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Neighbours Episode 1036 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1036
Australian airdate: 28/08/89
UK airdate: 02/11/90
UK Gold: 21/10/96
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Rob Lewis: Ernie Bourne
Summary/Images by: Graham
Joe telling Kerry that he thinks Mary's in trouble.
No. 32
Kerry asks Joe what Mary *said*. Joe replies that it was nothing really... it was so vague. Kerry asks him if he's absolutely *sure* it was Mary, but Joe asks indignantly how many old ladies he *knows*. Kerry comments that maybe all that stuff about Darryl mistreating her was true: he *was* a bit too smooth. Joe, however, sighs that he doesn't know *what* to believe. Kerry asks him if he got a number to call Mary back on. Joe says he didn't, but adds that there can't be too many Mary Crombies; he'll get Directories to dig her up.
No. 28
Des hands mugs of tea to Jane - who's sitting with Jamie on her lap - and Paul and Gail. Paul asks Jane if she's had any ideas on having a family, but Jane chuckles that she might just practice on Jamie a little longer! Des points out that they're not even married yet! Gail remarks that the double wedding with Joe and Kerry sounds like a great idea. Des, however, doesn't look convinced as he shrugs that things are going OK - although he and Jane haven't decided about the honeymoon yet. Looking thoughtful, Paul asks:
PAUL: How long do you reckon you're going to be away, Jane?
JANE: We sort of planned on about two weeks.
PAUL: Here's an idea for you: how about, as a present from Lassiter's, you spend the entire two weeks in the bridal suite at the hotel, eh?
Gail, however, exclaims:
GAIL: You are incredible! "Oh, have a lovely wedding, Mrs. Clarke, and by the way: if you happen to get a little bit bored, perhaps you'd like to pop downstairs and do some filing!"
Jane tells Paul that they *had* planned on going somewhere a little further than downtown Erinsborough! Gail adds that, as Jane's official Matron of Honour, she insists on it! Des then says that that reminds him: he'd like Paul to be his groomsman. He adds that he was going to ask him to be Best Man, but he thought he'd better ask Mike, as things aren't that smooth between them and he thought it might help. Paul smiles that he understands and would be proud to be Des's groomsman.
DES: Thanks, mate. Now all I've got to do is ask *Mike* when he gets home...
No. 24
Harold is sitting on the couch, wrapped in a blanket. He sneezes and mutters bitterly that he blames Joe Mangel completely for his condition. Madge says she thinks Harold should withdraw from the Walkathon, but Harold exclaims:
HAROLD: Withdraw? And play right into that young ruffian's hands? Never! Harold Bishop will be there at the finishing line.
MADGE (rolling her eyes): Yeah - even if we've got to *drag* you across it.
HAROLD (firmly): We have got an old family motto, Madge: "When the going gets tough, the Bishops get tougher."
MADGE: Oh yeah? How long's *that* been in the family?
HAROLD: As of now!
Harold goes on that people don't give him enough credit: he's a lot tougher than he looks. Jim comes in suddenly through the back door. Looking concerned, he asks Harold if he's sick, and Madge says she doesn't think he should walk tomorrow. Jim explains that he came across to sign up for his sponsorship, but if Harold's pulling out, there's not much point. Harold, however, retorts that it takes a lot more than the common cold to lay Harold Bishop low, and he expects the support of all his friends *and* his wife. Jim says he'll try to be there at the finish line, but he has a meeting with Rob. Harold heads off to the bedroom to get a sponsorship form. When he's gone, Jim remarks quietly to Madge:
JIM: He doesn't look like he could make it back into the lounge room, let alone round the course tomorrow.
Madge sighs that Harold is determined to prove to everybody that he can do it. She then suggests that *Helen* could try to talk some sense into Harold, but Jim explains that she's gone to Adelaide on urgent gallery business. Harold comes back with the form and sneezes loudly again!
No. 32
Joe joins Kerry in the lounge room. She asks him how he went, but he shrugs that there was still no answer. He adds that chances are it wasn't Mary at all. Kerry, however, insists that he's very intuitive: she *knows* Mary's there. She suggests he try again. Joe heads out to the hallway and Kerry joins him as he dials a number on the 'phone. To his surprise, the call is answered and he says:
JOE: Oh... G'day, Darryl - this is Joe Mangel here, from Erinsborough. You know: we were--; yeah, we're good, thanks. Look, I had a 'phone call earlier and I think it might've been from your mum... Isn't she? ... Really? Yeah, well... Yeah, OK... Yeah, thanks, Darryl. No worries. Bye.
Joe hangs up and tells Kerry that Mary is visiting friends in the country and they haven't even *got* a 'phone. Kerry insists that she's *sure* there's something wrong. Joe, however, says:
JOE: Look, *I'm* the one with the gut feeling, remember? - and at the moment, it's feeling like... a beer, I think!
No. 28
It's evening-time. Des and Jane are preparing dinner in the kitchen area and Des asks Jane in concern if she thinks Mike will want to be Best Man. Jane says she hopes so... Des then chuckles at Paul trying to get her to work on her honeymoon! Turning serious, he asks Jane where she *would* like to go.
JANE: Well... I'd really like to go skiing in New Zealand.
DES: I can't ski.
JANE: Neither can I, but we can always learn. Just think of the romantic nights in front of the open fireplaces...
DES: Nursing a broken leg? No! Wouldn't you rather go somewhere tropical, like Bali? Just picture us: laying in the sun, drinking pina coladas...!
JANE: Getting sunburnt...
DES: Balmy, romantic evenings...
JANE: Mosquitoes, Des!
DES: It's *cold* in New Zealand! Everyone knows cold is not conducive to romance!
Jane sighs that they can't exactly compromise: halfway between Bali and New Zealand would put then right back in the bridal suite at Lassiter's! The front door opens suddenly and Mike comes in. Des tells him that there's a few calls for him from Jan, but Mike doesn't look interested. Des then says to Mike hesitantly that he'd like him to do a favour for him.
MIKE: Oh yeah?
DES: I want you to accept this in the spirit that it's meant. I would like you to be my-; well, *Jane* and I would like you to be my Best Man.
Mike stands there momentarily before shrugging and saying:
MIKE: Oh yeah. I guess so.
With that, he walks off to his room, leaving Des to comment to Jane that he wasn't exactly thrilled.
DES: I hope he doesn't put a dampener on the wedding.
JANE (sincerely): Nothing could do *that*, Des. Nothing at all.
They both look worried, though.
No. 28
The next morning, Kerry opens the front door to Joe and Jane. They both step inside and Jane heads over to the kitchen counter and asks Des if his Best Man is any more enthusiastic this morning. Des, however, explains that Mike is still asleep. Kerry asks Des if it's OK if she leaves Sky with him this morning. Des asks where she's going, and Joe explains that they're off to watch Harold in the Walkathon. The two of them head out.
Harold is limbering up in the park as an announcement over a loud hailer calls for all entrants to sign in. Madge is sighing at Harold that she wishes he'd reconsider this, but Harold insists that he'll be fine. Madge adds that she'll be waiting along the course with drinks and towels and medicine, and if he thinks he's too sick to go on she wants him to promise that he'll stop immediately. Harold, however, is looking around, saying he doesn't know what's happened to Robyn. They walk over to the registration tent, where the man in charge comments to Harold that he doesn't look very well. Harold, however, insists that he's fine. Madge asks the man if he can tell them if a Robyn Taylor has checked in yet. The man ignores this and tells Harold that they're not allowed to let sick people enter. Madge just tells the man not to worry about it, and she repeats Robyn's name. The man looks through his list of entrants and then says:
MAN: Robyn Taylor... withdrawn.
HAROLD (exclaims): Withdrawn? But that's not possible!
Madge tells him not to worry about that now, but Harold splutters that Robyn was as keen as *he* was. The man calls to all entrants to go to the starting line now, and Harold walks off. When he's gone, Madge asks the man if his clipboard says *why* Robyn Taylor withdrew. The man looks at his papers and then tells Madge curtly:
MAN: It just says 'Overseas'. I suppose that means she's gone overseas.
Madge stands there looking delighted!
No. 26
Jim opens the front door to Rob and the two of them head through to the kitchen. Rob comments that it's good to have a chat, although Gloria wasn't pleased, as it's Sunday! He then asks if there's a particular problem: he knows business is down a bit at the moment, but they're keeping their heads above water, aren't they? Jim nods that that's about *all* they're doing: they're getting left behind by other repair shops. He shows Rob a newspaper advert and Rob exclaims:
ROB: That's 20% cheaper than us. How can they manage *that*?
JIM: Quantity instead of quality, I suppose.
Jim goes on that they've got to find a way of lowering their prices without dropping the service. Rob says he met a bloke a couple of weeks ago at the stockcar races: he reckoned he could supply parts a hell of a lot cheaper than they're buying them now, as long as they bought in reasonable amounts. He adds that he's got his 'phone number at home. Jim nods that it might help. Rob says he'll ring in the morning. Jim suggests they make a list of the things they're going to need.
No. 28
Des and Mike are sitting at the kitchen table. Mike is looking at the newspaper, and doesn't really look interested as Des says:
DES: Of course, the job of Best Man starts long before the ceremony: you've got to keep me on the straight and narrow on my buck's night, for instance.
DES: And you've got to get measured-up for the suit. We should do that this week sometime.
MIKE (distantly): Yeah, that should be all right.
Des gives up and looks at Jane, who's playing on the floor with Sky. He asks if she's ready, but Jane gives him a look that indicates that she wants to talk to Mike alone. Des picks up the kids and says he'll see Jane at the park. He heads out, leaving Jane to sit down with Mike and ask him coolly if he doesn't think he's being a little *unfair* to Des: she thought he put all this ill-feeling *behind* him.
MIKE (tersely): Jane, I *have*, all right? It's just that seeing all this happiness around here tends to twist my gut.
Jane tells Mike that she's really sorry that he's feeling down - and if it means anything to him, she and Des still care about him a lot; and if there's any way they can help--. Mike interrupts and retorts that there's no way *anyone* can help right now - he just has to work through this. He adds flatly that it's nice to know she cares.
No. 22
Rob has turned up at No. 22 and he tells Gail and Paul that he had a meeting with Jim and thought he'd pop in. He asks Gail how things are going with his future grandchildren and Gail smiles that since she and Paul started going to the Multiple Birth Association, they've picked up a lot of tips on how to handle their triple trouble! Rob then asks how business is. Paul smiles:
PAUL: Fine! In fact, you know that land we couldn't get rezoned in Elliott Park? Looks like the estate agent's come up with a buyer!
Rob comments that they'll be needing every cent they can get once the kids are born. Paul says they should know for sure by today and Rob tells them that he'll keep everything crossed for them. He then says he can't tell them how much he's looking forward to becoming a grandfather - and he thought he'd jump the gun by being the first to buy them a present! He goes to the door and picks up a black sack out of which he tips three giant Paddington Bears! Gail smiles that they're gorgeous! She gives her father a loving hug.
Harold is walking along a road wearily when a car pulls up next to him. It's Joe's, and, keeping at Harold's speed, he calls out gleefully:
JOE: Can I give you a lift, mate?!
Harold, ignoring him, picks up his pace, looking determined. Joe goes on:
JOE: You look dreadful, Harry - like Nightmare on Ramsay Street!
Kerry warns Joe that he's being cruel. Harold snaps:
HAROLD: Joe Mangel... despite your attempts at sabotage, I *will* finish this.
JOE: You sure you don't wanna be at home, soaking in a hot tub?!
HAROLD: There'll be plenty of time for that later - when I finish *this*.
KERRY (calls): Good on ya, dad!
Joe speeds up the car and drives off. When he's gone, Harold stops walking and crouches over in pain. He sneezes loudly. He then murmurs to himself that when the going gets tough, the Bishops get tougher...
No. 28
Des has arrived home with the kids. Jane and Mike are preparing lunch and Mike says to Des:
MIKE: Des, look, I was thinking: well, tomorrow or Tuesday would be a good day for me to try the suit on for the wedding.
DES (happily): Great, mate! I can just see you in a top hat and tails with a frilly shirt!
Mike smiles but then tells Des that he thinks he forgot to mention that he'd be *honoured* to be Des's Best Man. Des shakes his hand appreciatively. The doorbell rings suddenly and Des goes to answer it. Gail and Paul are standing on the step and Des invites them in. Paul explains that they came to see if Des and Jane wanted to join them for dinner tonight. Des asks what the occasion is and Paul explains happily that they sold the land at Elliott Park! Jane suggests that they'd better go somewhere expensive then! Paul adds that they're celebrating more than just their good fortune, too. Gail clarifies:
GAIL: Having the money so quickly means we can buy Hilary out of the Robinson Corporation.
DES: Whoa, that *is* something to celebrate!
Des then goes on that he and Jane gave got something to celebrate as well: Mike's agreed to be his Best Man. Paul and Gail smile that that's great!
Harold is struggling along when a teenage kid comes up behind him and starts taunting:
KID: Out of the way, gramps!
KID: Come on, grandpa, get out of neutral! You run any slower, you'd be walking *backwards*!
HAROLD (indignantly): You young roughneck!
With that, the boy walks off ahead of Harold - who suddenly finds himself all on his own, at the back of the pack. He sneezes loudly!
No. 32
Joe is watching TV when Kerry comes in and sits down on the couch with him. He laughs that he bets Harold could go a bowl of hot soup right now! Kerry sighs that she hopes he's OK. Joe insists that he's sure he's all right: he probably quit and threw in the towel hours ago. Kerry, however, points out that her father can be pretty determined. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Joe beams that that'll be Harold conceding defeat! He goes to answer it saying:
JOE: How's it going, mate? Got your breath back yet?!
He listens and his face drops as he then says:
JOE: Mary? Is that you? Mary? ... Where are ya? ... Look I can't understand. You're gonna have to; have to--; are you at home? ... Mary, you're gonna have to speak up. MARY?
Joe then hangs up, sighing at Kerry that she's gone. Kerry asks what she said. Joe replies that he couldn't catch it, but she's at home and she needs help.
KERRY: Then Darryl *was* lying about her visiting friends in the country.
Kerry goes on that they've got to *do* something. Joe asks *what*. Kerry tells him to call the police.
Jim has joined Madge at the finish line. It's dark as the last few stragglers struggle past, and Jim tells Madge that these are the last of them: *his* guess is that Harold's decided to call it quits and has headed off home. Madge, however, retorts that Harold would fall in a heap on the side of the road rather than do that. She suggests that they'd better go back over the course. The man in charge calls out that the show's over, but Madge retorts that it's *not* over until the last entrant's crossed the finish line. At that moment, Jim spots Harold struggling towards them, barely able to walk. He and Madge dash over to him, Madge yelling excitedly:
MADGE: Harold! It's only a few metres! Come on!
The two of them join Harold and Madge tells him that she's so proud of him! Harold, looking dazed and confused, says:
HAROLD: Oh ye of little faith. I had another kilometre left in me!
With that, though, Harold stops walking, passes out and falls backwards onto the ground. Madge stares at him in concern.
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Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1036
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Jane Harris, Jamie Clarke, Des Clarke, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1036
Jane Harris, Jamie Clarke, Des Clarke, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Harold Bishop, Jim Robinson, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1036
Harold Bishop, Jim Robinson, Madge Bishop

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1036
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Des Clarke, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 1036
Des Clarke, Jane Harris

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 1036
Mike Young

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1036
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1036
Harold Bishop

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1036
Jim Robinson

Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 1036
Rob Lewis

Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 1036
Jane Harris, Mike Young

Rob Lewis, Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1036
Rob Lewis, Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 1036
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Rob Lewis

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1036
Harold Bishop

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1036
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop

Mike Young, Jane Harris, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1036
Mike Young, Jane Harris, Des Clarke

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1036
Harold Bishop

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1036
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Jim Robinson, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1036
Jim Robinson, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1036
Harold Bishop

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