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Neighbours Episode 0967 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0967
Australian airdate: 23/05/89
UK airdate: 30/07/90
UK Gold: 16/07/96
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Graham
Hilary introducing Matthew to Helen, Sharon, Jim and Nick.
No. 30
Hilary demands to know what everyone's staring at. Jim quickly introduces himself to Matthew and Helen follows, also introducing Sharon and Nick. Helen then remarks that, when Hilary rang and said she was bringing someone home, they thought he would be older. Sharon adds quickly that they thought Matthew - who interrupts and tells everyone to call him 'Matt' - would be her boyfriend! Hilary snaps at Sharon not to be so absurd. She adds tersely:
HILARY: I've been a friend of Matthew's family for many years. Mr. and Mrs. Williams are presently going through difficulties.
Jim welcomes Matt to Erinsborough. Nick asks Matt how long he's going to be there for, but Hilary says quickly that they'll have plenty of time to discuss this at some later stage. Helen suggests that they make tea and have cakes, but Hilary tells them that they have some unpacking to do. Helen and Jim take the hint and leave. When they've gone, Hilary points out Matt's room to him and suggests that he goes and unpacks. He heads off. Sharon remarks to Hilary that Matt seems like a nice guy. Hilary just muses that time will tell.
Back yard of No. 32
Kerry is trying to hang up a towel, but Bouncer runs and grabs it from her and rips it. Kerry snaps at him that she hopes *he's* got some money to pay for it, because *she* hasn't. Bouncer runs off out through the garden gate, his tail between his legs.
No. 26
Helen hangs up the 'phone as Jim comes in. She's been talking to Todd and she tells Jim that he's anxious about his father. Jim mutters that he hates to think of Todd worrying about Bob. Helen points out that at least they got their $20,000 back. Changing the subject, Helen asks Jim if he felt as foolish as *she* did at Hilary's! She then asks Jim what he *makes* of Matt. Jim shrugs that he doesn't know: he's never heard Hilary mention the Williams family before and she seems the most unlikely babysitter for a teenage boy. Helen remarks that it makes her think that they have another Katie and Todd situation: Matt's parents being at the same stage as theirs. She adds that it's a nice thing for Hilary to do.
No. 30
Matt is showing Nick his collection of tapes. Nick looks impressed! Sharon joins them and asks Matt if he has any Jimmy Barnes. Hilary comes in and announces that she's going next door to talk to Des about the Coffee Shop. Looking suddenly nervous, Sharon asks her if she has to do that *now*. Hilary just asks Sharon if she can go and buy some milk and sugar. Sharon holds out her hand for some money, but Hilary tells her that there should be plenty left over from the housekeeping that she gave her. Sharon looks away in embarrassment. Hilary then asks Matt if he's finished unpacking.
MATT: Yeah, more or less.
HILARY (sharply): And what does *that* mean?
MATT: Well... it's all on my bed.
Sharon lets out a snigger! Hilary walks off in disgust! When she's gone, Nick asks Matt what else he likes. He replies that he's into motorbikes: he just got his licence. Sharon asks him if he's at school. Matt sighs that he's got to repeat Year 11. He sighs that he only hopes Erinsborough is better than the *last* place he was at. Looking surprised, Sharon comments that he's only staying for a little while, isn't he?
MATT: Oh yeah... yeah... sort of.
With that, Matt heads off to unpack properly. Sharon sighs at Nick that she hopes Des doesn't tell Hilary that she got the sack. Nick points out that she's going to find out sooner or later.
No 28.
Hilary is sitting with Des on the couch, telling him that she's willing to resume duties as soon as it's convenient. Des asks her how long she's over there and what the score is with the library. Hilary tells him that, as a matter of fact, she's staying on in Erinsborough indefinitely. Des asks if it's not just long-service leave, then; she's resigned? Hilary hesitates before admitting:
HILARY: As a matter of fact, they've given my job to someone else.
DES (looking surprised): Eh?
HILARY (tersely): Short-sighted bureaucrats. Oh well, their loss.
DES: And the Coffee Shop's gain, I can tell you. I just hope you find the work as interesting.
HILARY: Highly unlikely!
Des welcomes Hilary back and she says she'll go and talk to Harold about reorganising the schedule. They head over to the front door, and as Des opens it he finds Kerry standing on the step. She tells Des that she's got big problems. Mike joins them as she asks if they've seen Bouncer. Both men say they haven't. Kerry sighs:
KERRY: I was afraid of that. I roused on him earlier and he's gone off somewhere to sulk.
DES: He'll get over it; just give him a hoy.
KERRY: I've tried that - I mean, I've been up and down the street; I've called 'til I'm hoarse. I think he's run away...
No. 26
Jim is working under the sink when Nick and Sharon creep up on him and startle him, causing him to bang his head! Nick joins Jim under the sink and beckons to Sharon to take some milk and sugar from the fridge and cupboard. Helen appears behind them and watches, unknown to Sharon! It's only when Nick stands up from the sink and spots her standing there that he realises they've been sprung! She asks them pointedly if they want to tell her where they're going with the milk and sugar. Sharon sighs and explains that Hilary asked her to buy some sugar and milk, but she spent all the housekeeping money on the Chez Shaz disaster, so they thought they'd borrow some... Nick adds that they would've paid it back. Helen looks at Jim and asks him what he thinks. Jim replies that they can spare the milk and sugar, but it would've been nice to have been asked.
No. 28
Des is sitting at the kitchen counter when Mike and Kerry come in. He asks if they had any luck, but Mike replies that they didn't. Kerry asks where he can *be*. Des, however, insists that he'll turn up. Kerry sighs that it's all her fault: she yelled at him for tearing a towel - and what if he's been stolen? Des tells her that that wouldn't have happened. He then asks Mike where Bouncer went when he felt like a bit of a wander.
MIKE: Well... he used to have a bit of a girlfriend round in Penfold Street.
DES: That's right: the mother of his kids!
He suggests they check there, and the three of them head out.
No. 30
Hilary sits down in the lounge room with Matt and mutters that Sharon is irresponsible and devious. Matt shrugs that she seemed all right to *him*. Hilary just warns:
HILARY: Yes, well, just don't be fooled by external appearances, Matthew. Keep well away from Sharon: she is a chocolate-covered bomb!
At that moment, Sharon and Nick come in and Sharon smiles that they got the milk and sugar. Nick goes to whack them in the 'fridge. Hilary then says:
HILARY: So, tell me, Sharon, have you had a productive last few days?
Sharon nods eagerly that she sure has: she finished two assignments and she's hardly been out! Hilary asks what the subject was of these assignments. Sharon replies quickly that it was Shakespeare.
HILARY: Oh? Nothing about barbecues?
Matthew looks at Hilary in puzzlement. Nick comes back in as an embarrassed-looking Sharon asks Hilary if they could discuss this in private. Hilary, however, retorts that she thinks Matthew has a right to know the sort of people he's living with. She goes on:
HILARY: So, you had a party?
SHARON (meekly): I asked a few friends around, yeah.
HILARY: Including Mr. and Mrs. Bishop?
SHARON: They weren't actually invited, but they did drop by.
HILARY: And you dropped something on Mrs. Bishop's head?
SHARON: It was a mistake...
HILARY: A *costly* one, according to *Mr.* Bishop, because it cost you your *job*.
HILARY: Which, in turn, inspired you to open a coffee shop of your own - in *this house*.
SHARON (suddenly belligerent): Yes, and use all the food we had, and borrow more from the Robinsons today. There is no need to drag it all out.
HILARY: Oh I wasn't. I didn't know about the *food*.
SHARON (looking heavenwards): Great!
Hilary then grabs Sharon's arm and tells her that she can say goodbye to Nick now: she's going into her bedroom to do some *real* study. She then adds:
HILARY: By the way - you're grounded until further notice.
Matthew just sits there taking it all in!
No. 28
Des, Mike and Kerry arrive back, Kerry suggesting that maybe Bouncer had other girlfriends. She then suggests that he could've been run over - or carted off to the vet, half dying. Des says there are a few vets in the neighbourhood; he'll give them a ring. Mike tells Kerry to calm down: it's only been a couple of hours.
No. 30
Matt is lying on the floor, listening to music on his personal stereo, as Hilary sits on the couch with a cup of tea. Sharon comes in and Hilary asks her curtly if she's finished her homework already. Sharon starts to say:
SHARON: No, I haven't, but-
Hilary interrupts, though, and suggests curtly that Sharon get back to her room then. Sharon says coolly:
SHARON: You are treating me like a *child*.
HILARY: And I suppose that near-fatal flour bomb was the work of a mature adult?
SHARON: It was just a joke!
HILARY: Yes, well I'm sure Mrs. Bishop didn't find it amusing. Now, get back into your bedroom.
Sharon storms off. When she's gone, Matt asks Hilary if she *always* gives Sharon such a hard time. Hilary retorts that Sharon practically *demands* it of her. She then adds that she hopes Matt intends to devote more energy to his schoolwork than to the racket he calls music. She reminds him that he knows his studies suffered last year.
MATT: Yes I do... Aunt Hilary. [A hint of a smirk crosses his face]
HILARY (sharply): There's no need to call me 'Aunt'. Apart from anything else, it's factually incorrect.
MATT: Would you prefer 'Mum'?
Hilary looks at Matt in horror and retorts:
HILARY: No, I would not.
No. 28
Des hangs up the 'phone and tells Kerry and Matt that none of the local vets have had injured Labradors today. He adds that the last bloke he spoke to suggested they try the pound. Kerry asks if he could be there, but Mike tells her that the pound would've rung: Bouncer has got a tag on his collar. Kerry sighs:
KERRY: But he hasn't got his collar *on*.
DES (sharply): What?
KERRY: I took it off to wash him. He disappeared before I could put it back on.
Mike says that, in that case, he'll have been picked up as a stray. Kerry remarks that at least he'll be safe there. Mike, however, tells her that if they don't claim him before long, he'll be put down. The three of them dash out.
No. 26
Jim is sitting at kitchen table, looking miles away. Helen comes in and asks what the matter is. Jim explains that Beverly 'phoned.
HELEN: Is that so depressing?
JIM: The way she *sounded* was - after she'd delivered yet another baby.
HELEN (mouths): Oh.
JIM: I never fully realised how difficult that must be, having lost one of her own.
HELEN: No. No, it's not as if she can just stay away from it, either.
Jim sighs that he feels like a fool, now, for thinking he could erase that kind of pain with a trinket.
HELEN (insists): She *loved* that bracelet.
JIM (sadly): Pity she couldn't nurture it and watch it grow...
Ramsay Street
Sharon has snuck out of No. 30 and she joins Nick in the street. He warns her that if she gets sprung, she'll be buried. Sharon just insists that she *won't* get sprung. Matt joins them and asks what the two of them are up to.
SHARON: We're making our escape from the Wicked Witch!
MATT (blankly): *Hilary*?
SHARON: Who else?
MATT: She's not as bad as *that*...
SHARON: Are you kidding? I've never met such an interfering, dried-up prune! She could make a fortune out of parents who wanted to frighten their children!
NICK: Yeah, it's a wonder we don't learn about her at school: Hitler... Mussolini... and Hilary!
SHARON: That's right: talk about 'great dictators'!
Matt sighs that they should go *easy* on Hilary: she's only doing what she thinks is right. Sharon warns him that he doesn't know Hilary as well as they do.
Dog pound
Des, Mike and Kerry are walking along looking at the cages at the pound. They join a guy who asks if he can help. Mike gives him Bouncer's description and the guy nods that they have him. They walk over to a cage, the guy opens the door and Bouncer runs out. Des gives him a warm hug. Kerry looks around at the other cages holding dogs and asks:
KERRY: What about all these *other* guys?
MAN: This is Death Row, love: they don't get a reprieve from the governor, they go to the chair.
Kerry looks at Des and cries that they can't leave all these dogs there. She asks him if he'll pay to have them all released, adding that she'll pay him back. Des hesitates and then asks the guy if he'll take a cheque. Mike asks Des in astonishment what he'll do with six dogs in Ramsay Street.
KERRY: They won't be any trouble!
MIKE (hugging Bouncer): Oh yeah... *one's* enough...!
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Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0967
Matt Robinson

Sharon Davies, Nick Page, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0967
Sharon Davies, Nick Page, Matt Robinson

Kerry Bishop, Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 0967
Kerry Bishop, Bouncer

Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0967
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0967
Hilary Robinson

Mike Young, Detective, Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0967
Mike Young, Detective, Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0967
Helen Daniels

Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0967
Kerry Bishop

Nick Page, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0967
Nick Page, Sharon Davies

Des Clarke, Mike Young, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0967
Des Clarke, Mike Young, Kerry Bishop

Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0967
Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson, Sharon Davies

Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0967
Kerry Bishop

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0967
Jim Robinson

Nick Page, Sharon Davies, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0967
Nick Page, Sharon Davies, Matt Robinson

Kerry Bishop, Des Clarke, Bouncer, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0967
Kerry Bishop, Des Clarke, Bouncer, Mike Young

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