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Neighbours Episode 1067 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1067
Australian airdate: 10/10/89
UK airdate: 17/12/90
UK Gold: 03/12/96
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Graham
Madge dressed seductively, telling Harold that Reverend Richards is going to have to take them how he finds them!
No. 24
Harold orders Madge to take the negligee off right now! He then pushes Madge towards the bedroom area and shuts the door quickly. He goes and opens the front door and says:
HAROLD: Reverend Richards, what a pleasant surprise.
REVEREND RICHARDS (looking puzzled): You *invited* me!
The Reverend steps inside and Harold invites him to sit down. The Reverend comments that it's a little dark in there. Harold turns on a small lamp and explains quickly that he's practicing for daylight saving: trying to get his body used to the different seasonal demands! Reverend Richards frowns, looking puzzled! Harold then says:
HAROLD: Give us your negligee and I'll hang it up.
HAROLD (quickly): Jacket. Er, jacket. Yes, of course I meant jacket! I mean, you know: jacket!
Harold takes the Reverend's jacket and takes it to hang up, just as Madge emerges from the bedroom area, now fully dressed. She greets the Reverend, who comments that he hopes he's not intruding, as it was rather short notice. Madge starts stroking Harold's ear as she assures the Reverend:
MADGE: Oh, not at all - and I'm sure a threesome will be a lot more entertaining than a twosome. Isn't that right, Harold?!
No. 26
Clive has just removed the cast from Beverly's foot, and she remarks that it feels like she's lost about ten pounds in weight! Clive warns her to go easy on the leg for a while - so no skiing! Beverly, however, says had something a little more sedate in mind - like golf! Jim smiles that he'll probably be able to beat her, since she hasn't been practicing! Clive, however, suggests:
CLIVE: Tell you what, in the interests of marital harmony, why don't you two play *together*, instead of competing?
BEVERLY: But who will we play *against*?
JIM: You're kidding!
CLIVE: I am not! As a matter of fact, I used to be pretty good when I was younger. How about it: you two against me and a partner?
Beverly smiles that it's better than a divorce! Jim tells Clive he's on!
No. 30
There's what looks like a three- or four-inch high pizza on the kitchen table! Matt cuts himself a slice, bites into it and then tells Melanie that it tastes more like a raw scone than a pizza! Nick sighs that he reckons they should find *another* way to make money. Melanie insists that they just need more practice, but Matt tells her that if they keep practicing they'll spend more money on toppings than they're going to be able to make. Sharon suggests suddenly that they go and buy some frozen pizza bases from the supermarket, then put toppings on *them*. Nick mutters that that's if they can *sell* any. Sharon, ignoring this, asks Melanie if she can help her deliver the pamphlets in the morning - and by the time they get home from school, the orders should be rolling in. Matt grins:
MATT: Along with the money.
NICK (mutters): Yeah, I'll believe it when it happens.
No. 24
Reverend Richards has sat down with Harold and Madge at the kitchen table and he comments on the lovely smell. Madge tells him that it's the asparagus. The Reverend, however, says it's more than that: it's familiar, but he can't quite place it. Madge explains that it's 'Lust' - the perfume she's wearing. With that, she strokes Harold on the chin! Harold tells the Reverend quickly to eat! He then comments:
HAROLD: So, Ken Murray is leaving the choir, eh?
REVEREND RICHARDS: Yes, I'm afraid so - within the week. Nodules on the throat - that's the whisper.
HAROLD: Oh, what a shame.
Harold goes on that that will leave quite a gap in the choir: good baritones are hard to come by. The Reverend nods that they certainly are. He then tells Madge that it's lovely asparagus. Madge says she's glad he's enjoying it. She then adds:
MADGE: And *you*, Harold: are *you* enjoying it?
HAROLD: Yes I am - all things considered!
No. 30
Melanie, Matt, Sharon and Nick are sitting around the kitchen table and Sharon's saying it shouldn't take long to deliver the pizzas once they get their orders. Nick, however, chips in that it's all right if they're taking the pizzas a block away, but how are they supposed to keep them hot if they take them any further? Sharon tells him that they can use Bronwyn's bike. Matt adds that it's all going to be fine. Sharon then warns the others that they're going to have to keep the place clean, otherwise Hilary's going to go berserk. Melanie asks when she's coming back. Sharon says she rang her at Aunt Edie's, but she was a bit vague about when she's going to leave. She adds:
SHARON: Which is why we have to work hard at keeping this place clean - because we never know what sort of mood she's going to be in.
MELANIE: She sounds like a real *dragon*.
MATT: No, Mel. She's all right underneath. She means well, but she rubs people the wrong way.
NICK: And the rest. Come on.
SHARON: Be fair, Nick. There's been a few times when I've needed someone and she's been there for me. I think she's OK.
NICK: *I* don't. In fact, I can't believe what an old bag she is. It's a wonder no one's punched her mouth in.
MATT: Yeah, well, Nick, I've been wondering the same thing about *you* lately, OK, so lighten up, all right?
NICK (sourly): That's a tall order with *you* around, Matt.
Nick leaps up from the table suddenly and squares up to Matt. Melanie interrupts, though, and yells:
MELANIE: Stop it, guys, we're supposed to be making pizza, not war!
MATT (groans): That's terrible, Melanie.
MELANIE (laughs): I know!
No. 24
Harold and Madge are sitting on the couch - Madge running the fingers of her right hand through Harold's hair! - as Reverend Richards sits in the adjacent armchair and tells Harold that he can't think of a single reason why he shouldn't rejoin the choir. Harold's cup is shaking in his hands as he tells the Reverend that he'd be very happy to rejoin! He then glances at his watch and comments on the time, adding that they know the Reverend is a very busy man. The Reverend, however, replies that he's really enjoying just sitting back and relaxing for once. Madge offers him more dessert or coffee. Harold, however, leaps up - which Madge uses an excuse to slap him playfully on the bottom! - and says the Reverend is only being polite. He goes to get the Reverend's jacket, telling him as he does so:
HAROLD: You mustn't feel bad about leaving, Reverend. We wouldn't want to hold you up, no, never in a thousand years - you must have so much to do. Here's your jacket... there's the door...(!) Thank you so much for coming around. We really must do it again sometime.
With that, a bemused looking Reverend Richards leaves. When he's gone, Madge chuckles:
MADGE: That poor man!
Harold starts ripping off his shoes and loosening his tie, and he growls:
HAROLD: It's *this* poor man I'm thinking about. Oh Madge, you wicked, wicked woman. You know, I really should take you over my knee and give you a good spanking! In fact I think I-
With that, Harold breaks off. Madge lies back on the couch and Harold goes and straddles her and smiles:
HAROLD: No - I'll give you a kiss instead.
Before things can progress any further, though, there's another knock on the door. Harold gets up, looking frustrated, and goes and answers it. It's Reverend Richards again, who says he did the most stupid thing: he left his headlights on and flattened his battery. He asks Harold if he has any jump leads, but Harold says quickly:
REVEREND RICHARDS: Oh. Er. Then I'm afraid I'll have to call road service. Do you mind?
Madge and Harold's faces both drop!
The next morning, Harold is sitting at the kitchen table. Madge tells him not to look so down in the mouth, but Harold sighs that he can't help it. He then comments to Madge that she was very cranky with Reverend Richards in the end. Madge, however, points out that it *was* after midnight. Harold sighs:
HAROLD: You know, I couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful you looked in that negligee...
Madge assures him that there'll be other nights. Harold lets out a moan of delight as he says he does hope so. He kisses Madge passionately and she asks him in surprise:
MADGE: What was *that* for?
HAROLD: Oh, just for being the total woman that you really are.
He then looks at Madge's watch and comments knowingly that he's got five minutes...! Madge, however, says she's sorry, but it's five minutes slow! Harold groans:
HAROLD: Oh, Madge, Madge, Madge, how am I going to get through the day?
MADGE: The same way *I* will: with great difficulty.
Office/Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Clive walks into the office, looking for Des. Melanie's in there, and she tells Clive that Des had to go and see the housekeeper. They head back through to the reception area, where Clive asks if Des would be too busy to play golf with him. Melanie says she doesn't like his chances. Clive comments that that's a pity, because he's playing this afternoon with Jim and Bev and he needs a partner. Melanie offers quickly:
MELANIE: *I* could find you someone.
CLIVE: You know someone that plays golf?
MELANIE: Well... I know someone who'd *like* to, and that's the same thing, isn't it?
Clive raises his eyebrows in bemusement!
No. 30
Matt and Sharon are sitting in the kitchen, surrounded by pizza bases and bowls of toppings. Sharon asks what will happen if no one orders any. The 'phone starts ringing at that moment, though, and both of them dash out into the hall. Nick is just coming in through the front door, looking annoyed. Sharon leads him into the lounge room, where she asks if something's wrong. Nick tells her coolly:
NICK: I've just been to see the manager of the art gallery and she said they wouldn't be interested in showing any more of my art for at least another year. They've got other exhibitions booked up 'til then.
Sharon sympathises that that's rough. Matt hangs up the 'phone and grins that it's an order for six pizzas for Elliott Park. Sharon asks Nick if he can deliver them on the bike and he mutters that he supposes so. He asks if *Melanie's* going to help. Sharon shrugs that she said she had something else on after work - but she didn't say what: she was pretty vague. Nick mutters:
NICK: Yeah. Isn't she always?
Golf Club
Jim and Beverly glance at each other as Melanie stands with Clive saying enthusiastically that this is really interesting: she's never been to a golf course before! The four of them go and sit down at a table with some cups of tea, Clive saying as they do so that in the interests of fairness they ought to give Melanie a reasonable handicap. Jim suggests 10. Beverly says that's a bit mean. Melanie says she doesn't mind losing. Clive, however, says:
CLIVE: *I* do - so how about 18 strokes? That's a bit fairer.
JIM: I'll get some extra golf balls...!
Jim leaves the others. Melanie sighs that she bets he's going to know which club to use and *everything*, and *she* won't have a *clue*. Beverly assures her that Jim will help her, but Clive asks if that's a good idea, given how Melanie feels about Jim! Melanie assures Beverly that she wouldn't *do* anything about it! Jim returns and suggests that they head out onto the course. He and Beverly lead the way. Melanie lingers with Clive and comments:
MELANIE: Doesn't he look handsome?!
CLIVE: I've never really thought about it. To tell you the truth, Melanie, he's not really my type!
No. 26
Helen opens the front door and finds an unshaven Paul standing on the step. She invites him in and comments in concern that she's seen him looking better. She asks if he's getting enough sleep, but Paul replies that he's so worried about Gail and the babies that sleep's the *last* thing he can manage. Helen escorts him through to the kitchen and offers him a coffee, which he accepts. He then says:
PAUL: I've made a decision on something, which is sort of the reason I'm here, really. I need your help, gran.
HELEN: Oh? In what way?
PAUL: 'Phoning hospitals. I'm sick of just sitting around. I've got to know where Gail and the babies are. I just... I have to know.
HELEN (warily): Are you sure that's the right thing to do?
PAUL: I can't just do *nothing*, can I?
HELEN: Oh darling, I know how you feel, and I'm with you - I really am - but I do think the best way of saving your marriage is to give Gail the breathing space she wants. I mean, if you push her, it might only make things worse.
PAUL: Gran, if it was just Gail, then what you're saying might make sense - but it's my children as well. Now, no matter *what* Gail thinks about me, I think I have a right to know about my children.
HELEN: You sure it wouldn't be better to wait a little longer?
PAUL: No - I've *had* waiting. No, look, Gail might have told them not to let *me* know where she is, but maybe somebody else - well, maybe *you* - can get through, even if I can't. Please, gran, nobody else will help me.
HELEN (softly): Then I will.
Paul smiles weakly but gratefully.
Golf Course
Clive tees off and the ball flies through the air, drops onto the green and stops near the hole. Beverly comments:
BEVERLY: Good shot, Clive - you *are* doing well; *and* you got a birdie on the last hole, too.
MELANIE (sympathetically): *Did* he? Poor little thing - I bet you just didn't see it in time.
Ignoring this, Clive asks Jim where this puts him! Jim grimaces that Clive's on 35, which he's sure he knows puts him in the lead. He adds that Beverly's on 38 and *he's* on 39. Melanie asks what *she's* on: has she got a big score?!
JIM: That's the understatement of the day, really. You're on 58, which, even though we add in your handicap, still means you're last.
Beverly assures Melanie that it's how you *play* the game that counts. Clive sets up the tee and ball for Melanie, hands her a club and tells her that the best thing would probably be to close her eyes and swing. Melanie takes up position and swings the club. The ball lifts off, flies through the air, comes down close to the hole, rolls along the green and drops in for a hole-in-one! Clive, Jim and Beverly look on in astonishment!
A track
Nick climbs off Bronwyn's bike, takes a pile of pizza boxes off the rack and turns the bike upside down, looking annoyed. He then squeezes the front tyre.
Ramsay Street
Matt and Sharon emerge from No. 30, Matt commenting coolly that Nick should've been back half an hour ago. Sharon suggests that maybe he couldn't find the street, but Matt points out that it's only in Elliott Park. Sharon suggests that maybe he had to get change. Matt sighs that if he doesn't hurry up, *he's* going to have to make the next deliveries on *foot*. Sharon points out that at least they're making money to fix Hilary's piano. The 'phone starts ringing again and the two of them dash back inside.
A track
Nick is trying to fix the puncture. All of a sudden, two dogs come haring down the road and start tucking into the pizzas in the boxes that Nick has placed on the ground. He gets up and chases them away, but it's no good: the pizzas are ruined.
No. 24
Madge is placing a heap of asparagus ferns into a storage tin when Harold arrives home. He sighs that, what with one thing and another, he hasn't had a chance to take the weight off his feet. Madge joins him and smiles that they're going to have to do something about that! She puts his arms round him and he grins:
HAROLD: Oh-hoo! You know what, with one thing and another, and the turmoil of today, I forgot all about... you know... 'that'!
MADGE: Well *I* didn't! As a matter of fact, I've got the evening all planned. We're going to have some more asparagus... and some more strawberries... and most important of all: some more *me*!
HAROLD: And the negligee...?
MADGE: Oh yes, Harold: the negligee.
HAROLD: I'm a lucky man!
MADGE: And an eager one?
HAROLD: Oh yes, yes, yes!
MADGE: Well... why don't I go and slip into something more comfortable, eh?
HAROLD: Oh, please do!
Harold's face then drops and he says:
HAROLD: Oh - please *don't*.
He goes on that he's just remembered something he forgot to tell Madge about tonight: it's choir practice - it's his first night back and he can't miss it. Madge glares at him as he adds:
HAROLD: You understand, don't you, darling?
Madge just lets out a cry of frustration!
No. 26
Helen hangs up the 'phone and tells Paul:
HELEN: Nope.
Paul asks in annoyance what's *wrong* with them. Helen tells him that Gail obviously doesn't want to be found. She adds that hospitals can't give out information on the 'phone. Paul snaps that they're so high and mighty. Helen points out that they have their rules, but Paul retorts angrily that that's the same excuse that Bev and Clive are using. At that moment, the golfers come in through the back door, and Beverly tells Helen that she won't believe this, but Melanie got a hole-in-one! Clive adds that he's thinking of keeping her on permanently as his golfing partner. Paul says bitterly:
PAUL: So you had fun, then, eh?
CLIVE: I know *I* did. I'd forgotten how much fun winning is, actually!
Paul stands up and snaps furiously:
PAUL: Good. I'm glad you and Beverly are having fun, because I wouldn't want you to feel unhappy about the fact that you're ruining my *life*.
With that, he storms out.
No. 30
Sharon opens the front door to Nick and demands angrily:
SHARON: Where the hell have you been? Those people who ordered pizzas rang up *ages* ago, wanting to know why they hadn't been delivered.
Nick just murmurs that he couldn't help it. They head through to the kitchen and Nick explains about how he got a puncture and about the dogs eating the pizzas. Matt asks him why he didn't ring. Nick retorts that he was fed up with the whole deal: he just wanted to get off by himself for a while. Sharon snaps at him that he *knew* they were relying on the bike to make deliveries. Nick mutters at her not to make such a big deal out of it. Matt tells Nick that he's cost them at least $30 profit. Sharon, looking at Nick, goes on:
SHARON: Not that *you'd* care. You've been a real pain lately. I don't know what's *wrong* with you.
NICK: That's easy: *you* are. I'm *sick* of you always hassling me.
Matt warns Nick to lay off, but Nick retorts that it's none of Matt's business. Sharon asks Nick why he's *doing* this. Nick retorts:
NICK: Because you're bossy - and I'm sick and tired of you always ordering me around. And if you don't like the truth, well, that's too bad.
SHARON (demands): If that's the way you feel, why do you go out with me?
NICK: Yeah - I've been asking myself the same question, lately. You know what? I don't know - not anymore; and as far as I'm concerned, we're *through*.
With that, Nick storms out. Sharon looks at Matt, tears in her eyes.
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Reverend Richards, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1067
Reverend Richards, Harold Bishop

Clive Gibbons, Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1067
Clive Gibbons, Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels

Matt Robinson, Melanie Pearson, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1067
Matt Robinson, Melanie Pearson, Sharon Davies

Reverend Richards in Neighbours Episode 1067
Reverend Richards

Matt Robinson, Sharon Davies, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1067
Matt Robinson, Sharon Davies, Nick Page

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Reverend Richards in Neighbours Episode 1067
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Reverend Richards

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1067
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Melanie Pearson, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1067
Melanie Pearson, Clive Gibbons

Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1067
Nick Page

Clive Gibbons, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1067
Clive Gibbons, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Melanie Pearson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1067
Paul Robinson

Melanie Pearson, Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1067
Melanie Pearson, Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Clive Gibbons

Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1067
Melanie Pearson

Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1067
Nick Page

Sharon Davies, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1067
Sharon Davies, Matt Robinson

Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1067
Nick Page

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1067
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1067
Madge Bishop

Paul Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Clive Gibbons, Melanie Pearson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1067
Paul Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Clive Gibbons, Melanie Pearson, Helen Daniels

Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1067
Nick Page

Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1067
Sharon Davies

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