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Neighbours Episode 0962 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0962
Australian airdate: 16/05/89
UK airdate: 23/07/90
UK Gold: 09/07/96
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Poppy Skouros: Lenita Vangellis
Theo Skouros: Vincent Vacarri
Linda: Julie O'Hara
Greg: Simon Mills
Summary/Images by: Graham
Sharon and Nick deciding to set up a rival business to the Coffee Shop at No. 30.
No. 24
Scott and Madge are arguing about the fact that Poppy's family are giving her hell. Madge tells Scott that Poppy's family's problems are none of their business. Scott says he promised he'd help.
MADGE: What about the promises you made to Charlene?
SCOTT: I'm honouring every one of them. If you think for one minute, mum, I-
MADGE: I don't think anything. All I am saying is that if you see Poppy again I'm going to tell Charlene everything.
Scott storms off to his room. Changing the subject, Harold tells Madge that Sharon made a pathetic attempt to get her job back at the Coffee Shop this afternoon, but she didn't impress him one bit. Madge looks less than fascinated!
Kitchen at No. 30
Sharon is trying to come up with a menu for Chez Shaz. Nick says it's going to cost a bit to set up. Sharon tells him that she'll blow her savings on the first lot of supplies and after that they'll be laughing. Nick asks what they'll use for tables and chairs. Sharon points out that the weather's still good enough: people can lie around near the pool.
NICK: Club Med comes to Ramsay Street!
Sharon tells him that they won't have to do it for long: once Harold feels the pinch from all the business they'll be taking, he'll be begging her to come back!
No. 26
Katie and Todd are sitting at the kitchen table doing their homework. Todd looks worried and Katie asks him if he's missing their dad. Todd doesn't respond.
KATIE: You've got us. Aren't you happy here?
TODD: Yeah, but this isn't our real family.
KATIE: Yes it is. They look after us, they care for us; that's real.
Over in the lounge room, Beverly comments to Jim and Beverly that it's only natural that the kids should be feeling some loss. Helen remarks that it's up to them to give Todd and Katie all the support they need. Changing the subject, Helen then says she was talking to Paul earlier and Gail has gone into hospital today for her egg collection.
JIM: Good luck to them.
BEVERLY: They'll need it. Seems the more you want to get pregnant, the harder it is.
She sighs at Jim that, since the miscarriage, they've had no luck. Jim insists that it's just a matter of time. Beverly goes to see how the kids are getting on with their homework. When she's gone, Helen asks Jim what they can do to brighten Beverly up a bit. Jim comments that it's her birthday shortly; why don't they buy her something really special?
No. 28
Des has lined up a row of self-thrown pots on the kitchen counter. He smiles at them.
DES: All with my very own hands!
Mike joins him and remarks that Des is up early for a man of leisure. Des explains that he's just working out the final details for the pots before he gives them away. Looking dubious, Mike remarks that he's still giving them away, is he? Des insists that everyone will love them! He asks Mike how his first day was at school. Mike replies that it was fine once he laid down the law to the kids. Des hands him one of the pots.
DES: Why don't you take that and give it to Mr. Muir? Make a good impression. I've got plenty more.
MIKE (hastily): No. No way, Des, these are too good to be thrown away like that. Let Mr. Muir get his own pot!
No. 24
Madge is snapping at Harold that they're late. Harold explains to Scott - who's sitting at the kitchen table with a typewriter - that the new alarm clock didn't wake them up. Madge and Harold head out in a rush. When they've gone, Scott goes over to the 'phone. He dials a number. At the Skouros residence, the 'phone rings and Poppy answers it. Scott asks quietly if they can talk. Poppy replies that everyone's out.
SCOTT: How's it going?
POPPY: Put it this way: it's good to hear your voice.
SCOTT: Yeah, yours too. Things have been pretty rough at my end.
POPPY: How come?
SCOTT: Stavros. He told Madge and Harold that we'd been having an affair.
POPPY (sighs): Oh great. Are you all right?
SCOTT: Yeah, but Poppy, if I see you again, Madge said that she'd tell Charlene everything, and I don't think I could handle that.
POPPY: What are we going to do?
SCOTT: There's only one thing we can do.
POPPY (cries): Scott, I don't want this to happen...
Scott doesn't respond for several seconds.
SCOTT: Look, um, Poppy, this is ridiculous.
POPPY (snaps): Yeah, it is. Goodbye.
She slams down the 'phone.
Back yard of No. 30
There are school kids sitting around the yard. Sharon is showing another kid where to sit. She then asks a girl what she can get her. The girl asks for a salad sandwich. Sharon has to admit that they only have Vegemite and cheese! The girl accepts this. Sharon runs over to Nick just as another school kid walks up. It's a guy called Greg, and Sharon tells him to sit anywhere. The first girl joins Sharon and Nick and smiles that the place is really excellent: she'd rather eat there than go to the Coffee Shop any day. Nick and Sharon hug each other.
No. 26
Beverly, Jim, Helen and Todd are having lunch at the kitchen table when Des comes in through the back door. He tells them he's brought them a present. He takes one of his hand-thrown pots out of a bag he's carrying and smiles that it's a Clarke original! Todd takes it and asks what it is. Des's face drops!
DES (sharply): It's a multi-purpose pot. Mike uses it to hold his pens. A hundred and one uses for it!
HELEN (diplomatically): It's extraordinary, Des. Thank you very much!
Des announces that he's off, as he has a few more pot-stops to make! When he's gone, the Robinsons burst out laughing. Beverly asks what they're going to do with it!
JIM: I could sink it in the back yard and turn it into a putting green!
Todd asks if he can be excused. Beverly asks what the matter is. Todd sighs that he was thinking about his mum. He asks if anyone's told her about their dad yet. Beverly replies that she was going to ring her today. She and Todd get up from the table. In the kitchen area, Helen asks Jim how the shopping for the birthday gift is going. Jim replies that he's picking it up this afternoon. Helen asks what it is. Jim just tells her that she'll have to wait and see!
Back yard of No. 30
The girl Sharon served earlier - Linda - asks for another cup of coffee. Nick offers Greg more coffee too, and he asks for his iced. Sharon tells him that iced coffee isn't on the menu. Greg insists that it isn't that hard: just a bit of milk and ice cream. Sharon starts to snap that they hadn't planned for iced coffee. Greg, however, turns to the other kids gathered:
GREG: Who else would rather iced coffee?
Several hands go up. Nick looks at Sharon and asks what they're going to do.
SHARON (sighs): Make some iced coffee, I suppose.
NICK: Have we got the stuff?
SHARON: There's some ice cream in the freezer. We should have enough milk, I guess.
Greg presses that they have to get back to school soon. Sharon tells Nick that they'll get some more supplies when everyone has gone. Des suddenly walks into the garden. Sharon looks at him nervously and asks what he's doing there. Des explains that he had something to drop off to Hilary, head the noise and came round the back. Sharon tells him that they're just having a few friends over to lunch. Des peers at a badge stuck on Sharon's jacket and reads;
DES: Chez Shaz?
SHARON (sighs): Harold sacked me from the Coffee Shop... It was totally unfair - honestly - so Nick and me, we decided to set up Chez Shaz so he'd miss me, you know?
DES: So this is our competition?
SHARON: I suppose so. Only until I get my old job back, though.
DES (smiles): I think we'll survive!
He then hands Sharon one of his pots, saying he'll leave it for Hilary. He walks off, leaving Sharon to ask the kids how many want iced coffee.
GREG: Speed it up, will you?
SHARON (snaps): All right: keep your shirt on.
Coffee Shop
Scott is one of the few customers sitting in the Coffee Shop. Harold serves him some lunch. Madge comes in and Scott indicates his table, saying that there's room for one more. Madge sits down with him.
SCOTT: I rang Poppy this morning, after you left.
SCOTT: I told her I wouldn't be seeing her again. I just feel lousy because I think it's my fault that she's in trouble with her family. But that's it - it's over.
MADGE: Scott... it was for your own good; for the good of your marriage. It's the best way - believe me.
SCOTT: I still feel bad.
MADGE: Yeah, well, Poppy will be all right: she just needs a bit of time, that's all.
The door to the shop opens and Des strolls in. He joins Scott and Madge and tells them that he's got something for them. He hands Madge a pot. She looks at it and says uncertainly:
MADGE: Oh Des... it's lovely... Isn't it, Harold?
HAROLD (quickly): Yes, yes, yes. Very handsome! Thank you, Des.
Des then asks how things are. Harold nods that they're fine: Bronwyn's in the kitchen. He adds:
HAROLD: Not that we've been that busy today.
DES: I think I know the reason for that: we've got some competition.
HAROLD (looking surprised): Really? I haven't heard of any new place opening.
DES: It's in Ramsay Street. Sharon wasn't too happy when you gave her the boot, so she set up shop in the back yard of number 30. 'Chez Shaz' she calls it. When I got there there were kids sprawled all over the place. Personally, I don't think they know what they're in for.
HAROLD (looking indignant). I'm certain they don't. If that little upstart thinks that she can get away with something like this then she has got another think coming. 'Chez Shaz', eh? We'll see about that...
Outside the Skouros house
There's shouting coming from inside the house, in Greek. The front door opens and Poppy and Theo emerge onto the path, Poppy clearly storming out. Poppy turns to her father and yells in English:
POPPY: All I want to do is live my life. I'm an Australian.
THEO: You are Greek.
POPPY: I live in Australia. They don't marry kids off at birth here. They let them fall in love.
THEO: But Stavros is right for you.
POPPY: No he's not; he's right for you, so why don't you marry him?
She storms off down the pathway.
THEO (yells): Stop this scandal. Come back inside the house.
POPPY (turns and cries): I'm sorry, dad. I'm not sure I'll ever go back inside that house again.
She climbs into her car and drives off.
No. 26
Beverly arrives home from work. In the kitchen, Todd asks her if she got onto his mum. Beverly nods that she did. Helen asks how she is.
BEVERLY: Fine - until I told her about Bob.
Todd cries that he wants to go and see her. Beverly, however, says she doesn't think that's a good idea. Helen chips in that perhaps it might be a good thing for everyone. Beverly sighs that she's not too keen on Todd travelling on his own. Todd insists that he'll be all right - and his mum needs him. Beverly gives in. Todd goes to ring his mum and let her know she's coming. Jim and Mike suddenly come in through the back door. Mike tells Beverly that he's had another letter from Jenny: she's going really well and seems to have some sort of purpose in life. He then smiles as he notices a pot on top of the 'fridge.
MIKE: I see you've had a visit from Des!
JIM: Ah yes! We haven't made up our minds what we're going to do with that yet. I thought I might sink it in the back yard and putt golf balls into it!
Mike tells them that Des is giving the pots out all over the street. Helen asks how many he made.
MIKE: A lot!
Jim says he's sure everyone will be very diplomatic. Mike heads off. Jim puts his arm round Beverly and, reaching into his pocket, takes out a small jewellery case. Beverly, looking surprised, remarks that it's not her birthday yet. Jim assures her that you don't have to have a birthday to get presents. He opens the case to reveal a necklace, adding as he does so that it's from both him and Helen. Beverly smiles that she loves it!
Back yard of No. 30
The yard is in a mess as the last of the school kids leaves. Nick comments to Sharon that the place looks like a bombsite. He then asks how much they scored today. Sharon says she reckons they made about 50c on each lunch plate. Nick reminds her that they have to take away what it cost for the iced coffees. Sharon does some quick sums. She then snaps:
SHARON: I don't believe this: we are down $5.
Harold marches over to them suddenly, followed by Madge.
HAROLD: I want a word with you, young lady.
MADGE: Harold, would you leave it, please? I'm tired.
HAROLD: No, no, it won't take a moment Madge.
SHARON (curtly): Sorry. We're closed.
HAROLD: You most certainly are. Permanently.
HAROLD: I heard about this little 'Chez Shaz' nonsense. Do you realise you need a permit to run a business like this?
SHARON (uncertainly): A permit?
HAROLD: That's right. A full council inspection - not to mention the Health Department. So unless you cease to carry on this venture forthwith, I'll be forced to report you to the appropriate authorities.
SHARON: You wouldn't...
HAROLD: Would I not? Good day. Come on, Madge.
He and Madge walk off, leaving Sharon looking annoyed.
No. 24
Scott opens the front door to find Poppy standing there. He looks around nervously and then invites her in.
SCOTT: Are you OK?
POPPY (upset): I know I shouldn't come here, but I had nowhere else. I certainly can't go back home.
They go and sit down next to each other on the couch.
POPPY: Scott, what am I going to do? Everything just gets worse and worse.
SCOTT: What's happened?
POPPY: Mum and dad are ashamed of me... Stavros won't even talk to me. I can't seem to do anything right. I just want to be happy but I feel like I'm living in a prison. Why won't they let me be myself? What's wrong with just wanting to live my own life?
Tears welling in her eyes, Poppy leans into Scott and he puts her arms round her to provide comfort. The front door suddenly opens, however, and Harold and Madge walk in. Stopping in their tracks, Madge stares at the youngsters in shock.
MADGE: I warned you, Scott...
Scott looks at her, guiltily.
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Harold Bishop, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0962
Harold Bishop, Scott Robinson

Nick Page, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0962
Nick Page, Sharon Davies

Katie Landers, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0962
Katie Landers, Todd Landers

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0962
Jim Robinson

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0962
Mike Young

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0962
Scott Robinson

Poppy Skouros in Neighbours Episode 0962
Poppy Skouros

Nick Page, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0962
Nick Page, Sharon Davies

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Des Clarke, Helen Daniels, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0962
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Des Clarke, Helen Daniels, Todd Landers

Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0962
Sharon Davies

Scott Robinson, Harold Bishop, Des Clarke, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0962
Scott Robinson, Harold Bishop, Des Clarke, Madge Bishop

Poppy Skouros, Theo Skouros in Neighbours Episode 0962
Poppy Skouros, Theo Skouros

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Mike Young, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0962
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Mike Young, Helen Daniels

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0962
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0962
Scott Robinson

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