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Neighbours Episode 0936 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0936
Australian airdate: 10/04/89
UK airdate: 14/06/90
UK Gold: 03/06/96
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
Coffee Shop
Jane is shopping for cake while Harold closes up the shop. He's a bit crochetty when Nick comes in stating he's trying to close up! Sharon hints to Nick that he's only staying in Erinsborough so he can keep an eye on her and Skinner. Nick tells her she can do what she wants. Sharon says she can take care of herself but Nick isn't convinced.
Jane reckons Skinner is bad news from what she's heard - but Sharon says just because you've been in trouble with the police, it doesn't make you a bad person(!) Jane still thinks Sharon is playing with fire. Sharon says that's what makes it exciting(!)
The Office
Joe is trying to get Gail to give Henry back his job - saying he'll repaper the place for free. He tries to wear Gail down, but she's not having any of it. Joe looks upset. Jane tells him that Gail is really, really upset about the wallpaper. Joe thinks to himself and comes up with a plan of action.
Jim comes round to ask if Mike and Jenny have heard from Des. Jenny tells him all about the rehabilitation centre. She's not sure about moving in to the centre for treatment though. Jenny says she is considering it, but she has to accept that she'll be the chair for the rest of her life first. She still needs to get used to the idea. After that, then she'll be ready for the centre.
Madge has bought an expensive vase ($230!). Gail admires it and compliments Madge on her good taste. Gail tells Madge that she's trying to patch things up with Mr Erskine after the incident with the wallpaper.
Sharon and Skinner are having some tea on a picnic table in a near-empty room! Skinner doesn't mind though - he says it's more comfy than the back of a ute. He says he can't go home because he missed his court appearance and the police would be waiting for him. Sharon seems to be OK with this(!) Skinner asks if he can stay there tonight. Sharon isn't very sure - Hilary definitely wouldn't approve. But he talks her round, saying they're just friends after all.
The phone bill has arrived and it's over $300! Harold starts going on about the expense so Madge definitely decides not to tell him about the vase. But Harold sees it and gets it out of the box. Madge says it was very cheap for what it is - only $30! Harold compliments her on getitng a bargain - he saw one in a jeweller's near Lassiters for over $200(!).
Jim and Todd are washing up and Todd is moaning about his lack of pocket money. Todd says he wants to buy a present for his mate and also for Hilary for her birthday. Jim suddenly realises that everyone has forgotten Hilary's birthday. He dashes out to buy a present.
The Office
Gail calls Paul to say that everything has gone well with Mr Erskine. Jane speaks up for Henry's job again but Paul says he doesn't want to rock the boat now the deal is so close to completion. Jane tells him she'll work late the finish off her filing.
When Paul has gone, Joe creeps in with his ladder and rollers. Jane says she's not really sure about this plan(!)
Skinner and Sharon are playing cards and talking about their pasts. Skinner has been on his own for years. Suddenly Skinner says cards are boring and starts pashing Sharon. Then he starts to lead her off to the bedroom. She takes great offence at that and says that she meant that Skinner could sleep in Bronnie's old room, not Sharon's!
Harold is examining the vase for flaws(!) while Madge goes off to bed with a headache. Jim comes round with a replacement tail light for Harold. He mentions Hilary's birthday and Harold says Jim should go to the shop at Lassiter's - there are lots of bargains to be found. He shows Jim Madge's vase saying it was only $30! Jim is amazed and says he'd better get down the shop before they sell out. Suddenly he remembers that the shop will be shut - they don't do late night shopping. So Harold gives Jim the vase, saying Madge can pick up another one tomorrow(!) Jim is very pleased and gives Harold $30(!)
JIM: Now, you're sure Madge won't mind?
HAROLD: Not in the slightest!
Clarkes, the following morning
Jenny has made breakfast for Mike. She tells him that she's made a decision - Mike is doing too much for her and sooner or later she'll have to start fending for herself. She's made up her mind to enroll in the rehabilitation centre. Mike says knows it's the right decision, but he'll really miss her.
The Office
Paul and Gail have arrived for work to find it beautifully papered. Joe is just finishing up the job - he's been there all night. Paul and Gail think it looks wonderful - and they think they might have another job for Joe. They need someone to help out to convert the old newsagent into a gift shop. Joe is chuffed at the offer, but asks = what about Henry? Gail says her decision about Henry still stands. Paul offers to pay Joe for his work on the office - at least to reimburse him for the cost of the wallpaper. But Joe doesn't want any renumeration.
Suddenly, Paul asks Joe how he knew that the wallpaper he's put up was Gail's original choice. Joe is forced to admit that he changed the serial number as a practical joke - it's his fault that Henry lost his job. Paul laughs and so does Jane, but she tells Joe that despite his efforts to make up, Gail won't change her mind about Henry.
Nick is sulking about Skinner and Sharon. Todd says Skinner is a right creep - he might freak out on Sharon, like he did with Todd. Todd says Nick should do something to help Sharon or she might end up in serious trouble.
Jim tells them he's going to the hospital with the vase and some flowers to put in it - the vase was such a bargain, he thought he could afford some nice flowers to go in it.
MADGE: Thirty dollars?!! But...I...oh Harold, how could you!
Harold says she can just get another one. Madge is forced to admit that she didn't buy the vase at the bargain shop - that it was the one in the jeweller's window for $230. Harold is speechless. Madge says she didn't dare tell Harold after they got the huge phone bill.
Harold is not pleased. Madge suggests explaining to Jim, but Harold won't let her, saying he can't allow the street to know that his wife lied to him.
MADGE: But what about my vase?!!
HAROLD: Well, you'll just have to learn to live without it, won't you.
He is not amused.
Ramsay Street
Skinner is heading off and gives Sharon a kiss goodbye. In fact it is quite a lengthy pash. Nick is coming across the street and sees this. When Sharon has gone back into the house, Skinner tells Nick that Sharon asked him to spend the night. Nick says that Skinner had better stay away from Sharon.
SKINNER: Who's going to make me?
NICK: I'm going to make you.
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Harold Bishop, Sharon Davies, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0936
Harold Bishop, Sharon Davies, Jane Harris

Harold Bishop, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0936
Harold Bishop, Nick Page

Joe Mangel, Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0936
Joe Mangel, Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Jenny Owens, Mike Young, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0936
Jenny Owens, Mike Young, Jim Robinson

Madge Bishop, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0936
Madge Bishop, Gail Robinson

Skinner, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0936
Skinner, Sharon Davies

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0936
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Jim Robinson, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0936
Jim Robinson, Todd Landers

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0936
Paul Robinson

Jane Harris, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0936
Jane Harris, Joe Mangel

Skinner, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0936
Skinner, Sharon Davies

Harold Bishop, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0936
Harold Bishop, Jim Robinson

Jenny Owens in Neighbours Episode 0936
Jenny Owens

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0936
Mike Young

Joe Mangel, Jane Harris, Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0936
Joe Mangel, Jane Harris, Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Todd Landers, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0936
Todd Landers, Nick Page

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0936
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Sharon Davies, Skinner in Neighbours Episode 0936
Sharon Davies, Skinner

Skinner in Neighbours Episode 0936

Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0936
Nick Page

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