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Neighbours Episode 0897 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0897
Australian airdate: 14/2/89
UK airdate: 20/4/90
UK Gold: 9/4/96
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
Kerry insists that things aren't working - she doesn't want to go, but she can't handle Harold being on her back all the time. Harold says she can have her own space from now on, but Kerry says that it's an easy thing to say. Kerry finally says that he mustn't say anything about the way she brings up Sky or comment on her going around barefoot. Also she wants to see who she wants, when she wants, and that includes having friends to the house sometimes. She says her friend include Joe. Harold isn't happy, but he looks at Sky and Kerry and says he'll agree to Kerry's conditions. Kerry goes off to unpack.
Helen answers the door to Hilary who has come for a surprise visit - she's in Erinsborough for a librarians' conference. She asks Helen how she is and says she's looking better than she expected. Hilary thinks the walkie-talkie system is childish. Helen says she's about to go out and Hilary is disappointed - she wanted a long chat. Hilary sits Helen down anyway to talk about the condition of Madge's father.
They chat about Kerry's arrival and Hilary says that she sounds like a weird girl based on what Katie has told her in her letters. Helen asks Hilary to help her to make a pie for Harold while she's out. Hilary says she will as she's known for her generosity(!) Helen's face says it all!
Lassiters Lake
Paul and Gail clink glasses and Paul toasts them saying he hopes their second year will be better than their first. Gail says that wouldn'be too hard(!) However, she can see that Paul is trying to make things up to her. They talk about money - Gail says Paul has spent a lot on caviar and champagne for this anniversary dinner when money is supposed to be tight. Gail says he knows there's something she'd much rather that the money was spent on. Paul says he can't do anything right, but Gail says where money is concerned, there's one set of rules for her and another set for Paul.
Paul asks Gail again to postpone the IVF because the business deal is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Gail counters that she won't have too many chances at IVF either - the chances of success are small. She says that she wants a baby but unlike Paul she won't walk all over her family and friends to get it. She storms off.
The Office
Jane is looking at a necklace when Helen comes in. She sees that Jane is looking a little down and Jane says that Mark flew back to the USA that morning. Apparently she sent all the jewellery she gave him back, but he just returned them to her again with a note. The note reads that Mark wants Jane to keep the jewellery because he still loves her and wants her to have his gifts as a memory of the time they had together.
Helen thinks it's a lovely gesture. She asks Jane is she thinks she's made a mistake. She wants to know if Jane broke off her engagement because of what Rosemary told her.
Jane looks confused and Helen goes on to say that Rosemary isn't the most objective person on the subject of Mark Granger because they went out with each other once and it ended badly. Jane suddenly looks very cross.
Joe answers the door to Kerry. He's cross with her because she didn't tell him she was "shooting through", he had to find out from Harold. Kerry tells him off for ranting. She tells him she's decided to stay and Joe is very pleased. She also tells him that if she had been leaving, she would have come to stay goodbye. Joe is appeased by this. Then, however, she tells him that her life is none of his business and she can take care of herself. She doesn't want anyone interfering. Joe says he can wear that. He suggests a celebration kiss. He kisses her on the cheek.
The Office
Rosemary comes in and Jane seethes quietly. Paul goes into the office.
Jane has a go at Rosemary for not telling her that she went out with Mark. Rosemary tells her angrily that she spoke for Jane's own good, but Jane doesn't believe her. Paul comes back in and is takenaback to find a row going on. Rosemary tells Paul that she wants him to fire Jane! He protests, but says that if he doesn't, the business deal to buy the Daniels Corporation won't go through!
Harold is hanging out with Sky and enjoying himself. Kerry opens the door and tells Joe that he can come in. Harold seethes a bit, but quickly masks his irritation.
Kerry says that Harold has something to tell Joe. Harold apologises to Joe for being rude to him before and says that he's welcome to come to the house any time he likes. Joe is stunned but tells Harold that it's very decent of him. Kerry smiles and suggests that they sit down and get to know each other better(!) while she gets them some food.
They sit down politely together and Joe puts his feet on the table. Harold sucks in his irritation and smiles fixedly. Harold asks Joe how work is going and Joe tells him about an electrician's strike. They are both trying hard but things are awkward between them!
Kerry comes back and says there's not much food in the house, so they'd better go out to eat. Harold says they'll have to count him out because Mrs Chubb is coming round to talk to him about the Coffee Shop. Joe teases Harold that he'd better be careful with Madge out of town(!)
Rosemary is ranting to Helen about her mentioning her relationship with Mark to Jane. Helen says that Rosemary is letting sour grapes cloud her judgment. Rosemary protests, but Helen says that it's the only thing that can explain (but not excuse) her behaviour tod. Helen says she's ashamed of her for trying to get Jane fired and backing out on her promise to Paul to sell the company. Rosemary admits that she might have overreacted. Helen says it's very unprofessional. Rosemary is bitter that her personal life is a mess. Helen puts her arm around her and says she knows it hurts, but Paul and Jane are not the people to take it out on.
Gloria comes round to give Harold a pie. At that moment Hilary comes round with a pie too. Hilary says that Harold can have Gloria's pie tomorrow because she doubts reheating it will make any difference to the flavour(!) Gloria is offended and says there's only one way to settle it!
The Office
Gail can't believe what's happened with Rosemary. Paul says Rosemary has no right to ask him to sack Jane - their altercation was personal. Gail says she's glad that Paul didn't give in to Rosemary. Paul is cross at this and says he has always had his priorities right. Jane says she thinks the best thing is if she just resigns - then Paul will still get the company and he won't have to sack her. Paul says that Rosemary will calm down and he'll just have to get her to change her mind. Jane says that it's probably time she moved on anyway and says she's stay until the end of the week.
Harold is tasting the pies and says both are delicious and he'll just have to eat both. Hilary says crossly that that's a cop out. They insist on knowing whose pie is better. But suddenly Hilary and Gloria get into a conversation about the recipes for their pies and start swapping tips!
Harold staggers to his feet and says he's full. Both women take offence at this and go off together still swapping recipes tips!
Joe, Kerry and Sky come back and are amused to see Harold looking so washed out from the attentions of Hilary and Gloria.
KERRY: We didn't forget about you. I brought you back a nice veggie pie for your supper.
HAROLD: Oh, good(!)
The Office
Gail tells Paul that he just has to stand up to Rosemary about Jane. She says it's a relief that the deal is off - at least the worry has gone. Paul is very angry and says that Jane is willing to throw in her job so that the deal will go through, but that Gail hasn't given him one inch of support. He says it's not his idea of what a wife is about!
<<0896 - 0898>>
Harold Bishop, Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0897
Harold Bishop, Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop

Helen Daniels, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0897
Helen Daniels, Hilary Robinson

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0897
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Jane Harris, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0897
Jane Harris, Helen Daniels

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0897
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0897
Jane Harris

Rosemary Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0897
Rosemary Daniels, Paul Robinson

Joe Mangel, Harold Bishop, Sky Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0897
Joe Mangel, Harold Bishop, Sky Bishop

Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0897
Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels

Gloria Lewis, Harold Bishop, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0897
Gloria Lewis, Harold Bishop, Hilary Robinson

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0897
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Jane Harris

Hilary Robinson, Harold Bishop, Gloria Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0897
Hilary Robinson, Harold Bishop, Gloria Lewis

Sky Bishop, Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0897
Sky Bishop, Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Harold Bishop

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0897
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0897
Gail Robinson

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