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Neighbours Episode 0972 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0972
Australian airdate: 30/05/89
UK airdate: 06/08/90
UK Gold: 23/07/96
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Summary/Images by: Graham
Joe accusing Des of taking Kerry away from him.
No. 28
Joe tries to drag Des outside, snapping that he doesn't want the kids to see this. Kerry runs after them, screaming at Joe to stop. Joe just snaps:
JOE: No one pinches *my* girl and gets away with it.
DES (still grappling): I *didn't* pinch your girl.
Kerry separates two of them and tells Joe angrily that she's not an object that he can take or give back at will; she's responsible for her own actions. Joe glares at her and snarls:
JOE: You said you would think about marrying *me*.
KERRY: Well that doesn't give you the right to talk about me as if I were a football.
JOE: And you haven't been fooling around with *him*? [He glares at Des]
KERRY: Des and I have had a great time together - as friends. But there's been nothing else going on.
Joe growls that that's not the way *Harold* made it sound: he gave the impression that Des and Kerry were an *item*. Kerry snaps:
KERRY: Well trust *him* to cause trouble.
Joe stares at her for several seconds. He then murmurs that he's sorry. Kerry tells him to apologise to Des. Des nods at Joe that he should've trusted him. Turning to Kerry, Joe explains that he just wasn't happy when he found out she was living there; he wants her at *his* place. Kerry tells him that she'll be over later to pick up some of the dogs.
No. 22
As Paul and Gail arrive home, Paul takes off his jacket and flings it down on the couch angrily, demanding to know how they're going to raise $100,000. Gail points out that she didn't want him to get into so much debt in the first place through the takeover; this was the sort of thing she was *worried* about. Paul snaps:
PAUL: Oh great - I was *wondering* how long it would be before you throw that in my face.
Gail apologises, insisting she wants to help in any way she can. Paul calms down and sighs that he's just scared. Gail remarks that there must be some company asset they could sell. Paul replies that there's a bit of land, but unless it's rezoned it won't bring anywhere near the money they're after. Gail tells him they should push for rezoning. Paul sighs that he'll try again - but Elliott Park Council seems pretty immovable. Gail tells him to relax and she'll make dinner.
No. 28
Kerry is muttering to Des about Joe, and asking angrily who he thinks she is. Des points out that if you love someone it's only natural to get a bit possessive. Kerry retorts that Joe has got to learn that people aren't possessions. Des asks if she hasn't ever been jealous of *anyone*.
KERRY: No, never. I was very fond of Sky's father, but I didn't try to tie him down. I enjoyed what we had when we had it - but when he became interested in somebody else, I said goodbye and I let him go.
Des remarks that she must be very sure of herself - or not really in love... Kerry stares at him. Tears then well-up in her eyes as she murmurs:
KERRY: Yeah... or maybe I've never really *been* in love - not even with Joe. How can you tell?
Des suggests that, if she has to ask, maybe she hasn't been - although *he* knew with *Daph*; there was no doubt. Kerry retorts that she can't marry Joe while she's so uncertain. Des points out that she'll have to tell him. Kerry cries that she knows; she really likes Joe - he's funny and sexy and great company... but Des is all those things too, and she doesn't think she's in love with *him*. She sobs:
KERRY: Des, I'm out of my depth here. I don't know how to handle this.
No. 32
Noelene and Toby have arrived at No. 32 and Noelene tells Joe that she's glad he's back: she needs to talk to him. Toby asks Joe what England was like and Joe laughs that he got lost walking round London! Noelene sends Toby off to Katie's. When he's gone, Joe asks Noelene what's up. She tells him that she lost her job while he was away and couldn't get another one - and her lease is up on her flat and she can't afford to renew it. Joe sighs that he's broke and can't help her - but Noelene tells him that she doesn't want money from him; she just wants him to put her and Toby up for a while. Joe sighs that the two of them don't work when they're close together; there's friction. Noelene, however, insists that there won't be any friction; it's just until she gets on her feet again. Joe sighs heavily and gives in. The dogs suddenly start barking in the back yard, causing Noelene to ask what on earth that noise is. Joe explains:
JOE: I've got a back yard full of dogs - and if they're not out of there soon, Clarkey can *have* them.
Unknown to Joe, a hole has appeared under the fence in the back yard and Bouncer is leading the dogs to freedom...!
No. 26
Toby is telling Katie that he thinks his mum is going to ask his dad if they can stay with *him* for a while. Henry comes in through the back door and he asks Toby if he's heard any news from his old man. Toby replies that he just saw him. Henry, looking delighted to hear that Joe is back, beams that Ramsay & Mangel are back in business! Toby corrects that it's Mangel & Ramsay! Henry then asks if Jim or Helen are around, but Katie tells him that he can to talk to *her*! Henry explains that he has a solution to the leaves-in-the-pool problem: he could cut the trees back, but would have to charge a $100 fee. Katie tries to knock him down to $25! Henry smiles that he'll talk to Jim: *he'll* be reasonable!
Back yard of No. 32
Des and Kerry come in through the back gate of No. 32 to find the dogs are missing. Des walks round the garden and spots the hole under the fence. He sighs:
DES: Houdini Bouncer's struck again: The Great Escape.
KERRY (groans): Oh no... they're probably all over the neighbourhood by now. How're we gonna find them?
No. 26
A short time later, Des and Kerry are standing with Katie and Toby, Kerry telling the kids that she and Des will play a dollar a dog for every one they bring back. Des adds that they'd better bring them back to *his* place, as they can dig out of Joe's too easily. Katie and Toby look delighted at the idea of earning the money.
No. 22
Paul is adding up some figures on a calculator. Gail asks him what he's working out and he tells her that he's calculating what they could get for the land if it was rezoned as industrial: they'd get five times as much as for residential subdivision. Gail points out that there's not much point in thinking about it if they can't get the *council* to agree. Paul sighs that he'll make another approach to them. Gail then remarks:
GAIL: It's a pity the house is so heavily mortgaged: we could sell it.
PAUL: (looking surprised): You mean you'd *do* that?
GAIL: I told you: I'm giving you my full support. I don't really want us arguing and pulling in different directions at the moment.
PAUL: Why 'at the moment' in particular?
GAIL: Well... because, um, I think we've had enough of that and we should be united.
PAUL: Yeah, I couldn't agree more.
With that, Paul says he's going to see Barry and give him the full story. He adds that he knows Barry's only an accountant and not a miracle-worker, but that's what they need right now: a miracle.
Ramsay Street
Toby has found one dog - that's bigger than him! - and is being led by it up Ramsay Street! He runs into Henry and tells him about how Kerry's dogs got loose and he and Katie are getting a dollar for each dog they bring back. Looking at the size of the dog, Henry remarks that Toby looks well-and-truly in the money *there*! He adds:
HENRY: I thought Phar Lapp was *dead*! Himalaya hound!
No. 32
Joe is sitting in an armchair, staring into space, when there's a loud hammering on the front door. He gets up and mutters:
JOE: Can't a bloke relax for a minute?
He goes to the door and opens it to Henry. He sighs heavily, though, and tells Henry that he's too jetlagged. He asks if they can talk tomorrow, but Henry beams that Joe's jetlag doesn't bother *him*! He then goes on that he's got heaps of jobs lined up; he's kept the fires burning while Joe has been away. Joe, ignoring this, just asks Henry if he knows Kerry has moved in with Des. Henry admits that Harold mentioned it. Joe asks if they're really just mates. Henry insists that Joe is barking up the wrong tree if he thinks there's anything more to it. He adds:
HENRY: Speaking of barking, I just saw Toby dragging this huge dog over to the Clarke house!
JOE: Yeah... That's why she's staying over there, she reckons: because of them dogs.
Henry nods that they've been pretty noisy all right. Joe exclaims that she should have been staying at *his* place when he got back; she *promised* him. Henry points out that Kerry is looking after the kids; she probably thought it was easier if they were all in one house. He then suggests that Joe should be talking to *Kerry* about it, not *him*.
JOE: That's the trouble, mate: every time I talk to her about getting hitched, she puts me off - like she's making excuses.
He pauses before then declaring:
JOE: I'm gonna get an answer out of her tonight - one way or another.
No. 22
Gail lets Des in and he tells her that he's dropped in to see Paul. Gail, however, explains that he's not home. Des tells her that Paul phoned him this afternoon about getting another loan, but there's no chance. He adds that it's a pretty rough situation. Tears start to well-up in Gail's eyes as she nods that it *is*. Looking surprised, Des comments that he didn't think she'd be *that* upset. Gail, however, explains that it's not that; it's something else. She then asks Des if she can talk to him for a minute. The two of them sit down and Gail goes on:
GAIL: I've suspected for a few days that I might be pregnant.
DES: (looking astonished): Yeah?!
GAIL: Yeah - and today I bought a kit and I just used it.
DES: And?
GAIL: Well, it looks like I *am*. I mean, I'm going to have to do a confirming test at the clinic in the morning, but, um, this one was positive.
Des beams that that's great!, and he gives Gail a kiss. Gail, however, sobs:
GAIL: I'm not so sure.
Des, looking puzzled, comments that he thought she and Paul wanted a baby *so much*. Gail sobs:
GAIL: But Des, we're under this enormous financial pressure. I'm just not sure how Paul's going to take it.
DES: He'll be over the moon - I *know* he will.
GAIL: Any other time, this would be the happiest moment of my life - but I'm just... I'm really scared of how Paul's going to take it...
No. 28
Kerry hands Katie $5 and Katie smiles that she's going to blow it all on chocolate! Des arrives home and Katie heads out. Des tells Kerry that they should have all the dogs back by now: he just paid Toby $6. Kerry queries the figure and Des sighs that he had to cough-up for Bouncer too.
KERRY: But I just paid *Katie* five dollars.
DES: What?
KERRY: She brought back five dogs.
DES: Toby said *he* brought back-
He breaks off and the two of them run outside in horror. They find the back yard full of twice as many dogs as there were originally! Des asks Kerry anxiously what they're going to do. Kerry suggests that they hang onto their own dogs and set the rest free and hope they all go home of their own accord! Des says *he'll* do that; Kerry should spend some time with Joe. Kerry, however, sighs that she doesn't know what to *do* about Joe: she can't help seeing marriage as a trap; she couldn't stand to be locked up like that. Des insists that it doesn't *have* to be that way; it all depends how you feel about the other person.
No. 32
It's evening-time. There's a knock at the front door and Joe gets up to answer it, looking sleepy. He finds Kerry standing on the step and he lets her in. She apologises for taking so long to come over. They head into the lounge room, where Joe asks hesitantly:
JOE: Well...? Are you gonna marry me?
Kerry pauses before replying:
KERRY: Joe, I'm still not sure I'm ready for it.
Joe nods that he knew she'd say that. Kerry tells him that she just wants them to go on as they are for a while - before they take it any further. Joe asks her if she's going to come and stay with him, but she replies that she won't while Noelene's there. Joe asks how she knows about *that*, and Kerry explains that Toby told her. She adds that she'd feel funny moving in with him and his ex-wife. Joe comments sadly that it just seems to him like she's still making excuses.
No. 28
Des and Henry are playing cards, but as Henry picks up his winning matches, Des sighs at him that he's won every hand! Henry tells him that he's just not concentrating! Des explains that he's wondering how Kerry's getting on with Joe. Henry muses that Joe's been wondering how Kerry's been getting on with *Des*! Des insists that there's nothing going on. Kerry comes in suddenly and Des asks her how she went. She replies flatly that she and Joe agreed to go on as they are, for the time being - but she used an excuse to evade the real issue, and she doesn't really like herself for that.
No. 32
It's late-evening. Toby walks into the lounge room, wearing his dressing gown, and comments to Joe that he thought he was real lagged. He then thanks his dad for letting his mum stay there. Joe shrugs that he and Noelene get on OK now. Toby beams:
TOBY: Yeah? You really like her again?
JOE: Sure, Noels is OK!
TOBY: I wish we could stay here forever!
With that, Toby goes and sits down on the couch and curls up with his father.
No. 22
The next morning, Paul calls to Gail from the kitchen that the toast's ready. Gail comes downstairs and Paul apologises to her for keeping her awake with his tossing and turning. Gail murmurs that she couldn't sleep anyhow. Paul remarks that she doesn't look so hot, so why doesn't she stay at home today? Gail insists that she'll be all right, but Paul tells her that he didn't mean to let the concrete cancer get to him so much; he didn't mean for it to upset *her*. Tears welling-up in her eyes, Gail sobs:
GAIL: It's all right, Paul, really...
Paul puts his arm round her, sympathetically, insisting gently:
PAUL: Gail, come on... we can work it out... it's all right... don't let it get you down.
Gail, however, cries:
GAIL: I think I'm pregnant.
PAUL: (a broad grin crossing his face): What? Gail, that's fantastic! That's incredible!
GAIL: I was terrified you'd be upset. I didn't know how you'd take it - whether you'd say we couldn't afford a baby right now.
PAUL: (throwing his arms around Gail): Don't be silly! This is what we want more than anything in the world! I couldn't be happier! I'm so thrilled! We're going to have a baby!
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Kerry Bishop, Des Clarke, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0972
Kerry Bishop, Des Clarke, Joe Mangel

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0972
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0972
Kerry Bishop

Noelene Mangel, Toby Mangel, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0972
Noelene Mangel, Toby Mangel, Joe Mangel

Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 0972

Toby Mangel, Henry Ramsay, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0972
Toby Mangel, Henry Ramsay, Katie Landers

Des Clarke, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0972
Des Clarke, Kerry Bishop

Toby Mangel, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0972
Toby Mangel, Henry Ramsay

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0972
Joe Mangel

Gail Robinson, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0972
Gail Robinson, Des Clarke

Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0972
Katie Landers

Des Clarke, Kerry Bishop, Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 0972
Des Clarke, Kerry Bishop, Bouncer

Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0972
Kerry Bishop

Des Clarke, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0972
Des Clarke, Henry Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0972
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

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