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Neighbours Episode 0775 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0775
Australian airdate: 22/07/88
UK airdate: 30/10/89
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Guests: Bronwyn Davies: Rachel Friend
Carl Banks: Don Bridges
Nick Page: Mark Stevens
Summary/Images by: Jeremai
Number 32
Mrs. Mangel is doing the vacuuming. She turns around and gets a shock as Carl Banks is in the house. She threatens to call the police but Carl threatens her to keep her mouth closed. He says she owes him for busting his scam stealing foods from Lassiters and he is going to teach her a lesson. He starts physically threatening her but Bronwyn comes in and scares him out of the house with an umbrella! Mrs. Mangel doesn't feel well at all; is she having another heart attack?
Number 26
Katie is playing with dolls, pretending they are Todd and Lucy who have gone out and left her at home. She tells Helen she is bored. The phone rings and Beverly answers it. Helen tells Katie she will play with her when she has finished the ironing. Beverly rushes out of the house to check on Mrs. Mangel, bumping into Henry who is, of course, just about to knock at the door.
HENRY: That's service; I haven't even knocked!
BEVERLY: Henry, I always try to be one step ahead of you!
Henry has come to collect his pay for painting the workshop fence and Helen tells him Jim would like him to cut the grass too. Henry says he will do it first thing in the morning and kisses his money; he knows just where it is going. Katie asks where but Henry says it's a secret.
Number 32
Beverly prescribes a couple of days of rest for Mrs. Mangel and insists she rest completely. Bronwyn leaves to get back to Jamie as Jane rushes in to check on Mrs. Mangel. Mrs. Mangel is glad to see that the angry Jane who came home from holiday seems to have disappeared.
Number 26
Helen finds Katie in tears, convinced that her mother is dead after reading a story in a magazine. Helen assures her that Annette is alive and offers to arrange for Katie to call her. Beverly returns to the house and reports that Mrs. Mangel is fine. She wants to know what is wrong with Katie.
Number 28
Mike tells Bronwyn she may as well leave now Jamie is asleep but Bronwyn says she's paid to be here until Des gets back. Henry burst in, making silly noises with his new metal detector. Henry says it's not a toy and is hoping to find something valuable. Mike is unconvinced and goes to his room. Bronwyn tells Henry not to worry about Mike; it's her that he has the problem with.
Number 26
Katie finishes talking to her mother on the phone and is excited that she is allowed to go home for a holiday. Beverly speaks to Annette and they plan to get Katie on the first flight to Adelaide in the morning.
Number 32
The next morning, Bronwyn brings Mrs. Mangel a cup of tea. Mrs. Mangel is glad she learned how to make a proper cup of tea as some girls are more concerned with their careers; a pointed comment at Jane who is leaving for work on a Saturday. Bronwyn quietly tells Jane she thinks she is being a bit hard on Mrs. Mangel but Jane warns Bronwyn that she is milking her sympathy.
A graffiti artist (Nick Page, but we don't know this yet) is finishing up some nice bright work on the workshop fence: "I used to be a werewolf but I'm alright nowoooooo. Stingray." Henry arrives and yells at him as he has just painted the fence. The artist runs off and Henry chases him.
Jane has an awkward conversion with Mike on her way to the office. Mike asks her what she thinks of Bronwyn and Jane says she saved Mrs. Mangel's life yesterday. Mike says he thinks she is overdoing it with Jamie. The graffiti artist charges through the complex with Henry chasing after him and escapes over a wall after tripping Henry up with a chair.
Coffee Shop
Jane is dressing Henry's wounds. Henry is mad about the fence but Mike says the guy probably spent just as long on the graffiti as he did painting the fence. Mike brings up the metal detector subject and says Henry is wasting his time. Henry says years ago his great- grandfather found some gold behind where Mrs. Mangel's house is now.
HENRY: Grandad told me that years ago...
MIKE: Oh not another Dan Ramsay story!
Jane advises Henry against disturbing Mrs. Mangel and gives him permission to check out the garden.
Number 26
Helen and Beverly are enjoying how quiet the house is now Jim has taken Katie to the airport and Lucy to the train. Beverly worries that Katie is going to be in the way. Helen thinks she is just upset about the fact that Todd and Katie will have to go back permanently at some point. Beverly admits it and Helen says she feels the same way.
Number 32 back yard
Henry arrives with his metal detector and tells Bouncer he can have any bones he finds! The metal detector almost immediately goes off and Henry starts digging.
Lassiters Office
Bronwyn comes in to talk to Jane. She wants her advice about Mike as he doesn't seem to want her around. Jane says it sounds like he is jealous. She tells Bronwyn that Mike's father was violent and Des is the closest thing he's had to a proper family; Mike is protective of him. He promised Daphne he would take care of Jamie. Jane tells Bronwyn she will have to talk to Mike.
Number 32 back yard
Henry digs up a bone and gives it to Bouncer. He carries on digging and finds a sack... with something apparently horrifying inside.
<<0774 - 0776>>
Nell Mangel, Carl Banks in Neighbours Episode 0775
Nell Mangel, Carl Banks

Bronwyn Davies, Carl Banks in Neighbours Episode 0775
Bronwyn Davies, Carl Banks

Henry Ramsay, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0775
Henry Ramsay, Beverly Robinson

Nell Mangel, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0775
Nell Mangel, Beverly Robinson

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0775
Nell Mangel

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0775
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris

Helen Daniels, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0775
Helen Daniels, Katie Landers

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0775
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0775
Katie Landers

 in Neighbours Episode 0775

Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0775
Nick Page

Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0775
Jane Harris, Mike Young

Jane Harris, Mike Young, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0775
Jane Harris, Mike Young, Henry Ramsay

Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0775
Nick Page

Mike Young, Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0775
Mike Young, Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay

Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0775
Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 0775
Henry Ramsay, Bouncer

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