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Neighbours Episode 0892 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0892
Australian airdate: 7/2/89
UK airdate: 13/4/90
UK Gold: 2/4/96
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
Outside the Waterhole
Gail bumps into Gloria who is surprised to see her there. She tells Gloria that she and Paul have had a little domestic and she is staying at Lassiters for a couple of days. Gloria laughs and says it'll blow over soon. She says they'll talk about it later after Gloria's shift has finished.
Joe makes Kerry a cup of tea while Sky plays with an abacus. Kerry is horrified to see Joe drinking normal tea and with sugar as well! Joe says that he has got some herbal tea somewhere because Mrs Mangel liked it. They go to dig it out.
Joe tells Kerry that he's a working man - not playing guitars under trees like her drop-out mates. They banter amicably.
Joe opens the kitchen door to find Jane there. He's surprised to see her back. He introduces Jane and Kerry to each other. Jane also says hello to Sky while Joe tells Kerry all about the Mark situation, much to Jane's displeasure. She enquires about Toby and Joe brings her up to date. Jane declines to tell Joe whether she's getting married or not. Kerry calls Joe a stickybeak, and says he's very like Harold in some ways!
Outside Penny's house
Penny's flatmate tells Des through the intercom that Penny has left - she's gone backpacking in Europe indefinitely. Des looks very dejected and walks away.
Joe is frying eggs and quizzes Jane about her wedding again. He says she'd be mad to pass Mark up because he's good-looking and rich(!)
Finally under Joe's pressure, Jane says that if Mark will still have her, she will marry him. Joe is delighted and starts cooking chops to go with the fried eggs in celebration(!). Jane teases Joe about Kerry but he says they're just good mates.
Kerry is making a tofu omelette. Scott does not look too enthralled but tries it anyway. He doesn't like it much though. Harold comes out and Kerry offers him some breakfast. Harold says that Kerry is trying to get back in his good books for her "brazen display" in the Coffee Shop yesterday. Kerry says she could do worse - at least Joe has real blood in his veins. She slams down the frying pan and tells Harold to get his own breakfast. Scott tells Harold that everyone who doesn't do it his way is in the wrong. He gives Harold his tofu omelette and walks off after Kerry.
OUtside the Waterhole
Gloria is trying to persuade Gail to go home. She offers to go back with her to pick up her things so she doesn't have to be on her own with Paul. They agree to meet about mid-day.
The Office
Gail comes in to find Jane making coffee. Jane has heard from Paul about the split between Paul and Gail. She tells Jane how upset she is about the IVF program and how she doesn't seem to be able to talk to Paul any more - they're not connecting these days.
Paul is telling Des that he's sorted the deal out but Des is distracted. Paul tells Des that Gail has walked out and Des advises him to get her back as soon as possible. Des tells him what happened with Penny and Paul should sort things out. Paul is confident that Gail will come back when she hears that the money is sorted out (yeah, right!!)
Scott is reading out crossword clues while Kerry kneads bread mix.
Harold comes out and says quietly to Scott that he's lost a "personal item" from the bathroom cabinet. Kerry overhears this and says if he means the aerosol deodorant, she threw it out! She says there's nothing wrong with his natural body smell! Harold somehow blames this on Joe(!) and Kerry laughs. She says Christian charity should include Joe and Kerry as well. She tells him to loosen up and not to worry about her and Joe - it's all under control. Harold takes this to mean that there is nothing going on between Kerry and Joe and is pleased.
Paul and Gail's
Gail is hurrying Gloria out the door with her stuff before Paul comes home. But he comes in before they can leave.
PAUL: Welcome home! I knew it wouldn't last!
Gail tells him that she's not home, she's going again. Paul asks Gloria to give them a minute alone to talk.
Scott is still doing the crossword while Kerry is tidying up. Scott answers the door and there's noone there. But Joe is hiding around the corner - he's avoiding Harold! Scott goes out and Joe comes in.
Joe asks Kerry if the coast is clear for him to come in. She tells him Harold's at church and that she's had another row with Harold. She says she's never been able to please her father - she's a cuckoo in the Bishops nest. Joe invites her out this afternoon for a spin in the ute. Kerry accepts. She says she'll be glad to get out for a break from Harold's closed mind.
Outside the Bishops
Harold and Mrs Chubb arrive home from church. Mrs Chubb catches sight of Joe Mangel leaving the house and draws Harold's attention to him. She says that Kerry should be ashamed of herself. Harold snaps in Kerry's defence that she is not a bad girl, just a little headstrong. As Christians, they must be tolerant.
Paul and Gail's
Paul is telling Gail about the business deal but she is unimpressed. She is more interested in talking about their relationship and the IVF program. Paul says that it'd be better to wait until they can give their child everything. Gail doesn't think it's worth waiting - she wants a home and a family, not a business deal. She gives Paul an ultimatum - either forget about the Daniels Corporation or forget about their relationship. He can't have them both.
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Gail Robinson, Gloria Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0892
Gail Robinson, Gloria Lewis

Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0892
Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel, Jane Harris

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0892
Des Clarke

Jane Harris, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0892
Jane Harris, Joe Mangel

Scott Robinson, Kerry Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0892
Scott Robinson, Kerry Bishop, Harold Bishop

Gail Robinson, Gloria Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0892
Gail Robinson, Gloria Lewis

Gail Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0892
Gail Robinson, Jane Harris

Des Clarke, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0892
Des Clarke, Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0892
Harold Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Scott Robinson

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Gloria Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0892
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Gloria Lewis

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0892
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Harold Bishop, Edith Chubb in Neighbours Episode 0892
Harold Bishop, Edith Chubb

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0892
Joe Mangel

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0892
Gail Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0892
Paul Robinson

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