby gurgling. Clive looks around and spots a baby in a basket in the corner behind the reception desk. He picks up the basket: Debra's baby is lying inside. As Beverly lifts up the baby, Clive picks up an accompanying note and reads:
CLIVE: "Doctor Marshall, I just can't hack it. Please look after him for me until I sort myself out. Debra."
Beverly stands there holding the baby.
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Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1075
Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay

Clive Gibbons, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1075
Clive Gibbons, Melanie Pearson

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1075
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1075
Jim Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1075
Beverly Robinson, Sharon Davies

Sharon Davies, Clive Gibbons, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1075
Sharon Davies, Clive Gibbons, Beverly Robinson

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1075
Henry Ramsay

Madge Bishop, Melanie Pearson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1075
Madge Bishop, Melanie Pearson, Jim Robinson

Debra Turner in Neighbours Episode 1075
Debra Turner

Beverly Robinson, Baby Rhys, Debra Turner in Neighbours Episode 1075
Beverly Robinson, Baby Rhys, Debra Turner

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1075
Henry Ramsay

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1075
Madge Bishop

Ted Morrow in Neighbours Episode 1075
Ted Morrow

Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1075
Clive Gibbons

Beverly Robinson, Clive Gibbons, Debra Turner in Neighbours Episode 1075
Beverly Robinson, Clive Gibbons, Debra Turner

Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1075
Sharon Davies

Melanie Pearson, Harold Bishop, Bronwyn Davies, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1075
Melanie Pearson, Harold Bishop, Bronwyn Davies, Madge Bishop

Harold Bishop, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1075
Harold Bishop, Melanie Pearson

Baby Rhys in Neighbours Episode 1075
Baby Rhys

Beverly Robinson, Baby Rhys in Neighbours Episode 1075
Beverly Robinson, Baby Rhys

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