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Neighbours Episode 1037 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1037
Australian airdate: 29/08/89
UK airdate: 05/11/90
UK Gold: 22/10/96
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Graham
No. 26
Beverly is struggling to take the dinner out of the oven with one hand, as she has the other hand on a crutch. As she removes a dish, she hops to try to place it on the counter, but she drops it and yells in frustration:
Toby and Katie come dashing in and Katie asks Beverly is she's OK. Beverly sighs that she is, but their dinner isn't. She adds that Jim will just have to go and get takeaway when he gets home. Beverly hobbles off to the lounge room and Katie and Toby start tidying up. Katie remarks to Toby that her Aunty Bev isn't very good at house stuff - even when she *doesn't* have a broken foot! The front door opens suddenly and Jim and Madge come in with a weary-looking Harold. Jim tells Beverly that he has a patient for her. Beverly looks exhausted herself, but she asks Jim to get her bag for her. Jim helps Harold to the couch and Beverly starts examining him. She uses a stethoscope to check his heart and lungs, telling him to take deep breaths as she does so. Having finished the examination, she says to Madge:
BEVERLY: There's no congestion in the lungs. As far as I can tell, he's just exhausted: nothing a hot bowl of soup and a good night's sleep wouldn't fix.
Toby runs in and asks if Mr. Bishop *really* walked the whole 20km.
MADGE (smiles): Every last inch!
TOBY: Wait until I tell dad!
MADGE: Yeah, well while you're about it, you might as well tell him that he owes me $50!
With that, Madge sighs at Harold that he's such a stubborn old fool: she gave him such a fright - but it'll almost be worth it to see the look on Joe's face when he realises he's lost the bet!
No. 32
Joe hangs up the 'phone after calling the police and Kerry asks what they said. Joe just snaps that they reckon they can't get involved in domestics unless there's proof there's something criminal going on, and because they haven't got proof of Darryl doing wrong by the old girl, they're not just going to go up there on *his* suspicious nature. Kerry cries that they can't let it go at that: she's *sure* Mary's in danger. Toby comes in at that moment and overhears the end of what Kerry said. He cries:
TOBY: What's wrong with her?
Joe tries to tell Toby not to get himself in a knot, but Kerry says she thinks they *should* tell him. She then explains:
KERRY: Mary called, Tobe. She sounded funny - you know how she was when she first came here? Well, your dad and I got a bit worried about her so we tried to 'phone her back but couldn't get an answer. We thought she might be in trouble - you know, sick or something - so we asked the police to go and see her, but they can't.
Toby cries at Joe that he's got to go and make sure Mary's OK: she's like their family. Joe nods that he's been thinking the same thing: he'll go up first thing in the morning. Kerry and Toby say they'll come too, but Joe tells Toby that they don't know what the situation is and they don't want him up there if there's going to be trouble. Toby doesn't look happy.
No. 24
Henry and Madge help Harold in through the front door of No. 24 and Madge asks Henry help Harold put on his pyjamas. Harold, however, retorts indignantly that that will *not* be necessary: he's walked 20km today and he can walk another twenty feet. He heads off to his room while Madge goes to make some soup in the kitchen. She asks Henry where Bronwyn is and Henry replies that she's flaked out after they had a brainstorming session on his new career.
MADGE: *That* would be enough to tire an Einstein!
Madge then asks Henry if they came up with anything and he replies that there were a couple of ads in the Employment Section which he'll follow up tomorrow.
MADGE: You're really determined this time, aren't you?
HENRY: Too right I am. I'm going to get a good job and work at it. Goodbye, Mr. Coolest-Dude-in-Erinsborough, Hello, Mr. Sober Citizen!
No. 26
The next morning, Katie has made breakfast and she tells Beverly to sit down at the table. Jim comments that it's very thoughtful of her, and Katie explains:
KATIE: Well, with gran away and Aunty Bev's foot in plaster, I'm the woman of the house. I'm going to look after *everybody*, prim and proper!
She serves up a pot of coffee and tells Jim and Beverly to enjoy their breakfasts and *she's* going to get the lazy boys out of their beds! When Katie has gone, Beverly sighs:
BEVERLY: Oh, Jim, I'm going to miss her *so* much.
Jim, however, tells Beverly not to worry about it until she finds out how her sister is. He then picks up a knife and fork and realises that Katie hasn't laid out spoons for their cereal!
No. 24
Harold is sitting at the kitchen table, reading the newspaper. Henry - wearing his suit - joins him and chuckles that Harold isn't up to another training session yet?! Harold just smiles and says he thinks he'll hang up his runners: he set himself a goal and accomplished it, and now he's got *new* horizons to conquer. Henry then turns to Madge and tells her that the ad he saw said to call in person, so he plans to be the first off the mark. Madge wishes him good luck. Henry, however, assures her:
HENRY: Oh mum, I won't need it. By lunchtime today, your favourite son will be a full-time sales executive!
He then turns to Harold and giggles:
HENRY: Don't let them 'run you off your feet' at the Coffee Shop today!
With that, Henry heads out. Madge tells Harold that Henry has a point: why doesn't he let Bronwyn look after the shop today? Harold, however, retorts that she'll be overwhelmed with recuperating walkers from yesterday. He then recalls that he wants to ring Robyn and find out why she withdrew from the Walkathon. Madge, however, says quickly:
MADGE: I'd save myself the pain, if I were you. She's, er... she's not home.
HAROLD (frowns): What do *you* know about it? Madge?
MADGE (quickly): Don't make a fuss. I, er, I talked to one of the Walkathon officials. She's gone overseas.
Harold stands there looking astonished and he asks why ever would she do a thing like that without telling him? Madge replies guardedly:
MADGE: Robyn and I had a chat the other day. She seemed to think that, er, I'd been neglecting you. In fact, she made it quite clear that if I *continued* doing that, our marriage could crack. She was in love with you - did you know that?
HAROLD (dismissively): Really, Madge...!
MADGE (presses): Harold?
HAROLD (sighs): Well, yes, if I was absolutely honest, I *did* suspect that she felt something for me...
MADGE: What did you feel about *her*?
HAROLD (sharply): You don't think that I--? Well, I didn't *do* anything.
MADGE (tersely): That's not what I'm asking. Were you attracted to *her*?
HAROLD: Well, she was a wonderful woman, Madge. She was kind and affectionate...
MADGE: So you would've liked things to have gone further?
HAROLD: No... Well... *No*.
MADGE: Never crossed your mind?
HAROLD: It's not fair to badger me like this, Madge.
MADGE (challenges): Then you *did* think about it?
Harold doesn't respond. Madge presses:
MADGE: Come on, Harold, it's a simple enough question. *Did* you think about Robyn in that way?
Harold hesitates before admitting:
HAROLD: Madge... Yes, I *was* tempted...
MADGE (murmurs): I see.
With that, Madge walks off, leaving Harold looking worried and upset.
No. 24
A short time later, Madge is clearing away the breakfast things from the kitchen table as Harold assures her there was no impropriety involved: he and Robyn simply went walking together some mornings - oh, and there was that concert; and he went to her house once, but that was only to talk. He then adds:
HAROLD: I do think I had some justification, you know?
MADGE (gasps): What?
HAROLD: Well, you were too busy to talk to me in *weeks*. When we *did*, we only argued. I felt like a stranger in my own home.
MADGE: So you took up with the first female who strolled by?
HAROLD: D'oh, it was hardly like *that*.
MADGE (cries): After all I went through with Fred. You *know* how important fidelity is to me.
HAROLD (insists): I wasn't unfaithful. For heaven's sake, I never so much as held her hand.
MADGE: That's got nothing to do with it, Harold: it's the *emotional* commitment: two people who love each other sorting out their problems, not running to outsiders the minute things get tough. I thought you, of all people, would understand that.
HAROLD (murmurs): I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.
Harold then asks Madge gently if they can't put all this behind them and start again. Madge, however, cries:
MADGE: I don't know. All I know is that at the moment I can't bear you to be near me.
No. 32
Kerry walks into No. 32, telling Joe that Des is going to mind Sky. Toby joins them and announces that he's coming to Mary's with them: he can help, he *knows* he can. Kerry tells him gently that they don't know what the situation is, and they can handle things better if they don't have to worry about *him*. She adds that by the time he gets home from school, they'll be back and they'll tell him everything. Toby heads off reluctantly, leaving Kerry to comment to Joe:
KERRY: Poor little bloke. He really hates being left out of things, doesn't he?
With that, she goes to make some sandwiches for their trip.
No. 26
In the kitchen, Katie hands Jim some lunch she's made for him, adding that he must eat it all, because nutrition is important! She then tells Jim to help Beverly settle herself on the couch. As Jim does so, he murmurs to Beverly:
JIM: She gets more and more like Julie every day!
BEVERLY: Julie was *that* bossy?!
JIM: That and worse - but she did it out of love!
As Beverly sits down on the couch, she asks Jim sadly if he remembers what Katie was like when she first came to them.
JIM: Shy... frightened... very defensive. Not the happy little girl we see today.
Beverly asks what's going to happen to her *now*. She then sighs and asks why Helen hasn't rung. In the kitchen, Katie is demanding of Toby to know why he isn't going to school. Toby just asks Katie to tell their teacher he's sick. He then runs out through the back door. Katie marches into the lounge room and hand hands Beverly a flask of tea. She tells Jim sternly that he'd better go, or he'll be late otherwise! She heads back into the kitchen, leaving Beverly to remark to Jim:
BEVERLY: This is going to sound dreadful, but I hope Annette *isn't* well enough to have the children back.
Jim says he knows how she feels, but if Helen's best judgement is that Annette's back on the rails, they've got to let the kids go. Beverly comments that Jim has changed his tune. Jim shrugs that they have to face facts.
Ramsay Street
Toby is climbing into the back of Joe's ute and hiding himself under the tarpaulin.
Henry bursts into the pub and beams at Madge, who's behind the bar:
HENRY: I got the job! Break out the champagne!
Madge smiles and congratulates Henry. He then tells her:
HENRY: It's entry-level - and it's in sales.
MADGE: Selling *what*?
HENRY: The Marvel Sponge Absorber - every housewife's friend! Listen, I've got my own stand at the shopping centre and stuff.
MADGE: Ah, you're spruiking!
HENRY: Mum! I prefer to use the term 'roving sales representative'!
Henry then comments that there's one problem: the boss has given him the company spiel, which he's supposed to use word for word, but it's about as exciting as yesterday's dishwater, so he was thinking of injecting it with some Ramsay razzamatazz! Madge sighs and asks it is that men are never satisfied with things as they are: they go along perfectly well for years and then somebody changes the rules and it all falls apart. Looking surprised, Henry muses:
HENRY: Maybe you're right. Oh look, I'll do it your way. Anyway, you know I could sell ice to Eskimos! It won't be long until management takes me out of the field and into Head Office and then the sky is the limit for good old H!
A dirt track
Joe is driving along a track in the country. He pulls up outside a slightly dilapidated house and remarks to Kerry that it needs a bit of work. The two of them climb out of the ute and start heading to the door. As they climb up some steps, Joe realises the wood is slightly rotten, and he asks how Mary's getting up and down *that*. He raps on the door, but there's no answer. Toby peers out from the back of the ute and watches. Joe raps on the door again, but there's no response. Kerry tells him that she's not leaving until she gets some answers, so they'll have to wait.
Shopping Centre
Henry has set up his stall, complete with a microphone and speaker. He starts his patter and eagerly launches into the spiel given to him by his boss. Two women approach and look at each other. Henry then launches into a demonstration for them of the product he's selling. He turns to pour some liquid onto a piece of carpet and then uses the Marvel Sponge Absorber to remove it - but when he looks back at the women, they've walked off.
Harold walks into the Waterhole with a plate of sandwiches for Madge and smiles that she forgot to come over for lunch. Madge, however, mutters that she wasn't hungry: she'll have something to eat when she gets home. Harold offers to drive her, but Madge retorts that she can walk. Harold sighs:
HAROLD: Madge, I offered to drive you because I feel that we should have a talk.
MADGE: Yeah, well, *I don't*.
HAROLD: I place great store in honesty, Madge, you *know* that - but this time it's caused you pain, and for that I am deeply sorry.
MADGE (coolly): Yep, so am I.
HAROLD: By my own foolish actions, I have damaged your faith in me. I want to *repair* that damage, Madge. Please let me.
MADGE: Harold, there is nothing I would like more than to go back to the way things were before you met Robyn - but I don't know how we *can*; or *if* we can...
With that, Madge goes to clear some tables, leaving Harold looking worried.
Grounds outside Mary's house
Kerry is sitting in the ute as Joe paces around outside. Joe peers in the window and says:
JOE: What if the old duck's in there on her own, sick maybe?
Kerry tells him that someone will turn up eventually. Joe walks round the ute again - and suddenly notices movement in the back. He lifts up the tarpaulin and finds Toby lying there. He sighs at his son that he was told to go to school, but Toby retorts that he's not going anywhere until he knows that Mary's OK. Joe warns him to stay in the ute, but Toby says he needs the loo. Joe sighs and lifts him out, saying there's one round the back of the house. Toby runs off. Joe calls after him and tells him to come straight back. When he's gone, Kerry says to Joe that she's starting to get the creeps: there's something eerie about the place. As Toby runs to the loo, he looks in through a window in the house. He yells out suddenly, and Joe and Kerry run to him. He tells them that Mary's inside: he heard her moaning. Joe dashes round to the front, climbs the steps and breaks down the door. As he and Kerry head inside, Kerry tells Toby to stay at the door.
Mary's house
Joe opens the door to one of the rooms and finds Mary lying in bed, barely moving. He crouches down next to her and says sadly:
JOE: Oh, you poor old chook, what are they doing to you?
He and Kerry look at each other and Joe murmurs that Mary is really out of it. Kerry picks up a bottle of pills from the bedside table and comments that everything Mary said about Darryl was *true*. Mary rasps suddenly:
MARY: Naughty boy... left me.
Joe assures her:
JOE: No one's gonna leave you again, mate; no one's *ever* gonna leave you again.
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Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1037
Beverly Robinson

Madge Bishop, Jim Robinson, Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1037
Madge Bishop, Jim Robinson, Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson, Harold Bishop

Joe Mangel, Toby Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1037
Joe Mangel, Toby Mangel, Kerry Bishop

Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1037
Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 1037
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Katie Landers

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1037
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1037
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Toby Mangel

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1037
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1037
Toby Mangel

Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1037
Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay

Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1037
Toby Mangel

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1037
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1037
Henry Ramsay

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1037
Harold Bishop

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1037
Madge Bishop

Kerry Bishop, Toby Mangel, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1037
Kerry Bishop, Toby Mangel, Joe Mangel

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Mary Crombie in Neighbours Episode 1037
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Mary Crombie

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1037
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop

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