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Neighbours Episode 0802 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0802
Australian airdate: 30/08/88
UK airdate: 06/12/89
UK Gold: 28/11/95
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Max Varnel
Guests: Edith Chubb: Irene Inescort
Summary/Images by: Graham
No. 26
Jim comments to Beverly that he doesn't understand. Beverly tells him that Mrs. Brownley's son turned up at the hospital and kicked up quite a row: it's possible Mrs. Brownley died as a result of the shot Beverly gave her, as Mrs. Brownley was already taking the drug orally - so it's possible she died of an overdose. Jim asks if people under medication aren't supposed to carry that information around with them. Beverly, however, tells him that the only indication of any treatment was the Ventolin inhaler they found in her handbag. Jim tells her that she did what any other competent, responsible doctor would have done under the same circumstances. Todd chips in that Uncle Jim's right. At that moment, Helen and Katie come in through the back door, Katie enthusing about the apples they've just picked. Beverly just murmurs:
BEVERLY: That's lovely, Katie.
KATIE (frowns): What's wrong?
BEVERLY (quietly): What *isn't*...?
No. 28
Mike comments to Des that he thought Penelope would be there for the duration. Des, however, explains that he told her that his spare time is his spare time and he'll talk to her at work. He explains about how they talked while she had a puncture; she wants to get on in the bank, and if it means crawling to an old fool like Hemmings, then she'll do it. Nick and Sharon come in at that moment and Sharon tells Des that they want to ask two favours. Des exclaims:
DES: After all the trouble you caused at the auction, you're going to ask *me* for a favour?!
Mike smiles that he's got to give them points for trying! Des gives in and asks what the favours are. Sharon appeals to him not to say anything to her Aunt Edie about what happened at the auction. Des tells her that he can't promise. Mike asks what the other favour was. Nick replies that they've got the school dance coming up and he was wondering if he could use No. 28 to each Sharon to dance. Sharon adds that Des knows what Mrs. Mangel's place is like. Des, however, tells them a terse no. They head out, Nick suggesting they try Jim and Beverly.
No. 26
Beverly goes for a lie- down. Jim tells Helen that he's going to go and spend some time with her, and he heads to the bedroom as well. When they've gone, Katie asks Helen what Beverly *did*. Helen explains that she tried to help a lady who was having an asthma attack, but the lady died; it wasn't Beverly's fault, but she feels bad about it. She adds that they're going to have to be very careful what they say for a while. At that moment, Nick and Sharon come in through the back door and Nick asks Todd if he can borrow his blaster, as he and Sharon want to practise for the school dance. Todd says he can. Nick then asks Helen if he can move the sofa in the living room. Helen, however, tells him that it isn't a good time right now. Sharon mutters that that's it: she's not going to the dance.
No. 32
Mike and Bronwyn are kissing just inside the front door. When they pull apart, Mike smiles that he thinks they've just broken about six of the house rules! Bronwyn, however, comments that it's no joke - not with their aunt arriving tomorrow. She adds that after the stunt Sharon pulled at the auction... Mike tells her that she worries too much; he thinks she needs something to take her mind off it! They start kissing again. Mike then opens the door to head home. He kisses Bronwyn again - just as a prim- looking woman appears and says coldly:
WOMAN: Well. It looks as if I got here just in time, doesn't it.
BRONWYN (exclaims): Aunt Edie! We weren't expecting you 'til tomorrow.
EDIE: Obviously. [To Mike] You were just leaving, I believe.
MIKE: Yeah.
EDIE (curtly): Goodbye.
BRONWYN (horrified): Aunt Edie!
EDIE: Not another word. You've got a lot of explaining to do, my girl.
No. 28
A while later, Mike is sitting at the table with Des, complaining that every time he meets someone who he really gets on well with, something like *this* happens; it was like the early days with Jane and Mrs. Mangel - this old buzzard wouldn't let him get a word in edgeways. Des remarks that he supposes he'll get a visit from her tonight. Mike says:
MIKE: She makes Mrs. Mangel look like Snow White! You know, there's no way in the world I'm going to let her split me and Bronwyn up. I'm sick and tired of being treated like something that's called out from under a rock.
Henry suddenly runs into the house and asks Des in an urgent tone if he's got one of those big wrenches plumbers use. Des nods that it's in the garage. He asks why. Henry says:
HENRY: Well, um, I've er, I've sort of blocked up the sink.
DES (smiles): Oh yeah, *I've* done that a few times before!
HENRY: With plaster of Paris?!
Des sighs that he doesn't want to know! Mike heads out to help Henry look for the wrench.
No. 32
Bronwyn carries her Aunt's cases into the house, telling her as she does so that she's making a mountain out of a molehill. Edie just retorts that she'll have a few well- chosen words to say to Mrs. Mangel, allowing such things to go on. She asks when she'll be home. Bronwyn replies reluctantly that she's away; her sister's sick and Mrs. Mangel had to go and look after her. Edie demands:
EDIE: And who, may I ask, is looking after you and your sister?
BRONWYN: Nobody. Well, no, I mean *we* are. We're not *kids*, Aunt Edie.
EDIE: If the scene I witnessed when you arrived was your idea of looking after yourself, young lady, I can only thank heaven I managed to get a flight *today*. I *was* going to stay at that hotel up the road until my house was finalised, but under the circumstances, I think I'd better move in *here*.
At that moment, Sharon and Nick come in, Nick player Todd's ghettoblaster and Sharon laughing happily. She stops in her tracks as she spots Aunt Edie. Edie tells her curtly to say goodbye to the young man. Nick heads out. Bronwyn then snaps at Edie:
BRONWYN: You don't know anything about Mike - *or* Nick. You're already judging them.
SHARON (adds): They're really nice.
EDIE (tersely): Nice boys do not wear earrings. Nice boys do not maul young girls.
BRONWYN (exclaims): He *wasn't* mauling me!
Edie goes on that she was against the girls living in the city in the first place and this has proved her right; she thought they'd been raised with a decent set of moral values - and everything is going to change now *she's* there.
No. 26
Todd is cleaning his wrist at the kitchen sink. Katie asks him what he's doing and Todd tells her that he was fixing the chain on his bike and he slipped. Katie immediately calls to Beverly, telling Todd that she wants to show Beverly that she's a good doctor. Beverly dashes out of the bedroom and Katie tells her that Todd cut himself. Beverly has a look, but then comments that it's only a little scratch. Katie then says *she's* got a headache. Beverly feels her forehead and tells her that she hasn't got a temperature; she should just have an early night and she'll feel better in the morning. Katie beams:
KATIE: It's much better already! You're a wonderful doctor!
Beverly smiles and thanks her!
No. 24
Henry is trying to fix the pipework under the kitchen sink, as Mike watches. He asks Henry if he's honestly going to try and flog the gnomes to his customers. Henry smiles that he reckons he'll make a fortune! He then adds that it's a good thing his mum isn't there - she'd have his guts for garters! Mike remembers that Henry is on his own. He then tells Henry that he was going to try and organise a party at Des's for some of his uni mates, but Des is feeling hassled at the moment. Henry asks him if he wants to hold it at No. 24. He adds that *he'd* feel a bit left out, not having sat Year 12! Mike assures him that they don't just sit around talking about university - and it's mainly an opportunity for them to meet Bronwyn. There's suddenly a loud crack of thunder outside. Mike looks up through the window and comments that it looks like it's going to pour down. Henry stands up and exclaims that the gnomes aren't set yet - the rain's going to ruin them! He dashes outside, Mike following!
No. 26
Nick emerges from his room and announces that he's off to see Sharon. Katie emerges from *her* room and tells Beverly that she's got an awful stomach- ache. Beverly remarks that it was a headache before! She pulls her niece to her and says gently:
BEVERLY: I know what you're trying to do - and thank you; but it's all right, really.
KATIE: I only wanted to make you feel better.
BEVERLY: I know you did.
KATIE: You're a really good doctor.
Beverly thanks her and assures Katie that she'll be fine. She tells her to head off to bed. Katie kisses everyone goodnight and heads back to her room. When she's gone, Beverly murmurs:
BEVERLY: She thinks all she has to do is tell someone they're a good doctor and it'll make it right. What a pity it doesn't work that way.
Jim pulls her into his arms and assures her that it'll be all right.
No. 30
There's thunder rumbling outside. Nick and Sharon climb in through one of the front windows of No. 30, Sharon telling Nick that by the time her Aunt Edie gets back from seeing Des, she'll think Sharon is asleep. They're carrying torches and candles, which Sharon lights. She then asks Nick how many tapes he's got. He replies that he's got a few. He puts one in Todd's ghettoblaster, just as the rain begins to ease. Sharon flashes the torch around. Nick tells her to take it easy, as they *are* trespassing. Sharon, however, reminds him that her Aunt Edie owns the place now! Nick puts some music on and Sharon starts jiggling around. Nick, however, laughs that that music went out with the ark! He puts on another tape and he then starts dancing and cavorting around. Sharon follows his movements.
No. 28
Des sits down with Edie, telling her that they got that extra clause in the contract that she wanted: she's got immediate possession and doesn't need to wait for settlement if she wants to do a few renovations. Edie remarks coolly:
EDIE: Hopefully it won't need *much* done to it. It's already cost me more than I expected.
Des says quickly that he's got the keys, so she can give it a good going- over in the morning. Edie comments that he must have had quite a few bidders, seeing as he took her right to her limit. Des nods vaguely that there was quite a bit of interest... Edie muses:
EDIE: Think what I could've bought in Narrabri with the money.
At that moment, the front door opens and Mike comes in. He holds the wrench above his head and declares:
MIKE: It's the Gnome Rescue Squad! You won't believe what Henry's been up to-
He breaks off as he spots Edith Chubb sitting there. Edie tells Des that she'll be going now. She gives Mike a very dark look as Des sees her to the door!
No. 26
Beverly is sitting on the couch, staring into space. Jim joins her with some hot milk. Beverly comments distantly:
BEVERLY: I was just thinking about that little act that Katie pulled earlier. She must've been really worried. We spend so much of our time trying to hide our feelings and kids can see right through us!
JIM: Yeah! They also have a habit of getting straight to the point sometimes. You *are* a very good doctor.
BEVERLY: I doubt if Mrs. Brownley's son would agree.
Jim points out that she said herself that they're not even sure that it was the drug Beverly gave her that killed her; it could have been the asthma. Beverly, however, cries:
BEVERLY: Doctors are supposed to *save* lives. I didn't save *hers*. I can't help it, Jim... it just makes me feel terrible.
She bursts into tears. Jim puts his arm around her, comfortingly.
No. 28
Des walks into No. 28 and tells Mike that he thinks he's actually going to be able to spend some time with Jamie tomorrow! Mike nods that it *has* been a bit hectic lately. Des muses that he'll be surprised if Jamie remembers who he is! Mike remarks that Des is in a funny mood tonight. Des sighs that he's just sick of Hemmings breathing down his neck. Mike tells him that he can have Jamie for as long as he wants tomorrow; he and Bronwyn are supposed to be going for a burn on his motorbike - if Aunt Edie doesn't jack up about it... Changing the subject, Des says he might hit the sack. At that moment, though, someone knocks on the front door and Des sighs wearily and goes and opens it. Edith Chubb is standing on the step and she tells him breathlessly that there's somebody in her house; there's lights and music. She asks for the key. Des remarks that it sounds like a job for police, but Edie retorts that by the time the police get there, whoever it is could have *wrecked* the place. Des says he and Mike will check it out and he tells Edie to stay there. Edie, though, retorts:
EDIE: I will not. That's *my* house they're vandalising.
No. 30
Sharon and Nick are dancing together to the music playing from Todd's ghettoblaster. There's a flash of lightning outside and Nick pulls Sharon to him. She bursts out laughing, though, and Nick goes and turns the music off, muttering in annoyance that this isn't supposed to be funny; it's supposed to be sexy. Sharon shrugs that he takes it all so seriously! He turns the music on again, suggesting that they do it *properly*. The two of them start dancing in synch again - but all of a sudden the light from a torch is shone on them and they stare at Edie in horror.
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Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0802
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Des Clarke, Mike Young, Sharon Davies, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0802
Des Clarke, Mike Young, Sharon Davies, Nick Page

Helen Daniels, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0802
Helen Daniels, Katie Landers

Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0802
Todd Landers

Edith Chubb, Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0802
Edith Chubb, Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies

Des Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0802
Des Clarke, Mike Young

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0802
Henry Ramsay

Edith Chubb in Neighbours Episode 0802
Edith Chubb

Edith Chubb, Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0802
Edith Chubb, Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies, Nick Page

Todd Landers, Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0802
Todd Landers, Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers

Mike Young, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0802
Mike Young, Henry Ramsay

Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0802
Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers

Sharon Davies, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0802
Sharon Davies, Nick Page

Edith Chubb, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0802
Edith Chubb, Des Clarke

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0802
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Mike Young, Edith Chubb, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0802
Mike Young, Edith Chubb, Des Clarke

Sharon Davies, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0802
Sharon Davies, Nick Page

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