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Neighbours Episode 1066 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1066
Australian airdate: 09/10/89
UK airdate: 14/12/90
UK Gold: 02/12/96
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Graham
Matt giving Nick a friendly shove by the side the swimming pool, but Nick slipping and falling and rolling into the water.
Swimming Pool
Matt dashes over and pulls Nick out of the water. He's conscious, and Matt asks in concern what happened. Nick says he thinks he hit his head on the side of the pool. Matt examines his head and said they'd better get him to Dr. Marshall. Nick, however, retorts that if it's not bleeding, he'll be OK. Matt accepts this, saying warily:
MATT: It's *your head*.
With that, he heads off to get changed, leaving Nick to try and clamber to his feet by himself. He puts his hand to his head as he does so, looking somewhat woozy.
Coffee Shop
Harold is taking the chairs down off the tables in preparation for the day's business when Madge comes in and comments to him that he was in such a rush to get away this morning that he forgot to kiss her goodbye! Harold remarks that that will *never* do, and he gives her a big kiss! He then asks Madge whether she could do him a small favour and pay the telephone bill for him, as it's difficult for him to get away. Madge takes the bill from him and he tells her that it's the lowest amount it's been since they've been married. Madge remarks:
MADGE: It looks as though your household economy drive is paying off.
HAROLD: You don't seem very *excited* about it.
MADGE: Harold, I'm sorry, but it'll take more than a 'phone bill to get *me* excited.
Harold asks Madge what *does* get her excited, if not the 'phone bill. Madge puts her arm round him and smiles:
MADGE: I might be inclined to get worked up over a nice romantic night on the town!
HAROLD: Really? I thought it would be nice to spend another quiet night at home; take advantage of Henry and Bronwyn not being there.
MADGE (sighs): Harold, don't you think we're getting into a bit of a rut?
HAROLD: Of course not! I couldn't think of anything more romantic than just the two of us snuggled up on the couch, watching a movie on telly!
Madge looks far from convinced!
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Des is sitting at the typewriter, trying to type a letter but failing to find the keys he wants! Helen, who's making herself a cup of tea, suggests he leave it for Melanie, but Des tells her that it's sometimes easier to do things yourself rather than spend half an hour explaining it to Melanie. Helen admits:
HELEN: Yes, she can be somewhat obtuse at times, but she's a very efficient secretary.
Des comments that that's hard to believe, when she's such an airhead! Helen warns him not to underrate her. Melanie comes in at that moment, enthusing about the cake she's just bought. She stops in her tracks as she sees Des sitting at her desk, and she asks slowly:
MELANIE: Des... what are you doing with the typewriter?
DES: Teaching it to walk! What does it look like?!
MELANIE: That's a joke, is it? Out, out, out, out, out!
With that, Melanie prods Des in the sides, yanks him out of her chair and tells him with a smile that if he wants anything typed, he asks *her* to do it. She adds:
MELANIE: It really makes me angry when people think anyone can do secretarial work. It needs proper training, and *I've* had it and *you* haven't - so go back into your office and sign those letters I left on your desk, OK?
DES: Whatever you say, Melanie!
Des heads into the office, leaving Melanie to comment to Helen:
MELANIE: Des is a very, very nice man, but he can be really, really, kind of, um...
HELEN: Obtuse?
She then adds:
MELANIE: I suppose he feels a bit out of it, getting jilted and everything!
Helen points out that the wedding has been postponed, not cancelled. Melanie shrugs that if that's what everyone wants to think, maybe it's for the best. Helen asks her if Des has told her differently. Melanie admits:
MELANIE: Well... not exactly - but we've had a couple of heart-to-hearts lately, and I'm pretty good at reading between the lines. I reckon that Jane's not coming back: she's called it quits and Des is too embarrassed to tell anyone.
HELEN: But you hardly *know* Des. How do you know what he's thinking?
MELANIE: Mrs. Daniels, I've had 37 steady relationships with men of the opposite sex, and I think that makes me an expert!
No. 30
Sharon is talking on the 'phone, trying to arrange for the piano to be repaired. When she hangs up, Matt joins her and asks if he heard right: that's it's going to cost $650. Sharon sighs that it could be more, depending on how many of the hammer pads need replacing. They head into the kitchen, where Nick is sitting at the table, quietly, still looking woozy. Matt comments that life round there isn't going to be worth living once Hilary finds out. Sharon says Des might give her some more secretarial work and Harold should need help at the Coffee Shop with Bronny away. She asks Nick what *he's* going to do, but he just retorts:
NICK: *I'm* not the idiot who spilt coffee on the piano.
SHARON (demands): What is *wrong* with you? You've been snapping and snarling at everyone all day.
Nick sighs that he's just got a bit of a headache. Matt says he reckons Nick should go and see Dr. Marshall. Nick, however, insists that it's just about gone now. He adds that he could do a couple more paintings and see if the gallery will take them. Matt asks Sharon if she thinks Harold will give *him* a job. Nick tells Matt that the pizza shop at the shopping mall had a notice up a couple of days ago. Matt says he might go down after school and check it out. Sharon smiles that with all this work lined up, they'll be right: they might as well buy Hilary a baby grand or something!
Coffee Shop
Madge is sitting with Helen at a table, saying in concern that she really used to think she *knew* Gloria, but now... she can't understand how she can let Jim take the blame for Rob's shenanigans. Helen suggests that perhaps she thinks the police will let Jim off with a warning. Harold joins them to take their plates and Madge asks him if he got onto Reverend Richards. Harold replies that he hasn't yet, but he's left several messages. Madge explains to Helen that Harold wants to get back into the choir. Helen looks at Harold and remarks:
HELEN: I'm surprised that Reverend Richards hasn't been in touch with you *before* now.
HAROLD: Well... he might not even want me back, you know?
MADGE: Oh, of course he will, love, don't be silly.
HAROLD: No, no, no, no, I *am* a little rusty - though I thought I might polish up on some scales tonight - if that wouldn't bother you too much.
MADGE (glumly): No, of course not, Harold - you go ahead...
Harold offers the two ladies some chocolate ripple cake. Madge and Helen both accept and Harold goes to get it. When he's gone, Madge sighs at Helen:
MADGE: Might as well get *some* fun out of life.
HELEN: Oh? What happened to the second honeymoon you were hoping to have when Bronwyn and Henry went away?
MADGE (rolling her eyes): Harold prefers to wallow in *domestic* bliss.
HELEN: Oh. Why don't you get him to take you out somewhere?
MADGE: I've tried; I've asked him - but he just wants to stay at home and have a nice quiet evening, just the two of us.
HELEN: That sounds promising enough.
MADGE (grimly): Yeah. I doubt if his hymn practice is going to be conducive to romance and unbridled passion!
HELEN: Then you'll have to think of something to put you both in the mood.
MADGE: Yeah... Like what?
HELEN: Oh come on, Madge, use your imagination...!
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Melanie is sitting at her desk, eating her lunch and telling a weary-looking Helen about her 29th relationship with a guy called Ted - and then her 30th, Nigel! Fortunately for Helen, Madge comes in at that moment and, holding out a bag, whips out a negligee. She muses:
MADGE: If *that* doesn't take Harold's mind off hymn practice, *nothing* will!
Helen smiles that it's gorgeous. Melanie, however, clears her throat pointedly and says to Madge:
MELANIE: Um, don't you think one of those flannelette sort of nighties would be better for you, Mrs. B? I mean, you've got to worry about chilblains and arthritis and all that sort of stuff.
Madge ignores this! She then reaches into the bag and shows Helen a garter she's bought in case the nightie doesn't have the desired effect. Melanie says:
MELANIE: My *mum* used to wear one of those things. She was really grateful when I told her about pantyhose. Have *you* ever thought about pantyhose, Mrs. Bishop?
Before Madge can answer, Des emerges from the office. He takes one look at Madge holding up the negligee and garter and returns straight back inside! Madge muses that she's embarrassed him. Melanie, however, tells her:
MELANIE: I don't think he's embarrassed, Mrs. Bishop. It's just, well, you know, nighties and stuff - they'd remind him of weddings, and weddings would remind him of Jane and how she's called it all off.
Madge asks in surprise what this all is about Jane calling it off. Melanie asks her if she hasn't heard. She goes on that Des hasn't actually *told* anyone yet, but it's true! Madge rolls her eyes!
Coffee Shop
Sharon is pleading with Harold for a couple of hours' work a day, as she could really do with the cash. Harold, however, insists that he's coping perfectly well: he's arranged for a woman from the kitchen at Lassiter's to come and help with the cooking. Sharon snaps:
SHARON: Thanks very much!
HAROLD: Well, you must admit, your track record is hardly impressive.
SHARON (bitterly): Except when you *need* me. I'll *remember* this.
With that, Sharon storms out, passing Gloria - who's just coming in - on the way. Harold asks Gloria how she is. She tells him that she has the odd bad day, but it's only to be expected. She then asks Harold if he can do her a sanger. He goes to make it. As he does so, he asks Gloria if she can ask Madge to pop in and see him, as he wants to make sure she hasn't got any plans for this evening, as he has some himself. Gloria grins knowingly:
GLORIA: I'll *bet* you have, you old devil!
HAROLD (blankly): Pardon?
GLORIA: Well... Bronwyn and Henry away... You and Madge all on your own. It's the quiet ones that you gotta worry about, that's what *I* always say.
Harold gives Gloria a look of incomprehension!
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Des and Sharon walk in from outside, Des apologising to Sharon, saying he'd love to help, but he's taking a complete breather from accounting while he's working *there*. Sharon asks if there's anything she can do at the hotel, but Des tells her that he hasn't got the authority to go hiring extra staff; she'll have to ask Paul when he gets back. Melanie emerges from the office suddenly and, clearing her throat pointedly, she tells Des that he asked her to let him know when she was finished with the computer. Des takes the hint, wishes Sharon good luck and heads into the office. When he's disappeared, Melanie says to Sharon:
MELANIE: Remember me? Melanie Pearson. I was at that gangster-and-molls party that you and Bronwyn had last year.
SHARON: Oh yeah - Bronny caught you hugging Henry in the bedroom.
MELANIE: Yeah! Talk about auspicious circumstances!
Melanie asks Sharon when she's having *another* party. Sharon, however, retorts that they just did have another one and now she's got to find $650 to repair the damage someone did to Hilary's piano. Melanie asks if that's why she was asking Des for a job. Sharon sighs that he was her last hope. Melanie chuckles:
MELANIE: Oh well - where there's life, there's hope, that's what I always say. I don't know where I get these things!
Sharon comments that it sounds wonderful, but she doesn't have any ways of making money. Melanie, however, replies that *she* does...
Gloria has found Madge's shopping bag behind the bar. She takes out the negligee and remarks that it's gorgeous: she reckons *Harold* won't mind! She adds that that reminds her: Harold asked her to pass on a message. Madge doesn't respond. Gloria looks at her in concern and asks Madge why she's miffed with her. Madge retorts:
MADGE: All right - since you ask. I think the treatment you're dishing out to Jim Robinson stinks. Now, I've tried to make excuses for you in my own mind because of Rob - but when it all boils down to it, Gloria, there *is* no excuse.
Gloria tells Madge that she doesn't understand. Madge says curtly that Jim could go to *jail*. Gloria, however, insists that there's no chance: even if they find him guilty, it's a first offence and they'd never put him behind bars for a few stolen car parts. She goes on:
GLORIA: This mate of Rob's, see, the cops know about him. If they find he's mixed up in it, he could go away for years.
MADGE: So Jim's good name means *nothing* to you - not to mention what you're putting his family through?
GLORIA: Rob wouldn't want me to go round telling tales.
Madge mutters that Gloria's obviously made up her mind - but if she won't help Jim, she thinks there are a few people who are going to have to make some unpleasant decisions of their *own*: they're going to have to decide whether they really want to *know* someone like that. With that, Madge picks up her bag and storms out, leaving Gloria looking worried.
Coffee Shop
Melanie, Matt, Nick and Sharon are sitting at a table. Matt, Nick and Sharon are sharing a milkshake, much to Harold's obvious annoyance! He leaves them to it and Matt comments to Melanie that Sharon said she had some good ideas for money-raising. Melanie tells them that she saw a job at the pizza parlour in the mall. Matt, however, explains that he tried them already and they wanted someone with a driver's license and a car to do deliveries. Melanie goes on:
MELANIE: So I thought: why deliver other people's pizzas when we could do our own? I mean why not? They're cheap and simple, they're easy to make, we could do them at home and do deliveries on pushbike.
Sharon nods thoughtfully that they could charge less than the local pizza places and deliver for nothing. Matt adds that Nick could design some leaflets and they could letter-drop the whole neighbourhood. Melanie smiles:
MELANIE: You like my idea?
SHARON: It's better than sitting around worrying about what Hilary's *going* to do to us, huh?!
MATT: It's great! *I'm* in. [To Nick] What about *you*, buddy?
NICK (snaps): I reckon it's the stupidest idea I've heard since Chez Shaz, the famous coffee lounge.
Melanie points out to Nick that *he* hasn't come up with any better ideas. Nick just asks Melanie who asked for her advice anyway. He then tells Sharon curtly that she and Matt can play their stupid games; he told them how he's going to raise *his* fair share of the money. With that, he gets up and storms out, leaving Melanie to ask an annoyed-looking Sharon:
MELANIE: Is he always such a fun guy?
No. 26
Nick is busy painting when Helen arrives home. He asks how work was and she replies that it was hectic! She looks at Nick's painting with raised eyebrows. He tells her that he's experimenting with different styles. Helen muses that you have to *try* things: find out if they work or not. Nick mutters:
NICK: In other words, you think it's trash.
HELEN: What do *you* think?
NICK: I can't make *every* painting a masterpiece - it's too exhausting; and it takes too much time to finish them, anyway.
HELEN: Does it matter?
NICK: Yes it does - if you're trying to make a living out of it.
Helen changes the subject and says she's going to go and see Madge for a while. As she goes to head out, Nick asks her if she thinks the gallery would be interested in buying a few more of his paintings. Helen says she's sure they would - as long as they're up to the standard of those he submitted to the exhibition. With that, she heads out. Nick stares at the canvas in front of him and then punches it to the ground.
No. 24
Madge is sitting at the kitchen table, her hair in a towel and a face pack on. She's polishing her nails when Helen comes in through the back door and asks Madge if she'd believe that she just dropped in to see if she has everything she needs for tonight. Madge says she wouldn't! Helen grins and says she admits it: she was just dying to find out if Madge is serious about wearing that negligee! Madge retorts:
MADGE: You bet I am! I spent over $100 on that nightie: I intend to get my money's worth!
Helen comments that the table looks nice, and she asks what's on the menu - apart from Madge, of course! Madge replies that it's all Harold's favourites. Helen asks if Madge is sure there's nothing she needs. She adds that she tried to ring from the office, but the 'phone was engaged. Madge explains that she took it off the hook while she was in the bath, and that's the way it's going to stay all evening: she's put too much time and effort into this to have it ruined for Harold or her by some friend or relative with a lousy sense of timing. She then tells Helen that she doesn't know what to do with her hair: what sort of style do you wear with a flimsy nightie and a perfume called 'Lust'?!
No. 30
Sharon and Matt are in the kitchen of No. 30 with Melanie, who's holding a large batch of dough. Sharon asks her warily if she's sure she knows how to make pizzas. Melanie looks at a recipe and replies that of course she does! She then turns to Matt and tells him that she's almost ready for the cheese and bacon and stuff. Matt, however, comments that she hasn't tossed the pizza bases yet. Melanie chuckles:
MELANIE: We're making pizza, not a salad!
MATT: Yeah, I know, but when you make pizza, you've got to toss the pizza in the air, like the Italians do.
MELANIE: What a stupid thing to do! What happens if it falls on the floor and gets all dirty?!
Matt says he really thinks she should toss the dough. Melanie accepts this. She breaks off some pieces of dough and the three of them start tossing them in the air, leading to a mess of flour all round! Nick wanders in suddenly and says he roughed out a leaflet. He shows the others his design for 'Perfect Pizzas'. Matt says it's really good. Sharon comments that she thought Nick didn't want to get involved. Nick explains that he's just been feeling a bit off all day, but he's fine now. He doesn't look it, though.
No. 24
Harold arrives home to find the house in darkness. He calls for Madge, but there's no answer. He suddenly notices two lit candles on the kitchen table and, turning on the light, says to himself:
HAROLD: Good lord, what's going on here?
Madge calls to him suddenly in a low voice:
MADGE: Over here, Harold...
She's wearing the negligee and leaning against the wall by the bedroom door, seductively! Harold exclaims in astonishment:
HAROLD: Madge?!
Madge walks over to him and they kiss passionately. Harold then smiles:
HAROLD: Oh Madge... that nightgown...!
MADGE: You like it?
HAROLD (shyly): Oh, it's very fetching indeed!
Madge hugs him and Harold then asks what the smell is. Madge explains that it's 'Lust' - her new perfume. She adds that she knows it's not very subtle, but she has very definite plans for this evening and she wanted to make sure he got the message. Harold grins:
HAROLD: Oh yes, I get the message... loud and clear...!
His face drops suddenly, though, and he says in concern:
HAROLD: Oh dear. Unfortunately I can't do anything about it. I invited Reverend Richards over tonight.
MADGE (gasps): What?
HAROLD: Well, for dinner, actually. I didn't think you'd mind.
Madge exclaims that Harold said he wanted a quiet evening at home, just the two of them. Harold tells her that he *did*, but then Reverend Richards called - and he gave Gloria a message to pass on, but she obviously forgot; and he's been trying to call since four o'clock but he hasn't been able to get through. Madge looks in despair at the telephone handset lying next to the receiver. There's suddenly a gentle knock on the door and Harold lets out a little moan before saying:
HAROLD: That's him now. I think you'd better go and change into something more appropriate.
Madge, however, just stands there and says firmly:
HAROLD (astonished): What?
MADGE: I said 'no'. This was to be our evening, and Reverend Richards can take us the way he finds us.
With that, she places a red rose between her teeth and smiles at Harold pointedly!
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Nick Page, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1066
Nick Page, Matt Robinson

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1066
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Des Clarke, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1066
Des Clarke, Melanie Pearson

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1066
Helen Daniels

Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1066
Nick Page

Helen Daniels, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1066
Helen Daniels, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Melanie Pearson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1066
Melanie Pearson, Helen Daniels

Madge Bishop, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1066
Madge Bishop, Melanie Pearson

Sharon Davies, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1066
Sharon Davies, Harold Bishop

Melanie Pearson, Des Clarke, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1066
Melanie Pearson, Des Clarke, Sharon Davies

Gloria Lewis in Neighbours Episode 1066
Gloria Lewis

Melanie Pearson, Matt Robinson, Nick Page, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1066
Melanie Pearson, Matt Robinson, Nick Page, Sharon Davies

Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1066
Nick Page

Helen Daniels, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1066
Helen Daniels, Nick Page

Helen Daniels, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1066
Helen Daniels, Madge Bishop

Sharon Davies, Melanie Pearson, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1066
Sharon Davies, Melanie Pearson, Matt Robinson

 in Neighbours Episode 1066

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1066
Madge Bishop

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1066
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1066
Madge Bishop

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