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Neighbours Episode 1042 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1042
Australian airdate: 05/09/89
UK airdate: 12/11/90
UK Gold: 29/10/96
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Graham
Jane receiving a 'phone call from John Worthington, who tells her that her nan's condition has worsened. Jane crying at Des that she has to be with her nan.
No. 32
Des helps Jane to the couch in the lounge room and tells her softly to calm down - she doesn't have to make any decisions this minute. Jane, however, sobs:
JANE: I do - I have to be with her. What if she dies?
DES (gently): Hey, come on...
JANE: She's always been there for me, Des. If I don't go now, I'll feel like I've deserted her; I'll never forgive myself.
Des kisses Jane on the top of the head and murmurs that he understands. He then tells her that the first thing they do is get her on the next plane to England.
JANE (realises): The wedding...
DES: I'll still be here when you get back.
JANE: Yeah... and if nan's all right then we won't have to postpone anything.
Des pulls Jane to him and says he wants her to tell her nan to get well real quick - 'cos he's bonkers about her granddaughter and missing her like crazy!
Ramsay Street
Hilary is collecting her mail from the postbox when Mike pulls up outside No. 28 on his motorbike. Hilary walks over to him and says good afternoon. Mike goes to head inside, but Hilary tells him quickly that she wanted to thank him for the way he dealt with Matthew and the bike incident: it was most gracious of him. Mike admits:
MIKE: The fact is, Hilary, if I didn't try and play the heavy in the first place, it wouldn't have happened, would it?
HILARY: 'Playing the heavy'... that sounds like *Jim's* accusation when I spoke to him.
MIKE (looking annoyed): About *me*?
HILARY: No, about *me*, I'm afraid. I sought his advice on how to deal with Matthew. He seems to think I should approach Matthew - and Sharon - on *their* level and not be so, well, you know...
MIKE: Heavy.
Mike nods that Jim's right: you can't *force* kids into anything; all you can do is point them in the right direction. Hilary asks *how*. Mike tells her that you can only introduce *ideas* to the kids, not force them - like with the swimming trials at school: he let the kids at school know he was running them but didn't force them into it. Looking thoughtful, Hilary asks when the trials *are*.
MIKE: Tomorrow - why?
HILARY: I might 'introduce' Matthew to the idea. Thanks, Mike! Thank you very much!
No. 30
Sharon is sitting on the lounge room floor, talking on the 'phone. There's loud music playing. Matt is sitting in an armchair when Hilary marches in and snaps that the music can be heard all the way down the street. Matt mutters that he'll turn it down. Hilary, however, says quickly that perhaps he can turn it down just a *little* bit. She then muses:
HILARY: It's quite enjoyable, really: it has a primitive rhythmic quality.
Matt, looking surprised, asks her if she's sick! Hilary insists that just she likes this 'metallic' music! Matt tells her that it's 'heavy metal'! Sharon hangs up the 'phone, muttering:
SHARON: Idiot. Unbelievable!
Hilary asks who it was and Sharon mutters that it was this guy who's been trying to crack on to her since the school dance: he knows she's going out with Nick, so what does he keep trying for? Hilary turns to Matthew and says:
HILARY: About the swimming trials.
MATTHEW: Yeah? What about them?
HILARY: I thought you might like to enter. I seem to remember you telling me about your aquatic achievements in Adelaide: quite the champion, the way you told the story.
MATT: Yeah, maybe, but if *Mike's* running it I certainly don't want to be involved at all.
Hilary snaps that that's nonsense. She then adds quickly and more calmly that it's entirely up to him - she wouldn't want him to feel she was forcing him in any way!
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Paul is talking on the 'phone, sounding angry. Jane is standing by his desk, and when he hangs up she asks if they can continue their conversation now: she's going to see her grandmother. Paul mutters irritatedly that it's such short notice. Jane, however, retorts that she's very, very ill.
PAUL: Just like she was a few months ago when you went charging off to see her *then*.
JANE (sounding astonished): So what am I do to: find her and say, "Sorry, nan, you're only allowed to be sick once a year"?
PAUL: I just thought I could *rely* on you now. After all, you *are* the Manager of Lassiter's.
JANE: Paul, if I don't go, I could regret it for the rest of my life. You can get someone to fill in for me.
PAUL: Last time I did that I ended up with Kevin Harvey, didn't I?
JANE: Yeah, and that was your fault and no one else's.
Paul sighs and tells Jane that her grandmother isn't young anymore and old people do get sick from time to time.
JANE (coolly): Sure. Well, look, Paul, I'll stay if you can guarantee me that she won't die.
Paul sighs heavily and gives in. He asks Jane when she's leaving. She tells him that she can get a seat tomorrow. She adds that she'll come back as soon as she can - she has a wedding date to keep, remember? Paul just mutters:
PAUL: Yes, well, it's quite obvious where your priorities lie at the minute, isn't it?
Jane doesn't look impressed.
Lassiter's complex
A customer emerges from the Gift and Souvenir shop, a newspaper under her arm. Gail dashes after her and says she's sorry to trouble her, but she forgot to charge her for the magazine. The woman looks at her blankly and asks:
WOMAN: *What* magazine?
GAIL: The one that's folded up inside the newspaper.
WOMAN (coldly): Oh, I hope you're not suggesting I was trying to *hide* it?
GAIL: Oh, not at all - we all make mistakes.
WOMAN: Don't patronise *me*. Here's your money - $3 I believe.
The woman then goes on angrily:
WOMAN: I'd watch your high-and-mighty attitude: coming from someone with *your* reputation for shoplifting, it's a bit of a joke.
With that, the woman walks off, leaving Gail looking annoyed and upset.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Paul and Jane are working when Gail walks in, looking stony-faced. She asks Paul if she can talk to him for a minute, but Paul explains tersely that Jane's expecting to leave for England tomorrow and he's got a heap of work to get through. Looking concerned, Gail asks Jane if it's her grandmother. Jane nods that it doesn't look too good. Gail says she's sorry. She asks about the wedding and Jane replies that she'll just have to make sure she gets back in time. Paul is continuing to study some papers and Jane reminds him that Gail wanted to talk to him. He looks at Gail and says tersely:
PAUL: All right - what is it?
GAIL: I just stopped a woman for stealing a magazine. She made me feel like a real hypocrite: obviously she recognised me from the newspaper story about my conviction.
PAUL (disinterested): So? Yeah?
GAIL (cries): So everyone *knows*, Paul. I can't work in the gift shop anymore. You'll just have to find someone else.
PAUL (annoyed): Oh, for heaven's sakes, Gail, not you too, *please*.
The 'phone starts ringing and Jane goes to answer it in the reception area. Paul tells Gail that she can work there in the office with *him*. Gail cries that people will still recognise her, but Paul asks annoyedly what she *wants*. Jane comes in and tells him that Terry Madden's on the 'phone. Paul says he'll take it: *somebody's* got to work around there. Gail storms out to the reception area. Jane follows her and tells her gently that Paul's got a lot on his plate. Gail, however, cries:
GAIL: No, Jane, that's all he ever thinks about: work. I don't know why I *bother* anymore.
With that, Gail storms out.
No. 28
Mike is standing by the table, looking at a textbook, when there's a knock on the front door. He calls to the person to come in. Matt enters and tells Mike that he'd like to try out for the swimming trials tomorrow. Mike asks if he's really sure; no one's pushing him into it?
MATT: Well, maybe a bit, but hey, it's worth it to keep the peace, right?
MIKE: Why waste your time doing something you don't really like?
Matt insists that he *loves* swimming - he used to do really well at meets in Adelaide. Mike asks why he gets the impression there's still a problem. Matt sighs heavily. Mike tells him:
MIKE: If you're worried about me being the coach, relax, all right? I've told you: everything's fine, now - I'm not interested in giving you or anyone a hard time. In fact, your biggest problem is going to be keeping *Hilary* away from the pool!
No. 24
A man knocks on the front door and Henry opens it. It's Mr. Bright, Henry's new boss. He asks Henry about Bertha, saying he hopes Henry doesn't present to prospective clientele in it. Henry, however, tells him:
HENRY: I thought 'Bright funerals, bright colours', that sort of thing!
MR. BRIGHT (grimly): Now I can understand the resulting 'phone calls!
Henry exclaims in delight and asks how many sales they got. Mr. Bright tells him that there were a couple - but there were many, many more complaints. As Henry's face drops, Bright goes on:
MR. BRIGHT (sternly): Mr. Ramsay, your boundless enthusiasm must be applauded; your application, however, leaves much to be desired. There are areas in your sales technique - and in your case I use the term loosely - that ignore the sorrow in the final human tragedy. This must be remedied.
Henry asks warily *how* it must be remedied. Mr. Bright tells him:
MR. BRIGHT: A better understanding of the industry. I'm taking you off sales and moving you to a *different* area. Your driving is more presentable than your car, I hope?
Henry realises what he's implying. He starts to say that he's not having anything to do with the dead people - but Bright orders:
MR. BRIGHT: Head Office, eight o'clock tomorrow morning, suit pressed, shoes clean. Good afternoon, Mr. Ramsay.
With that, Mr. Bright walks out, leaving Henry looking worried!
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Jane is busy filing papers when Des comes in. He comments that he thought Paul must have chained her to his desk! Jane explains that she said she'd stay around and help tidy things up: Paul wasn't very happy about her going. Des asks her if she managed to speak to Joe. Jane replies that he's not coming: he'd really like to, but after the last trip he can't afford the fare, so it's just her. There's an awkward silence. Jane then turns to Des and murmurs:
JANE: I'm really sorry.
Des gives her a hug as he tells her to cut it out. He then suggests that they go out for dinner tonight and get out of the doldrums. Jane, however, asks if he minds if they stay home: she'd rather not share him with anyone. Des kisses her lovingly.
No. 30
Matt is tidying away some cassettes on the floor when Hilary comes in. She bends down and, picking up a tape, says:
HILARY: What do we have here? 'Johnny Diesel and the Injectors'. How very descriptive.
MATT: It's not my tape - it's Kirsten's.
Hilary remarks that he seems quite keen on Kirsten, and Matt smiles that she's nice. He then calls to Sharon that they're going to be late. Hilary says to Matt that she supposes this Kirsten is quite attractive? Matt nods that she's OK. Hilary suggests that he could invite her for dinner one night. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Sharon dashes in and says she'll get it. It's another boy from the school dance ringing to ask her out, but she turns him down. When she hangs up, Hilary asks her why these boys keep ringing if she's not encouraging them. Sharon just smiles:
SHARON: When you've got it, you've got it, I suppose!
Matt smiles and suggests they'd better get going. Hilary asks what they're going to see. Sharon and Matt reply in unison that it's 'Friday the 13th Part VI'. Hilary comments that it sounds interesting! She goes on that it's been so long since she's been to see a film, and she asks if they'd mind if she came along with them. As a look of horror crosses Sharon's face, Matt says to his mother:
MATT: Well, no, but... I don't think it's your kind of film at *all*.
SHARON (agreeing): No!
HILARY: Nonsense! You'd be surprised at what I like and what I don't like. I'll just dash and get my coat.
Matt and Sharon look at each other despairingly!
No. 30
The next morning, Sharon is having breakfast in the kitchen while Matt packs his schoolbag. Hilary comes in and Sharon asks her if she slept well. Hilary, however, mutters that she *didn't* sleep well: it must have been that appalling takeaway food they had.
SHARON: You sure it wasn't the movie? It *was* a little bit spooky.
HILARY (lightly): Good heavens, no, it was a delightful little bit of nonsense. Really quite amusing.
SHARON: Oh... is *that* why you screamed and spilt your drink all over the man next to you?!
HILARY (indignantly): I did *not* scream, Sharon; he bumped me.
Changing the subject, Hilary says she must go and take her shower. She wishes Matt luck with the swimming trials and leaves the room. When she's gone, Sharon asks Matt why Hilary's being so nice. Matt has to admit that he doesn't know.
No. 22
Paul runs downstairs and tells Gail that she's going to be late. Gail, however, tells him that she's not going in: she rang Shirley and she said she'd look after the Gift Shop. Paul points out to Gail that she said she'd help at the office, but Gail retorts that that's what *he* wanted to hear; she didn't *say* that. She adds that she needs rest: she gets very tired.
PAUL (irritatedly): Why the hell is Jane doing this to me?
GAIL (snaps): Jane is worried about the only person who ever really cared for her. I mean, what if her grandmother *dies*? It appears your only concern again is the Robinson Corporation.
Paul retorts that that isn't fair - but if *he* doesn't care about the business, who *will*? Gail tells him tersely that the business seems to be the *only* thing he worries about: she hardly ever sees him anymore and she's even beginning to wonder if he cares about *her* anymore.
PAUL: Oh Gail, that isn't true. Now come on... I *love* you, eh? Look, why don't you meet me for lunch and we'll talk, OK?
Gail sighs heavily and nods OK.
A street
Henry is driving a hearse along a street at a fairly high speed! Several cars are following. Henry looks round at the coffin in the rear of the vehicle, but Mr. Bright - who's sitting in the passenger seat - says coolly:
MR. BRIGHT: Eyes front, Mr. Ramsay, eyes front; and do slow down a little - it would be a pity to lose the mourners, don't you think?
HENRY: Well, I just thought the sooner we got there, the sooner it would be over, you know? Cut out all the sad bits.
MR. BRIGHT (rolling his eyes): A Bright interment does not include 'sad bits', Mr. Ramsay. Its purpose is to wish the dearly departed a dignified yet cheerful au revoir. Understood?
HENRY: Got it.
The car pulls into the cemetery and Mr. Bright tells Henry to let him out at the office and take the car to the gravesite. Henry stutters in horror:
HENRY: You're not going to leave me alone with the-; with the-; you're *not*, are you?
MR. BRIGHT: The gravesite, Mr. Ramsay: slow and with dignity.
Henry lets Mr. Bright out and then pulls away again, looking worried.
Swimming pool
Matt is swimming down a lane of the pool as Mike watches. As he reaches the end of a length, he climbs out and Mike tells him that that was very impressive. Matt, however, says he's done better. Mike asked him how often he used to train and Matt replies that he did three or four times a week, but his schoolwork started dropping off so he had to quit. Mike asks him if he reckons he could do it again. He adds that it'd be hard, but at least he's got someone helping him with his dyslexia. Matt shrugs:
MATT: It would make Hilary happy, anyway.
Mike warns Matt that it's got nothing to *do* with Hilary: it's got to come from *him* and is going to need 100% commitment. Matt smiles:
MATT: All right - you got it: 100%!
The hearse roars round a corner and drives at full pelt to the gravesite. Mr. Bright is standing waiting, looking annoyed. He walks over to Henry and asks him tersely where he's been. Henry climbs out of the car and grins that they got a bit lost: it's a big place! Mr. Bright asks him to kindly help the bearers with the coffin. Henry looks perturbed, but Bright orders him to open the back of the car *now*. Henry goes and does as he's told - but realises he's left the keys in the ignition. He goes to get them - only he finds that the door is locked and he can't get in. Mr. Bright asks him coldly:
MR. BRIGHT: Why are we waiting, Mr. Ramsay?
HENRY (admits): It's locked. Everything's locked and the keys are inside... I wonder: if someone's got a coat hanger, maybe we could-
Mr. Bright interrupts and mutters:
MR. BRIGHT: Go away.
HENRY (looking relieved): Thanks!
MR. BRIGHT: I never want to lay eyes on you again, Mr. Ramsay.
HENRY: I'm fired?
MR. BRIGHT (nods): You're fired.
HENRY: You're serious?
MR. BRIGHT: *Deadly.*
Henry stands there looking worried.
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Jane Harris, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1042
Jane Harris, Des Clarke

Mike Young, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1042
Mike Young, Hilary Robinson

Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1042
Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson

Paul Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 1042
Paul Robinson, Jane Harris

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1042
Gail Robinson

Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1042
Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Gail Robinson

Matt Robinson, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 1042
Matt Robinson, Mike Young

Henry Ramsay, Arthur Bright in Neighbours Episode 1042
Henry Ramsay, Arthur Bright

Jane Harris, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1042
Jane Harris, Des Clarke

Hilary Robinson, Matt Robinson, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1042
Hilary Robinson, Matt Robinson, Sharon Davies

Sharon Davies, Hilary Robinson, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1042
Sharon Davies, Hilary Robinson, Matt Robinson

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1042
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Arthur Bright in Neighbours Episode 1042
Henry Ramsay, Arthur Bright

Mike Young, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1042
Mike Young, Matt Robinson

Arthur Bright, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1042
Arthur Bright, Henry Ramsay

 in Neighbours Episode 1042

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1042
Henry Ramsay

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