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Neighbours Episode 0827 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0827
Australian airdate: 04/10/88
UK airdate: 12/01/90
UK Gold: 02/01/96
Guests: Brian James
Summary/Images by: Graham
Mrs. Mangel ordering Sharon and Bronwyn to pack their bags and leave.
No. 26
Nick, Scott, Beverly, Jim, Helen and Katie are having dinner at the kitchen table, and Scott thanks Beverly for inviting him over. Beverly explains that she was just trying to prove to him that she *can* finally cook! Jim points out that she's not eating much herself; she's eating for two now. He then asks Scott if his paper is covering the fête. Scott replies that he's been assigned to cover it himself. Beverly tells him that he must cover Helen's portrait of Paul. Scott grins that of course he will! He turns to Helen and adds that it's a great painting. Katie chips in that Paul saw Nick's painting of him and thought it was the one Helen did! Helen says she thinks Nick captured an aspect of Paul that he doesn't care to recognise. Jim asks her if he shouldn't tell Paul the truth. Helen, however, declares:
HELEN: No. No, I don't. His ego can do with being taken down a peg or two.
SCOTT: Yeah, but you know the trouble is with Paul he takes himself too seriously.
HELEN: Yeah. I only hope that Gail can get him to the fête. I want to see his expression when he comes face- to- face with the *real* portrait!
Jim remarks that, somehow, he can't imagine Gail's going to be able to do that. Scott says there must be *some* way they can get him there. Helen asks him to please come up with something. Jim grins:
JIM: Poor old Paul: he hasn't got much of a chance with *you* lot plotting against him!
Office/Reception area at the Daniels Corporation
Paul and Gail are working in the office, but Paul suggests that they call it quits for the day. He adds that Gail's already tired from going to the clinic every morning - plus some of the hotel guests have complained about somebody hanging around the car park at night. Gail comments:
GAIL: He doesn't seem to have done anything except *scare* a few people, though.
PAUL: Yeah. The security guards haven't sighted him at all.
GAIL: He's probably nothing to worry about.
PAUL: Well, just the same, I don't want you working back at night by yourself. Look, Jane's going to be coming in in the morning to help out, so why don't you finish it then, eh?
Gail murmurs:
GAIL: I'll go to the fête with Jane. I wish you'd change your mind and come too.
PAUL (snaps): Gail, I'm not going anywhere *near* that portrait. I don't want people laughing in my face.
GAIL: You're being over- sensitive. No one is going to laugh at you.
PAUL (retorts): Oh, you don't think so? I think they will once they've seen that monstrosity.
GAIL: Look, Mrs. Mangel hated *her* portrait at first, and now she loves it. If you give *this* one a chance, you might do the same thing.
PAUL (mutters): Yeah, sure, and I'm next in line for the throne, too, aren't I!
Gail sighs heavily and comments that this makes him more narrow- minded than Mrs. Mangel!
No. 32
Sharon and Bronwyn are walking towards the front door, holding bags of clothes. Mrs. Mangel emerges from the kitchen and demands:
MRS. MANGEL: Where do you think *you're* going?
SHARON: You threw us out, remember?
MRS. MANGEL: I certainly did. After your behaviour today, I refuse to have you under my roof - but there's no need for you to leave tonight; it can wait 'til morning.
Bronwyn tells Mrs. Mangel that it's all right: they've made other arrangements - Des said they could stay with him until they've worked something out. Mrs. Mangel mutters:
MRS. MANGEL: I see. Involving the neighbours, are we?
SHARON (retorts): Well we had to stay *somewhere*.
Mrs. Mangel tells the girls curtly that she tried to 'phone their aunt, but unfortunately there was no answer - but she'll certainly speak to her in the morning. She adds that she imagines Mrs. Chubb will insist that both of them return to Narrabri immediately. The front door opens suddenly and Jane comes in. Seeing everyone standing in the hallway, she asks what's going on. Sharon tells her:
SHARON: Your grandmother's thrown us out.
MRS. MANGEL (snaps): Oh yes - make it sound as if *I'm* the one at fault.
Jane asks her nan if that's right. Mrs. Mangel retorts that she refuses to have Sharon there, and Bronwyn's going by her own choice. Jane asks what's happened. Mrs. Mangel retorts curtly that Sharon sabotaged the cake she entered in the fête competition; drenched it with vinegar. Jane stares at Sharon and asks her in surprise what on earth she did *that* for. Sharon explains:
SHARON: She kept bragging and giving me a hard time. I know I shouldn't've done it, but she really got up my nose.
MRS. MANGEL (snaps): What a disgusting expression. The sooner you're out of my house, the better.
Sharon tells Jane that she didn't think it would get so serious. Mrs. Mangel snaps at her:
MRS. MANGEL: Serious? You held me up to public ridicule.
SHARON: Yeah, well, I *am* sorry.
MRS. MANGEL: Well that's not good enough.
Bronwyn thanks Mrs. Mangel for having them, adding that she didn't want it to end up this way. She continues:
BRONWYN: We'll see you around.
MRS. MANGEL (tersely): I doubt it. I imagine you'll be back in Narrabri by tomorrow night.
With that, she marches through to the lounge room, leaving Bronwyn to tell Jane that they really are sorry. The two of them head off. Jane joins her nan in the lounge room, where Mrs. Mangel says tautly:
MRS. MANGEL: Now, don't start telling me I've done the wrong thing, Jane. It's *my* house and *my* decision.
JANE (nods): What Sharon did was an awful thing.
MRS. MANGEL: It certainly was. There's no doubt in my mind that I would've *won* that competition - and now everyone's sniggering... and I felt such a fool in front of John.
JANE: Yes, nan, I do understand that - but I think you over- reacted. I mean... throwing the girls out like that...
MRS. MANGEL: It was only *Sharon* I told to leave.
JANE: Yes, well, Sharon can get a bit silly sometimes. She doesn't *mean* anything by it.
MRS. MANGEL: Well, I have no intention of putting up with her malicious pranks any longer.
JANE: I think she was genuinely sorry.
MRS. MANGEL: More upset that she might be in trouble with her aunt, I think. Now, there's no use talking about it any longer, Jane: the thing is done and I don't mean to change it. I imagine Des Clarke will very soon regret having agreed to let that girl stay under his roof...
No. 28
Des is standing with Sharon and Bronwyn by the entrance to the bedroom area, laughing that it must have been a sight: poor old Reverend Sampson! He goes to put the kettle on as Bronwyn and Sharon sit down at the table, Bronwyn thanking heavens that their Aunt Edie wasn't home when Mrs. Mangel rang her. Sharon nods that she'll be at her CWA meeting. Bronwyn comments that she should be home soon; maybe they should get onto her first? She sighs:
BRONWYN: She'll want us to go back, though...
SHARON (declares): We won't go, will we? We're going to get a place of our *own* somewhere.
BRONWYN: Decent flats aren't easy to find.
DES (adds): They aren't cheap.
BRONWYN: I don't know how we're going to manage on just my wage.
SHARON: I'll just have to leave school and get a job.
BRONWYN (sharply): No way! You're going to finish school, no matter what.
Sharon then opens her mouth and lets out an exclamation, and she beams that she's got an idea: she knows where they can live - but they'll have to move fast. She then turns to Des and smiles that they'll need his help. Des looks at her warily!
No. 28
A while later, Des is talking on the 'phone to Edith Chubb, explaining that the reason he's ringing is that the girls have come up with an interesting idea: they thought they might move into No. 30 and get it ready for a tenant. Bronwyn whispers to him to tell Mrs. Chubb that they'll clean it up and repaint it all. Des listens to Mrs. Chubb and then says hesitantly:
DES: Yeah, well, I- I suppose they wouldn't actually have to *live* in there... but, well I don't think it's a good idea to leave the house empty.
Sharon hisses that squatters will scare her. Des tells Mrs. Chubb quickly that she could always find herself with squatters, and they can be very hard to get rid of. He adds that the tenants who were willing to take the place as- is weren't the type of people she'd call suitable - you get a much better- quality tenant if you make the place look a little bit better; he thinks the girls' idea is very good. He assures her that he'll keep a close eye on them. He listens again and then chuckles that he doesn't think Mrs. Mangel will mind about them leaving. He listens further and then nods that he'll tell the girls her decision. He thanks Mrs. Chubb and hangs up. He then smiles at Bronwyn and Sharon:
DES: She said yes!
Bronwyn and Sharon let out whoops of delight! Des, however, tells them that it's only for a few weeks until they've repainted it and cleaned it. Sharon smiles that they'll be able to make that last for *months*! Des, though, tells her that Mrs. Chubb said she'll be coming down to see how things are going. Bronwyn shrugs that they'll handle her when she gets there. She then thanks Des, telling him that he's a real mate. Both girls give him a kiss on the cheek!
Church hall
The next morning, Des - pushing Jamie in his pushchair - and Sharon walk into the church hall, and Sharon tells Des loudly to come and have a look at her prize- winning cake! Des, however, looks across at Mrs. Mangel and warns Sharon not to say that too loudly. Across the room, Mrs. Mangel is dressed in her fortune- teller's outfit. She and John Worthington are setting up, and Mrs. Mangel thanks John for helping. John smiles:
JOHN: My pleasure, Nell - and may I say you look very charming in that costume!
MRS. MANGEL: Oh, well, it helps to create the atmosphere - and it's all in a good cause.
John then looks across the room and indicates Bronwyn. Mrs. Mangel says she supposes she should have a word with her: she'll be so grateful for being allowed to come back. She calls to Bronwyn and says:
MRS. MANGEL: About that unfortunate incident yesterday...
BRONWYN: Sharon really *is* very sorry.
They look across to where Sharon is showing off her cake, and a look of disapproval crosses Mrs. Mangel's face. John, however, prompts her to go on. Mrs. Mangel tells Bronwyn:
MRS. MANGEL: I wanted to say that, despite Sharon's dreadful behaviour, I've decided to forgive and forget. Providing your sister is prepared to... modify her actions in future, then you can both return.
BRONWYN (smiles): That's very kind of you, Mrs. Mangel-
MRS. MANGEL: Yes, considering the circumstances, I think it *is*.
BRONWYN: ...but we've already made other arrangements.
MRS. MANGEL (her face dropping): Oh.
BRONWYN: Aunt Edie's agreed to let us stay at No. 30.
MRS. MANGEL (frowns): I see. Well, frankly I'm surprised that she'd even *consider* letting you two live alone.
BRONWYN: Des promised her he'd keep an eye on us.
MRS. MANGEL: Well, the matter's settled, then.
BRONWYN: Yes. Thanks anyway.
With that, Bronwyn walks off, leaving Mrs. Mangel to comment to John that she would've thought Mrs. Chubb would have had more sense. John just points out to Mrs. Mangel that she did the right thing; now she doesn't have to worry about it anymore.
Across the room, Jim and Katie arrive and Jim asks Katie what she'd like. She tells him that she wants a cup of tea so Madam Mangel can read her tea- leaves! Jim sighs that it's a load of nonsense. Katie pleads with him, but Jim tells her to just have a piece of cake!
Still standing with John, Mrs. Mangel smiles that she supposes her costume does give her a certain air! She pulls the veil across her face as John tells her that she's like an exotic flower!
Office/Reception area at the Daniels Corporation
Scott walks into the office, where Paul and Gail are working. Paul asks him if he isn't supposed to be covering the fête. Scott nods:
SCOTT: Yes, I am - but I thought of this fantastic new angle, right? There's a photographer at the hall and what I'd like to do is get a photo of you next to your portrait.
PAUL (standing up angrily): No way, Scott. I am not going to have that thing in the paper.
SCOTT: Well, I'm sorry, Paul, but I think it's a bit too late: the photographer's going to take a shot even if you're not there.
PAUL (mutters): Oh great. Thanks.
He goes to walk out. Gail asks him where he's going. He snaps:
PAUL: To the fête. Gotta stop that photographer.
He marches out, passing Jane at the reception desk. In the office, Gail bursts out laughing as Scott explains that that was just a ploy to get Paul to the fête. The two of them head out, Gail asking Jane if she can hold the fort for a while.
Church hall
Reverend Sampson is running a wheel of fortune- type game. Beverly is looking at a stall of knitted bootees for the baby. Helen is telling Nick that his paintings have caused quite a few comments: there are quite a few with 'sold' stickers on. Sharon and Bronwyn are looking through a bric- a- brac table, Sharon searching for items for No. 30. Nick joins them as Paul comes in, and he sighs:
NICK: Oh no, here comes my favourite art critic. Looks like the game's up.
Paul marches over to Helen and asks curtly if the photographer's there yet. Helen, however, just asks him blankly what photographer he means. Paul retorts that she *knows* there's a photographer from the Erinsborough News coming to take a photo of his portrait. Helen, however, just insists that she doesn't know what he's talking about. Scott and Gail come in and Paul asks Scott if he hasn't told Helen about the photographer yet. Scott replies that he hasn't really had the chance; maybe he's been and gone...? Paul just snaps:
PAUL: Listen, Scott, if a photo of that thing turns up in the Erins-
He indicates the painting on the wall - but it's Helen's portrait of him, not Nick's, and he breaks off and asks in astonishment:
PAUL: Where did *that* come from?
He approaches it and Helen asks him if he likes it. Paul smiles that it's great! Helen tells him:
HELEN: *That's* my portrait of you - the one I painted for Gail's birthday, that you decided to hate...
Church hall
A few moments later, Paul asks Helen why she didn't tell him when she realised. Helen replies that it was because he was so vain that she thought he deserved to be taken down a peg or two! She adds that Nick's portrait was equally valid; it's just that he expressed himself in a different way. Paul mutters that she can say *that* again. Nick steps forward and says:
NICK: Look, Paul, I didn't mean to insult you, all right? I was just trying to show the business side of you.
Paul pauses - and then bursts out laughing! He comments to Helen that he really went off the deep- end, didn't he! He adds that he's sorry - he should've known better and shouldn't have let his vanity get in the way. He then turns to Nick and tells him that to prove there are no hard feelings, he'll buy his portrait of him. Nick grins:
NICK: Oh yeah, you just want to buy it so you can make sure no one else ever sees it.
PAUL: I promise I will hang it somewhere where it will be a constant reminder not to let my vanity get the better of me, OK?
GAIL (grins): Back of the bathroom door...?!
Reverend Sampson calls out suddenly to ask if anyone wants raffle tickets. Paul tells him that he'll buy a book and then he and Gail had better get back to the office so Jane can come and have a look. Reverend Sampson tells him not to rush away: there's a refreshment room across the way, complete with Madam Mangel, Tea- Leaf Reader Extraordinaire!
Across in the refreshment room, Katie is sitting at a table with Madam Mangel, who's saying:
MADAM MANGEL: Well, Katie, I can see something very pleasant in store for you. The leaves indicate that this is going to be your lucky day.
KATIE (excitedly): Why? What's going to happen?
MADAM MANGEL: Well, I can't tell exactly what - but I'm sure some good fortune is going to come your way.
Katie calls over to Jim, who's with Des and Jamie, that she *told* him it would be worth a dollar! She then thanks Madam Mangel and drags Jim off to see what else there is to do! John walks over to Mrs. Mangel with a small basket of flowers and tells her that it's a gift he bought for her from one of the stalls. Mrs. Mangel smiles that that's very sweet of him. John then says:
JOHN: Now, I think *I'll* have a cuppa - after which you might like to read *my* tea leaves.
MRS. MANGEL (her face dropping): Oh no, John, I don't think that's a good idea.
JOHN: Why not? I'd rather like to know what's in store for the two of us.
MRS. MANGEL: After what happened with the 'Dear Georgette' column, I don't want ever to manipulate your feelings again. I'm afraid I couldn't read your tea- leaves with complete objectivity.
JOHN: I understand, and I appreciate what you're saying, Nell, but I don't need tea- leaves to tell me: I *know* there are good times in store for us.
Out in the main hall, Reverend Sampson is announcing that soon some lucky person will be the winner of half a dozen bottles of champagne donated by Lassiter's hotel. Katie looks at Beverly and tells her that she's going to give them to her and Uncle Jim. Beverly smiles:
BEVERLY: If you win them! You can't *count* on it!
KATIE: But Madam Mangel said it was my lucky day. I'm going to win them for *sure*!
BEVERLY: Tea- leaf reading is only a superstition: you can't rely on it.
KATIE: But I'm *positive* I'm going to win!
Reverend Sampson then announces:
REVEREND SAMPSON: And the winner is... Mrs. Lois Gardener!
Everyone starts applauding as Lois Gardener collects her prize, but Katie stands there looking disappointed. Helen tells her quickly that she could be lucky in *lots* of ways; she could even be lucky that it's a nice day. Katie pouts that she doesn't think that's what Madam Mangel meant. Reverend Sampson then announces:
REVEREND SAMPSON: The winner of the second prize - a walkie- talkie set donated by the local scouts - is... Miss. Katie Landers!
Helen grins at a happy Katie that it looks like Madam Mangel was right after all! Katie collects her prize from Reverend Sampson and Beverly says to Helen that she's just got time for a cuppa before she has to start organising her first- aid demonstration.
Across the hall, Jane walks in and joins Scott, asking him how the fête's going. Scott grins that she should've seen Paul's expression at his painting! Beverly walks over to him and asks him if he's all right for the demo in a minute. Scott nods that there's no probs. Beverly walks off again, leaving Scott to say to Jane that all he has to do now is talk to Henry about volunteering for the first- aid demonstration. Jane remarks:
JANE: I thought *you and Bronwyn* were doing that.
SCOTT (grins): Yeah. It's, er, all a part of my secret plan!
JANE: And what secret plan is *this*?!
SCOTT: To make Henry the happiest person in the world!
In the refreshment room, Beverly is sipping from a cup of tea as Katie says to Madam Mangel that she *knew*, didn't she! Madam Mangel just replies that she knew Katie was going to be *lucky*. Katie then asks her if she's read her Aunty Beverly's tea- leaves. Madam Mangel murmurs:
MADAM MANGEL: If she wants me to...
Katie dashes over to Beverly and tells her to let Madam Mangel read her fortune. Beverly points out that she doesn't really *believe* in all that, but Katie pleads with her, and Beverly sighs that she supposes it's a dollar for a good cause. She walks over to Madam Mangel's table with her cup of tea. Mrs. Mangel says to her awkwardly:
MRS. MANGEL: I, um, imagine you're still waiting for your malpractice suit to go to court...?
BEVERLY: Yes, I am.
MRS. MANGEL: I was very... shocked... when I read about that. Perhaps my reaction was a little harsh.
BEVERLY: Perhaps it *was*.
MRS. MANGEL: If there's any feelings of hostility, I doubt very much if I'll be able to read your tea- leaves.
BEVERLY: I was very upset by your attitude at first, Mrs. Mangel, but I've got over it. I've got other things to think about now.
Mrs. Mangel smiles that she's heard about the baby, and she offers her congratulations. The two women then sit down and Madam Mangel takes Beverly's cup and pours the dregs of the tea onto the saucer. She then turns the cup and looks into it, declaring:
MADAM MANGEL: Oh yes, there are some quite clear indications here.
A look of horror crosses her face suddenly, though, and she cries:
BEVERLY (smiles): What is it, Madam Mangel? What do you see in my future?!
MADAM MANGEL (seriously): Doctor Marshall...
BEVERLY (presses): What is it, Mrs. Mangel? What *do* you see?
MADAM MANGEL (quickly): No, no, it's nothing. I've made a mistake. I'm afraid I can't see *anything* in your tea- leaves, Doctor.
Beverly sits there looking puzzled.
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Scott Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Nick Page, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0827
Scott Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Nick Page, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Katie Landers

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0827
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0827
Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies, Nell Mangel

Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0827
Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0827
Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies

Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0827
Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies, Des Clarke

Bronwyn Davies, John Worthington, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0827
Bronwyn Davies, John Worthington, Nell Mangel

Katie Landers, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0827
Katie Landers, Jim Robinson

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0827
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson, Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0827
Scott Robinson, Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

 in Neighbours Episode 0827

Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0827
Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0827
Paul Robinson, Nick Page

Katie Landers, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0827
Katie Landers, Nell Mangel

Katie Landers, Reverend Sampson in Neighbours Episode 0827
Katie Landers, Reverend Sampson

Jane Harris, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0827
Jane Harris, Scott Robinson

Nell Mangel, Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0827
Nell Mangel, Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0827
Nell Mangel

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0827
Beverly Robinson

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