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Neighbours Episode 1059 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1059
Australian airdate: 28/09/89
UK airdate: 05/12/90
UK Gold: 21/11/96
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Graham
Joe and Kerry heading off on their honeymoon, leaving Henry and Bronwyn looking upset.
No. 26
It's evening time, and Jim is pouring himself a glass of wine in the lounge room. Helen joins him from the kitchen and he smiles that he thinks Beverly was asleep before her head hit the pillow! He adds that it was a great party, though. Helen nods:
HELEN: Yes, it was, in spite of everything. Poor Madge: after all that work...
Todd emerges from his room suddenly and Helen comments in surprise that she and Jim thought he'd gone to a movie with Nick and Matt. Todd shrugs that it was a *boring* movie. Jim tells him that he should have come to the party. Todd, however, mutters that he didn't feel like it. He then heads to the kitchen, murmuring that he's starving and he's going to get himself a sandwich. When he's gone, Helen comments to Jim that Todd is so miserable: the whole business with Melissa is such a shame. Jim muses:
JIM: Oh well - he'll get over it. *I* always did!
Helen chuckles that she's trying to picture Jim at Todd's age, all tragic and forlorn! She asks him if he remembers how tragic it all seemed, like Romeo and Juliet! She adds that she just wishes there was something she could do about this ridiculous ban. Jim just muses that the *real* tragedy is that it won't be long before they're waving *Todd* off on his honeymoon!
Green Valley Lodge
Kerry and Joe walk into their room at Green Valley Lodge. Joe goes and looks out the window and remarks that it's a nice view. Kerry looks elsewhere and grins:
KERRY: Nice *bed*!
JOE (chuckles): Come and give us a hug, Mrs. Mangel!
KERRY: 'Mrs. Mangel'? I sound like an old washing machine!
JOE: You'd better get used to it!
KERRY: Uh-uh. I intend to keep using *my* name: Kerry Bishop. It's got a nice feel to it.
Joe grins that he knew she would! He then leaps onto the bed before noticing a bottle of champagne on the dresser nearby. There's a card with it, and Kerry looks and reads that it's from Henry and Bronwyn, wishing them a good honeymoon. She then reads the card further and tells Joe that it says:
KERRY: "We hope that your stay in the same suite that was used by Harold and Madge on *their* honeymoon will prove to be a good omen for your marriage."
Joe looks suddenly perturbed, and he leaps up off the bed! He exclaims in horror:
JOE: This bed-
KERRY: What?
JOE: This bed is the same one that Madge and Harold--; oh, please!
With that, Joe quickly picks up the 'phone in the room, calls reception and insists that they need to change room because they don't like the bed! He listens and then mutters:
JOE: Oh, they did, did they? ... Oh, is it? ... Oh, no worries, mate.
He hangs up and tells Kerry that the hotel's full up - and someone called Joe Mangel rang before and specifically ordered that room. He adds:
JOE: I smell a rat. A *Ramsay* rat!
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Paul is working at his desk when Hilary walks in with a bunch of wilted flowers and remarks coolly that they're hardly what she'd expect from a top hotel. Paul sighs that he was meant to get back to the florist about them. Changing the subject, Hilary tells him that she's made the final arrangements for the Salesman of the Year presentation in the main function room. Paul thanks her. Hilary then goes on:
HILARY: ...though I must say, Paul, I am surprised that things have been left to the last minute.
PAUL: Well, look, *Jane* normally takes care of all of those sort of arrangements.
HILARY: Yes, well, Jane's not here, is she, and we nearly had 300 insurance salesmen on our doorstep with no provisions made.
PAUL: Well, look, thanks. All I can say is it's been really good of you to come in and help out like this-
HILARY (tersely): 'Goodness' has nothing to *do* with it. I'm simply protecting my investment; well, *someone* has to, what with Jane's extended holiday and Gail's sudden departure.
Hilary then asks Paul if he's made any further plans for a new secretary, but Paul sighs that he hasn't yet. Hilary says she's in the library Monday morning, then after that she's free for interviews. Paul tries to put her off, saying she's done far too much already. Hilary, however, retorts that he already has quite enough on his plate: it's past ten o'clock and look at him: there are simply not enough-. Paul interrupts suddenly and snaps:
PAUL: Hilary, I said leave it. I can handle it.
Hilary stands there staring at him.
No. 26
Helen is sitting at the kitchen counter, reading, while Todd sits at the table, looking glum. Helen puts down her book and says to Todd suddenly that sometimes it's all too much, isn't it? Todd gets up and walks over to Helen, saying as he does so:
TODD: I was wondering... well, did you ever... I mean... well, how come everyone says it's just because we're kids, and it doesn't matter? But if everyone's been through it, why don't they remember what it's like?
HELEN: Well, perhaps... perhaps when we get older, we can never really re-live that wonderful feeling of first love. Perhaps it makes us sad to remember, so we cover up; pretend it was just a phase we went through?
The 'phone starts ringing suddenly, and Helen asks who'd be calling at this hour. She picks up and Melissa comes on and asks to speak to Todd. Helen tells Todd, who dashes through to take it in the lounge room. He picks up in there and Melissa tells him that she's sorry for ringing so late, but she had to wait for her parents to go to bed. Todd grins that it doesn't matter! They tell each other that they've been thinking about each other all the time. Melissa then says:
MELISSA: Hey, guess what day it is on Monday.
TODD: Your birthday, of course. I remembered!
Todd adds that it's a shame they can't do anything. Melissa, however, tells him that on Monday they both have a free before lunch, and she's pretty sure Sean *hasn't*... Todd smiles that they can do something in private - like come over to No. 26 and he can give her her present! Melissa then says quickly that she just heard someone get up. She adds:
MELISSA: I'll see you on Monday. I love you. Bye!
With that, they hang up. Todd heads back into the lounge room, where Helen warns him that if he and Melissa have planned any sort of rendezvous behind her parents' back, she doesn't want to hear anything about it!
Green Valley Lodge
Kerry and Joe are lying on the bed, sipping champagne. Kerry smiles happily:
KERRY: Wasn't that just the best wedding?
JOE: Yeah, not bad, not bad. I think it was my vows that particularly set it off. One of the best ideas I've had since the last one!
Kerry then says more sadly that she still can't help thinking about Bronwyn. Joe, however, insists that Henry will be waltzing Bronwyn down the aisle before her old man can shampoo his sheep! Kerry murmurs that she hopes so: they're so in love. She asks Joe if he saw Henry and Bronwyn dancing together, but he tells her softly:
JOE (sincerely): Not really. I was too busy looking at the most beautiful girl in the world.
The two of them kiss, and Kerry then suggests that it must be time for bed... The two of them go to climb in, but Joe grimaces suddenly and exclaims:
JOE: I can't!
KERRY: What do you mean?
JOE: It just feels like he's in the room here with us.
JOE: Your old man.
KERRY: Oh Joe...
JOE: No, Kez, I can't. Look, it would be like he's perched up here on the end of the bed, giving us that disapproving look of his. Maybe we could find somewhere else?
Kerry points out that her father would be really disappointed if they didn't stay there after all the trouble he went to. Joe, however, insists that he can't. Kerry suddenly starts pulling the duvet and pillows off the bed and onto the floor! She then climbs under the duvet! Joe grins at her and goes and starts kissing her passionately!
No. 26
The next morning, Todd, Jim and Helen are having breakfast and Jim remarks that Nick was out early today. Todd explains that Sharon was feeling a bit down, so he went over to cheer her up. Paul comes in through the back door as Todd heads off to his room. Jim tells Paul straight away:
JIM: I'm sorry to sound like a cracked record, but there's very little I can do around the workshop without a mechanic - or sufficient funds to start the reorganising.
Paul, however, explains that that's exactly why he dropped in: he thought they could organise a time to get together. Jim invites him to stay for breakfast so they can talk *now*. Paul, however, explains that he's got to go and interview another secretary for the office. Helen exclaims:
HELEN: *Another* one?
PAUL (grimly): Yes. Hilary's management technique!
Paul adds that on top of everything else, he's got a representative from the travel agent's convention coming in today. He goes to head out, but as he does so Helen offers to come in today and give him a hand. Paul smiles that that would be great: she could show the travel agents around and answer some questions for them. He goes to walk off again. Helen asks him quickly if he's heard anything from Gail, but he tells her he hasn't. With that, he goes. Todd comes back into the kitchen and asks Jim what time he's coming home for lunch. Jim replies that it'll be about 1pm. He then tells Helen that he hasn't mentioned it to Paul, but he's going to have to report those spare parts to the police pretty shortly - and it'll be a bit tough on Gloria and Gail having Rob's name dragged through the dirt. Helen points out:
HELEN: That is if Gail's around here to *hear* about it.
JIM: Oh, she'll come back - *won't* she?
HELEN: She's a very determined young lady - and if she's decided that it's best not to have anything more to *do* with Paul, that could very well be that.
With that, Jim and Helen head out, just as Hilary knocks on the back door and calls out to ask if Helen's there. Todd is still in the kitchen, but he ignores Hilary. She wishes him a good morning, but he doesn't respond. Hilary snaps at him:
HILARY: I beg your pardon, but when one bids you good morning, it is polite to reply.
TODD (coldly): What's it to *you*?
HILARY: Oh dear. I can see I'm going to have to speak to Jim *again* about your behaviour. Really, it's gone from bad to worse.
TODD: I don't care *who* you talk to. You've already ruined everything.
HILARY: I assume you're referring to the ban on you and Melissa seeing each other. Well, given her distracted appearance at her last piano lesson, I thank God I warned the Jarretts about you.
Todd mutters something inaudible under his breath. Hilary just glares at him and snaps:
HILARY: I beg your pardon?
TODD (angrily): Why don't you keep your big nose out of other people's business?
HILARY (retorts): The welfare of my pupils *is* my business, young man.
TODD (snaps): You're jealous, that's what you are: jealous. You can't stand seeing us happy or in love. It's because you're twisted. You're sicko. You know why? Because no one could ever love a shrivelled-up old bag like *you*.
With that, Todd marches out, leaving Hilary looking shocked.
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Helen is sitting at the reception desk, working, when Paul emerges from the office and starts going through a filing cabinet agitatedly. Helen suggests that he take a few minutes to relax and get a sandwich; if Peter Llewelyn arrives, she'll show him around. Paul, however, insists that he'll wait. He adds that this travel agents' convention will either make them or break them, so he wants to be there. Helen insists:
HELEN: Surely you'll survive without them?
PAUL: Yes, but *we* may not survive if the local competitor wins the bid.
HELEN: Darling, we all admire you for keeping going under the circumstances, but to work yourself like this is ridiculous.
PAUL (pointedly): Gran, business goes on. You can rely on it. You get out of it what you put into it. As you know, *business* doesn't just get up and walk out, *does it*?
There's suddenly a knock on the outside door and Paul calls to the person to come in. A man steps inside and introduces himself as Peter Llewelyn. Paul and Helen introduce themselves, Helen adding that she's Paul's grandmother. Llewelyn smiles that he likes a family business: it creates a good atmosphere. He heads into the office as the 'phone rings. Helen answers it and Paul pours some coffee for Llewelyn. Helen takes a message from Prue and then dashes over to Paul and insists that he should take a break. Paul just hisses that it's all right: everything's under control. Helen looks worried.
Ramsay Street
Todd and Melissa walk round the corner into Ramsay Street, hand-in-hand, Melissa commenting that Hilary must have been off the planet. Todd just shrugs that he's not frightened of her. Melissa sighs that it's not fair. Todd just points out that they're together now, so they should make the most of it. They stop walking and start kissing passionately. When they pull apart, Todd smiles:
TODD: How come our lips fit together so well?
They start kissing again - but are interrupted suddenly by Sean appearing from behind some nearby trees and exclaiming:
SEAN: Oh spew! Glad I haven't had lunch yet.
He goes on that he saw them sneaking off before lunch and figured they'd come over here. Todd snaps at him:
TODD: So *that's* how you get your kicks. You pervert.
SEAN: No, I get my kicks looking after my sister, making sure she doesn't mix with jerks like *you*.
MELISSA (cries): Sean, please don't tell mum and dad.
SEAN (retorts): Sorry, it's for your own good.
TODD (taunts): What's your problem, Sean? Can't you *get* your own girl?
SEAN: If I did, I wouldn't have my *hands* all over her.
Todd launches himself at Sean suddenly and snaps:
TODD: Take that back.
SEAN: Yeah? Wanna try and make me?
With that, Todd pushes Sean to the ground and starts struggling with him as Melissa cries at him to stop it. Todd pulls his arm back, ready to launch a punch at Sean - but he suddenly feels the arm being grabbed and he looks round to see Hilary standing there. She says coldly:
HILARY: Todd Landers, this is the final straw.
No. 26
A short time later, Melissa and Todd are sitting on the couch at No. 26 as Hilary tells Jim:
HILARY: And he virtually *threatened* me with physical violence.
TODD: I didn't know it was *you*.
Hilary asks angrily if that makes it all right. Melissa chips in that Sean started it. Hilary retorts that *she* intends to finish it, once and for all, and she tells Jim that she demands he do something. Jim asks Todd who he was brawling with. Todd sighs that it was Sean. Jim points out that they were going behind Melissa's parents' backs. Hilary says coolly:
HILARY: Oh it goes far deeper than *that*. This very morning, Todd abused me in this living room; called me every name under the sun.
Jim asks Todd in surprise if that's true. Todd retorts that Hilary started it; she deserved it. Jim asks Hilary to make sure Melissa gets back to school safely. Melissa stands up and asks Hilary meekly if she's going to tell her parents. Hilary retorts that of course she is. Todd leaps up and starts yelling at Hilary:
TODD: How do you sleep at night, you-
JIM (warns): Todd!
TODD: Yeah, but she's always sticking her-
JIM (shouts): ENOUGH!
Jim then tells Melissa that he's sorry, but they've brought this on themselves. With that, Hilary escorts Melissa out. When they've gone, Jim sits down on the coffee table and, facing Todd on the couch, says sternly:
JIM: Now, *I'm* going to do the talking and *you're* going to listen.
Green Valley Lodge
Kerry whacks Joe on the head with a pillow and tells him that half the day's gone already. Joe grins:
JOE: Yeah... the good half!
Kerry suggests that they could go and do the guided tour of the cheese factory, but Joe just groans that that sounds like a barrel of laughs. Kerry insists that they've got to do *something*. Joe picks up the 'phone and suggests they call room service! Kerry giggles:
KERRY: Are you *ever* going to get out of this bed?
JOE: Yeah... next Wednesday!
No. 26
Jim is telling Todd:
JIM: You are old enough to know that violence doesn't solve *anything*.
He goes on that, as for abusing Hilary... Todd retorts that she asked for it. Jim, however, snaps:
JIM: No, Todd, *you're* asking for it - and I have had enough of your lip.
TODD (meekly): Sorry.
Jim pauses before adding that Todd might find this hard to believe, but he does understand what he's going through. He continues:
JIM: How does this reflect on Bev and me, the way you're carrying on at the moment? What does it say about the way we're bringing you up?
TODD: What's it got to do with *that*?
JIM: It's got *everything* to do with it. We're *responsible* for you. So as of right now, you are grounded.
TODD (looking horrified): What?
JIM: Grounded.
TODD: How long for?
JIM: 'Til I say so. Now, get off to school before the teachers get on your back as well.
With that, Todd heads out, leaving Jim to sigh heavily.
Office/Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Peter Llewelyn is sitting opposite Paul in the office, commenting that you can't over-estimate the value of a family atmosphere: the businessman away from home wants to feel comfortable. He then announces that he must make a move. He asks Paul if he can let him have a copy of the final estimates, and Paul immediately buzzes through to Helen to ask her to bring the estimates through for Mr. Llewelyn. Llewelyn says:
LLEWELYN: Please, call me Peter. After all, if we're going to be working together... Oh dear, seems like I've put my foot in it, doesn't it!
PAUL (smiles): So you think we've got a pretty good chance, then?
LLEWELYN: *More* than good. That last quote you put in was right on target.
Helen comes in with some papers and hands them over. Llewelyn tells Paul that what might clinch the deal is if he organises a dinner with the Chairman of the committee. Paul suggests they have it at Lassiter's. They head through to the reception area as Llewelyn adds that Paul *must* bring along his wife: they've spoken once or twice on the 'phone and she's charming. Paul's face drops as Llewelyn goes on:
LLEWELYN: Is she as attractive as she sounds?
PAUL (glumly): Yes, she is - um... but she can't come. I mean she *won't*. We're separated. She left me. I'd love her to come, but not to a business dinner.
Tears begin to well-up in Paul's eyes as he goes on:
PAUL (sobs): You see, it was business that started all of this in the first place. It's not my fault... just... just, when you think you're doing the right thing...
With that, Paul asks an embarrassed-looking Llewelyn to excuse him, and he dashes over to the other end of the reception area. Helen joins him and, putting her arms round him, assures him that it's all right. Paul begins to break down as he cries:
PAUL: She's not coming back, Gran...
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Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1059
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1059
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Paul Robinson, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1059
Paul Robinson, Hilary Robinson

Todd Landers, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1059
Todd Landers, Helen Daniels

Melissa Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1059
Melissa Jarrett

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1059
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1059
Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels

Hilary Robinson, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1059
Hilary Robinson, Todd Landers

Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1059
Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels

Todd Landers, Melissa Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1059
Todd Landers, Melissa Jarrett

Sean Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1059
Sean Jarrett

Hilary Robinson, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1059
Hilary Robinson, Todd Landers

Todd Landers, Melissa Jarrett, Hilary Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1059
Todd Landers, Melissa Jarrett, Hilary Robinson, Jim Robinson

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1059
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop

Todd Landers, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1059
Todd Landers, Jim Robinson

Paul Robinson, Peter Llewelyn in Neighbours Episode 1059
Paul Robinson, Peter Llewelyn

Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Peter Llewelyn in Neighbours Episode 1059
Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Peter Llewelyn

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