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Neighbours Episode 1040 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1040
Australian airdate: 01/09/89
UK airdate: 08/11/90
UK Gold: 25/10/96
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Rob Lewis: Ernie Bourne
Summary/Images by: Graham
Henry telling Bronwyn and Sharon that he's got a job selling funerals!
Rob and Jim are playing darts and Rob is telling Jim that they're really onto something with their new supplier: the prices are terrific and they can deliver in 24 hours. Jim, however, sighs that the garage isn't making any form of forward progress. With that, he heads to the bar for more drinks. Madge is serving and Jim asks her how Harold is. Madge retorts that he's surviving. Jim muses that he really earnt his sponsorship money. Madge mutters that she supposes he *did*.
JIM: One thing you've got to say about Harold: he's got determination. Surprised us *all*, I think.
MADGE (darkly): Oh yeah - he's *full* of surprises...
Paul comes in and Madge asks him if he could take over for a while, as it's past her knock-off time. Paul agrees and Madge heads off. As he heads behind the bar, Paul asks Jim how things are at work. Jim, however, sighs that they're a bit slow: they've got some new stock in, so cashflow's dried up. Paul stands there looking thoughtful.
No. 26
Melissa and Todd are sitting at the kitchen table, doing their homework, when Melissa says suddenly:
MELISSA: Todd, I want to thank you.
TODD: What for?
MELISSA: For yesterday. I don't have seizures like that very often. When I do, the last person I want to see me that way is my boyfriend. It can really put people off. Anyway, I was just really scared I was going to lose you, that's all.
TODD: No, it's OK.
With that, Melissa says she'd better get going over to Hilary's. She heads off, saying goodbye to Beverly and Katie - who are watching TV in the lounge room - as she passes through. When she's gone, Katie tells Todd that Melissa is nice - much better than Alison! Beverly comments to Todd that she guesses he'll be taking Melissa to the school dance. Todd, however, says he's not sure yet. Beverly looks at him in surprise and asks what's wrong. Todd explains reluctantly:
TODD: The other day, she had an epileptic fit. I saw the whole thing. It scared the hell out of me.
BEVERLY: Oh. Well, it's not actually called a 'fit', Todd, it's a seizure - and seeing one for the first time's enough to upset *anybody* - especially when it's someone you care about; and not knowing what to do about it can make you feel pretty awful.
TODD: Yeah...
BEVERLY: How about I give you a few tips on what to do, just in case?
TODD (smiles): Thanks!
No. 24
Madge is staring at the photo on the lounge room cabinet of her and Harold on their wedding day. She hears the back door open suddenly and she turns the photo face down. Harold comes in and remarks that it looks like they're both home at a decent hour for a change. Madge just murmurs:
MADGE: Yeah.
Harold suggests that they take advantage of it. Madge asks hesitantly what he means. Harold suggests dinner and perhaps a film, but Madge mutters:
MADGE: No. No thanks.
Harold sighs and asks Madge why she's treating him like this. Madge retorts that he knows perfectly well why: it was this affair with Robyn. Harold insists:
HAROLD: There *was* no affair.
MADGE (snaps): Call it what you like.
Harold stares at her. Madge goes on:
MADGE: Harold, I'm sorry, but I just can't pretend that things are normal between us, 'cos they're *not*.
HAROLD: Surely, love, if we just took--
MADGE: The only thing I'm sure of is that things have changed. I feel as badly about it as *you* do, but there's nothing I can do about it.
With that, Madge walks off. Harold spots the turned-over photo and he picks it up and looks at it sadly.
No. 30
Melissa is sitting at the piano, playing as Hilary taps out the beat, but she makes a mistake and Hilary sighs at her that she's simply not concentrating. Melissa apologises and sighs that she can't get Todd off her mind.
HILARY (coolly): You should put your mind to more *important* things.
Melissa says she wants to buy Todd a present, and she asks Hilary what sort of thing he likes. Hilary retorts that she'd have no idea. Melissa remarks that Todd's her nephew, isn't he?
HILARY: Not exactly. My cousin's wife is his aunt, so we're barely related at *all*.
Melissa points out that Hilary sees Todd every day, so she must know. Hilary mutters that he does ride one of those appalling skateboard things... and he kicks his soccer ball into her garden. She then tells Melissa curtly that this is wasting *her* time and her parents' money. There's a knock at the front door suddenly and Melissa starts playing again as Hilary goes to answer it. She finds Gail on the step, and she tells Hilary that she just wanted to apologise for today: she and Paul don't want to get rid of her from the company; they're both very grateful to her, so they're sorry. Hilary says:
HILARY: Apology accepted.
She then closes the door in Gail's face!
No. 24
Henry is telling Harold about his new job selling funerals, but Harold doesn't look impressed. Madge comes in from outside and Henry follows her into the bedroom area, laughing that he could 'dig up' some business! Bronwyn walks over from the kitchen area and joins Harold. She tells him that Henry's just excited about his new job. Harold insists that he's happy for him, but Bronwyn remarks that Harold doesn't look too happy for *himself*. The two of them sit down on the couch and Harold explains sadly:
HAROLD: I admitted to Madge that I was attracted to Robyn. I was just lonely... it was all very innocent; well, almost.
Bronwyn comments that nothing happened, right?
HAROLD: Precisely. Madge is understandably upset and now I'm more lonely than ever - or alone.
BRONWYN: I know what you mean. When Henry went to Brisbane I felt like he'd deserted me.
HAROLD: Yes - and I disapproved of your relationship with Mike, quite strenuously as I remember! And now I've put myself in exactly the same situation.
BRONWYN: No you haven't.
HAROLD: Oh ho, yes I have. Madge has every right to be upset. In fact, Madge has every right *never* to forgive me...
No. 26
Todd, Katie, Jim and Beverly are finishing breakfast. Todd and Katie head off to get ready for school and Beverly goes to do the washing-up. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Beverly answers it in the kitchen. The caller is Helen. As Beverly listens and responds, she doesn't sound happy. When she hangs up, Jim asks:
JIM: Bad news?
BEVERLY: Depends which way you look at it. She says that she thinks Annette is well able to cope with having the children back.
Jim stands there, looking disappointed. He then murmurs that they'd better go and tell the kids. Beverly, however, says:
BEVERLY: Not just yet, Jim, please - I'm not ready for it. Perhaps we could take them out tomorrow night - make an occasion of it? God knows *we* won't feel much like celebrating.
Jim puts his arms around her.
No. 24
As Henry, Bronwyn and Harold have breakfast, Harold tells Henry that funerals are not something to be sold like encyclopaedias: a little tact and decorum are needed, otherwise the whole thing becomes rather tasteless. Madge comes in and Bronwyn asks her what *she* thinks about these funerals. Madge just shrugs:
MADGE: Comes to us *all* eventually, I suppose.
Harold stands up and announces that he'd better go and open the shop. He goes to kiss Madge, but she doesn't respond, and Harold heads off, sadly. Henry, sensing the tension, says he's got a potential client to check on before she leaves for work. He heads out as well, leaving Bronwyn alone with Madge. She suggests that they walk to work together. Madge just smiles and shrugs that that would be lovely.
No. 22
As she prepares breakfast, Gail is telling Paul that they were in really hot water a little while ago, and if Hilary hadn't bailed them out they might have lost the entire business; keeping her money will give them a back-up in case anything else goes wrong; they're going to have a large family soon, and she wants to feel secure. Paul insists that she *will* be, but Gail mutters that sometimes she wonders. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Paul opens it to Beverly. He lets her in and announces that he has to get to work. He heads off. Beverly hobbles over to the couch and Gail says guiltily she should have come over to *her* place. Beverly, however, sighs that her foot is the least of her worries.
GAIL: Meaning what?
BEVERLY: It seems Annette is fully recovered. She wants Todd and Katie back with her in Adelaide.
GAIL (sympathetically): Oh no...
BEVERLY: Well, they're her children, she has every right - but I'm going to miss them terribly.
Gail asks how *they* reacted. Beverly replies that they haven't told them, yet, but she expects they'll be delighted. Gail puts a comforting hand on her shoulder.
No. 30
Henry walks with Hilary into the lounge room at No. 30, asking her as he does so if she's made any plans for the future.
HILARY: Well yes, of course: Erinsborough High School has a perfectly adequate superannuation scheme.
HENRY: I meant a little *further* into the future.
HILARY (sighs): Get to the point, Henry - I haven't got all day.
HENRY: Hilary, have you made any arrangements regarding your funeral?
HILARY (glares and snaps): I suppose you think that's *funny*?
HENRY: No. No - I'm trying to sell you a pre-packaged funeral. You know what they say: only two sure things in life - death and taxes.
HILARY: Yes, well you've taxed my patience once too often, and if you're not out of this house in five seconds it'll be your *own* demise you'll have to worry about.
Henry insists that he's serious - this is his new job. Hilary, however, starts counting down from five to zero and Henry eventually gives up and says he's going.
Madge and Bronwyn walk into the Waterhole. As Madge starts setting up, Bronwyn asks her hesitantly if she could have a word with her - about her and Harold. She goes on:
BRONWYN: Living with you both... well, you know: you can't help noticing that things between you are pretty strained.
Madge sighs that she's sure Bronwyn has the best of intentions, but this is between her and Harold.
BRONWYN: But Harold's so *upset* - I mean, this whole thing between him and Robyn--
MADGE (looking surprised): He *told* you?
BRONWYN: Only that he'd been feeling pretty lonely.
MADGE (sarcastically): Oh, poor Harold.
BRONWYN: Madge, nothing happened. Harold would never do anything to hurt you - you must know that. All I know is that you two have always been great together; you've always been so loving. Now I see that all being ruined. It's awful. There must be *something* you can do about it?
MADGE (tears welling-up): Bronwyn, I wish there was, but I'm afraid there isn't. It hurts, and I can't do anything about it.
Jim and Rob are working on a car and Jim asks Rob if he got an itemised invoice from the suppliers, as he'll need it for tax. Rob, though, shrugs that he just got a receipt. Jim sighs that that's not the way he likes to do business. Rob says he'll get the receipt. He walks off, just as Hilary approaches Jim and asks if she can have a word about Matthew. She goes on:
HILARY: I'm not very experienced at parenthood and, well, um, I'm not very good at it.
JIM: It takes practice!
HILARY: We seem to clash on *everything*. As you've had sons, I was wondering whether you could give me some advice on how to... control him.
Jim smiles and replies that it's not a matter of control: she has to accept that they're individuals with rights and that the path they choose might not be one that she's familiar with.
HILARY: So you're saying there's no chance of any sort of communication?
JIM: Not at all - but you have to learn to look at things from *Matt's* point of view.
HILARY (grimly): That won't be easy.
JIM: Well, as they say: it takes work. Matthew's a young man, now; he's not a child - you can't treat him like that. On the other hand, they need your love and, even more, your respect.
Hilary comments that Matt doesn't seem to have any interest in the things *she* finds special. Jim, however, asks why he *should*: does *she* have any interest in *his* special things?
HILARY (aghast): What? Rock music and motor bikes?!
JIM: I'm not asking *you* to like them, I'm just saying you can't criticise *him* for liking them. We have our kids for such a short time, Hilary. If we make the most of that time, we never really lose them.
Hilary stands there looking thoughtful.
No. 26
Todd opens the front door to find Melissa on the step. She hands him a small gift and he asks what it is. Melissa tells him to open it and see!
TODD: Any reason?
MELISSA: Well, since I had that seizure, some of my friends - kids who I *thought* were my friends - they haven't come near me.
TODD: That's dumb: you couldn't help it.
MELISSA: I've tried telling them. Anyway, open it and see.
Todd opens the gift to reveal a locket on a chain. He smiles that it's excellent. Melissa then says she's going to meet her mum: she's finally talked her into buying her a new dress for the dance.
TODD: Are you going with anyone yet?
MELISSA (looking down embarrassedly): No, not yet.
TODD: You wanna come with *me*?
MELISSA (smiles): Yeah, sure!
TODD (beams): Great!
With that, the two of them kiss and Melissa heads off. Todd closes the door and goes and leaps onto the couch in delight! Beverly hobbles out of the bedroom and asks if he's all right! Todd grins that he's fine! He shows her the chain and Beverly smiles that it's lovely. Todd adds that he's taking Melissa to the dance, too! Katie runs out of the kitchen suddenly and says:
KATE: Can Todd please be the lady of the house?
TODD: Huh?!
KATIE: I thought Todd could cook dinner tonight.
Beverly, however, explains that they're going *out* to dinner tonight: they've got some exciting news. Todd asks for a little hint, but Beverly insists that he'll have to wait. Katie folds her arms and stomps:
KATIE: I *hate* waiting for good news!
Jim is working on a car when Paul walks over and says g'day. He then goes on that he's been having a few thoughts about the workshop.
JIM: Any involving explosives?!
PAUL: Oh, ha-de-ha! No, no. I just wondered how you'd feel about joining the Robinson Corporation.
Paul goes on that he's been looking for some new avenues and thought about expanding the whole business but still keeping it in the family: sinking in some capital... modernising... maybe starting up a whole chain - and Jim would be in control of the whole shebang.
PAUL: What do you reckon?
JIM (looking thoughtful): Well... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested. Let me sleep on it and I'll get back to you for some details.
Henry and Rob emerge from the depths of the garage suddenly, Henry telling Rob that he won't regret it: it's the sort of security every person needs! Henry turns to Paul and asks him if *he* wants to get in while the going's good!
No. 24
Madge is peeling vegetables in the kitchen while Bronwyn lays the table. Harold wanders in and asks if there's anything he can do to help. Madge tells him that there isn't. Harold goes to kiss her, but she doesn't react. He sighs that it's rubbish night, so he'd better get the bin organised. He heads out the back. Madge looks up to find Bronwyn staring at her, and she sighs:
MADGE: Don't look at me like that.
BRONWYN: I'm looking at the carrots!
MADGE: I *tried* to be nice.
BRONWYN: I know.
MADGE: It's as though I'm behind a wall: *I* can't reach out to *Harold* and *he* can't reach *me*.
BRONWYN: Hey, you'll come good.
MADGE: Will I? My *first* marriage ended up a mess. Maybe I haven't got what it takes to have a successful marriage?
BRONWYN (sharply): Don't *say* that; don't even *think* it.
No. 26
Todd, Beverly and Katie are sitting at the kitchen table when Jim arrives home from work. Katie starts pleading with him to tell them the surprise, as they've been waiting for ages. Beverly explains to Jim that she means the news about Annette. Jim hesitates before saying:
JIM: Well... um... we had a 'phone call from your mother the other day.
TODD: How is she?
JIM: She's fine - in fact, she seems to have made a full recovery.
Beverly comments that that's wonderful, and Katie smiles that she reckons! Jim goes on:
JIM: The point is that she feels capable, now, of coping with a family - so she wants the two of you to return home.
Todd stares at Jim. He then stands up and says:
TODD: I can't.
JIM: Why not?
TODD: Melissa: she'll think I'm dumping her because of her epilepsy.
BEVERLY: You could *talk* to her.
TODD: No, I know how she feels: other people have already done it to her.
Looking at Katie, Beverly comments to her that she must have missed her mummy terribly. Tears are welling-up in Katie's eyes and she cries:
KATIE: Yeah, I have - but I don't want to go home if Todd doesn't come with me. *You've* become my new mummy now. I want to stay *here*.
With that, Katie runs into Beverly's arms, sobbing. Beverly hugs her tightly, looking equally upset.
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Jim Robinson, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 1040
Jim Robinson, Rob Lewis

Melissa Jarrett, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1040
Melissa Jarrett, Todd Landers

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1040
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Melissa Jarrett, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1040
Melissa Jarrett, Hilary Robinson

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1040
Gail Robinson

Harold Bishop, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1040
Harold Bishop, Bronwyn Davies

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1040
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1040
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Beverly Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1040
Beverly Robinson, Gail Robinson

Hilary Robinson, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1040
Hilary Robinson, Henry Ramsay

Madge Bishop, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1040
Madge Bishop, Bronwyn Davies

Hilary Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1040
Hilary Robinson, Jim Robinson

 in Neighbours Episode 1040

Melissa Jarrett, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1040
Melissa Jarrett, Todd Landers

Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1040
Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson, Todd Landers

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1040
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Madge Bishop, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1040
Madge Bishop, Bronwyn Davies

Todd Landers, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 1040
Todd Landers, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Katie Landers

Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1040
Todd Landers

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1040
Beverly Robinson

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