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Neighbours Episode 0813 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0813
Australian airdate: 14/09/88
UK airdate: 21/12/89
UK Gold: 13/12/95
Writer: Chris McCourt
Director: Rod Hardy
Summary/Images by: Graham
Jane accusing Des of lying to her, telling her he wasn't ready for a relationship with anyone.
No. 28
Des heads into the house, sighing heavily. Penny is doing the washing- up, but he tells her that she didn't have to do that. She asks how he went with the kittens, but he explains that Bronwyn wasn't home. Penny says she's sure it can wait 'til tomorrow - unlike some *other* things... She goes and gives Des a kiss, but Des pulls away quickly and says he's sure there's a good chance of at least *one* of the kittens being available. Penny looks at him in surprise and says:
PENNY: Des, is something wrong?
DES: No. Why?
PENNY: Well, you're acting strangely towards me. You were fine earlier.
DES: I- I'm just a bit tired.
PENNY: Are you sure that's *all* it is?
DES (shrugs): You know how hectic it's been at the bank: between that and looking after Jamie, I guess it's got to me a bit.
Penny muses that she'd better let him go and get some sleep; she doesn't want a zombie sitting next to her at their picnic tomorrow. She heads to the door, adding as she does so:
PENNY: You do still want to go, don't you?
DES: Yeah! Yeah - I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Penny tells him that she'll meet him at the Coffee Shop about 10am. She then sighs that she'll see him in the morning. The two of them kiss tentatively and Penny heads out.
No. 24
Mike and Scott are walking around the lounge room of No. 24 with rolled- up newspapers and cans of spray, looking for mozzies. The front door opens suddenly and Henry walks in. Scott is startled and sprays him! He then asks how dinner was. Henry smiles that it was great! Mike stands there looking annoyed. He snaps:
MIKE: Couldn't wait for us two to break up, could you? Couldn't even wait five minutes to make your move.
HENRY: You've got it all wrong, Mike - it's not *like* that.
MIKE: How stupid do you think I am, huh? I'll see you later, Scott.
With that, Mike storms out. Scott mutters:
SCOTT: Talk about over- reacting.
Henry, however, says Mike *knows* he'd jump at the chance to go out with Bronwyn. Scott points out to Henry that he and Mike have been good mates for ages; it's not Henry's fault he and Bronwyn have split up. Henry says he can still understand how he feels - so he reckons it's up to him to talk him round.
No. 32
The doorbell rings at No. 32 the next morning and Jane answers the door, looking sleepy and wearing her dressing gown. Paul and Gail are standing on the step, and Paul remarks to Jane that it looks like they woke her up. Jane murmurs that they *did*. The three of them head into the lounge room and Gail explains that she and Paul are going into the office to catch up on some of the work that piled up while they were sick. Paul explains:
PAUL: Which is why we're here: we were sort of hoping that you might come in and give us a hand.
JANE (exclaims): Paul, it is Saturday. Besides, you told me I was virtually *useless* yesterday.
Paul tells Jane that there'd be a bonus in it for her. Jane, however, retorts that she doesn't want a bonus; she just wants some *sleep*. Paul persists that he wouldn't normally ask; it's just that things are a bit impossible at the office at the moment. Jane sighs tersely:
JANE: Paul, you *do* normally ask. I've worked the last three weekends in a row for you. Apart from that, I've been staying up late with this modelling thing every night. Now the photographer wants me to go up the coast with him this afternoon for some shots; we won't be back 'til tomorrow afternoon. If I don't get some sleep this morning, I'm going to lose the will to live.
Gail apologises to Jane, saying Paul shouldn't have asked. Jane apologises for snapping, adding that she must be really over- tired. Gail tells her to go back to bed and they'll leave her alone. With that, she and Paul head to the front door and leave.
No. 28
Des is sitting at the kitchen counter, having breakfast, when Mike emerges from his room. He goes to the 'fridge and pours himself some orange juice, saying as he does so that he's really glad Harold's coming back today: sometimes he's hard to take, but he's not as bad as *Henry* at the moment. Des tells him that they'll work things out, but Mike replies that he thinks it's a bit late for that. He then asks:
MIKE: You doing anything exciting today?
DES (sighs): I'm going on a picnic with Penny.
MIKE: You don't sound too thrilled about it...
DES: I'm not so sure that I *am*.
MIKE: I thought you two were getting on well lately.
DES: We were. We *are*. I don't know... I guess I'm just feeling guilty.
MIKE: About Daphne, huh?
DES: Yeah, I guess so... and now I told Jane that I wasn't ready for a relationship with *anyone*. That wasn't that long ago. If I wasn't ready *then*, how could I be ready *now*?
MIKE: Because this is different. The whole deal with Jane was just her having a crush on you and you not feeling the same way. This is different.
DES: *How*?
MIKE: Des, it's not a one- way street. You and Penny are interested in each other, right?
DES: Yeah.
MIKE: Well, then, go for it. She's a really nice lady; enjoy her company. Look, she's worth it, isn't she?
DES (nods): Yeah.
MIKE: Well, there's your answer.
With that, Mike says he has to go and he heads out. Des goes and sits down on the couch. He looks at the photo of him, Daphne and the newborn Jamie and murmurs:
DES: I don't know if it's right, Daph. I don't know if I *want* it to be...
Coffee Shop
Mike serves a customer. The shop door opens suddenly and Henry comes in. He tells Mike that the two of them have to talk. Mike retorts that he doesn't know how to make it any clearer: he's not interested. Henry says tersely that *he is*, so unless Mike wants to try and chuck him out and cause a scene in front of the customers, why doesn't he just do himself a favour and listen to what he's got to say? He goes on:
HENRY: It's about Bronwyn.
MIKE (mutters): It *would* be, wouldn't it.
HENRY: Look, the way I see it, you and I are kind of in the same boat. *You* want to go out with her; she doesn't want to go out with you anymore. *I* want to go out with her too - never pretended I didn't - except I can't even get to first base; so why are *we* fighting when the woman we're fighting over doesn't want *either* of us?
MIKE: Because it still doesn't change the fact that as soon as you knew I was off the scene, you couldn't wait to move in.
HENRY: Well of *course* I did. What did you *want* me to do? Wait around for someone *else* to grab her?
MIKE (sighs): I don't know. I suppose not.
HENRY: Look, she's not interested in me; probably never *will* be - but I had to at least give it a try, didn't I? After all, it's no more than what *you* did.
MIKE: When?
HENRY: When she first came to Ramsay Street. You *knew* I fancied her; that didn't stop *you* muscling in, did it?
Mike hesitates and then sighs at Henry that he's right. He goes on that he's sorry: he didn't think about how hard it was for Henry when *he* was with Bronwyn. Henry shrugs that it's what Bronwyn wanted. Mike holds out his hand and offers to be friends.
Office of the Daniels Corporation
Paul is standing behind Gail at her desk, commenting that he doesn't blame Jane for not wanting to come in today: they've got a mountain of work to get through. Gail remarks that they've really been putting a lot of pressure on Jane lately, *and* she's had to cope with her modelling as well. Paul says that, with a little bit of luck, soon she'll revert back to being a happy little employee again. Gail muses:
GAIL: Mmm. I hope *Madge* will.
PAUL: How *can* she? She resigned.
GAIL: I know. But I want to try and talk her into coming back. Since I've had to organise the bar myself, I've realised how efficient she was.
Paul tells Gail that she's going to have to do a bit of crawling. Gail says:
GAIL: I'm going to have to do a lot more than *that* - and if I have to eat a whole cart- load of humble pie, then that's what I'll do, if only she'll come back.
Paul asks Gail why she had to mention food! He suggests that he go next door to the Coffee Shop and get them something really fattening! As he heads out, Penny comes in. He leaves her and Gail to it. Penny is holding a large basket and she tells Gail that she's going on a picnic with Des. Gail smiles:
GAIL: You two really *are* going strong, then, hey?
PENNY: Well... I *thought* we were, but after last night, I'm not so sure.
Gail tells Penny to sit down and tell her what happened. Penny does so and says:
PENNY: We had dinner together and everything seemed to be going really well... then he went over the road to see Bronwyn about one of her kittens. When he came back, he was a bit strange...
GAIL: In what way?
PENNY: Well, nothing I can put my finger on; he just didn't seem to want me around. When I asked him what was wrong, he said that he was tired.
GAIL: Did you tell him about your wanting to stay in Erinsborough?
PENNY: Yeah - but I'm sure it wasn't that.
GAIL: In that case, my guess is that he really *was* tired, because I've seen for myself how happy he's been lately.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Des and Paul are sitting at a table outside the Coffee Shop, Paul commenting to Des in surprise that he thought he and Penny had been having a good time. Des replies that they *have*; he supposes what got him going was talking to Jane last night: she had a go at him about seeing Penny; it started him thinking about whether or not it was the right thing to do. Mike is standing with them and he says:
MIKE: Des, Jane is the *last* person you should be listening to. If she's against you seeing Penny, it's because she's jealous, that's why.
DES (protests): But some of it made *sense*...
Penny emerges from the office suddenly and walks over. Des takes the picnic basket from her and she smiles that she hopes he's hungry! Mike grins that he's never anything else! With that, Des and Penny walk off, leaving Mike to comment to Paul sourly:
MIKE: You know, Jane's got a hide. If she does anything to wreck what those two have got, I'll kill her. Who does she think she is, anyway?
PAUL: Look, I don't think Jane meant to say anything, Mike; she's just very tired lately.
MIKE (mutters): What sort of an excuse is *that*?
No. 32
Jane opens the front door to find Henry standing on the step. He asks if Bronwyn's home, but Jane tells him that she went shopping with her nan, Sharon and Jamie. Henry asks Jane how come *she* didn't go, and she explains that she wanted to sleep in; it did her good, too. The two of them head through the lounge room and sit down and Jane starts scratching her foot. Henry smiles that they must have mozzies there too! Jane muses that she didn't even notice she was doing it. Henry says:
HENRY: You know what I reckon? There's a mozzie plague in Ramsay Street!
JANE (rolling her eyes): Henry...!
HENRY: No, I'm serious - we had all that rain and now practically everyone in the street is scratching.
JANE: I haven't *seen* any mozzies.
HENRY: That's because, according to my theory, they're a new super duper strain of mozzie that's almost impossible to see!
JANE: Well, that theory makes just about as much sense as *every* one of yours!
Henry smiles and asks Jane if she can let Bronwyn know he called. The two of them head to the front door, Henry scratching his leg as he does so!
No. 24
Scott is vacuuming the new lounge room carpet when Henry comes in. Scott points out to Henry that he's supposed to be helping. Henry, however, says he's got a good excuse: he's been fixing things up with Mike and he and Mike are now buddies again. Scott asks him how come he took so long and Henry explains that he took a little detour on the way home. Scott muses that he hopes Madge and Harold do the same thing, as he hasn't nearly finished the vacuuming yet. At that moment, though, the two of them hear a voice outside. It's Harold, who calls:
HAROLD: Hello! We're home!
Scott quickly turns off the vacuum as Harold and Madge come in. Henry gives his mum a hug and asks her and Harold if they had a good time. Harold smiles that it was absolutely glorious. Madge gives Scott a kiss from Charlene. Henry tells Harold that he's looking well and Harold beams that it's amazing what a bit of sun, sea and surf can do! Madge adds that it *is* nice to be back in their own surroundings again. She then starts looking at the carpet and says in surprise:
MADGE: That's not my carpet.
HENRY: It is now!
Harold starts sneezing, and Scott murmurs to Henry that he thinks he missed some of the cat hairs. Madge demands:
MADGE: Henry, what's going on?
HENRY: We, er... we had a few very *minor* problems...
MADGE (coolly): Ah. Tell me about them.
HENRY (smiles): Well, hardly worth talking about, really - and certainly nothing for you to complain about. After all, you've got brand new kitchen plumbing!
MADGE (growls): I didn't *need* any.
HENRY: Actually, you did.
MADGE (snaps): Explain, Henry - and I am warning you: don't leave anything out...
No. 24
A short time later, Harold is still sneezing as Henry finishes telling his tale and adds that Madge has to admit that it's not the *worst* thing he's ever done! Scott says it's not as if there's any *permanent* damage or anything. Madge comments that she quite likes her new carpet. Harold, however, tells Henry:
HAROLD: *I* think it was very irresponsible of you to have caused this trouble in the first place. You *know* I'm allergic to pet hair and yet you encourage those cats into this very house.
HENRY (corrects): Kittens.
HAROLD: Oh, the same thing. Anyway, it's not just the sneezing I have to put with, it's the itching as well.
HENRY: Ah, that's not the kittens, Harold - that's the Ramsay Street mosquito plague.
Harold exclaims that that's rot. There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Scott goes and opens it to find Gail standing on the step. She heads inside and says:
GAIL: Madge, if there's any way I can convince you, I'd love you to take your job back.
Harold tells Gail that he not sure Madge *wants* it back after the way she treated her. Gail explains to Madge that since she's been gone, she'd had to organise the bar herself and she realises what a terrific job Madge does. She adds:
GAIL: *Please* come back.
Gail goes on that there'd be a pay- rise in it; it would be worth Madge's while. Harold starts to protest that not everyone can be bought. Madge, however, interrupts him and says:
MADGE: Yes they can! Gail, I accept your apology. I'll be in first thing Monday to discuss terms.
Gail smiles that that's terrific!
Coffee Shop
Mike is mopping the floor of the Coffee Shop when the door opens and Jane comes in and asks if there's any chance of a cappuccino. She adds that it might help wake her up. Mike heads behind the counter, not really paying her any attention. She asks if she's done something wrong. Mike retorts:
MIKE: I thought it would be obvious.
JANE: Not yet...
MIKE (curtly): You've probably just ruined Des's chances of being happy. After what you said to him about going out with Penny, he's beginning to think you were *right*.
JANE (shrugs): Maybe I *was*.
MIKE (retorts): Don't give me that. The only reason why you gave him a hard time was because you're jealous: you can't bear to think of him liking her more than *you*.
JANE: That's not fair. Anyway, *you* can talk, the way you've been carrying on with Henry over Bronwyn.
MIKE: OK - I'll admit, I was unfair to Henry; but I've sorted it out now; I've said I was sorry, which is what *you* should be doing with *Des*.
JANE (murmurs): It's different.
MIKE: It's *worse*. What you did was a really low act. I just hope he can see through it for what it really is.
Jane glares at Mike and then snaps at him to forget the cappuccino. She turns and marches out, slamming the door behind her.
Penny offers Des some more cake, but he declines. She comments that he's hardly eaten *anything*. Des murmurs that he's sure it's delicious, but he guesses he's just not as hungry as he thought he was. He throws some bread into the lake for the swans as Penny asks him if he wants to tell her the rest of the story. Des asks:
DES: *What* story?
PENNY (gently): The one you haven't been telling me. Des, I don't want to hassle you, but one minute we were getting on really well and now suddenly we're not. I think I deserve to know *why*.
Des turns to face Penny and murmurs that she does. Penny asks if she's been moving too fast, but Des assures her that it's nothing she's done; it's *him* that's the problem. Penny asks:
PENNY: Is it because of Daphne?
Des hesitates before replying:
DES: I thought I was over her, but I'm not. I've been thinking about it ever since we met and I can't get away from the fact that I'm still in love with her.
PENNY (looking upset): That doesn't really give anyone else much of a chance, does it?
DES: I wish I felt differently - honestly I do; but it wouldn't be fair to pretend - not to you or to me.
PENNY (smiling weakly): Isn't this the part where I'm supposed to walk away calmly without looking back?
DES (shrugs): I don't know. I haven't had much experience with this sort of thing.
PENNY: Anyway, I can't - I've got to clean up this mess. [She indicates the picnic]
She walks over to the picnic blanket, where she bursts into tears. Des puts a comforting arm round her, saying gently:
DES: Penny, don't...
PENNY (sobs): I'll be all right in a minute. The timing would've been so much better if I'd met you six months from now.
DES (softly): Maybe you *will*...?
PENNY (sniffs): Yeah, maybe...
With that, Des kisses the top of Penny's head. He then turns and walks away...
No. 24
Madge is vacuuming the couch at No. 24. She turns off the vacuum and tells Henry that if there's any more cat hair, it's too bad. She then calls to Harold and tells him to come out and take a few deep breaths! Harold emerges from the bedroom area, scratching his arm. He has his jumper sleeve rolled up and Madge comments that he's got a rash. Harold nods that it's very itchy, too - almost the same as when he was bitten by a flea as a child. Henry stares at him and comments:
HENRY: Fleas, you say...?
HAROLD: Yes. Very nasty business it was, too.
MADGE (warily): What are you thinking, Henry?
HENRY: Well... I could be wrong, but it's just occurred to me that the invisible mosquito plague might only be a flea plague.
MADGE (aghast): It better *not* be.
HAROLD (gasps): Fleas?
Madge bends down to take a look at the carpet and then exclaims in horror that it's full of fleas! Harold snaps that it's those wretched cats. Henry, however, says it can't have been the kittens, as they were around a long time before the scratching started - but the carpet wasn't... and the kittens were on the carpet, so when Bronwyn took them home they must have spread them to the Mangel house. Madge mutters:
MADGE: No *wonder* Joe Mangel sold you the carpet cheap. Honestly, Henry.
HENRY: I'm sorry.
MADGE (coolly): That's not good enough.
HENRY: How about *very* sorry?
MADGE (tersely): No. *You* are responsible for those fleas. Now, either *you* fix *them* or *I'll* fix *you*!
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Penelope Porter in Neighbours Episode 0813
Penelope Porter

Henry Ramsay, Mike Young, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0813
Henry Ramsay, Mike Young, Scott Robinson

Jane Harris, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0813
Jane Harris, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Des Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0813
Des Clarke, Mike Young

Henry Ramsay, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0813
Henry Ramsay, Mike Young

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0813
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Penelope Porter in Neighbours Episode 0813
Penelope Porter

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0813
Gail Robinson

Paul Robinson, Mike Young, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0813
Paul Robinson, Mike Young, Des Clarke

Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0813
Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay

Scott Robinson, Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0813
Scott Robinson, Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop

Gail Robinson, Scott Robinson, Harold Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0813
Gail Robinson, Scott Robinson, Harold Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0813
Jane Harris

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0813
Mike Young

Des Clarke, Penelope Porter in Neighbours Episode 0813
Des Clarke, Penelope Porter

Penelope Porter, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0813
Penelope Porter, Des Clarke

Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0813
Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop

Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0813
Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay

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