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Neighbours Episode 0968 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0968
Australian airdate: 24/05/89
UK airdate: 31/07/90
UK Gold: 17/07/96
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Graham
Des, Mike and Kerry rescuing Bouncer from the dog pound. Kerry asking Des if he'll pay to have the other six dogs there released.
No. 26
Beverly arrives home as Helen prepares dinner, and Jim comments to her that they weren't expecting her for hours. Beverly murmurs distantly that the delivery was flawless and the baby was perfect and healthy. She then heads off to get changed, leaving Jim to comment to Helen:
JIM: It's starting to get to her.
No. 28
Des, Mike and Kerry arrive home, Mike commenting that he hopes the dogs aren't full of fleas. Kerry thanks Des for saving their lives, and she adds that she'll pay both him and Mike back their money. Mike asks her how she'll do *that*. Des tells Kerry that he's having a few problems with Jamie, and Bronnie wants more time to herself: if Kerry would like to babysit, he'd offer her the same rates. Kerry smiles delightedly that that would be fine! Des then asks how they're going to feed all the dogs. Mike adds that they can't keep them forever: they're going to drive everyone bananas! Kerry says she'll have to find homes for them quickly. She then declares that she'll put ads in the local shops and in the local paper. She insists that the world is full of kind and loving people!
No. 24
Henry is talking on the 'phone, trying to sell his services to Murray Walker, to install his sprinkler system. He tells Walker that he's very experienced at installing such systems! Walker gives out his address and Henry tells him that they can do it for him tomorrow. He then hangs up, leaving Bronwyn to ask him in concern if he can do it all in one day. Henry shrugs that he'll have to! Bronwyn offers to help him out, adding that she enjoys working outdoors.
No. 30
The next morning, Matt is watching TV with the volume turned up high. Hilary comes in and asks him to turn it down. She then tells him to get his breakfast bowl off the floor, saying tersely:
HILARY: People eat off *tables*. *Animals* eat off the floor.
Matt hands her the bowl. Hilary then apologises for being cross, explaining that she didn't sleep very well last night because of those infernal dogs next door. She then tells Matt that he can keep his music on, but he must keep it down low. Matt, however, tells her that it's *meant* to be played loud. He adds that music's his big thing - that and motorcycles. Hilary tells him that, as she's decided to stay on, she's having her piano sent over, and when it arrives perhaps he'd care to take a few lessons? Matt just muses that they'll see about that when it gets there!
A street
Henry turns Bertha up a driveway and brings her to a stop outside a very ornate-looking house. He and Bronwyn climb out and Henry exclaims:
HENRY: Feast your peepers! What a fantastic joint!
Bronwyn, however, points out how large the garden is, and she asks Henry if he really thinks they'll get it finished in one day. Henry just smiles:
HENRY: If you don't go dragging the chain, we certainly will!
Bronwyn looks outraged! Henry tells her that they've got 'til 5pm 'til Murray gets back. Bronwyn asks him warily if he really knows how to install a sprinkler system.
HENRY: Just follow my lead. It's all basic principles; *any* idiot could do it...!
No. 26
Helen comes in and hands Jim a copy of the paper, telling him as she does so that Madge has entered the Robinsons and the Bishops in the 'Good neighbours, good friends' competition! Jim queries:
JIM: Isn't that the thing that *you* entered us all in?
Helen then remarks to Jim that he's looking very thoughtful. He explains that he's worried about Beverly: she says there's no physical problem, so why won't it happen? Helen tells him that chemical and emotional factors can all play a part; they just have to be very patient with her, tell her how much they love her and not get too depressed themselves. Beverly joins them at that moment, carrying a pile of baby clothes, and she announces that she's going to give them to the mother who gave birth last night, as she's not exactly flush with money. Jim asks Beverly warily if she isn't jumping the gun. Beverly, however, insists that it isn't a problem: she doesn't need the constant reminders that she can't fall pregnant, and the new mother needs the clothes and *she* doesn't. With that, she heads out, leaving Jim and Helen looking worried.
No. 30
Matt is lying back on the floor, his head against the couch. Hilary comes in and asks if he shouldn't be outside, making friends. Matt, however, sighs:
MATT: Why don't you just say what you mean?
HILARY (tersely): And what's *that*?
MATT: That you want me out of the house.
HILARY: Oh don't be ridiculous, Matthew; that's not true. Well... not in *that* sense.
MATT: Good - then let's talk.
Matt goes and sits on the couch and Hilary tells him:
HILARY: This is very difficult for me, Matthew. Look, I know it's hard for you, too, and I'm sorry, but particularly for me because I'm older than you are; oh no... for all *sorts* of other reasons. But I *am* trying to adjust; it's simply that I'm... well, I'm used to my own space. It's not easy to relax when there's someone new in the house.
MATT: Someone like *me*, you mean?!
HILARY: Well I'm sorry: I can't help it.
MATT: I can understand that. I just want you to be *open* with me.
HILARY: Look, I don't like discussing these matters, for all sorts of reasons: Sharon might overhear, for one.
MATT: Look, first I wasn't supposed to mix with the locals; now I'm supposed to go out and make friends. Where do you want me? In or out?
HILARY: I'm sure you can exercise a little care and discretion for just a while longer.
MATT (nods in annoyance): Outside it is. On the outer, as usual...
Murray Walker's garden
Bronwyn and Henry are hard at work. Henry calls across to Bronwyn to admit that she's dying for a break, but Bronwyn insists that she's fine. She adds, though, that she's got some juice, and the two of them head over to the truck. As they do so, Henry thanks Bronwyn, saying he wouldn't have got through this on his own - not in one day. Bronwyn tells him that she's glad she's not in Ramsay Street as she'd probably have bumped into Sharon, and she couldn't face another argument about her supposedly doing the dirty on Sharon over the job at the Coffee Shop.
No. 26
Jim and Helen have finished lunch and Jim says he'll do some washing up. Helen, however, tells him that he should go and rake some leaves outside, as they don't want to ruin their chances of winning the 'Good neighbours, good friends' competition! Jim is about to head out when Beverly arrives home and tells him that the new mother was really grateful for the things. Helen offers her some lunch, adding that there's only salad as they didn't know how long she'd be. Looking annoyed, Beverly says tersely:
BEVERLY: I was asked to see a few patients. Where did you *think* I'd be: in the nursery looking at babies?
Jim and Helen stand there in an embarrassed silence. After a few seconds, Beverly says she's not quite ready to eat yet. Helen suggests to Jim that they go and browse the markets, and they leave Beverly to it. She heads into the lounge room, where she picks up one of Katie's school exercise books. It falls open at a page and she reads:
"My family lives in Erinsborough. I live with my brother, Todd, my Uncle Jim and Aunty Bev, and Helen, who I call gran. Uncle Jim tells us what to do all the time, and sometimes he's a drag, but I always forgive him because he cares. And Aunty Bev has looked after me when my own mum really couldn't. I love her just as much as my real mum, so I'm glad my family lives in Erinsborough."
Tears start to well-up in Beverly's eyes.
Ramsay Street
Matt is sitting on Mike's bike - which is parked at the end of the driveway of No. 28 - when Mike comes out and demands:
MIKE: Who the hell are *you*?
MATT: Oh, I'm Matt Williams. I live next door with Hilary.
MIKE: That's great. Get off.
Matt climbs off and Mike climbs on. Matt tells Mike quickly that he's got his licence - well, his Ps - and he asks Mike for a double round the block. Mike, however, retorts that he doesn't take pillion passengers: it's dangerous; people can get hurt. Matt remarks that Mike can't be much of a rider if he can't take a pillion passenger. Mike just gives him a look. He then puts on his helmet, starts up the bike and rides off down the street.
No. 30
A while later, Matt turns the TV on as Hilary walks into the lounge room and remarks that she *thought* she heard the front door. Matt tells her that he got bored; he can't stay outside *all* day. Hilary asks him what he did out there. Matt shrugs that he just wandered round a bit and met some guy next door who owns a motorbike. Hilary snaps that she can't understand this fascination with motorcycles: people are maimed and killed every day. She then suggests more calmly that they discuss that at some *other* juncture. She goes on that that man was probably Mike Young. Matt comments that, seeing as Mike owned a motorbike, he thought he'd be OK, but he was pretty straight. Hilary asks what happened. Matt explains about how he asked for a double but Mike knocked him back - so he told him he couldn't be much of a rider.
HILARY (raising her eyebrows): Oh. That's a pity.
MATT: Why - because he lives next door?
HILARY: No, Matthew. Because when you start at Erinsborough High, Mike Young will be teaching you Maths!
No. 26
Helen and Jim arrive home with a box of fruit and veg. They head into the kitchen, where Beverly sighs that she's been a terrible wet blanket, moping around the place. Jim points out that she had good reason, but Beverly explains that she's been doing the opposite of what she tells her patients about how to handle this sort of situation. She then hands Jim Katie's exercise book and adds:
BEVERLY: I already *have* two children. I've been taking them for granted.
JIM: It doesn't mean we can't have our own eventually.
BEVERLY: No - but if we don't, it won't be the end of the world.
No. 28
Des is watching horse-racing on TV when Mike arrives home. He asks Des who the young creep is next door. Des says he thinks it's Hilary's nephew or something, and he asks if there's a problem. Mike explains about how Matt tried to get a pillion ride on the bike. He adds:
MIKE: After Jenny, there's no *way*, is there? It's taken me long enough to get back on the thing *myself*.
Des points out that Matt wouldn't have known that, but Mike just shrugs that he doesn't owe a stranger any explanations. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Des goes to answer it. He finds Kerry standing there and he invites her in. She tells him that a friend of hers owns a farm and she might take a couple of the dogs. Des comments that Hilary has been around, beating up on the neighbourhood. Kerry tells him that they woke Sky three or four times, and that caused her to cry - and if she cries, the dogs bark all the more. Mike comments:
MIKE: If Sky slept through the whole thing, there wouldn't be a problem, would there?
MIKE (turning to Des): Kerry's going to be here most of the time, looking after Jamie, right? We've got the spare room, so if Sky and Kerry stayed for a while, it would help out *everyone*.
Des nods that Mike has got something there and he asks Kerry what she reckons. Kerry points out that she's supposed to be minding Joe's house for him - and she can't leave the dogs alone. Des insists that she can keep an eye on No. 32 from his house. Kerry shrugs that if it means Sky gets a few extra hours' sleep, they could give it a go. Des tells her that there's only one condition: she's not to try and feed them all that veggo stuff!
Murray Walker's garden
Henry puts the finishing touches to the sprinkler system and calls across to Bronwyn to turn it on. She turns the tap - but nothing happens. Bronwyn sighs that something's wrong. Henry, however, insists that they have to give the pipes time to fill up with water. All of a sudden, the sprinklers start spouting water, apparently working perfectly! Henry beams that it's tough being a genius! He then suggests that they put the tools away, as Murray will be there shortly with the dough. Bronwyn smiles that Beverly really *will* get her bracelet back! A car pulls up in the street at that moment and Henry walks over to the guy who climbs out, smiling that he's now the proud owner of the world's best sprinkling system! Walker, however, grins:
WALKER: There's something I think I ought to tell you!
HENRY: What's that, buddy?
Walker walks over to a pillar with the house number on it - 69. He then turns the '9' the other way up so that the number says 66 and indicates the house across the street, saying that that's *his* place. Bronwyn looks at Henry in astonishment. Henry stands there looking less than pleased!
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Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0968
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Mike Young, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0968
Mike Young, Kerry Bishop

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0968
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0968
Matt Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0968
Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay

Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0968
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0968
Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0968
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0968
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0968
Beverly Robinson

Mike Young, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0968
Mike Young, Matt Robinson

Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0968
Hilary Robinson

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0968
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson

Murray Walker, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0968
Murray Walker, Henry Ramsay

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0968
Henry Ramsay

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