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Neighbours Episode 0812 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0812
Australian airdate: 13/09/88
UK airdate: 20/12/89
UK Gold: 12/12/95
Summary/Images by: Graham
Beverly slapping Scott across the face and telling him that he's not welcome at No. 26 any longer.
No. 26
Todd comes back in and, sensing the atmosphere, asks what's going on. Scott replies coldly:
SCOTT: Ask your aunt: the surgeon with the delicate hands.
With that, he storms out. Jim glares at Beverly and says to her tersely that that was his *son* she just ordered out. Beverly retorts that she doesn't care *who* it is: nobody speaks to her like that. Jim demands:
JIM: Like what?
BEVERLY: You heard him. He was trying to make out that I feel responsible for Mrs. Brownley's death.
JIM: Well, *don't* you?
BEVERLY (tears welling- up): No. I don't. It wasn't my fault.
She adds bitterly:
BEVERLY: Why the hell aren't you supporting me?
JIM: I *am* supporting you.
BEVERLY: Oh really? Is that why you went behind my back and spoke to Andrew Brownley, even though the solicitor specifically told us not to?
With that, she marches off, snapping at Jim to leave her alone. Helen suggests to him gently that perhaps he'd better do what Beverly says for the time being - and she tells Todd to get to school. Todd e storms out, muttering:
TODD: People who fight make me *sick*.
Office of the Daniels Corporation
Paul is adding up some figures at his desk, but he's sniffing as he does so, and so is Gail at *her* desk. Paul asks her to pass him some tissues. Jane comes in and, looking at the two of them both holding tissues, muses that the two of them are sick, coming into the office! Gail tells her:
GAIL: I stupidly volunteered - but I've come to a big decision: next time, I'm marrying a born- again dole bludger!
Jane turns to sit down at the computer - but she then stops in her tracks and asks Paul and Gail in concern if one of them turned the computer off. Paul replies that *he* did: the program had returned to 'Start', so he assumed she'd finished with it. Jane sighs that she spent ages entering all the bar figures in but she hadn't saved them and was about to do it *now*. Paul comments:
PAUL: Jane, that's not like you to leave stuff floating around like that.
JANE (mutters): I don't believe it. I'm going to have to start from the *beginning* now.
Gail, however, points out that the figures will still be on the hard copy. Paul remarks:
PAUL: If I didn't know you any better, Jane, I'd say this place was starting to get to you - or are you just getting this rotten 'flu, too?
JANE: No, I'm just a bit tired. I'll be glad when this modelling job's finished - we were up until all hours last night.
Paul tells her gently to go home. Jane insists that she can handle both jobs, but Paul declares that it's lunchtime, so she should take a break anyway. Jane, however, says she'll grab a coffee and re- enter the bar figures. She heads out, leaving Gail to comment to Paul that she thinks they'll have to tread carefully today: Jane's got a short fuse. Paul, however, says he'd say Jane just needs a good, long rest.
Coffee Shop
Des is sitting having lunch with Penny. Mike walks over to them with a pot of tea and Des comments that he reckons Nick got a good result in court. Mike tells Des that he sold one of Nick's paintings this morning, and Nick's going to use the money to shout his mates a free feed after school. Des then comments that the pie he's eating is fantastic. Mike nods:
MIKE: Yeah - it's one of Madge's.
DES (exclaims): What?! I can't believe you'd *do* this! Half the customers will get food poisoning!
Mike and Penny stares at him and he explains:
DES: Madge makes really good pies for us, but she's been away for over a week. I can't believe you're selling last week's pies.
MIKE: I'm *not*. They're last *month's*.
DES (aghast): What?
MIKE: Des, don't panic - we freeze them, remember?
DES: I knew that! I knew! Just gagging!
Mike tells Des that Madge and Harold should be back soon - although apparently Scott came home ahead of them. Des nods that he caught the 'plane instead of driving home with Harold. Mike says he's going over to Scott's tonight and Des asks what time that'll be. Mike says he doesn't know, and he asks why. Des tells him:
DES: Well, it's Penny's last day at the bank. I was going to have a treat by letting her cook dinner for me(!) - at home.
Penny tells Mike that he's more than welcome to join them, but Mike says quickly that he'll go and see Scott. He adds that if the two of them need a bit of privacy over the weekend, Des shouldn't forget to give him the signal. Des looks at him blankly and says:
DES: *What* signal?
MIKE (grins): You know: leaving the thong on the doorknob!
No. 24
Scott is sitting at the kitchen table, typing on the typewriter, when there's a knock on the front door. He goes and answers it and finds Jim standing on the step. He asks if he can come in, but Scott just mutters:
SCOTT: If you want.
He returns to the typewriter as Jim sits down with him at the table and tells him that Beverly is very sorry. Scott retorts that Beverly can't hold him responsible for that story: if they were to publish anything that was libellous, defamatory or false, Beverly would be suing their pants off right now; but they did what they had to - what *all* papers have to - and that is publish the news. He goes on:
SCOTT: If you ask *me*, she's got a pretty short memory. She was rapt when the medical journal wanted to publish that story about her and her prestigious research. See? We publish good news, too; the thing is, we don't choose it - it just happens; and that is what I was *trying* to tell her.
JIM: Well, I think we can safely assume that you failed to get that message across...
SCOTT (sighs): Dad, I didn't mind the whack across the cheeks so much; it was just her telling me that I wasn't welcome in my own family house. That was the *real* slap across the face, you might say.
JIM (hesitates before saying): If you were a journalist...
SCOTT: I *am*, dad.
JIM: Mmm... You're pretty proud of that too, aren't you? You see yourself as a journalist. It's what you are; it's what you want to be.
SCOTT (nods): I guess so.
JIM: Then how would you feel if all of that was suddenly blown out of the water; if people started to say you couldn't write?
SCOTT: You know what? I'd try and prove them wrong, not belt them across the mouth and start evicting them from the house in which they grew up in.
JIM: You don't *know* that; you've never experienced it.
SCOTT: Dad, I don't *care*. If she doesn't want me in the house next door, that's fine. I'll probably be moving up to Brisbane soon, and there are plenty of other places that I *am* welcome.
Jim sits there looking worried.
Coffee Shop
Jane walks into the Coffee Shop and heads to the counter, yawning as she does so. Mike asks her if everything's OK, as she doesn't look too good. Jane muses:
JANE: Thanks a lot!
She then explains that she's been staying up late doing the modelling job, so she's tired and irritable. Mike tells her that she should get some more sleep: the modelling shots aren't going to look any good if she's got big, whopping bags under her eyes! Jane just insists that she'll be OK - and the make- up artists they've got can fix anything. She then asks Mike for some salad sandwiches and a couple of doughnuts. As Mike starts to make the sandwiches, he says:
MIKE: Are you working again tonight?
JANE: Yeah, why?
MIKE: Well, I just thought you might like to pop over to Scott's; find out how Charlene's going with the house. I mean, none of the old gang seem to spend much time with each other anymore.
JANE: Yeah, I know. I've been so busy, I've got no idea what anyone's up to.
MIKE: Well, we'll be over there. I mean, Des has invited Penny over for dinner and I said I want to give him some space you know.
JANE (frowns): Why? It's only business.
MIKE (quickly): Oh - right. Of course. Silly of me.
Jane stands there looking suspicious.
Office/Reception area at the Daniels Corporation
Penny is standing in the office with Paul and Gail. Paul thanks her for dropping some papers in and she tells him that she realises he'd have been happy for her to mail them, but she wanted to drop in and say goodbye. Gail queries:
GAIL: Goodbye?
PENNY: Well, this is my last day.
PAUL (grins): Yes, although I've got a strong suspicion we'll be seeing a lot more of you socially. Haven't *you*, Gail?!
GAIL (smiles): A *very* strong suspicion!
With that, Paul tells Penny that she'll have to excuse him, as he has an appointment with the solicitor. With that, he heads out. When he's gone, Gail asks Penny if she's got time for a coffee. Penny nods that she'd love one. The two of them head out into the reception area, where Gail comments:
GAIL: I suppose you must be wondering what the future holds right now.
PENNY: Yeah! All I can do is wait and see: Des certainly hasn't made me any promises and I'm not in a position to push. Think I'll just let nature take its course.
GAIL: Smart girl!
PENNY: But I *can* give it a helping hand: I've applied for a permanent transfer to Erinsborough.
GAIL (warmly): Great!
Gail makes the coffee and the two of them sit down. Gail asks Penny if she's told Des about the transfer, but Penny admits that she hasn't yet: she's having dinner with him and she thought she'd wait and keep it a surprise. She then goes on that she wanted Gail's advice. Gail asks what about. Penny says:
PENNY: Well... how do you and Paul get on? I mean - being married and working so close. Is it a problem?
GAIL (smiles): Well, we have our disagreements, and he can be a bit overbearing occasionally, but nothing's a problem if you love them enough.
Penny sits there looking relieved.
No. 26
Helen is painting in the kitchen when the front door slams and Beverly marches in. Helen muses that she almost struck the brush through the canvas! Beverly just retorts that she's not in the mood for tiptoeing. Helen comments:
HELEN: I take it you're still at war with the world?
BEVERLY: Scott is hardly 'the world'.
HELEN: Beverly, aren't you really at war with *yourself*? Isn't that what this is all about?
BEVERLY (tetchily): Why should I be at war with myself? I haven't done anything *wrong*.
HELEN: So you keep saying...
BEVERLY: I've got every *reason* to feel angry, Helen.
HELEN: Why? Because Scott had the gall to defend himself as a journalist?
BEVERLY: No - because he should've been sticking up for *me*, not his beloved newspaper.
HELEN: Yes, perhaps...
BEVERLY: And where was *Jim's* loyalty when I needed it? The first thing he did was race next door and console his son. I am getting no support whatsoever, Helen - not from Jim, not from Scott, not from *anyone*.
HELEN: That's not true and you *know* it. We've *all* been through a major career crisis at some stage of our lives, Jim not so long ago. We all know how traumatic it can be.
BEVERLY: Then why isn't anyone on my side? Why doesn't anyone understand what this malpractice suit is *doing* to me? Oh, I almost wish I could have a nervous breakdown like my sister.
HELEN: You don't mean that.
BEVERLY (angrily): Oh yes I do. I have spent my whole life looking after other people. Why can't someone else look after *me* for a change?
With that, she storms out, leaving Helen looking worried.
Reception area/Office of the Daniels Corporation
Jane is typing at her desk in the reception area, but she rips a sheet of paper out of the typewriter and mutters:
JANE: Damn!
Paul emerges from the office and asks her if the couriers have been in yet to pick up the option agreement. Jane, however, looks round at the package on her desk and admits that she completely forgot to ring them; she'll do it right now. Paul, looking annoyed, snaps that it's a bit late for that *now* - he told her it had to be there before 5pm. Jane murmurs that she's really sorry. Paul retorts that she won't be as sorry as *he* will be if they lose the factory site for the joint venture with the Japanese. He then tells Jane that she'd better deliver it herself and then go home, as she's no use to anyone like this. He heads back into the office, where Gail is sitting at the computer. She remarks:
GAIL: You were a bit tough on her, weren't you?
PAUL: Gail, I *had* to be. That little slip- up could cost the company *heaps*.
He then calms down and, changing the subject, comments that it was good of Penny to drop the files in. He asks if she stayed long after he left and Gail tells him that she just stayed long enough for a coffee. Paul remarks that he hopes Jane washed the coffee cup: they don't want Penny catching the 'flu too. Gail smiles:
GAIL: I think there's something *else* she'd like to catch. Something *we've* got that can be very contagious when you're in your late- twenties!
PAUL (blankly): Eh?
GAIL: It's called marriage!
PAUL (grins): Ah, yeah!
Driveway of No. 28
Des pulls his car into the driveway of No. 28 and he and Penny climb out, Penny commenting as they do so that she's never met a man who enjoys going to the supermarket as much as *he* does! Des unloads the bags from the car boot and Penny smiles:
PENNY: Bags not taking the one with all the tins of chocolate pudding!
Des grins that he's just a normal healthy bloke with a normal healthy appetite! He gives Penny a kiss - just as Jane walks up the street. She stops in her tracks and watches them, looking upset...
No. 28
It's evening- time. Des is talking on the 'phone to a prospective buyer of one of Bronwyn's kittens. When he hangs up, he tells Penny that that was Larry: he heard them talking about the kittens at the bank today. Penny remarks that that's a third of the problem solved. Des sits down at the table again and, returning to his dessert, smiles that it's poetry; sheer poetry! He asks Penny if *she* likes it and she smiles:
PENNY: Des, I would have to say this is the best self- saucing chocolate pudding I've had in ages! I don't often get a chance to eat this sort of thing.
DES: I *knew* you'd been missing out - that's why I offered to cook dessert.
PENNY: And the way you dropped that tin into the boiling water was nothing short of brilliant!
She then asks Des if he minds if *she* looks after the food for their picnic tomorrow. Des smiles:
DES: No, we'll go halves: you cook and I'll eat it! Sounds fair enough?!
PENNY: It's a deal!
Des finishes *his* dessert and then looks at what Penny hasn't eaten. He asks her if she's going to finish it! Penny hands it over and tells him to have it while she puts the kettle on. She heads over to the kitchen counter and then says:
PENNY: Des, how would you feel if I got posted to the Erinsborough branch full- time? I thought I'd put in for a transfer.
DES: Well... it would mean you staying at Assistant Manager level. What about all the training that Gordon Hemmings had lined up for you?
PENNY: Well, I'm not sure I want to be an Executive with Head Office anymore. I never realised just how much I'd enjoy working in a suburban branch, getting to know all the customers. You're very good with customers, Des: I've learnt all sorts of things that I never would've learnt on the training programme.
DES: Well, if you put your application in, I won't stand in your way - not if it's what you really want.
PENNY: Yeah, it is. Thanks. Now - why don't we have a nice quiet cup of coffee and then you can duck over the road and sort out all of this kitten business with Bronwyn, hm? Get it out of the way.
DES: Sounds reasonable.
PENNY: And then... we can find a thong to hang on the front door...!
No. 26
Todd peers out from the door to the bedroom area, to make sure no one's around. Finding the coast clear, he heads for the front door - but Jim emerges from the kitchen suddenly and says:
JIM: On your way out, are you, Todd?
TODD (awkwardly): Yeah...
Jim asks him where he's going and he replies that he's going to the library to look up some stuff for a history essay. Jim remarks that it doesn't sound like much fun for a Friday night, but Todd retorts that it's more fun than being at *home*. Jim admits that it's not a very happy house at the moment. Todd mutters:
TODD: I'm *sick* of it. Fair dinkum, someone's *always* in trouble. It's just fight, fight, fight *all* the time.
JIM (gently): It'll calm down, mate.
TODD: You're *always* saying that, but nothing ever changes. It's almost as bad as being back with mum and dad.
JIM (sighs): We do *try*, mate, really.
TODD: Why can't people just get their acts together and stop taking out their problems on other people?
Jim tells Todd that if he's talking about Beverly, she *is* going through a very rough time. Todd replies that he knows - but how's he supposed to feel when she goes and slaps Scott across the face? Jim doesn't respond. Todd realises:
TODD: *You* don't think she should've done it, either. How are things supposed to calm down when Scott isn't even allowed back in the house? I reckon it *stinks*.
With that, he heads out through the front door, leaving Jim looking worried.
No. 24
Mike is sitting on the couch at No. 24 as Scott tells him about how Harold made them two of them crash through the bush looking for a bird called the Spangled Drongo! Mike muses that he's never even heard of it. Scott replies that neither had he, but he looked it up in Harold's little book and it's true! Paul calls out suddenly from the back door and asks if anybody's there. Scott walks over to him and asks him how he is. He offers him a beer and Paul comments that Madge and Harold would have a fit if they knew there were beers in the 'fridge! Scott tells him that Henry said they should finish them before they get back! Paul asks if Henry's *there*, as he wants to ask him about doing a few jobs around *his* place. Mike mutters:
MIKE: You're going to have to wait a while - he's out muscling- in on my girlfriend at the moment.
SCOTT (pointedly): *Ex*- girlfriend.
Scott then explains to Paul that Mike is cheesed off because Bronwyn gave him the flick; Henry has just taken her out to say thanks for helping him with the carpet. Mike sighs at Scott that if he believes that he'll believe *anything*. Paul looks around suddenly and then asks Scott if he's got a window open. Scott says he hasn't and asks why. Paul mutters that the flamin' mozzies are out. He then tells Mike that he and Bronwyn are old news: Des and Penny are it now! Scott queries:
SCOTT: Who's Penny?
PAUL (grins): The object of young Desmond's desires!
MIKE: She's over there right now, as a matter of fact.
SCOTT: Oh! Good old Des - I knew he'd bounce back sooner or later! Yeah - good on him!
No. 32
Jane opens the front door to find Des standing on the step. He asks her cheerily how she is. She just retorts:
JANE: You really care?
DES (looking puzzled): Of course I do!
He then asks if Bronwyn's in, as Larry from the bank wants one of the kittens. Jane, however, tells him that Bronwyn is out with Henry, but she'll tell her. She goes to close the door, saying she's got to get ready for her modelling job now. Des pushes the door back open, though, and asks in surprise what's up. Jane mutters:
JANE: As if you didn't know.
DES: I *don't*. Really
JANE: Well, then, I'll *tell* you. Des, you lied to me. You told me you weren't ready for a relationship with anyone.
DES (realisation dawning): Oh - and someone told you about Penny and me...
JANE: I wish they *had*. Instead, I had to come home and find you kissing her in the middle of the street.
DES (murmurs): Oh.
JANE: Why did you tell me that you like me so much; that we'd always be friends? You obviously didn't *mean* it. You said you couldn't even *consider* going out with someone else because you loved Daphne so much.
DES: I didn't lie; it was the *truth*.
JANE: Well then, what's changed? Are you over her now?
DES: I think... I don't know - honestly. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I just honestly don't know.
Jane stares at Des and then closes the door in his face. Des stands there looking worried.
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Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Todd Landers, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0812
Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Todd Landers, Beverly Robinson

Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0812
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0812
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0812
Jane Harris

Mike Young, Penelope Porter, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0812
Mike Young, Penelope Porter, Des Clarke

Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0812
Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson

Mike Young, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0812
Mike Young, Jane Harris

Penelope Porter, Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0812
Penelope Porter, Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Gail Robinson, Penelope Porter in Neighbours Episode 0812
Gail Robinson, Penelope Porter

Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0812
Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson

Jane Harris, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0812
Jane Harris, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0812
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Penelope Porter, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0812
Penelope Porter, Des Clarke

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0812
Jane Harris

Des Clarke, Penelope Porter in Neighbours Episode 0812
Des Clarke, Penelope Porter

Todd Landers, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0812
Todd Landers, Jim Robinson

Mike Young, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0812
Mike Young, Paul Robinson

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0812
Scott Robinson

Des Clarke, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0812
Des Clarke, Jane Harris

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0812
Des Clarke

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