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Neighbours Episode 0803 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0802 - 0804>>
Episode title: 0803
Australian airdate: 31/08/88
UK airdate: 07/12/89
UK Gold: 29/11/95
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Max Varnel
Guests: Edith Chubb: Irene Inescort
Summary/Images by: Graham
No. 32
Edith is telling Sharon angrily that her father would have had a stroke on the spot. Bronwyn comments that they were only dancing, but Edie retorts that what *she* saw wasn't *dancing*. She goes on that Sharon allowed that little hoodlum, Nick, to persuade her to break into an empty house. Sharon insists that it was *her* idea - and Nick isn't a hoodlum. Edie says tersely that it's no use trying to protect the boy; he put her up to this and it doesn't take a genius to understand his motives. Jane interjects that that isn't very fair: Nick's a good kid - he's hardly been in any trouble since he moved into the Robinsons'. Edie asks sharply what *sort* of trouble. Bronwyn shrugs that Nick just painted a few things he shouldn't've, that's all. Jane, however, realising she's put her foot in it, sighs that Edie's going to find out sooner or later. She tells her:
JANE: Nick not only painted a few things; he was arrested for putting graffiti on railway property.
EDIE (exclaims in horror): Graffiti? Well, then, there you have it: the boy's a vandal and has a grubby little mind to boot. You're not to see him again, Sharon. I absolutely forbid it.
Driveway of No. 22
The next morning, Paul and Gail emerge from the house, holding piles of files. Paul tells Gail that she doesn't *have* to stand in at the hotel if she doesn't want; Henry's always glad of a few extra bucks. Gail, however, insists that she needs all the first- hand experience she can get. She adds that there's still all that chaos Derek Morris left behind to sort out. Paul smiles that he'd rather have breakfast in bed with *her*! Jane walks over suddenly and says a good morning, and she asks Paul and Gail in surprise if they're going into the office, as it's Sunday. Paul look at Gail and grins that the new manager of Lassiter's is a real slave- driver! Jane offers to give them a hand. She adds that it'll be an excuse to get out of the house. Paul tells her to hop into his car.
No. 32
Bronwyn is knitting while Sharon plays with a kitten. Bronwyn asks her sister to tidy up a bit. Sharon just mutters that Edie can't stop her seeing Nick - and she points out to Bronwyn that her aunt might stop her seeing Mike if Edie finds out he's on a bond. Edie comes into the room at that moment, wearing her dressing gown. Sharon tells her aunt that she'll see her later. Edie asks her curtly where she's off to. She adds that Sharon is forbidden to see that boy. Sharon, however, replies that she's going to visit Henry. She heads out, leaving Edie to exclaim to Bronwyn:
EDIE: Henry? How many *more* of these youths has she got tucked up her sleeve?
BRONWYN (smiles): Henry's just a friend!
EDIE (sighs): Oh, I do wish she'd find some *nice* boys to mix with. I mean, I'm not a complete ogre, you know.
She suddenly discovers that the kittens have got at her knitting, and she tells Bronwyn that they'll have to go outside. Bronwyn, however, cries that it'll be awful if anything happens to them. Edie capitulates and says they can stay in the laundry.
No. 24
There's a knock on the front door and Henry opens it, wearing his pyjamas! Sharon laughs at him and asks if he had a night on the tiles! Henry just nods that it was *something* like that. He then asks her what she wants. Sharon tells him that she just came to visit. She adds that it must be great having the place to himself. Henry invites her in and she spots six unpainted garden gnomes on the lounge room floor. She laughs that they're ugly little fellas! She asks Henry what he's going to do with them and he tells her that he'll sell them. Sharon asks if they were hard to make. Henry says:
HENRY: I did have a few minor technical hitches.
SHARON: Such as?
HENRY: Well, you can't pour the leftover plaster down the kitchen sink because it sets in the pipes!
Sharon goes to pick one up, asking if they're heavy. She can't move it, though. Henry tries to pick one up - and rips up the carpet with it!
No. 26
Helen is talking on the 'phone to Lucy, at Arlenwood, and she tells her that it's lovely to hear from her. The doorbell rings suddenly and she says she has to go. She heads to the door and opens it to Edith Chubb, who introduces herself coolly as Bronwyn and Sharon's aunt. Helen invites her in. Edie steps inside and Helen comments to her that she understands she's the new owner of No. 30. She offers her congratulations. Edie, however, says:
EDIE: This is not a social call, Mrs. Daniels. I've come to make a very serious complaint against your ward.
HELEN (blankly): My what?
EDIE: I believe his name is Nick?
HELEN: Oh, you mean last night. Yes, he told me all about that. I'm sure there was no harm.
EDIE: I'm afraid I can't agree, Mrs. Daniels. Sharon is a very naive girl - a very easy prey for somebody like your ward - and I should like your assurance that you'll keep him under control in future.
HELEN: And what do you propose I do? Lock him in his room?
EDIE: If necessary - because I give you fair warning: if he comes within ten feet of Sharon again, I'm going directly to the police.
HELEN: On what grounds?
EDIE: That he's a young lout with a criminal record. Frankly, I find it very hard to understand why somebody like yourself would choose to have him in your home.
HELEN: Because he needs a few breaks in life. He is intelligent, sensitive, has a real artistic flair-
EDIE (coldly): Oh, I've heard all about his artistic flair.
HELEN: I'm trying to help him channel it into something worthwhile.
EDIE: If you mean you're going to teach him to paint portraits like that monstrosity of yours in Mrs. Mangel's hallway-
HELEN (aghast): I beg your pardon?!
EDIE: Oh, I'm entitled to my opinion, Mrs. Daniels, and frankly, I've never seen anything so hideous in my entire-
She's interrupted by Nick emerging from his room and snapping at her that she wouldn't know good art and dancing if she fell out of them. Edie growls at him to snap away at Sharon. Nick retorts that now she's trying to boss *everyone* around. Edie just snaps:
EDIE: Keep up the good work, Mrs. Daniels. I can see you've got him nicely under control.
With that, she storms out. Helen tells Nick that she'll calm down - but in the meantime, Nick had better steer clear of Sharon. Nick, however, points out that they're at the same school and are in the same classes. Helen asks wearily why some people have to be so difficult!
No. 24
Henry is trying to lift up the gnomes, but he snaps at Sharon that the whole stupid lot of them are stuck. Sharon has brought a bucket from the kitchen and Henry asks what it's for. Sharon explains that she thought that if they wet the gnomes' feet, they might-. Henry, however, interrupts and says:
HENRY: Forget it. Once this plaster stuff sets, it sets. Ayers Rock would be easier to shift. Nope, it'll have to be a whole new carpet, no two ways about it. Mum's going to kill me.
Sharon says she's sure Madge will understand - she's good value, his mum. Henry, however, tells Sharon warily that she hasn't seen his mother when she's got her revs up; if he hasn't solved this mess by the time she gets back, it won't be a pretty sight...
Gail takes some beers to a customer and then heads back behind the bar, where Paul is looking at a ledger. He hands it to Gail and tells her that Madge could do an entire inventory in an hour. Gail mutters that it's a shame she decided to quit, then. Paul asks her how it's been going, and Gail admits that, to be honest, she's beginning to wonder how Madge coped at *all* when she was on her own there. Paul then says he came over to see if Gail wanted a lunch break. Gail replies that she can't - but she asks Paul to bring her a couple of sandwiches. Paul smiles:
PAUL: Yeah, sure. Listen, whatever happened to those lovely lazy Sundays we used to have, eh, just the two of us?!
Gail suggests that the two of them go out tonight and catch a movie; they haven't done that in ages. Paul, however, says he can't - he's got a meeting with Keith Franklin, as he's going to Perth tomorrow, and it can't wait.
No. 32
Bronwyn is telling Edie that Mrs. Daniels has done a *lot* for Nick; she's improved him out of sight. Edie retorts that she's a rude, unreasonable woman; her son- in- law would be better off if he sent her and Nick packing. Bronwyn starts to say that if Edie gave Nick a chance-. Edie interrupts and says:
EDIE: Oh, for heaven's sake, Bronwyn, what's the matter with you? I mean, we used to get on so well together; we agreed on *everything*.
BRONWYN (shrugs): Just getting older; forming my own opinions about things. I thought you *encouraged* that.
EDIE: Well, yes, if your judgement is *sound*. You know, I wonder if I was wise to let you girls stay on in Ramsay Street. You're different somehow.
BRONWYN (uncertainly): Maybe...
Edie invites her to come for a brisk walk with her and show her the lovely gardens on Anson's Corner. Bronwyn, however, says she has other plans for this afternoon - she has to feed the kittens... and she promised Mike that she'd visit him in the Coffee Shop. Edie warns her to be careful: she mustn't throw herself at that young man - he'll get the wrong idea. Bronwyn gives her a kiss and tells her to enjoy her walk. Edie heads out and Bronwyn lets out a sigh of relief!
Ramsay Street
As Edie walks down the driveway, she bumps into Sharon and comments that she hopes Sharon hasn't been hanging around Henry Ramsay all this time. Sharon retorts that Edie should be *pleased* - at least she wasn't with *Nick*. Edie invites her to join her on her walk, but Sharon says quickly that she hasn't finished all her weekend homework yet. Edie accepts this and heads off down the road. Bronwyn emerges from the house at that moment and tells Sharon agitatedly that Aunt Edie made her put the kittens in the laundry and the littlest one has managed to get out. Sharon suggests that they check the street: he's probably curled up asleep in someone's garage. The two of them start calling for the kitty. Nick emerges from No. 26 and asks Sharon if her aunt's home. Sharon points to Edie walking away round the corner at the far end of the street, and Nick says:
NICK: Even better: neutral territory.
SHARON: What are you going to do?!
NICK: I'd like to give her a punch in the mouth, but I think I'll settle for telling her that you and I will see each other whenever we like. OK by you?
Sharon, however, asks Nick to leave Aunt Edie to *her*: she'll get round her somehow; she'll just have to be patient and choose the right moment; there's no way Edie is going to stop them seeing each other.
No. 26
Henry has turned up at No. 26, but Helen tells him that she doubts Jim will be home for *hours*; he and Beverly are determined to make the most of their day off. Henry asks her if she can tell Jim that he needs to talk - as soon as he gets home, if possible. Helen asks if *she* can help. Henry hesitates and then says he's got some financial problems and needs to talk to someone who knows how he feels; someone who's really been through the ringer. Helen smiles in surprise:
HELEN: You, Henry Ramsay, need advice on how to make a quick buck?!
HENRY: This is serious, Mrs. D!
Helen suggests Henry's metal detector. Henry replies that he doesn't have any time to go prospecting. He adds that he's got extra shifts at the Waterhole too, but even that won't save him. Helen asks him in surprise exactly how soon he wants this money. Henry tells her that he needs it within a fortnight. Helen muses:
HELEN: Well, short of winning the Lottery or betting on a 50- 1 outside, I think you'd better have a talk to Des about a bank loan.
HENRY: Would he give me one, do you reckon?
HELEN: Well, you obviously don't have the steadiest of jobs, but if there's a problem, I'm sure your mother will stand guarantor.
HENRY (guardedly): I can't tell her about this. Um, I mean, I need the money before she's due back.
Helen asks if it would be prying if she asked what this was for. Henry, however, tells her that she wouldn't want to know. He heads to the door - and opens it to find Bronwyn on the step. Helen asks if she found the kitten, but Bronwyn replies that there isn't a trace. Henry offers to help her look.
Park behind Ramsay Street
The kitten is high up in a tree in the park Edie is walking in behind Ramsay Street. Edie spots her and calls to her that she'll get her down.
No. 22
Paul is talking on the 'phone as Jane makes some tea. He hangs up as Gail arrives home, and asks her how her day was. She tells him that she was very glad to hand it all over to Ron. Jane brings over the tea and hands Paul's to Gail. Paul heads off to his meeting with Keith Franklin. Jane then says to Gail:
JANE: I hope you don't mind me coming here after work. It's just... well, to tell you the truth, I'm not in any hurry to go home.
GAIL: Can't take the pace, eh?!
JANE: Well, Mrs. Chubb can be a bit much sometimes!
Gail suddenly realises that she meant to tell Paul to get a copy of the Udagawa contract from Keith Franklin. She hears Paul's car start outside and she sighs that she'll 'phone Franklin herself. Jane, however, says:
JANE: I don't think Paul's gone to see Mr. Franklin.
GAIL (surprised): What makes you say that?
JANE: Well, he couldn't be. Mr. Franklin's in Perth.
GAIL (frowns): Are you sure?
JANE: Yeah. He rang me from there yesterday about a couple of things.
Park behind Ramsay Street
Edie has found a ladder from No. 32 and has rested it against the tree the kitten is stuck in. She climbs the ladder and manages to retrieve the kitten - but she has to reach up and take her foot off the top step, and as she puts her foot back down on it, she manages to knock the ladder away, leaving her trapped in the tree. She calls to Sharon, who's nearby. She walks over and beams:
SHARON: You found him!
EDIE: Yes, but I can't get down. Be a dear and put the ladder up.
SHARON: OK. Hang on.
Sharon bends down to the ladder lying on the ground - but then hesitates and stands up again. She says:
SHARON: First I think we'd better have a little talk.
EDIE: What about?
SHARON: Nick Page.
EDIE: We'll talk all you like once I get down from here.
SHARON: No. Now. You might even *listen* to me.
EDIE (darkly): I'd rather *die* than be blackmailed.
SHARON: You might get your wish. Have you noticed how cold the nights are getting, lately? *I* wouldn't like to be stuck in a tree after dark.
EDIE (snaps): Get me down at once.
SHARON: It's up to you, Aunt Edie!
Edie glares at her from the tree!
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Jane Harris, Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies, Edith Chubb in Neighbours Episode 0803
Jane Harris, Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies, Edith Chubb

Paul Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0803
Paul Robinson, Jane Harris

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0803
Gail Robinson

Edith Chubb, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0803
Edith Chubb, Bronwyn Davies

Sharon Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0803
Sharon Davies, Henry Ramsay

Edith Chubb, Nick Page, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0803
Edith Chubb, Nick Page, Helen Daniels

Henry Ramsay, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0803
Henry Ramsay, Sharon Davies

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0803
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Edith Chubb in Neighbours Episode 0803
Bronwyn Davies, Edith Chubb

Sharon Davies, Edith Chubb in Neighbours Episode 0803
Sharon Davies, Edith Chubb

Nick Page, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0803
Nick Page, Sharon Davies

Henry Ramsay, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0803
Henry Ramsay, Helen Daniels

Edith Chubb in Neighbours Episode 0803
Edith Chubb

Gail Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0803
Gail Robinson, Jane Harris

Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0803
Sharon Davies

Edith Chubb in Neighbours Episode 0803
Edith Chubb

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