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Neighbours Episode 0971 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0971
Australian airdate: 29/05/89
UK airdate: 03/08/90
UK Gold: 22/07/96
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Summary/Images by: Graham
Bronwyn telling Sharon that she doesn't want anything more to do with her.
No. 22
Madge, Gail and Paul are tidying up after the party, Madge apologising to Gail for Gloria being so upset. Gail, however, insists that it wasn't Madge's fault. She adds that she'll drop over after they've finished there and see how she is. Madge says she'll go too. Paul, though, says he doesn't think that's a good idea: Gloria probably isn't going to be receptive to anything they have to say at the moment. With that, he suggests to Madge that she run along. Gail adds that they'll get together in the morning and work out what they can do about Gloria. Madge heads off, leaving Gail to remark to Paul that he practically *threw* Madge out. Paul retorts:
PAUL: Which is what they're going to be doing to *us*, Gail, if word of this concrete cancer gets out.
GAIL: It's *that* bad?
PAUL: If Kevin's right, we're going to have to close down the hotel until repairs are done. I think that we should just keep it to ourselves for the time being.
Gail muses on the fact that Paul said 'if Kevin's right', and asks if there's a chance he thinks his golden-haired boy's made a mistake. Paul insists that he *doesn't* think that - but he still has to get it checked by an expert. Gail starts to say:
GAIL: If we have to close down--
PAUL (retorts): That's right: no income; nothing. We won't even be able to afford the mortgage payments.
Gail stands there looking worried.
No. 30
Sharon and Matt are sitting on the lounge room floor, listening to loud music, but Hilary comes in and snaps at the two of them that she thinks the whole neighbourhood has had enough of the noise. Sharon turns the music off - and the noise of dogs barking in the backyard of No. 32 immediately becomes obvious. Hilary tells Matt that it's a blessing he's starting school tomorrow and won't have any more free time to waste. Matt, however, sighs:
MATT: Don't count on it. I reckon once my new Maths teacher spots me, I'm going to be *finishing* school tomorrow.
Hilary insists that he's worry over nothing. Matt just retorts that she wasn't there when he had his run-in with Mike. Hilary suggests that perhaps she'd better have a word with Mike. Matt, looking grateful, thanks her.
No. 24
Harold opens the front door at No. 24 and Rob barges in, demanding:
ROB: Where is she?
ROB: That loud-mouth wife of yours.
HAROLD: How dare you-
Madge stands up from the couch, though, and tells Harold that *she'll* handle this. Rob, however, retorts that she's *good* at handling things: she sure handled Gloria a beauty today. Madge says she's sorry - she should've handled it more carefully; or she shouldn't have let herself get talked into it in the first place. Looking surprised, Rob asks her what she means, and Madge explains about Dean not wanting Gloria to go to the party. Rob calms down and apologises for getting it wrong. He then mutters:
ROB: The ungrateful little beggar. When I think of everything she's done for him...
He goes on that Gloria's really taking it hard. Madge tells him that she and Gail are going to talk to her in the morning; she just hopes Gloria is still talking to *her*...
No. 28
The next morning, Hilary is telling Mike that if Matt had known Mike was his teacher, he wouldn't have been so unfriendly - not that that excuses his behaviour. Mike tells Hilary that every student comes into his class with a clean slate and it's up to them whether they keep it or not. Hilary says:
HILARY: I don't think you'll have any worries *there*. He *has* been having a few problems adjusting to things, lately, but I'm sure that has a lot to do with, er, what's happened. Anyway, that's all behind him now.
MIKE (frowns): What *sort* of problems?
Hilary starts to stammer:
HILARY: You know, Mike... just general.
The front door opens suddenly and Kerry comes in. Des, who's sitting having breakfast at the dining table, asks if everything's OK over at Joe's. Kerry nods that it is. Hilary mutters that those dogs only kept her awake *five* times last night. She adds coolly:
HILARY: I trust they will be gone soon - before the council has to be contacted...?
With that, she goes to the door and Mike lets her out. Des apologises to Kerry for putting his foot in it. Kerry then tells him that she got a call from Jane while she was over at the house: she's going to stay on a bit longer with her nan, but Joe's on the way home: he should arrive sometime today. Des exclaims that that's great! Kerry, however, doesn't look so sure...
No. 24
Madge rushes out of her bedroom, muttering about having slept in when she and Gail were supposed to be going to see Gloria. Helen comes in through the back door and asks Madge if she has any walnuts for some biscuits she's making. Madge goes to get them. As she does so, Helen asks her if she's heard anything about the 'Good neighbours, good friends' competition. Madge shrugs that she hasn't heard a word - but she would have thought by now that good neighbours and good friends would have done something about the trees hanging over their fence; she's sick of cleaning leaves out of the pool every five minutes... Looking slightly guilty, Helen says she did mention it to Jim, but she'll have another word with him. With that, she heads out. Harold joins Madge and admonishes her for the way she spoke to Helen. Madge, however, retorts that she's fed up with pussy-footing around. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Madge, looking annoyed at another distraction, goes to answer it. She finds Sharon on the step. She asks if Bronny's home, but Madge tells her that she's in the shower. Sharon explains that she owes Bronwyn an apology. Madge says she'll see if she's available. She heads off to the bathroom, leaving Sharon to say to Harold:
SHARON: I suppose *you're* pretty cheesed-off with me too, huh?
HAROLD: Well, of course, I can't pretend: you *have* acted most irresponsibly.
Sharon insists that it was meant to be just a joke. Harold, however, retorts:
HAROLD: Life is one *big* joke with you, isn't it? I'm afraid it'll be some time before I can take you seriously again.
Madge rejoins them and tells Sharon that she's sorry but Bronwyn doesn't want to see her - and she'd prefer it if she didn't come round there any more... Sharon puts on a brave face and chuckles:
SHARON: You know Bronny: she's going to make me suffer a bit, I suppose! I'll see you later.
With that, Sharon heads out. She looks upset.
No. 28
Mike tells Des that he's off to work. Kerry emerges from the bedroom and Mike heads out. Des asks Kerry what the kids are up to and Kerry grins that they've having a tea party! There's a suddenly awkward silence. Des breaks it eventually by asking Kerry if she wants to tell him something. Kerry sighs:
KERRY: It shows, huh?
DES (nods): It shows.
KERRY: It's Joe: he asked me to marry him before he went to England.
DES: Wow! I had no idea it was *that* serious.
KERRY: I didn't tell anybody because I wasn't sure how I felt about it *myself* - and I'm *still* not. One thing I *do* know, though, is that he won't be too happy about my moving out of the house.
Des suggests that maybe she should move back again. Kerry, however, tells him that if she's going to make any sort of proper decision, she needs some space to think; and if Joe isn't happy about her moving out, at least her *dad* thinks it's a great idea!
Coffee Shop
Harold serves coffee to Gail, who's sitting at a table with Madge, Rob and Gloria. Madge is telling Gloria that *all* kids go through the stage of rejecting their parents, but Gloria cries that she never thought one of *hers* would think he was too good for her. Gail chips in that she's sure it's just a phase: Gloria knows what they all think of her.
GLORIA: Yeah, and I remember what *you* thought of me when you first met me: not good enough for your father, remember?
GAIL (guiltily): Yeah, I do, and that's true - but I was wrong; at least I admit it, right? Once I got to know you-
GLORIA (tetchily): 'Once you got to know me'. Don't you see? That's *it*: everybody takes one look and doesn't want to know about the rest. It's me *image* that's all wrong.
Hilary wanders over suddenly and says she couldn't help overhearing.
ROB (mutters): On account of how you were *listening*!
Hilary ignores this! She then tells Gloria that knowing how to behave in a social setting isn't something you're born with, it's something you're taught - but it's never too late to learn. She goes on:
HILARY: Mrs. Lewis, if you'll let me take you in hand, I'll teach you everything you need to know about deportment and etiquette.
GLORIA (excitedly): Oh, geez, would ya?
HILARY: Come round this afternoon for afternoon tea and we'll make a start immediately. By the time *I've* finished with you, nobody will know you.
ROB (mutters): Yeah - and will anyone *want* to...?
No. 32
Kerry is standing in the lounge room at No. 30 when Joe arrives home and smiles:
JOE: G'day, lover!
He asks for a hug and Kerry puts her arms around him. It's not a very enthusiastic hug, though, and Joe comments that she can do better than that, can't she? Kerry just murmurs that they can't use it up all at once. Joe then asks if she's been thinking about them getting hitched. Kerry nods that she's thought about it. Joe doesn't press the issue any further. He then tells Kerry that he's got something for her. He takes a purple top out of a bag, and Kerry smiles that it's lovely. Joe tells her to go and change and he'll get her on video: he picks up a video camera that he bought in Hong Kong. Kerry stands there, though, and says:
KERRY: Joe, I *can't* change. None of my clothes are here.
JOE (looking surprised): What? Did you sell them to the Salvos or something?
KERRY (slowly): No... they're over at Des's place - with all the *rest* of my stuff.
Joe stares at her in surprise.
Lassiter's Lake
Matt and Sharon are eating lunch down by the lake. Matt asks Sharon what else Madge said, but Sharon sighs that there was nothing: Bronwyn doesn't want to see her, and that's that. Matt muses that he can't really say he *blames* Bronwyn: she's the innocent party. Sharon sighs that she supposes so. Matt goes on that Sharon did treat Bronwyn pretty badly, but she shouldn't let it slide: families are too important. Sharon remarks:
SHARON: You've got a real thing about that, haven't you?
MATT: Yeah, well, you see a lot of them split up.
SHARON: Have *your* parents?
MATT (quickly): No. No, it just happens a lot, you know, that's all.
Sharon sighs that she'll try again.
Coffee Shop
Harold hands Paul his lunch order. As Paul turns to head back out, Harold remarks that he bumped into Kevin yesterday - he was doing a valuation on the hotel - and he seemed a bit concerned about something. Paul tries to explain that it was just a routine valuation, as they're getting the insurance upgraded, but Harold goes on that Kevin mentioned something about having bad news. Paul replies quickly that it was just about the price of insurance premiums these days. Joe comes in suddenly and Harold and Paul greet him in delight. Harold asks how Mrs. Worthington is.
JOE: Oh, she's getting there; the quacks reckon she'll be up and about in no time - God help them all!
Paul tells Joe that he'll catch up with him later and he heads out. Joe then says to Harold:
JOE: All right, Harry: if you haven't gone all veggie on us again, I want one good Australian meat pie! Those Pommies have taken our beer OK, but they've got no idea about tucker!
Harold muses that he thinks he can arrange that! He then asks Joe if he's glad to be home. Joe replies that he'll be a lot gladder when he gets rid of those dogs! Harold says they've had several enquiries about them already, so they should have homes for them all in no time. Changing the subject, he goes on:
HAROLD: I trust you weren't too upset when you found out that Kerry had moved into the Clarke house?
JOE: No. Why should I? She's over there babysitting Jamie. The kids play together; it's probably a good idea...
HAROLD: I got the feeling there was a lot more to it than just a babysitting arrangement, you know...?
JOE (looking surprised): Eh?
HAROLD: Well they *do* have a lot of interests in common, don't they? Babies around the same age... interest in languages... Yes, I've got the feeling there's a lot more to it than just that...
Joe stands there looking worried.
Ramsay Street
Kerry and Des are walking the dogs. Des sighs that, next time, Mike can walk the dogs and *he'll* stay home with the kids! They arrive back at No. 32 and, after Des has untangled the leads and almost been pawed onto the ground by one of the dogs(!), Kerry leads them round to the backyard.
No. 32
Joe is setting up his video camera when he hears the dogs barking outside. He goes to look out the front window - and sees Des standing there. He watches as Kerry walks over to Des and wipes some ice-cream away from Des's mouth with a tissue. From where Joe is standing, they look very friendly. He sighs heavily, clearly upset.
Outside Lassiter's Hotel
Gail emerges from the hotel as Paul pulls up in his car and leaps out. He tells Gail that he's got some bad news. Gail asks if Kevin was right about the concrete cancer. Paul sighs that he was. Gail asks what they do; how long have they got? Paul tells her that they're OK for the moment, but repairs would have to be underway in two months. He goes on that they're not insured for that, and the repairs are going to cost at least $100,000.
GAIL (gasps): Paul, we don't have that kind of money.
PAUL (grimly): Tell me about it.
No. 28
Kerry and Des arrive back at No. 28. Mike is standing behind the counter, pouring some juices, and he laughs that Kerry and Des looked like they were on a polar expedition when they were out with the dogs. Kerry giggles:
KERRY: Clarke of the Antarctic!
Mike heads off to the bedrooms with the juices, for the kids. There's a knock on the front door suddenly and Des opens it to find Joe standing on the step. Des tells him warmly that he was going to come over and see him later; he really missed him. Joe, however, retorts tersely:
JOE: Yeah, I bet.
DES (blankly): Sorry?
JOE (staring at Kerry): I thought I'd be the *last* bloke you'd wanna see now.
Des, looking surprised, asks Joe what's got into him. Joe turns to him, grabs the lapels of his T-shirt and pushes him up against the wall, snapping angrily:
JOE: You know very well what's got into me, Des. I never thought you'd be the sort of bloke that'd wipe out a mate, but it just shows how wrong you can be, eh? Soon as my back's turned, you pinch my girl, you *mongrel*.
Des stares at Joe in astonishment.
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Gail Robinson, Madge Bishop, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0971
Gail Robinson, Madge Bishop, Paul Robinson

Sharon Davies, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0971
Sharon Davies, Matt Robinson

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0971
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Rob Lewis

Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0971
Kerry Bishop

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0971
Helen Daniels

Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0971
Sharon Davies

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0971
Des Clarke

Madge Bishop, Rob Lewis, Hilary Robinson, Gail Robinson, Gloria Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0971
Madge Bishop, Rob Lewis, Hilary Robinson, Gail Robinson, Gloria Lewis

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0971
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0971
Harold Bishop

Kerry Bishop, Bouncer, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0971
Kerry Bishop, Bouncer, Des Clarke

Kerry Bishop, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0971
Kerry Bishop, Des Clarke

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0971
Joe Mangel

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0971
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Joe Mangel, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0971
Joe Mangel, Des Clarke

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