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Neighbours Episode 1032 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1032
Australian airdate: 22/08/89
UK airdate: 29/10/90
UK Gold: 15/10/96
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Guests: Robyn Taylor: Gerda Nicolson
Summary/Images by: Graham
Jane saying to Gail that Reflections don't think Des is suitable for the wedding photos and wondering how she's going to tell him.
Coffee Shop
Henry comes into the Coffee Shop with a bunch of flowers for Bronwyn. She beams that they're beautiful - but he shouldn't have spent the money. Henry, however, explains that they came from the Robinsons' garden - with Jim's blessing! Bronwyn asks what happened to the new, responsible Henry Ramsay. Henry tells her that he's going to find a job that pays good money. Bronwyn remarks that she thought he enjoyed gardening. Henry insists that he does, but the money isn't great and he doesn't want her worrying about their future. He adds that it's obvious that he's a born salesman, and all he has to do is go through the Situations Vacant and find the right job to make his fortune.
BRONWYN: So long as it's something that you're happy doing: that's the most important thing.
HENRY (saccharinely): Providing for you and our children: *that's* the most important thing.
BRONWYN: Awww... you're so sweet! How could have ever doubted that I love you?
Henry checks:
HENRY: No doubts now?
BRONWYN: Nope. Never again.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Jane and Paul are working when Des comes in and asks Paul if he can talk to Jane. Paul tells him to go for it. Des heads over to Jane's desk and, kneeling down next to her, says that if Reflections are going to pay for the wedding outfits, he'd like something really nice, so he got some brochures on formal suits and found one he really liked. He points it out to Jane and says that he knows it's expensive, but as money's no obstacle, what the heck?! Jane, looking awkward, says:
JANE: Des, I've actually been thinking. I know you were never keen on this idea, but-
DES: Oh no, it's all right: I've come *round* to the idea. This is the sort of wedding that most people can only dream of - and we can *have* it. I'll be so proud of you: photos in the magazine... most beautiful bride in the world... and I'm the luckiest groom. I can't wait!
Jane sits there looking worried.
Coffee Shop
Madge walks into the Coffee Shop with some shopping bags and asks Harold if he can take them home in the car for her. Bronwyn, however, grabs them and explains that Harold isn't feeling too great. She then heads off to the kitchen. Madge asks Harold if he's sick, but Harold tells her that he just overdid things this morning: he shouldn't have walked 5km. Madge exclaims:
MADGE: Five? But the Walkathon's *twenty*. How are you going to cope?
HAROLD: Well, I'll just take it at a steadier pace than I did this morning, that's all. I think I did push things a bit. The thing is, having learned race-walking as a young man, it's very difficult getting used to taking things at a more casual pace.
Madge suggests that maybe he should drop out, but Harold insists indignantly that he'll be fine. Bronwyn emerges from the kitchen and, changing the subject, says she was thinking that it would be nice if the three newly-engaged couples had dinner together, so could she ask them round to No. 24 tonight? Madge says it's fine by her, as she's working. Harold shrugs that he can take himself off to his bedroom.
HAROLD: After all, I *am* used to being by myself lately...
Madge mutters at Harold to stop playing the martyr. Harold, however, retorts that he *does* get lonely by himself of an evening: Henry and Bronwyn are taken up with each other and Madge is always at work. Madge just insists that it won't last forever.
No. 28
Mike is working at the table when Des comes in. Des shows him the brochure containing the suits and asks Mike what he thinks of the one he's pointing to. Mike, however, doesn't look interested, muttering that it's Des's wedding day - he doesn't need *his* opinion. Des apologises and comments that Mike must be upset about Bronny.
MIKE (retorts): I couldn't care *less* about Bronny. She didn't mean anything to me anyway.
DES: That's not what you said the other day.
MIKE (snaps): Des, look, girls are easy come, easy go, as far as I'm concerned. If she's stupid enough to marry Henry then that's *her* problem. I'll find someone else. I'm not going to sit around brooding about it.
No. 24
Harold tells Madge that he might have a soak in the bath to get rid of his aches and pains. Madge remarks that she thought the whole idea of this was to make him feel fit and better. Harold, thought, retorts:
HAROLD: The whole idea of it is to raise money for the hospital. It's a very worthwhile cause and I intend to do my bit, even if it does cause me some discomfort, Madge.
Madge just warns him that if he isn't careful, he won't be raising money for the hospital, he'll be taking up one of the beds! Harold mutters:
HAROLD: Thank you for your encouragement!
Harold goes to head to the bathroom, but Madge says she doesn't know if Henry's finished in there yet. Harold asks in surprise what *he's* doing home, and Madge explains that he's getting ready to go for an insurance salesman's job. Harold remarks that he'll have to smarten himself up then. Madge retorts that she's sure he intends to make himself look respectable. At that moment, Henry emerges from the bedroom area wearing a very smart suit. Madge smiles at him and exclaims that he looks terrific! Harold adds:
HAROLD: Well, yes, I must say, it's a vast improvement!
With that, he heads off for his bath, putting his hand to a twinge in his back as he does so. Left alone with Madge, Henry says quietly:
HENRY: I wouldn't place any bets on him *completing* this Walkathon.
MADGE (grimly): I already *have*.
HENRY: You what?
MADGE: I bet Joe Mangel $50.
HENRY: You're crazy!
MADGE: Well maybe it's not too late to get out of it?
HENRY: I don't reckon Joe will let you off the hook.
MADGE: Oh, I don't know: if a horse is lame, you scratch it. I think Harold should be scratched!
With that, Henry says he'd better go. Madge smiles at him that she's very proud to see the responsible attitude he has towards his engagement, and she's also glad that he's realised he's capable of more than gardening and doing odd jobs at Lassiter's. Henry hugs her warmly.
No. 28
Mike opens the front door to find Bronwyn standing on the step. They greet each other awkwardly and Bronwyn explains that she's brought a few groceries over on Kerry's behalf. Mike just shrugs at her to stick them on the bench. As Bronwyn heads inside, she tells Mike that they should talk. Mike retorts that there's nothing to talk *about*, but Bronwyn goes on that she knows she should have come to see him earlier; she hasn't been trying to avoid him.
MIKE (curtly): Oh, but you were too busy mucking around with Henry, right?
BRONWYN: I'm sorry I hurt you.
MIKE (sharply): Don't kid yourself. I'm fine.
BRONWYN: But I owe you an explanation.
MIKE (snaps): You don't owe me *anything*, OK? All I want is for you to leave me alone.
With that, Mike storms off to his room.
No. 24
Madge is talking on the 'phone, telling Joe that she's not trying to welsh on the bet, but she made it at a hot-headed moment and now she's thought about it sensibly she wants to cancel. She doesn't notice Harold emerging from the bedroom area and overhearing as she goes on that it's *not* because she doesn't think he can make the distance: it was just a silly thing to do and she's not a gambling person anyway. She listens to Joe and then sighs:
MADGE: All right, I admit: I shouldn't have bet on Harold in the first place, but you goaded me into it... If I'd had a chance to think properly about the whole thing, I would've realised that he didn't have a hope of finishing the Walkathon.
Standing behind Madge, Harold's face drops. Madge goes on at Joe that she made the bet, it was under duress and Joe should be prepared to cancel. Harold clears his throat suddenly and Madge tells Joe quickly that she's got to go. She turns and looks at Harold and remarks that that was a very quick bath. Harold tells her that he realised he didn't have time, so he had a shower instead.
MADGE: Well, I hope it helped your aches and pains.
HAROLD (coolly): The aches and pains that are going to stop me from finishing the marathon?
MADGE: Well... well, it doesn't really look as if you're going to be *able* to finish it, does it?
HAROLD: You bet on me, Madge?
MADGE (nods): Yes.
HAROLD: Even though you know I disapprove of gambling?
MADGE: I was trying to show my faith in you.
HAROLD: But now you want to *cancel* the bet. So what's happened to your faith, Madge?
MADGE: Well, I-I didn't realise how much it was going to take out of you.
HAROLD: Oh, I see: you thought I couldn't finish, so now you don't want to lose your money?
MADGE: That's rather a blunt way of putting it.
HAROLD: Well the truth *is* often blunt, Madge, and the truth is that you've lost all faith in me. What's more, you are prepared to let Joe Mangel know it.
MADGE (murmurs): I didn't think of it that way.
Harold crosses his arms and tells Madge:
HAROLD: I don't know what to make of you anymore. The one person I expect to supply me with love and support...
MADGE (sighs): Don't start making mountains out of molehills.
HAROLD: I'm beginning to wonder what sort of relationship we really *have*.
MADGE: Oh Harold, for goodness' sake, don't-
HAROLD (heading to the door): I *would* like to say that we can finish this discussion this evening, but you won't be here, *will* you?
With that, Harold heads out, leaving Madge looking worried.
Coffee Shop
Harold clears a table after some schoolkids leave. The shop door opens suddenly and Robyn comes in with some shopping bags. She tells Harold that she thought she could do with a nice cup of herbal tea - and she hoped they could have a chat: she wanted to know how he's feeling now, as he seemed a bit sore this morning. Harold explains that he thinks he may have pushed himself just a little bit too hard. Robyn tells him that he needs some of her liniment: she'll drop it in later. Harold smiles that that's very good of her. Robyn then says she thinks the problem is that Harold's trying to walk too fast: the point is to *complete* the Walkathon, not be first past the line. Harold says sadly:
HAROLD: I'm beginning to wonder whether I *will* complete the Walkathon.
ROBYN: Course you will. Strike an easier pace and you'll be fine.
HAROLD: You really think so?
ROBYN: I've got no doubt of it.
HAROLD: Well, thank you, Robyn, I appreciate some support.
ROBYN: Why - haven't you been getting much?
HAROLD (darkly): No. None whatsoever.
Harold then tells Robyn that he's not one to talk behind his wife's back, but he has to talk to *somebody*... He explains about the bet that Madge made and about how she then tried to cancel it because she thought he wouldn't make it. He sighs:
HAROLD: I just don't know what to make of our marriage, lately. We hardly ever see each other, and when we do...
ROBYN: What?
HAROLD: Well, she's very harsh with me.
Harold goes on that he used to think their marriage was made in heaven, but now... Robyn insists that *all* marriages go through difficult periods: it'll sort itself out.
HAROLD: But she doesn't seem to understand me, Robyn - not like *you* do.
Harold then apologises quickly, saying he didn't mean that to sound like it did. Robyn assures him that it's all right - and she feels flattered that Harold can talk to her. She adds:
ROBYN: And don't worry about the Walkathon: you'll be fine. I'll tell you what: if *I* were a gambling woman, I wouldn't hesitate to bet on you.
HAROLD (beaming and touching Robyn's hand gratefully): Oh, you're a wonderful woman, Robyn. I'm very glad I met you.
Robyn looks at Harold lovingly...
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Des and Gail walk into the office, Gail telling Jane that Des was wondering if she was free to go. Jane, however, says she'll be at least another hour. Des explains to Jane that he thought they could go to the shops and look at more suits. Jane, however, insists that the suit he saw in the brochure was fine - although it might be better to hire it rather than buy it. Des points out that Damien Gregory wasn't worried about money: he just wants them to look their best for the photos. Jane says awkwardly:
JANE: Well, you see, there aren't going to *be* any photos. Well, at least, not any in magazines.
DES (looking surprised): Yeah? How are they going to do it? What - a video and show it on TV? That sounds a bit nerve-wracking!
JANE: Um, no, Des, you don't understand. I rang Damien Gregory earlier on and I told him that... well, that we didn't want to go through with it.
Des, looking astonished, exclaims that she was so *keen* on it. Jane tells him that she decided he was right: they don't want their wedding turned into a circus. Gail chips in and says she thinks Jane has made a very wise decision: a wedding should be a private thing between them and their chosen friends; they don't want the whole world looking in. Paul adds that that's right. Des remarks that Gail and Paul said it was a good idea too. He stands there, looking puzzled, but then remarks that he *knew* he was right!
No. 24
Bronwyn is doing some ironing as Henry sits on the couch, looking glum. Bronwyn tells him sympathetically to cheer up, as he doesn't want to be a wet blanket for dinner tonight. She adds that there's no rush: it doesn't matter if he takes a bit of time to find another job. Henry just sighs:
HENRY: What if I *can't* find one?
BRONWYN: Then my husband will be a gardener and an odd-job man. It doesn't worry me.
Henry, however, retorts that it worries *him*: he wants something *better* for his wife and family; he wants to feel that he's *going* somewhere with his life. Bronwyn insists that something will turn up - and she loves him just the way he is. Henry perks up and thanks Bronwyn for having faith in him.
Coffee Shop
Harold is sweeping the floor when Madge comes in and says she wanted to apologise for the business with the bet: of *course* she won't cancel. Harold remarks coolly that he didn't think Joe would *allow* her to. Madge insists that she doesn't *want* to: she knows he'll make the distance. Harold mutters that he knows she's only saying this for the sake of making peace; she doesn't mean it for an instant.
MADGE (mutters): Oh, for heaven's sake.
HAROLD (coolly): Yes, that's *another* thing you seem to be saying an awful lot lately. We hardly ever see each other, and when we do, I seem to get on your nerves.
Changing the subject, Harold asks Madge if she can mind the shop for a moment, as he has to take the rubbish out and drop the takings off at the night bank. Madge tells him not to take more than ten minutes, as she has to get to work. Harold mutters that he shouldn't be any more than *five*. Madge sighs heavily and sits down at a table. A few moments later, the door opens and a woman comes in. It's Robyn. Madge turns to her and asks if she can help her.
ROBYN: I'm looking for Harold.
MADGE: Oh, well, he's just stepped out for a moment, but *I* can serve you.
ROBYN: Er, no, it's all right. It's personal.
MADGE: Oh. Well. I'm Madge - Harold's wife.
Looking surprised, Robyn remarks that Harold has told her a lot about her.
MADGE: Really? Well, I don't think he's told me anything about *you*.
ROBYN: I'm Robyn Taylor. Harold and I have been walking together in the mornings.
MADGE (looking surprised): Oh... you're not at all the way I pictured.
ROBYN: How was that?
MADGE: Oh, I don't know... Someone not quite so feminine, I suppose.
ROBYN (sharply): I see. You thought I was some sort of fitness fanatic: muscular and somewhat unattractive?
MADGE (awkwardly): Well I... no, I wouldn't quite put it *that* way.
ROBYN (coolly): I'm glad I've met you, Madge: there's something I'd like to talk to you about.
MADGE: *Me*?
ROBYN: Yes. As you must know, Harold and I have been seeing quite a lot of each other lately.
MADGE: Yeah, I know you've been exercising together.
ROBYN: It's become *more* than that. I want to talk to you about your relationship with him.
MADGE (tersely): I fail to see what that's got to do with *you*.
ROBYN: Quite a lot. Harold and I have become very close. Frankly, Madge, I'm in love with him.
Madge stares at Robyn in astonishment.
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Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1032
Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay

Jane Harris, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1032
Jane Harris, Des Clarke

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1032
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 1032
Mike Young

Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1032
Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop

Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 1032
Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1032
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop, Robyn Taylor in Neighbours Episode 1032
Harold Bishop, Robyn Taylor

Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Des Clarke, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1032
Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Des Clarke, Gail Robinson

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1032
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 1032
Jane Harris

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1032
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1032
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Robyn Taylor in Neighbours Episode 1032
Robyn Taylor

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1032
Madge Bishop

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