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Neighbours Episode 0961 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0961
Australian airdate: 15/05/89
UK airdate: 20/07/90
UK Gold: 08/07/96
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Bob Landers: Robin Harrison
Ian: Nathan Croft
Summary/Images by: Graham
Bob Landers telling Todd that he could come away with him up-north.
Driveway of No. 26
Todd asks his father if he really wants him along. Bob replies that of course he does: they'll see the country... work together side by side, real mates. Todd asks about school. Bob just shrugs that he thought Todd would be happy enough to see the *end* of that caper. He goes on:
BOB: Life's good around Cairns, mate: the weather's always fine... the beaches are terrific... you can fish, swim, surf... Hey - I'll teach you spear-fishing: that's even better than archery!
Todd, looking worried, asks about Katie. Bob sighs that she's too young. Todd cries that she'll miss him; they've always been together. Bob tells him that Katie is just a little girl - she'll hold them up, and they're going to be moving around a bit.
TODD: Because of the coppers?
BOB: They won't even know I'm gone for weeks, yet - not 'til after the court date; then they won't have a clue where to look. We'll be home free.
Todd cries that he doesn't think it's fair that the Robinsons will lose their bail money. Bob assures him that as soon as they get set up-north, he'll work his guts out to pay them back - and with Todd to help out, that'll happen all the sooner.
BOB: What do you say?
Todd stands there for a moment. He then smiles:
TODD: OK - I'm with you!
Bob grins at him and they head inside to pack Todd's bag.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Nick is sitting with Sharon at a table outside the Coffee Shop, telling her that he ordered T-shirts for the next run this morning, and he's still got enough money to buy a new board. Sharon doesn't look interested, though: she's more worried about having been sacked. Nick points out that it's only a job, and he'd ask who'd want to work for The Bishop anyway. Sharon retorts that *she* does - and she thinks it's off that he gave the job to Bronny. With that, she stands up and snaps that she's going to go and tell Bronny exactly what she thinks of her scab labour. She stands up and marches off. Nick follows her. Harold emerges from the shop a few seconds later and finds that the kids have disappeared without having paid for their order. Beverly comes along and asks Harold if she can have one of his carrot cakes, and she explains that she's going to spend the afternoon with her lovely brother-in-law. Harold doesn't look impressed at her supporting Bob after his blackmailing Helen.
No. 26
Bob and Todd are packing a bag for Todd, Bob enthusing that they're going to have a great time. Todd hands his father a jacket to put in the bag. He also shows his father a birthday card that Katie made for him. Bob, however, tells Todd that there's two kinds of baggage - physical and emotional - and he takes the card and puts it down on the coffee table. Todd sighs that he feels bad about taking off without saying goodbye to his sister. He suggests that he could leave a note, but Bob points out that the Robinsons could find it in the next couple of hours, and they'd never get to the border.
BOB: Hopefully they won't notice we're gone until this evening.
With that, he hands Todd his packed bag and heads to the front door. Todd follows him, still looking upset about not having left a note. He grabs the birthday card and follows his father out.
No. 24
Bronwyn is sitting at the kitchen table, studying, when Sharon comes in through the back door. Bronwyn asks Sharon what she knows about Australian labour relations in the Forties. Sharon, however, immediately starts ranting at Bronwyn about how she took *her* job. Bronwyn stares at Sharon and asks her what she's on about. Sharon sits down and explains that Harold sacked her. Bronwyn tells her that Harold said he needed someone to fill in while Hilary was away; he didn't say anything to her about Sharon. Sharon just demands to know what Bronwyn's going to do about it. Bronwyn replies that she'll talk to Harold and find out what's going on.
Katie is playing in the playground at school when Bob and Todd approach and Todd calls out to his sister. She runs over and asks what's going on. Bob replies reluctantly that Todd's got something to say to her.
TODD: I just wanted to say goodbye.
KATIE (looking surprised): How come? Where are you going?
TODD: Look, if dad stays here, he'll have go to jail and that'll be pretty rank - so we're heading up north; we're going to go fruit-picking.
Katie asks Todd why *he's* going. Todd explains that his dad *needs* him.
KATIE (cries): So do *I*.
TODD: You'll be OK: you've got Aunt Bev and Uncle Jim.
Katie exclaims:
KATIE: You're running away, aren't you?
She then goes on that that's so mean: Helen had a stroke last time Todd ran away; how can he *do* this? Bob interrupts and tells Katie that that'll do: Todd's old enough to make up his own mind. He then bends down to Katie's level and says:
BOB: And *I've* gotta go, sweetie; you understand that, don't you? And I do love you.
KATIE (snaps): No you don't - and Todd doesn't, either.
Todd stands there, looking worried. Bob just suggests to him that they get out of there. Katie turns and marches off. Todd calls after her that he'll send her a postcard. Katie turns back to him and yells:
KATIE: I *hate* you, Todd, you traitor.
No. 26
Beverly arrives home and calls for Bob. Katie runs out from the kitchen and cries at her:
KATIE: I'm never going to see Todd again: dad's run away and taken him.
Beverly tells her to sit down and tell her what happened. They head into the kitchen and Katie explains about Todd and Bob turning up at school with their bags. She cries at Beverly to make them come back. Beverly, looking worried, says she'll try, but they could've gone *anywhere*. Katie smiles that she *knew* Beverly would know what to do.
Coffee Shop
Bronwyn and Harold are working behind the counter, preparing food. Bronwyn tries to raise the subject of Sharon, but Harold just replies irritatedly that he's far too busy to talk about her. Bronwyn says she knows, but she doesn't think Harold's been very fair:
BRONWYN: If I'm filling in for Hilary, that's one thing, but if I'm taking over Shaz's job, that's another.
HAROLD (impatiently): I don't see what difference it makes.
BRONWYN: Shaz is my sister: I don't want to cause her hassles.
HAROLD (mutters): She doesn't need you for *that*: she can cause her *own* hassles.
Bronwyn asks Harold to just explain what the situation is. Harold sighs:
HAROLD: Very well. Miss. Robinson is in Adelaide, there is a position to be filled and I am offering you that position.
BRONWYN: What about when she comes back?
HAROLD: Then you can fill-in on a part-time basis.
BRONWYN: In other words, I can have Shaz's job?
HAROLD: Well... yes.
Bronwyn sighs that she doesn't know if she should take it. Harold just says curtly that he's sure there's no shortage of willing workers in the neighbourhood, and if *she* doesn't want the job, then somebody else surely will. Bronwyn gives in and murmurs that she wants the job.
No. 26
Katie is sitting with Beverly at the kitchen table, saying that she's told her everything she can remember. Beverly asks her if she's sure Todd didn't say anything specific. Katie shrugs that she doesn't think so. Beverly asks if Todd had a big pack. Katie says he didn't. Beverly comments that if they didn't have a lot of clothing, they might be going somewhere warm like Queensland... the Territory... north...
KATIE (excitedly): That's it!
BEVERLY: Queensland?
KATIE: No - north. Todd said they were going up-north.
BEVERLY: Good girl! Now, did he mention a city or town?
KATIE (glumly): I don't think so.
Beverly asks Katie if her father has any family or friends up there that he might visit. Katie shrugs. Beverly asks if Bob had a car. Katie replies that she doesn't think so. Beverly comments that they must be using public transport. She then asks if they were in a hurry. Katie nods that she thinks so. Beverly remarks that that rules out buses, as they normally run first thing in the morning or around dinner-time; there wouldn't be anything this time of day. Katie concludes that they must be getting a train. Beverly smiles that she'll get on to the station and find out what the schedule is.
Todd is sitting looking at the birthday card from Katie. Bob walks over to him and hands him a beaker of tea. He sits down with Todd and says to him:
BOB: Listen, I've been thinking: you look a bit young to be going out to work, right, and if folks know you're my son you're going to look even younger - so how about you call me 'Bob' instead of 'dad' - like a *real* mate?
TODD (nods): Yeah, OK.
Bob then remarks that Todd looks a bit down in the mouth. Todd asks his father if he thinks Katie meant it when she said she hated him. Bob assures him that she was just upset; she'll get over it. Todd sighs that he feels really bad about taking off about her: she's just a little kid; what's she going to do without him? Looking irritated, Bob mutters:
BOB: Drop it, Todd: she's not your problem anymore.
Todd looks worried.
No. 24
Bronwyn opens the front door to Sharon, who demands to know if her sister saw Harold. Bronwyn nods hesitantly that she did. Sharon asks what he said.
BRONWYN: I don't think he really wants you back...
SHARON (mutters): Yeah, figures. And what about you: are you replacing me or Hilary?
BRONWYN: Hilary.
The two girls head through to the kitchen, where Bronwyn admits:
BRONWYN: ...at least at first: when she comes back, he wants me to stay on full-time.
SHARON (angrily): And you're going to *do* it?
BRONWYN: Shaz, I'm sorry, but-
Sharon starts ranting that it's always been the same: Bronwyn has always got exactly what she wanted. She goes on:
SHARON: You know what really gets to me? Everyone thinks you are so *perfect*.
BRONWYN: I never said that!
SHARON: You don't *have* to - I've been hearing it all my life. Well, everyone is *wrong*. All I want you to do is quit one job. Is that too much to ask?
BRONWYN: Yes, it is. You blew it by being stupid. That's not *my* fault.
SHARON: I *need* that job, Bronny.
BRONWYN: What for? You've got a place to live... you've got money from AusStudy... I have to support *myself*, Sharon.
SHARON: What about Henry?
BRONWYN: Are you suggesting I live off *him*?
SHARON (shrugs): You *could*.
BRONWYN: And *you* could grow up and stop being so damn selfish. All you worry about is your pride and where your next bottle of nail polish is coming from - and if you are so determined to have a job, then go out and get another one.
Sharon stares at her sister is astonishment.
No. 26
Beverly is standing by the desk in the lounge room, talking on the 'phone, saying:
BEVERLY: Nothing 'til tomorrow morning? I see - thanks for your help.
She hangs up and tells Katie that there are no trains heading north today. Katie asks what they're going to do; she wants Todd to come home. Beverly says she'll give the buses a try, but it could be a bit of a long shot. She dials a number and asks the person who answers if they have anything heading north today to Brisbane or Cairns or the Gold Coast. Nick comes in as Beverly writes something down and thanks the person on the 'phone. She hangs up and tells Katie that there's a bus to Cairns in about twenty minutes: she'll try and catch them. With that, she grabs her handbag and heads out, asking Nick to look after Katie. When she's gone, Nick asks what the big panic is. Katie tells him and cries that Todd's all she's *got*. Nick assures her that Bev's going to get him for her.
NICK: She's never let you down before, has she?
KATIE (admits): No.
NICK: She's not going to start now. She'll find Todd and bring him home. Everything's going to be just fine.
Lassiter's Complex
Sharon and some of her mates are heading towards the Coffee Shop, Sharon telling one of them - Ian - that he'll be fine; he's just got to be forceful. Ian murmurs that he doesn't know... Sharon, however, points out Harold and snaps at Ian:
SHARON: Will you just *do* it?
Sharon hides behind the corner of the building while Ian heads over to Harold with two girls. Harold tells them to take a seat and says he'll be with them in a moment. Ian, however, stands where he is and replies nervously that they've got something to say.
HAROLD: Yes, yes, what is it? Come on - I'm very busy.
IAN: Well... we came here about Shaz.
HAROLD (suspiciously): I see...
IAN: We think you should give her her job back.
HAROLD (raising his eyebrows): Oh, is that right? Now let me tell *you* something: Miss. Sharon Davies is no longer an employee of this establishment, nor will she ever be again. Now, do you wish to place an order?
IAN: Yeah... three milkshakes: two chocolate, one mango.
The three kids sit down at a table. Sharon storms over to them and snaps at Ian:
SHARON: You call that 'forceful'? He treats me like dirt and you still want to eat here?
IAN (shrugs): It's the best place around.
SHARON (bitterly): Seems you can't count on *anyone* these days.
Bob and Todd approach a bus and are about to climb aboard when they hear Beverly shouting Todd's name. Bob mutters in annoyance that she's *all* they need. Beverly runs up to Todd and tells him that Katie's nearly frantic; where does he think he's going? Bob mutters at her to leave the boy alone: they're clearing out of there. Beverly turns to Todd and asks Todd if that's what he really wants. She then looks at Bob and demands angrily:
BEVERLY: What kind of a father are you, anyway, dragging a young boy off round the country?
BOB: He's my kid - I'll do what I want with him.
BEVERLY: Oh, that's a *very* caring attitude.
BOB (growls): Don't you talk down to *me*, 'doctor'.
BEVERLY: Bob, if you want to go, no one's going to stop you - spend the rest of your life on the run, if you like - but Todd deserves *better* than that.
Bob snaps angrily that Beverly always knows what's best, trying to run a bloke's life: she's as bad as that neurotic sister of hers. Todd cries suddenly:
TODD: Shut up, dad - don't talk to Aunt Bev like that. She's been really good to me and Katie.
BOB: So what? I'm your *father*, aren't I?
TODD: Yeah, well, sometimes I wonder. Aunt Bev and Uncle Jim have been doing that job *for* you.
Bob doesn't react. He just demands of Todd:
BOB: You coming or what?
TODD: I'm staying *here*.
BOB (shrugs): Your loss, boy.
Todd retorts that he thinks he's doing the right thing. He then looks at Beverly and checks:
TODD: ...aren't I?
BEVERLY (smiles): I think so. Come on, let's go home.
Bob climbs aboard the bus.
No. 30
Sharon is sitting at the kitchen table when Nick comes in and asks how she went with the deputation. Sharon mutters that they're a bunch of wimps: all they care about is feeding their faces. Nick remarks that it would be different if they had somewhere *else* to hang out. Sharon nods her head. After a few seconds, something appears to occur to her and she exclaims that Nick's brilliant!
SHARON: The kids need somewhere to go, right? They've got the money to spend: at the moment they're spending it at the Coffee Shop.
NICK (uncertainly): I'm not with you...
SHARON: They could spend it *here*!
Nick comments with a grin that Sharon is cracking up! Sharon, however, tells him:
SHARON: I've got this great big house with the pool, a deck, everything! I can set up my own coffee shop and get all the kids to come *here*!
NICK (dismissively): Yeah right: 'Chez Shaz'!
SHARON: Sure! Why not?! I know all Harold's contacts, I can get the food wholesale and I can charge less than he does because I don't have his overheads. It'll be fantastic!
NICK (warming to the idea): That's nuts! - but it might just work...!
SHARON (declares): Of *course* it'll work. Harold Bishop... this means war!
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Todd Landers, Bob Landers in Neighbours Episode 0961
Todd Landers, Bob Landers

Sharon Davies, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0961
Sharon Davies, Nick Page

Bob Landers, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0961
Bob Landers, Todd Landers

Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0961
Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies

Katie Landers, Bob Landers, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0961
Katie Landers, Bob Landers, Todd Landers

Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0961
Katie Landers

Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0961
Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers

Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0961
Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop

Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0961
Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers

Todd Landers, Bob Landers in Neighbours Episode 0961
Todd Landers, Bob Landers

Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0961
Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies

Katie Landers, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0961
Katie Landers, Nick Page

Ian, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0961
Ian, Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0961
Harold Bishop

Todd Landers, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0961
Todd Landers, Beverly Robinson

Bob Landers in Neighbours Episode 0961
Bob Landers

Sharon Davies, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0961
Sharon Davies, Nick Page

Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0961
Sharon Davies

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