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Neighbours Episode 0835 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0835
Australian airdate: 14/10/88
UK airdate: 24/01/90
UK Gold: 12/01/96
Director: Paul Moloney
Guests: Lift Repairman Bill Manderson
Summary/Images by: Graham
An angry Beverly accusing Jim of being happy that she lost the baby.
No. 26
Jim and Helen follow Beverly into the lounge room, where Jim comments to his wife gently that he doesn't understand: in court today she was so calm and so together about *everything*. Beverly retorts that that shows how little he knows her. Helen tells Beverly that she's been through a dreadful ordeal - they all understand that - but she knows how much Jim loves her. Beverly, tears in her eyes, sobs:
BEVERLY: Then why didn't he have the faintest idea how I was really feeling in that courtroom? Yes, I was very convincing - I *had* to be - but I just lost a baby; and he cheerfully says 'now we can all be one big happy family again and go back to business as usual'.
JIM: Darling, I was just so relieved that your name had been cleared. I mean, I know how much your career means to you.
BEVERLY (mutters): Oh yes, my important career. What's having a baby compared to *that*?
JIM: Oh now, I wasn't making comparisons - you *know* that.
He tries to hold Beverly, but she pushes him away and runs to her room. Jim goes to follow her, but Helen stops him and tells him that she's far too upset to listen to reason; give her some space. Jim insists that she's got him all wrong; he's got to make her understand how he feels. Helen nods that she knows - but this isn't the time.
Lassiter's complex
Harold is standing with Madge outside the Waterhole. He gives her a kiss, but she smiles:
MADGE: Not in front of the customers!
Harold looks around and comments that there don't seem to be too many of them at the moment. Madge then asks Harold where he's off to, and he reminds her that he's seeing his solicitor this afternoon. Madge sighs that she wishes he and Des would sort things out: they're such good friends. Harold tells her:
HAROLD: *Were*, Madge. *Were*. No, I want everything right, tight and legal. Quite frankly, the sooner I terminate all dealings with Mr. Des Clarke, the happier I'll be.
MADGE: I still think you're making a big mistake...
HAROLD: Madge, there are times when a man has to do what a man has to do.
He gives her another kiss and tells her he'll see her later.
Office block
Harold walks into an office block and approaches the lifts - only to find that Des is already standing next to them and has pressed the button. A lift arrives and the doors open. Des steps inside and waits for Harold to join him. Harold, however, says coolly that he'll wait for the next one. Des mutters:
DES: Harold, we may be dissolving our partnership, but are you so small- minded you can't share a *lift* with me?
HAROLD (coolly): I simply thought that in view of the way you felt, you'd prefer that I went separately.
Des closes his eyes and leans his head against the lift wall in semi- despair. Harold takes the hint and steps inside. Des presses the button for the 4th floor, the doors close and the lift starts climbing. Harold and Des each stand at opposite sides of the lift, ignoring each other. All of a sudden, the lift comes to a halt - but the doors don't open. It appears to be stuck between floors. Des comments that there must be a 'phone, and he looks around for one. He finds the panel covering the 'phone, but it's stuck and he can't pull it open. Harold suggests trying the alarm button. Des, however, tells him not to panic. Harold insists that the alarm button is installed for an emergency just like this. Des sighs:
DES: Look, I don't want to spend any more time in here with you, either, but it's a bit early to call out the FBI.
Ignoring this, Harold presses the button and, as a bell- like alarm starts sounding outside the lift, comments that *that* should do it. Des remarks:
DES: If they heard it.
HAROLD: Well of *course* they heard it.
DES (looking at his watch): About time for afternoon tea...
HAROLD: There is *always* someone on duty for emergencies.
DES: Yep. Yep. Same as there's always a 'phone...
A short time later, Des and Harold can still hear the alarm sounding, but there's been no response. Harold hits the alarm button again, muttering that this is ridiculous, but Des tells him to cut it out: he's sure they've got the message by now. Harold starts pacing the lift floor and he comments in concern that it's very close in there. He loosens his tie. He adds that he should've taken the stairs; you can never trust lifts. Des just tells him to take it easy: they'll have them out of there soon. Harold reaches up and opens a hatch in the ceiling, exclaiming as he does so:
HAROLD: There must be *some* way out of here.
DES: Look, you're not doing your blood pressure any good, mate.
HAROLD (snaps): I can't *help* it. I've suffered from claustrophobia since I was a child: I can't stand being shut in. [Looking up at the hatch] IS THERE ANYBODY THERE?
There's no response. Des suggests to him that he lie down on the floor and take a few deep breaths. Harold retorts that he doesn't *want* to lie down - and besides, the floor looks filthy. Des suggests that they take Harold's mind off things by playing I- Spy - but Harold mutters that now he's beginning to think Des is losing *his* mind. Des says he'll go first - but he then looks around and remarks that there's not much to see in a little box, is there? Harold groans:
HAROLD: Oh please, Des, don't call it a box...
Des apologises. He then says:
DES: I spy with my little eye, something beginning with... beginning with, um... B.
HAROLD: Oh don't be ridiculous, man. Bell, of course.
DES: Wrong! 'Button'! Come on, it's your turn.
HAROLD: Er... I spy... something that starts with C.
Des looks around and then declares that it's collar. Harold, however, retorts that clothing doesn't count. Des asks why not and Harold snaps that they're the rules he's always observed, that's why not. Des suggests 'cable', but Harold asks angrily how it can be the wretched cable when they're still inside the lift. Des gives in and Harold tells him it's 'case'. Des looks at his bag on the floor and says:
DES: That's not a case, it's a *briefcase*.
HAROLD: It's the same thing.
DES: Foul. Foul, foul. No, you should have said 'starting with B'.
HAROLD (mutters): Oh, if you're going to be like that-
He breaks off as Des shushes him. The alarm bell has suddenly stopped ringing. The two of them listen and a man calls down to ask how many people are stuck in there. Des calls back that it's two. Harold, however, snaps:
HAROLD: What does it matter how *many* of us? When are you going to get us out of here?
The man calls back:
MAN: Don't panic, mate. Won't be long now.
Harold doesn't look happy.
No. 24
Henry is talking to Edna on the 'phone in the kitchen when Madge arrives home. He hands over the 'phone and Madge asks her mum how she and her dad are. She listens and then comments that it must be a comfort to Dan to have Charlene up there. She asks if she's still happy with her job. She listens again before saying:
MADGE: Scott misses her terribly; we *all* do - but I mean she's got to complete her apprenticeship.
She listens further and then tells her mother that she'll speak to her later. She hangs up and frowns at Henry:
MADGE: Did mum say much to you about Charlene?
HENRY (shrugs): She only rang just before you walked in; why - what's up?
MADGE: I don't know. It's as if she was holding back; as if she wasn't telling me everything.
HENRY: What - you reckon something's wrong?
Before Madge can answer, Scott arrives home and Henry asks him how the interview went. Scott smiles that it was good. He goes on that he's never really understood how those vintage car freaks tick before, but Charlene would've been rapt if she could've seen some of the photos he was shown. He adds cheerfully that he'll give her a ring tonight, after he's written up his notes. Henry glances at Madge in concern.
Harold is sitting on the floor, taking a couple of deep breaths. He then admits to Des that he's right: it definitely *does* help. Des - who's holding his legs together - says:
DES: Good, good, 'cos I've got problems of my *own* at the moment.
HAROLD (looking at Des's posture): Er... is your back playing up?
DES: No, no, my back's fine... but, um, if I don't see a man about a dog soon, things are going to get mighty tricky!
Harold, realising what Des is implying, suggests that they need to get *his* mind off the problem. Des says he doesn't suppose they teach you how to handle an emergency like this in the Scouts?! Harold says the advice he'd give his youngsters at a time like this would be to think of a very dry place, like the Simpson Desert. Des, however, replies that if he thinks of a desert, he's going to think how thirsty he is, and then he'll want a drink; and if he has a drink... Harold accepts that Des has a point! Des looks up at the hatch in the ceiling and exclaims:
DES: What are these flaming idiots *doing*? It was *hours* ago that they said we'd be out of here in no time.
He calls up to the lift attendant, who calls back that it won't be long now. Des sighs that that's what he said *last* time. The man retorts that they're doing their best; just hang on. Des mutters at Harold:
DES: What's he think I am: a flaming *camel*?
HAROLD: Ah, I wouldn't think of camels if I were you, Des - they do carry an enormous amount of water, you know?
DES: Thanks, Harold...!
No. 26
Dinner at the Robinson house is being eaten in silence at the kitchen table. Jim comments to Helen eventually that the meal is delicious. Beverly says she agrees. Katie remarks to her that she's not eating very much of it, but Helen tells her that it's manners to keep your eyes on your *own* plate. Jim turns to Todd and asks him about the soccer camp, but he isn't very forthcoming. Katie reaches for some bread from a basket in the middle of the table, but knocks over her glass of orange juice as she does so. As Helen quickly mops it up, Katie says she didn't *mean* to do it. Beverly snaps:
BEVERLY: You never *do*, do you?
She gets up and marches out. Jim looks at Helen and then goes after his wife. She's sitting on the couch in the lounge room, and Jim crouches down to her and says gently:
JIM: Darling, I know how you feel-
BEVERLY (retorts): Jim, you've got no *idea* how I'm feeling.
JIM: I *have*. You *must* believe me.
BEVERLY: Please - just leave me alone.
Jim looks at her and then gets up and returns to the kitchen.
Harold is telling Des about how he was locked in a room for hours and has had a dreadful fear of being closed in ever since. Des sits down next to him and remarks that it's like the fear of swimming that *he's* got: it's funny how these things stick around and come back years later to haunt you. Harold nods that it's amazing. Des then says:
DES: I mean, look at what started the trouble between you and me, Harold.
HAROLD: How do you mean, Des?
DES: Well, after the fire, you wanted to re- do the Coffee Shop; create a whole new atmosphere - and *I* just wanted to keep it the way that Daphne created it. I just couldn't handle the fact of losing another link with her.
HAROLD: Oh well... I suppose we all sort... well, we try to lose our own past in our own way, but life does go on, Des, you know?
DES: Yeah, it does.
HAROLD: You know, what hurt me more than anything else, Des, was you talking about me behind my back.
DES: Yep, yep, that was wrong - but I was mad at you, mate; I was just letting off steam. I'm sure *everybody* does that at one stage or another.
HAROLD: I must concede, there *is* truth in that - I've been guilty of it myself, eh? Oh my word, life's a complicated old business, isn't it, eh?
DES: Yeah. I've got the feeling we're the ones who *make* it that way, though.
No. 24
Sitting at the kitchen table with Scott and Henry, having dinner, Madge says in concern that she hopes Harold's all right: he should've been home *ages* ago. Scott tells her that those meetings can go on for hours. He starts clearing up the dishes, but Henry says *he'll* do it and Madge tells Scott to go and finish his article. When Scott has gone, Madge remarks to Henry that he's not himself, is he, offering to help with the dishes! Henry tells her that he wants to hear what else his grandma said. Madge replies:
MADGE: I know when she's worried - and she *is*. I'm just a bit scared that Charlene's having too good a time up there.
HENRY: Well, she probably gets pretty lonely.
MADGE: That's not the impression *I* got. Mum and dad don't seem to be seeing a great deal of her, either.
HENRY: When you think about it, Lennie *does* keep us in the dark if she's up to something.
Madge sighs that there's only one thing for it: she'll have to fly up there and find out what's going on. Henry, however, points out that she's just got back from holidays - there's no way she'll get time off, and she's got to hang onto her job now that Harold's out of work. Madge exclaims:
MADGE: You don't expect me to stay down here and worry myself *sick* about her, do you?
HENRY (hesitates before saying): You don't have to - *I'll* go.
Madge insists that *she's* the one who should be talking to her daughter. Henry, however, points out that if there *is* something up, they'll both blow a fuse in the first five minutes and get nowhere; Lennie always talks to *him*. Madge gives in and accepts Henry's offer, but she tells him that he's got to take this seriously. Henry assures her that of *course* he'll take it seriously. He adds:
HENRY: It might be wise to keep it between ourselves for the moment - we might be wrong.
MADGE: Oh, I hope so, Henry, I really do.
Des is grimacing in pain as Harold tells him to try to hang on and focus on another subject. He suggests having a singalong. Des exclaims in horror:
DES: Now I *know* we're running out of oxygen!
Harold nevertheless starts singing 'Ten Green Bottles' - which causes Des to groan:
DES: Do we *have* to sing about bottles?!
Harold pleads with him to please try, and the two of them launch into song! At that moment, though, they hear a clanking sound and the engineer calls down that they're ready to go. The lift starts moving and after a few seconds reaches the ground floor. The doors open and the attendant smiles:
ENGINEER: There you are, fellas!
Des, however, just barges past him and runs out, shouting:
DES: Stand clear!
The engineer looks at Harold and says:
ENGINEER: Sorry you got stuck, mate - especially with a nut like *that*.
Harold, however, replies:
HAROLD: That gentleman, sir, is no 'nut'. He's my friend - and my partner.
No. 26
It's evening- time and Helen is playing Monopoly with Katie and Todd in the lounge room. Katie asks Helen warily if she's sure they're not making too much noise for Aunty Beverly, but Helen just tells her to let *her* worry about that. Jim joins them and Todd asks him tersely why he doesn't tell them what's really going on. Jim shrugs that Beverly's been under a lot of stress lately, and being a doctor's pretty hard work. Katie exclaims:
KATIE: But she *won*. I thought she'd be *glad*.
TODD (coolly): It's *more* than that.
HELEN: Yes, it is. You see, when Aunt Beverly was attacked, she was hurt very badly. She lost the baby.
KATIE: Does that mean there won't ever be a little baby to play with?
HELEN (glancing at Jim): Well, hopefully there will be *one* day, but in the meantime, she's had a very big disappointment and we're all very sad about it - so, we have to be brave and try and help her in any way we can.
JIM: She just needs lots of love - from *all* of us; and, given time, everything will be fine.
TODD (disbelievingly): Sure...
No. 24
Henry is sitting at the kitchen table, polishing his shoes, while Scott tries to call Charlene - but he hangs up the 'phone and comments that she's still not there. Henry suggests that maybe she's staying with his grandma and granddad. Scott nods that maybe he's right; he'll try *there*. Henry, however, stops him quickly and points out that it's a bit late to try, isn't it? Scott shrugs that he supposes it is; he'll try again later.
The front door opens suddenly and Des and Harold come in, laughing. Madge is sitting in her dressing gown in an armchair and Harold apologises to her for being late, explaining that they got held up. Madge tells him that she was worried about him and she asks him why he didn't ring. Des giggles that there weren't too many 'phones in the building! Henry and Scott join them and Scott comments that it looks like the meeting went OK! Harold, however, explains that they didn't get around to that! Madge asks why they're so cheerful all of a sudden. She adds:
MADGE: Harold, don't tell me you've been *drinking*?
Harold looks at Des and both men burst out laughing as Harold says:
HAROLD: That was the *last* thing on our mind!
Henry asks what they've been up to, then. Des looks at Harold and says:
DES: Oh... about 3 floors!
Scott, Henry and Madge just stare at the two men in bemusement!
No. 26
Jim and Beverly's voices can be heard from their bedroom, Beverly saying:
BEVERLY: You'll never convince me of that.
JIM: No. No, I won't - not if you won't give me a fair hearing.
BEVERLY: I just want to get some sleep.
JIM: Not talking about this isn't going to help *either* of us.
Katie is in the kitchen, raiding the 'fridge, but she suddenly spots Todd creep out of his room and open the front door. She runs over to him and asks him where he's going. Todd just retorts:
TODD: Out - and if you say a word to anyone, I'll *thump* you.
No. 24
Henry emerges from his room with a packed bag. Scott is sitting on the kitchen counter, the 'phone to his ear, but he tells Henry:
SCOTT: She's still not there, mate. Maybe you're right: maybe she *did* stay over or something.
HENRY: Yeah.
Scott hangs up the 'phone and asks Henry what he's up to. Henry replies that he's just taking off for a few days; things are pretty slack round there. Scott remarks that that's the fourth time he's tried to ring Charlene this week. Henry shrugs:
HENRY: She's probably busy - you know: the house... the job... all that stuff...
SCOTT: Yeah, but why isn't she at the house, then?
Henry just shrugs. Scott then looks at Henry's bag and asks him suspiciously where he's off to. Henry starts to bluster, without really answering. He picks up a pad and Scott asks what's on it. He grabs it and reads:
SCOTT: Flight 58-. Brisbane.
HENRY: Yeah, well, like I say, things are pretty slack. I haven't seen my grandparents-
SCOTT: Come on Henry, just how dumb do you think I *am*? You're going up there because of Charlene, aren't you? You think something's wrong too.
HENRY (sighs): Look, mate, if there *is* something wrong, you can count on me to sort it.
SCOTT: Look, Henry, I'm her *husband*. If there's any sorting- out to do, *I'll* do it. I'm coming up there *with* you.
With that, he dashes off to pack a bag, leaving Henry standing looking worried.
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Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0835
Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0835
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0835
Harold Bishop, Des Clarke

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0835
Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0835
Harold Bishop, Des Clarke

Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0835
Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop

Harold Bishop, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0835
Harold Bishop, Des Clarke

Todd Landers, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Katie Landers, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0835
Todd Landers, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Katie Landers, Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0835
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Harold Bishop, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0835
Harold Bishop, Des Clarke

Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0835
Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Madge Bishop

Des Clarke, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0835
Des Clarke, Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop, Lift Repairman in Neighbours Episode 0835
Harold Bishop, Lift Repairman

Katie Landers, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0835
Katie Landers, Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0835
Jim Robinson, Todd Landers

Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0835
Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson

Des Clarke, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0835
Des Clarke, Harold Bishop

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0835
Madge Bishop

Todd Landers, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0835
Todd Landers, Katie Landers

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0835
Scott Robinson

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0835
Henry Ramsay

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