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Neighbours Episode 1061 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1061
Australian airdate: 02/10/89
UK airdate: 07/12/90
UK Gold: 25/11/96
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Graham
Todd and Melissa being caught in Melissa's bedroom together after Todd sneaked over to give Melissa her birthday present.
Jarrett House
Melissa's parents are standing at the bedroom door, glaring at Melissa and Todd furiously. Melissa starts to say quickly that she can explain, but Mr. Jarrett grabs Todd by the lapels of his jacket and demands:
MR. JARRETT: Just what do you think you're doing in my daughter's bedroom?
MELISSA (cries): Leave him alone!
MR. JARRETT (snaps at Melissa): And you be quiet. (To Todd) Come on - I'm waiting for an explanation.
TODD: I just wanted to give Melissa her birthday present, then I was going - honest.
MR. JARRETT: 'Honest'? You wouldn't know what the word *means*.
Mr. Jarrett then picks up the jewellery box and throws it down on the floor, snapping furiously:
MR. JARRETT: *That's* what I think of you giving presents to my daughter.
Tears well-up in Melissa's eyes, and she picks up the jewellery box, sobbing:
MELISSA: Dad, how *could* you?
Mr. Jarrett asks Todd angrily if his parents know what he's up to. Todd retorts that they don't. Mr. Jarrett snaps that it's about time they found out. Melissa yells at her father:
MELISSA: I *hate* you for this.
MR. JARRETT: I'll deal with you when I come back, young lady.
With that, Mr. Jarrett shoves Todd through the door. Mrs. Jarrett comforts her distraught daughter.
No. 24
Madge is lying back on the couch, looking after Sky, who's sitting on the floor. Harold emerges from the bedroom and Madge tells him wearily that she's been going out of her mind trying to convince Sky that quarter to midnight is past her bedtime; she's been chasing her around all day and she's exhausted! She asks Harold if he minds taking over. Harold picks up the child and, sitting down, starts playing with her, bouncing her up and down on his lap. Madge, however, points out that that'll just make her more excited. She throws Harold a teddy bear to play with!
No. 28
Paul is sitting with Des at the lounge room table. He finishes a glass of wine and Des fills it up as Paul sighs:
PAUL: I don't know, Dessie... you think you've got it all together, you know - being the businessman and the provider, out there making the decisions, shouldering all the responsibilities - and suddenly you realise the reason for it all just isn't there. You find you've got *nothing*, then.
Paul then asks bitterly why it took him so long to realise that all Gail wanted was a little bit of his time. Des says it was a question of priorities, he supposes. Paul comments that maybe he should take Helen's advice and take a bit of time off; at least he'd probably be able to start thinking straight again. With that, he realises the time and adds that Des is probably waiting to get to bed. Des, however, murmurs that it doesn't hold much charm for him at the moment. He sees Paul to the door. As he goes to head out, Paul says gratefully:
PAUL: You know, you're one of the few people I can really talk to. Thanks for listening, mate.
With that, Paul heads out. Des closes the door behind him and stands there looking thoughtful.
No. 26
There's a frantic knocking on the front door of No. 26 and Jim gets out of bed and answers it. He finds Todd and Mr. Jarrett standing there. They step inside as Jim asks what's going on. Mr. Jarrett replies curtly:
MR. JARRETT: He's been visiting my daughter in the middle of the night in her bedroom.
Helen emerges from her room and asks what's going on. Mr. Jarrett tells her:
MR. JARRETT: I'm Ben Jarrett - Melissa's father. I've taken all I can from this young fella; found him in her bedroom, no less.
Beverly joins them as well and exclaims that she doesn't believe it! Mr. Jarrett retorts that he wouldn't be coming there in the middle of the night and getting them all out of bed if it wasn't true. He adds:
MR. JARRETT: You've obviously been too soft on him. It's quite clear he can't be trusted.
HELEN: That's unfair. If you hadn't been so strict-
MR. JARRETT (raising his eyebrows): You *approve* of what he's done?
HELEN: No, but I'm sure-
MR. JARRETT: Then I don't think you're in any position to tell me how to bring up my daughter.
Jim says quickly that things will be very different from now on. Mr. Jarrett retorts that Todd needs discipline - and a damn good dose of it. He goes on tersely that they never had any trouble with Melissa before - it's only since she got mixed up with *him*. Helen asks if they can't talk about this more reasonably in the morning. Mr. Jarrett, however, retorts:
MR. JARRETT: There is nothing to discuss. As from now, he stops seeing my daughter. Is that clear?
JIM: Very.
MR. JARRETT: Good - because if it happens again, I'll go straight to the police.
With that, Mr. Jarrett storms out. When he's gone, Beverly glares at Todd and demands:
BEVERLY: How could you be so *stupid*?
JIM: Ben Jarrett's right: you are *not* to be trusted.
HELEN (aghast): Jim!
JIM: He *knew* he was disobeying us.
Helen looks at Todd and asks gently why he did it. Todd murmurs that he just wanted to give Melissa her birthday present. Jim snaps:
JIM: All right. You are grounded indefinitely. From now on, no pocket money, no television, no records. You pull your weight around this place. In that way, maybe you'll be too *busy* to get into trouble.
Todd glares at Jim and storms off to his room, slamming the door. Helen turns to Jim and says she doesn't think that's the solution. Jim retorts that being lenient hasn't helped, but Helen just sighs that this whole thing has blown out of all proportion; what did they do in the first place that was so *wrong*? Jim just snaps that that is no longer the issue: they can't allow Todd to blatantly defy them, or they'll have no control whatsoever. Beverly adds that if they don't put a stop to it now, who knows *where* it will lead? Helen murmurs:
HELEN: I'm not so sure.
JIM (tersely): Well *I am*. That boy needs a firm hand - and believe me, that's exactly what he's going to get.
No. 24
Madge has fallen asleep on the couch. Sky is still sitting on Harold's lap, wide awake, but Harold looks tired as he tells her the story of Sleeping Beauty! He begins to doze off, and Madge stirs as his voice tails off. Sky tries to climb off his lap, and Madge groans! She gets up, takes the book from Harold's lap, lifts Sky onto the couch next to her, and continues the story. Harold is the one who falls asleep, though!
No. 26
The next morning, Todd, Beverly and Jim are sitting at the kitchen table as Helen prepares breakfast. She asks Todd if anything special's happening at school today, but he mutters that he doesn't know. Jim says *he'd* better get a move on: Gloria wants to meet him at the workshop to pick up some of Rob's personal effects. Beverly asks him if he's going to talk to Gloria about the stolen parts, and Jim shrugs that he hasn't got much choice: Sergeant Mooney says they're already starting to check some of the workshops and garages in the area, so the sooner he gets it cleared up, the better. With that, he kisses Beverly and, turning to Todd, warns:
JIM: Straight home after school or there'll be real trouble.
He then heads out. Todd looks down at the table and mutters that he's got soccer training after school. Beverly tells him to make sure he comes straight home afterwards.
Driveway of No. 26
A short time later, Todd emerges from the house and goes to walk down the driveway to the road - but Melissa calls his name suddenly from where she's hiding behind one of the bushes in the garden. Todd joins her and asks her how she gave Sean the slip. Melissa replies that she *didn't*: her dad dropped her off at school early on the way to work; as soon as he went, she took off. Todd sighs:
TODD: You're just going to get yourself into more trouble.
MELISSA (shrugs): I don't care. After last night, and what he did to your present, I don't care what *anyone* says. I'll see you whenever I like.
TODD (smiles): Yeah, me too! Come on - let's go!
With that, the two of them clamber down to the pavement and head for school.
No. 22
Paul opens the front door, wearing his dressing gown, to find Des standing on the step. He lets him in and Des comments that Paul really is taking it easy: he's not even bothering to read the newspapers. He hands over the paper he picked up outside. Paul sighs:
PAUL: I couldn't give a damn what's happening out in the big, wide world - *or* the Robinson Corporation, for that matter.
DES: That's what I'm here to talk about. You need a break. I know it's not easy with Jane being away, so I thought *I* could help.
PAUL: Oh, look, I appreciate the thought, mate, but what about your *own* work, hm?
DES: Well, I got most of that out of the way so Jane and I could go on our honeymoon - so if there's anything needs doing, count me in.
Paul comments that Helen and Hilary have been helping out, but the accounts are probably a bit beyond them... Des says he'll pop over there now and see what needs doing. Paul thanks him. Des tells him that he ought to get away for a few days; have a change of scene. Paul, however, points out that Gail might ring. Des accepts that he's not going to be able to change Paul's mind, and he heads out.
No. 24
Sky is sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor, surrounded by saucepans! Madge asks her if she wants to help hang the washing out. Sky stands up.
Back garden of No. 24
Madge emerges through the back door, saying as she does so that she'll hang the clothes out, have a cup of tea, and then if Sky's a very good girl she'll take her down to see granddad and get her an ice-cream. The back door bangs shut, suddenly, though, and Madge looks round at it in annoyance. She goes to re-open it - but it's locked, and Sky is still inside the house! Madge starts calling to her:
MADGE: Sky...! Sky, love, you've locked me out. Come on, open the door!
She then murmurs to herself that Sky is two-years-old: she won't understand! That doesn't stop her then tugging at the handle again and yelling:
MADGE: Sky! Come on, Sky, open the door!
Gloria joins Jim, holding one of Rob's caps. She stares at it fondly, saying she's just remembering... Jim tells her that if there's anything they can do, she just has to say the word. Gloria insists that she'll be OK: the boys have been great. Jim comments that it'll be tough finding a mechanic as good as Rob. He then changes the subject and says cautiously:
JIM: I'm still going to have to follow-through with the stolen spares thing, you know? I'll talk to the police as soon as possible - but I need to know Rob's contact.
GLORIA (quickly): Rob never talked to me about that.
JIM: I thought he *did*. Didn't you say he got the stuff from a mate? Surely you'd know who *that* was?
GLORIA (shrugs): Wouldn't have a clue.
JIM: Oh. Well, I'd better talk to someone else; one of his friends, then.
Jim warns Gloria that the police are still going to want to talk to her. Gloria says it seems to her that the best thing to do is get rid of the spares and leave the police out of it. Jim, however, tells her that it's a bit late for that now: he's only been able to identify *some* of the spares as stolen, and he can't afford to chuck out every spare in the place just in case. He adds:
JIM: I *have* to talk to the police.
Gloria looks at him. Jim persists:
JIM: All I want's a name; someone who can prove that I wasn't involved in the deal. Time's running out; I need to know *now*.
No. 24
Alone in the house, Sky has managed to raid the 'fridge, and there are broken eggs all over the kitchen floor! Madge is looking through the kitchen window. She manages to clamber through it, but she puts her foot in the sink full of water as she does so! She looks at Sky again just as she throws another egg onto the floor! Madge makes her way down to the ground and takes off her soggy shoe. She then tips the water inside it onto the floor, musing;
MADGE: Oh well - if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!
Sky grins at her!
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Des is sitting at Paul's desk, saying to Helen - who's at the filing cabinet - that he doesn't know if he can make head nor tail of the accounts. Helen tells him:
HELEN: The trouble is Paul's been trying to do too much, and Hilary's been implementing new systems in the middle of it, and the end result is chaos!
She adds that, thanks to Hilary, another temp left yesterday. Des asks if they can't 'phone the agency and get *another* girl. Helen sighs that hiring them is simple; persuading them to stay is another thing. She adds wistfully:
HELEN: Oh, to have Jane back...
DES: Hear, hear.
HELEN: You heard any more?
DES: No. I'm going to call her tonight.
Helen muses that things are a bit bumpy in Ramsay Street at the moment. Des nods that they are. He goes on:
DES: I don't mind telling you, I'm really worried about Paul. He told me what happened with that Llewelyn bloke.
HELEN: Yes, it was dreadful to see him break down like that - but perhaps it was a blessing in disguise.
DES: How do you mean?
HELEN: Well, if he'd managed to hang on and keep going, I honestly think he might have had a *complete* nervous breakdown.
Des looks at her, thoughtfully.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Harold yawns as he goes to serve milkshakes to Todd and Melissa, who are sitting together at a table. He apologises, explaining that he and Madge have been babysitting Sky for a couple of days and they haven't been getting much sleep! With that, he leaves them to it. When he's gone, Melissa asks Todd if he got into a lot of trouble last night. Todd replies that Jim got a bit stroppy, but he wasn't as bad as *her* old man. Melissa sighs that her dad doesn't *usually* get that mad. Todd murmurs that he didn't get much sleep, wondering what he was going to do.
MELISSA: You mean hit me, or something?
TODD: Yeah, I suppose.
MELISSA: Nah, dad's not like that. In fact, most of the time he's pretty good.
TODD (disbelievingly): Yeah?
MELISSA: It's true! It's just that, sometimes, he just smothers me a bit.
TODD: How come?
MELISSA: Well, he gets worried that I'll do too much to bring on a seizure. Treats me like a baby.
TODD: Yeah, but the way he was yelling at you last night... I mean, how are we going to keep on seeing each other if he's going to give you such a hard time?
Melissa takes Todd's hand and says:
MELISSA: I think us being together is worth more than anything - but maybe that's not being fair on *you*.
TODD: Don't worry about *me*. As long as *you're* OK.
MELISSA: Well, if we *do* decide to keep seeing each other, what can they do about it? Anyway, no matter what happens, I just wanna be with you.
TODD: Yeah? I wanna be with you, too!
No. 24
Madge is feeding Sky - who's sitting in her high chair - from a bowl of mashed-up food. There's a knock at the door and Madge dashes to get it. She finds Gloria on the step and comments that it's so nice to see a grown-up person! Gloria asks her if she's having a hard time of it. Madge sighs:
MADGE: I can't begin to tell you! There's only one consolation: I don't think any *more* disasters can occur, if you know what I mean!
Gloria starts fussing over Sky and Madge says she'll make a cuppa. Gloria tells her that she mainly came by to thank Madge for doing her shifts over the last couple of weeks. Madge insists that it was the least she could do. Gloria goes on sadly that she just collected Rob's things from the workshop - and had a rather upsetting talk with Jim. Madge comments:
MADGE: Oh. Well, I mean, he does have to find a replacement for Rob, you know. I know it's hard, but he has a business to run.
GLORIA: Of course, I understand that - but Jim started asking questions: you know, about them spares that Rob got for the workshop.
MADGE: Ah. I see.
GLORIA: I lied. I told him I didn't know who Rob got 'em from.
MADGE (states): But they *were stolen*, weren't they.
Gloria doesn't respond. Madge says:
MADGE: You wouldn't want to get Jim into trouble, would you?
GLORIA: No, that's the *last* thing I want.
MADGE: Why lie to him?
GLORIA: You don't understand.
MADGE: No, I don't think I *do*, Gloria. Jim has been a very good friend; I mean, if you can help him, I don't see why you couldn't do it.
GLORIA: Rob would never approve of me dobbing-in a mate.
MADGE: It's not his decision now; it's *yours*.
GLORIA (quietly): The less Jim knows, the better.
MADGE: I don't see how you work *that* out.
GLORIA: Look, Jim's innocent: the police'll twig that in a minute. The less he's told, the better.
MADGE: I don't think that's the way it goes, Gloria.
GLORIA (looking upset): Look, I've given this a lot of thought, Madge, and I reckon what I'm doing is the best for everyone.
Madge sighs heavily.
Jim is sitting talking on the 'phone to Beverly, telling her that he didn't want to push Gloria too hard. He listens and then says he'll talk to her again. He hangs up. He then stands up just as two men appear in the doorway. One of them says he's looking for a Jim Robinson. Jim replies that they've found one, and he asks what he can do for them. The man introduces himself as Detective Rolfs and says he'd like to ask Jim a few questions. Jim replies that he knows what it's about: he was going to pop in and see them. Rolfs retorts that they've saved him the trouble. He then takes a sheet of paper from his colleague and tells Jim that it's a search warrant, giving them the right to check the premises for stolen property. Jim goes and picks up a sheet of paper and says:
JIM: As I say, I know what it's about: Sergeant Mooney gave me this list of stolen spares to compare with the stuff that we bought--
DETECTIVE ROLFS (looking surprised): You *admit* you've purchased stolen goods?
JIM: Well, there's a simple explanation.
DETECTIVE ROLFS (tersely): I suggest you save it 'til you get to the station.
JIM: Is that necessary? If you just hear me out...
DETECTIVE ROLFS: Receiving and harbouring stolen property is a serious offence, Mr. Robinson.
JIM: I know that.
DETECTIVE ROLFS: Then you realise we have no option but to take you in right now and charge you.
Jim stares at the detectives in disbelief.
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Todd Landers, Ben Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1061
Todd Landers, Ben Jarrett

Sky Bishop, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1061
Sky Bishop, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Des Clarke, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1061
Des Clarke, Paul Robinson

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels, Todd Landers, Ben Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1061
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels, Todd Landers, Ben Jarrett

Todd Landers, Ben Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1061
Todd Landers, Ben Jarrett

Sky Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1061
Sky Bishop, Harold Bishop

Todd Landers, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1061
Todd Landers, Beverly Robinson

Todd Landers, Melissa Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1061
Todd Landers, Melissa Jarrett

Des Clarke, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1061
Des Clarke, Paul Robinson

Sky Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1061
Sky Bishop

Jim Robinson, Gloria Lewis in Neighbours Episode 1061
Jim Robinson, Gloria Lewis

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1061
Madge Bishop

Des Clarke, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1061
Des Clarke, Helen Daniels

Todd Landers, Melissa Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1061
Todd Landers, Melissa Jarrett

Gloria Lewis in Neighbours Episode 1061
Gloria Lewis

Jim Robinson, Detective Rolfs in Neighbours Episode 1061
Jim Robinson, Detective Rolfs

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1061
Jim Robinson

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