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Neighbours Episode 0834 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0834
Australian airdate: 13/10/88
UK airdate: 23/01/90
UK Gold: 11/01/96
Director: Paul Moloney
Guests: Melanie Pearson Lucinda Cowden
Summary/Images by: Graham
Bronwyn catching Henry and Melanie hugging, and getting the wrong idea about them.
No. 30
In the lounge room, Sharon is talking to Mike, insisting that one dance won't hurt him. Mike, however, explains that he just feels a bit funny, what with teaching some of the guys there during the week. Sharon asks if teachers aren't *supposed* to dance. Mike gives in and joins her for a boogie! Across the room, Scott is telling a teenage girl and boy about how they'd be surprised how many articles start out in local papers and then move onto the big-. He breaks off, though, as Bronwyn walks over and tells him curtly that she wants to talk to him. They step across the room, where Bronwyn says tautly:
BRONWYN: So... tell me again how Henry really likes me only he's afraid to tell me?
SCOTT: It's *true*.
BRONWYN (bitterly): Oh yeah! He's not afraid of the girl with the funny laugh, though, is he?
SCOTT: What?
BRONWYN: See for yourself. He likes me so much, he's in the bedroom with her right *now*.
With that, she walks off, leaving Scott sighing heavily.
*In* the bedroom, Melanie is saying to Henry that she reckons it's about time she had a word with Bronwyn: she ought to know what she's missing out on. Looking suddenly nervous, Henry starts to stutter that maybe that's not such a good idea. Melanie, however, insists:
MELANIE: Like you said, you've just got to understand women. Leave everything to *me*!
She heads out of the room, leaving Henry looking worried!
No. 26
In the lounge room, Katie is playing with a doll, Helen is sitting on the couch, looking at a magazine, and Beverly is sitting at the desk, looking for something impatiently. She exclaims suddenly that there was a green manila folder there this afternoon and she asks Helen if she touched it. Helen replies that she never touches Beverly's papers. Beverly mutters that *someone* has; she's sure she left it there. Helen stands up and walks over to her, saying gently:
HELEN: Beverly, it isn't too late to postpone that hearing, you know?
BEVERLY: Oh, they've got to be here *somewhere*, Helen.
HELEN: I'm not talking about the papers. You are going to be put under a lot of pressure in that courtroom, and I don't think you're in any condition for that at the moment. Under the circumstances, I'm sure they'll grant you a postponement.
BEVERLY (firmly): No. I am not having this hanging over my head any longer. I just want it over with.
The front door opens suddenly and Jim comes in with Todd. Helen gives the boy a hug and asks him how they went. Todd smiles that they made it into the finals, but they lost 1- 0. He goes and says hello to Beverly, but she just tells him flatly that she's very busy at the moment and asks if they can have a talk later. Looking disappointed, Todd turns away from her. Jim gives Helen a look. Helen tells Katie that it's time for bed, and the girl reluctantly heads to her room. She tries to say goodnight to Beverly as she goes, but Beverly barely responds.
No. 28
Des is peering out through the front window. Paul is sitting on the couch and he smiles as he tells Des that it's 4 minutes since he *last* looked out! He throws a cushion at Des, who explains that he feels *responsible* for No. 30. He adds:
DES: You don't reckon it's going on a bit too late?
PAUL: Come on, Des! If you're like this *now*, what are you going to be like when *Jamie* starts going to parties, eh?
DES (laughs): That's something to look forward to, eh?!
Changing the subject, Paul asks Des if he's decided what to do with the Coffee Shop yet. Des asks Paul warily if he's asking as a mate or a landlord. Paul assures him that it's as a mate. Des, however, says he wouldn't mind if Paul put his *official* hat on for a minute. He goes on:
DES: What I was thinking was... well, you've got to admit that having the Coffee Shop as a tenant has brought a lot of business into the complex.
PAUL: I know what you're going to say: you want to know if Lassiter's will come in as a partner. Is that right?
DES: Well... yeah.
PAUL (sighs): Oh Des... I'm sorry, mate. I know what the company will do: they'll offer to buy you out direct or they'll just put in a new lease altogether. See, they're not into partnerships that small, mate. Sorry.
DES (looking disappointed): Yeah, well, it was worth a try.
Paul asks Des if there's no way he can handle it on his own. Des replies that the insurance wouldn't even cover the cost of the equipment. Paul points out that the answer to his problems is only a couple of doors down... Des mutters that he can forget that for starters. Paul, however, sighs:
PAUL: *Somebody's* got to tell you this, Des: Harold is your best partner.
DES: *Was*.
PAUL: *Is*. Look, not only is he a good manager, you know you can trust him. When are you two going to stop being so stubborn and realise that you really need each other? And apart from that, I thought that you two guys were pretty good mates before all this blew up. Be a shame to see that go down the tubes, wouldn't it...
Des sits there looking thoughtful.
No. 30
Bronwyn is in the kitchen, clattering about, when Melanie comes in and smiles that she wanted to tell Bronwyn how much she's been enjoying the party. Bronwyn mutters that she can *see* that. Melanie hesitates before then saying:
MELANIE: Henry's been telling me a lot about you.
BRONWYN (snaps): *Has* he?
MELANIE: In fact, he can't *stop* talking about you.
BRONWYN (coldly): And next you're going to tell me how he really likes me and he's afraid to tell me, aren't you.
MELANIE (beams): That's right!
BRONWYN (angrily): I don't *believe* this. Well, you can tell Henry from me that I think he's a... a lousy, two- timing smart aleck. If I never saw him again, it would be too soon.
With that, she walks out, leaving Melanie standing there looking surprised.
No. 30
A short time later, there's a conga going on in the lounge room as Scott tells Bronwyn that he's sure she's got the wrong end of the stick. Bronwyn retorts that she knows what she saw. Across the room, Henry is muttering at Melanie that she must have said *something* to get Bronwyn so aggro. Melanie insists that she *didn't*: the moment she mentioned his name, Bronwyn just went off her head. She adds:
MELANIE: I hate to say it, Henry, but she just doesn't want to know you.
Scott wanders over and remarks to Henry:
SCOTT: You've really blown it *this* time, haven't you, mate? What are you trying to do, anyway? Make her jealous or something?
HENRY (exclaims): What?!
SCOTT: Look, the thing is, I spend half the night telling her how much you like her; the next thing you know, she walks in and finds you all over Melanie.
Henry and Melanie both start protesting that they're *friends*. Scott, however, tells Henry that it's not him, it's Bronwyn he's got to convince, and right now, he reckons Henry's got Buckley's. Henry mutters that he doesn't *believe* this. Looking annoyed, he pulls Melanie into the middle of the room, tells Mike to turn the music up, and he and Melanie start dancing. Bronwyn looks on in annoyance.
No. 24
The thump of the bass from the music at No. 30 can be heard across the street. Harold is sitting on the couch with Madge, holding cushions either side of his head. Madge suggests to him that if he's got a headache he take a couple of aspirin. Harold, however, retorts that she *knows* he doesn't believe in painkillers; Des should be doing something about the *noise*. Removing the cushions, he adds:
HAROLD: How anyone is supposed to relax with *that* noise going on is beyond *me*.
MADGE: Why don't you listen to yourself *snoring* some night?!
Harold mutters that that was uncalled for: he can't do anything about his snoring, but Des *can* do something about the noise; the man has absolutely no sense of social responsibility. Madge tells Harold that he knows that's not true; she thinks he's letting the argument he had with Des cloud his vision - and Des isn't even *at* the party. Harold retorts:
HAROLD: He is the landlord's agent. He gave permission for the party, so therefore he's accountable. The buck has to stop *somewhere*.
MADGE: Yes, all right, Harold - but the party's not going to go on forever; you don't want to antagonise everyone in the street.
HAROLD (firmly): You're quite right *there*.
MADGE: What?
HAROLD (standing up): The party is *not* going to go on forever - because I am going to put a stop to it right *now*.
With that, he marches out, leaving Madge groaning.
No. 28
Still sitting with Des, Paul asks him if he's going to go over and see Harold tomorrow. Des nods that he'll go over first thing, and he thanks Paul for talking some sense into him. As Paul stands up to leave, Des apologises to him for the noise, adding that they should knock it on the head before too long. Paul smiles:
PAUL: No sweat. You know, it wasn't so long ago you and I were blasting a bit of heavy metal around the neighbourhood!
The two men head to the door - but as Paul opens it, they find Harold standing on the step, about to knock. Des smiles at him and tells him to come in. Harold, however, just stands there. Des tells him that they were just talking about him and he was going to come across and have a chat in the morning. Harold says tersely:
HAROLD: I take it you were going to apologise for all the disturbance?
DES (blankly): Eh?
HAROLD: I used to think that you were a *responsible* sort of person, Des, but I have certainly learnt my lesson over the last couple of days, haven't I.
DES: Oh come on...
HAROLD: To allow all that noise at this time of night...
DES: It's not *that* late!
HAROLD: Oh no. No, no. If you live in Italy, it's only about 10:30 in the morning - but here in Erinsborough it is time when most people are thinking of relaxing and going to bed; you know - strange things like that? Well, if that noise doesn't stop immediately, I am calling the police.
With that, he storms off. Des turns to Paul and mutters:
DES: Hey - what were you just saying about how much Harold needs me? I seem to have forgotten.
PAUL: Did I say that...?!
No. 26
Todd has got up from bed and is in the kitchen, getting a snack. Katie creeps up on him and startles him, telling him she heard him get up. She asks him what he's doing. Todd tells her that he couldn't sleep. He adds:
TODD: What's been going on round here since I've been gone? And don't say 'nothing'. Aunt Bev's been acting real weird since I got back. Is it mum and dad?
KATIE: No. Aunty Bev got bashed up by some bloke and had to go up to hospital.
TODD (looking shocked): Bashed up? Hell...
KATIE: She wasn't badly hurt. She was only in hospital for a night.
Todd pours each of them a glass of milk as Katie goes on:
KATIE: Anyway, she's been acting really funny since.
TODD: Uncle Jim said something about that court thing tomorrow.
KATIE: Yeah, but she's known about that for a while. She just doesn't seem to want *me* around anymore...
TODD: Well, maybe she *doesn't*...
KATIE (gasps): What?
TODD: Well... maybe she *doesn't* now she's going to have her *own* baby?
KATIE: You really think so?
TODD: It has to be *something* like that.
The light comes on suddenly and Helen walks in, whispering that it looks as if they have mice in the kitchen! She tells the kids to go back to bed, before heading off back to her own room. Todd sighs in relief at Katie that he's glad *Helen* hasn't changed.
No. 30
Bronwyn stands in the lounge room doorway with Sharon, staring at Henry - who's still dancing with Melanie - and muttering that she wishes they'd go home: this has got to be the worst party *ever*. Melanie lets out a walrus- like chuckle suddenly, and Sharon muses that you couldn't really *like* someone with a laugh like that. Bronwyn retorts:
BRONWYN: I told you: I don't care *what* he does.
SHARON: Then why do you keep staring at him?
Bronwyn just sighs heavily. Mike walks over to the two of them and says he'd better make a move, as he's got to get up early tomorrow to testify for Beverly in court. He thanks them for having him and adds that it was a great party. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Bronwyn mutters:
BRONWYN: Who's that *now*?
She goes and opens the door to Des and Paul. They step inside as a few guests head out. Des tells Bronwyn that there's been a bit of a complaint about the noise, from Harold. Bronwyn shrugs that that's easily fixed - and she heads into the lounge room and turns off the stereo. As silence falls, she announces to the guests that the party's over. Henry tells Melanie that he'll take her home. Bronwyn mutters:
BRONWYN: Yeah, you do that.
He and Melanie head out. Des insists that they shouldn't turn the music off because of *Harold* - it's *typical* of him, ruining it for everybody. He and Paul head back out. Across the room, Scott and Mike thank Bronwyn and Sharon for having them, and they leave as well. Bronwyn and Sharon find themselves alone. They sit down on the lounge room floor and Sharon sighs:
SHARON: Next time I suggest a party, just do me a favour and punch me out, all right?
No. 26
The next morning, Helen is preparing Todd and Katie's school lunches in the kitchen. Helen tells Katie that she's got vegemite round her mouth. Katie wipes it with her hand, but Beverly sighs at her in irritation to go and wash *properly*. The kids leave the room. Jim sits down at the kitchen table with Beverly and asks her if she's sure she's up to this today. Beverly retorts:
BEVERLY: I'm *fine* - at least, I would be if everyone would just leave me alone for five minutes and let me get on with it. Why is everyone so determined for me to postpone the hearing anyway? For goodness' sake: if you think I'm in a bad mood now, what'll I be like if I have to go on waiting? A few hours in the courtroom and it'll all be over.
Paul walks in through the back door at that moment and tells Beverly cheerily that he just thought he'd come over and wish her good luck for today. Beverly replies that that's very kind of him, but she doesn't really think luck comes into it - or it *shouldn't*. Jim tells her:
JIM: Paul's just trying to be su-
BEVERLY (snaps): I *know* what he's trying to do, and I'm very grateful, but it just seems to me that you're all making far more fuss about this than needs be.
With that, she stands up and mutters that she'll finish going through her files in the other room. She walks out, leaving Jim looking worried.
No. 24
Scott is pouring hot water onto tea bags for him and Henry at the kitchen table as Henry tells him that last night was a bit of an eye- opener for him: he's good at picking up chicks like Melanie on a *casual* basis - a good time, no strings attached - but it's only when he tries to get a long- term thing happening that the wheels fall off. Scott nods that that's true. Henry goes on:
HENRY: So maybe I've got to face it: maybe that's the way things are supposed to be - some guys are meant to have a long- term relationship, others are meant to play the field.
SCOTT (pointedly): Right. I see. So you're just giving up on Bronwyn, is that it?
HENRY: No, I've just gone off the idea of a permanent relationship, that's all.
SCOTT: Well, if you're prepared to do that, then maybe you *should*.
Madge and Harold emerge from their room at that moment, Madge telling Harold tersely that all she's saying is that last night was the worst night ever. Harold retorts that she knows his snoring gets worse when he's tense - and how was anyone supposed to relax with that noise going on all the time? Madge sighs:
MADGE: Harold, you weren't tense because of the *noise*, you were tense because of that silly fight with Des.
HAROLD (coolly): Oh. I see. Right. So it's a 'silly fight' now, is it? Right. Good.
MADGE (mutters): You let it ruin your home life - that's what's *silly* about it. Whether you know it or not, you're becoming an absolute grouch.
Looking annoyed, Harold turns towards the back door. Madge asks him where he's going. He retorts that he's going for a walk to clear his head - and seeing that he's such a pain to have around the place, no doubt she'll be much happier with him out of the way anyway. He marches out, leaving Madge to mutter:
MADGE: This is getting out of hand.
SCOTT: *Getting*? I would say it's already *got*...
No. 26
Todd runs in through the back door - but stops in his tracks when he finds Helen in the kitchen, folding towels and sheets. Helen spots him, though, and calls to him. He comes back in, sheepishly, and Helen asks him what he's doing home at this time of day. Todd tells her that he forgot his lunch, and Helen nods that she put it in the 'fridge. As Todd retrieves it, Helen says:
HELEN: Todd... er, why did you try and sneak out just then?
TODD: I thought you might get mad at me or something...
HELEN: Oh, that's silly!
She tells Todd that she'll put the dry washing away and drive him back to school. Todd insists that he feels like walking - but Helen tells him that she has to go to the shops anyway. She asks Todd to get her purse while she puts the washing away. Left alone in the kitchen, Todd goes and picks up Helen's purse from by the 'phone. He checks the coast is clear and then tips some coins into his hand...
Lassiter's complex
Melanie is standing with Madge outside the Waterhole, saying:
MELANIE: All I know is I got a message from Henry: 'Meet me at the Waterhole for lunch'.
Madge tells Melanie that she's not exactly the person she *expected* to see him with - no offence! Melanie nods that he's supposed to be with Bronwyn - but he sort of dipped out there. Henry joins them at that moment and says to Melanie in surprise:
HENRY: Hey... what's with the long face?
Madge explains that Melanie's been telling her about Bronwyn. Henry just says:
HENRY: Who?!
Madge leaves them to it and heads back inside. Henry and Melanie sit down at a table and Henry says:
HENRY: Now, I've got it all worked out: I'll pick you up about 7pm. We're going to go to a movie.
MELANIE (blankly): Henry, what are you talking about?
HENRY: I'm telling you about tonight.
MELANIE: Yeah, *telling* me. A girl likes to be *asked*, you know?
HENRY: Oh. All right. [Putting his hands together as if in prayer] Will you please go out to a movie with me tonight?!
HENRY (looking surprised): What?
MELANIE: Five minutes ago, you were madly in love with *Bronwyn*.
HENRY: That was five minutes ago!
MELANIE: Henry, I am not going out with you on the rebound.
HENRY: I am *not* on the rebound... well, not exactly. You're much more my type than she is, anyway.
MELANIE: What's *that* supposed to mean?
HENRY: Well, you're fun. You like to have a good time and I always know where I am with you.
Melanie shakes her head. Henry asks:
HENRY: Why not?
MELANIE: It just wouldn't work, that's all. I really like you, Henry - but we're just too much alike.
HENRY: I thought-
MELANIE: And apart from that, I make it a point never to go out with anyone when I know they're thinking about somebody else. We'll have lunch some *other* time, OK?
With that, she kisses Henry on the cheek and walks off, leaving Henry looking disappointed.
No. 26
Jim and Beverly join Helen in the kitchen, Jim smiling at his wife:
JIM: What did I tell you, eh? What did I tell you?
BEVERLY (flatly): What I remember you *telling* me is that I should postpone the hearing.
Helen asks if Beverly won. Jim replies that it was a piece of cake - they had nothing to build a case on: apparently, 70% of doctors would have done the same as Beverly under the same circumstances. Beverly just mutters:
BEVERLY: 70% of them would've *killed* her...
As Beverly goes to run a glass of water, Helen asks Jim quietly if she all right. Jim replies that she's a bit tired - who wouldn't be, under the circumstances? - but it's over now. Beverly turns to him and retorts:
BEVERLY: Oh yes, it's all worked out really well for *you*, hasn't it? We've got this out of the way... we've even managed to lose the baby. Everything's right back the way you wanted it.
JIM (exclaims): That's a *terrible* thing to say.
BEVERLY: Is it? All you were worried about was this damn malpractice suit. It didn't matter to you that I've lost the only thing I ever really wanted. You didn't talk about it... you didn't cry... It was all left to *me*. That's because you never really wanted that baby in the *first* place.
With that, she runs out, looking upset. Jim stands there with an expression of astonishment on his face.
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Scott Robinson, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0834
Scott Robinson, Bronwyn Davies

Melanie Pearson, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0834
Melanie Pearson, Henry Ramsay

Todd Landers, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0834
Todd Landers, Helen Daniels

Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0834
Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0834
Paul Robinson

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0834
Des Clarke

Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0834
Bronwyn Davies

Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 0834
Melanie Pearson

Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 0834
Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Melanie Pearson

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0834
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Des Clarke, Harold Bishop, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0834
Des Clarke, Harold Bishop, Paul Robinson

Katie Landers, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0834
Katie Landers, Todd Landers

Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0834
Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies

Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0834
Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson, Todd Landers

Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0834
Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0834
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Helen Daniels, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0834
Helen Daniels, Todd Landers

Melanie Pearson, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0834
Melanie Pearson, Henry Ramsay

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0834
Beverly Robinson

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0834
Jim Robinson

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