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Neighbours Episode 0774 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0774
Australian airdate: 21/07/88
UK airdate: 27/10/89
Guests: Bronwyn Davies: Rachel Friend
Summary/Images by: Jamie/David
Des and Mike's
Harold, Des, Mike and Bronwyn are making silly faces for Jamie's amusement. Mike tells everyone to make rabbit movements and noise, which they do. It's Harold's turn next, he does a bear which none of the others understand so they laugh. Bronwyn decides that they should stop otherwise Jamie will be over stimulated. Harold asks Des if he thinks Jamie really understands what they were doing. Des thinks he does, nonetheless it's good to make him feel part of a group. Harold thinks that Des should start thinking about enrolling Jamie in the cubs but Des thinks it's a bit premature. He'll start thinking about it when Jamie is about five. Bronwyn takes Jamie to go and get his nappy changed. Harold comments on how good Bronwyn is doing which Des agrees with as everything has been going like clock-work since she arrived. Mike doesn't seem to agree though and notably keeps his mouth shut.
Lassiter's Office
Paul is giving Mrs. Mangel the quote she wanted. Mrs. Mangel complains that she should have got it days ago so Paul apologises. Gail asks how Jane is getting on to which Mrs. Mangel says that she's only heard from her once so far and knows that she's staying at a guest house on the coast. Before Mrs. Mangel can leave Gail asks if Mrs. Mangel could have a look at the short list of the best workers they've come up with. Mrs. Mangel agrees with all of their choices apart from Karl Banks (Gail had also disagreed with Karl being on the list in a previous episode). It seems that Mrs. Mangel just has a feeling about him, she doesn't trust him at all. Gail agrees with her and thanks her for her opinion. When Mrs. Mangel leaves Paul says that he'll investigate him a bit further, although he thinks that Gail is going through some feminist phase where she doesn't want a man to win. This angers Gail who disagrees with Paul so storms off.
Mrs. Mangel's
Mrs Mangel is surprised to see Jane coming through the door as she wasn't expecting her. Mrs. Mangel hugs her and asks what she got up to during her break as well as if she met anyone. Jane says she didn't do much, apart from some thinking. Mrs. Mangel asks if she came to any conclusion but Jane tells her to mind her own business, something that upsets Mrs. Mangel who goes off to her bedroom. Bronwyn tells Jane that she was a bit harsh on her but Jane says that she's just so sick of doing everything that people want her to. She feels like she's everyone else's property. From now on she's only going to do what she wants to.
Lassiter's Office
Gail walks into the office and hands Paul a coffee while discussing some paperwork with him. Paul seems distracted with his own work though. Jane appears at the door and is ready to get back to work straight away but Paul and Gail want to know about her break. Jane says that the break was good but she'd rather not talk about it as she wants to get back to work straight away. Paul asks Gail to ring up Helen to tell her that she won't be needed anymore but a sarcastic Gail thinks that isn't in her job specification so won't do it. Before you know it, they're arguing again, only to be broken up by Jane who calls them both school kids who shouldn't be risking their relationship when they're so much in love.
Jane walks off into the reception area and is greeted by Mrs. Mangel who wants to see the night shift roster. Jane apologises if she seemed a little bit rude last night but Mrs. Mangel seems pre-occupied. After a while she finds the 'evidence' she was looking for from roster.
Des and Mike's
Mike is urging Jamie to eat his food otherwise he'll be late for his classes. Bronwyn walks in and is embarrassed to see Des doing up his shirt. Bronwyn asks if there's anything specific Des or Mike want her to do today such as washing or cleaning, Des says there isn't anything and Mike rudely states that he'll do his own washing and cleaning. Des asks if she'll be able to look after Jamie in the evenings just for once a week. Mike says he'll be able to do it but Des doesn't want to eat into his time anymore so Bronwyn agrees.
Lassiter's Office
Paul starts talking to Gail about what Jane said earlier and how it was 'a slap in the face'. Gail agrees. They start to apologise to each other about the recent arguing with Gail saying blaming the IVF programme which has taken over her mind. They both agree that they've tried to forget about it at work but they can't. Gail thinks that they're both suffering from stress and they've been taking it out on each other. Mrs. Mangel storms in and tells Paul that Karl Banks has stolen some things and is on the way to his car with them right now. Mrs. Mangel thinks he's stolen some things in the past as well, as the dates that he was on the night-shift are also the dates when things have gone missing. Paul goes off to check while Mrs. Mangel tells Gail how creepy she thinks Karl has been.
Lassiter's Car park
Paul approaches Karl who is opening up the boot of his car. Paul starts talking to him about the night shift he's been doing. He asks what's in the bag and Karl says it's just books. Paul insists that he look inside the bag. He opens it and finds the stolen food, just as Mrs. Mangel said.
Lassiter's Office
Paul drags Karl into the office and opens up the bag for Gail, Jane and Mrs. Mangel to see. There's caviar, cheese and fish. Mrs. Mangel thinks that she should be praised for her extra work which convinces Karl that it was 'meddling Mangel' who dobbed her in. Paul asks Jane to call the police, as he's going to charge Karl with theft as well as fire him.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is trying to convince Mike to come along with him to the Scout leaders meeting but Mike doesn't want to, despite Harold telling him that when he was in the Scouts it was one of the happiest times of his life. Des comes in, asking for a beef and pickle sandwich which Mike gets about making. Des agrees with Harold that Mike should become a Scout leader, something that Mike doesn't seem happy with. Des gets round to asking whether Mike has a problem with Bronwyn. Mike says he doesn't, it's just he's jealous of all the time she gets to spend with Jamie and he thinks that it won't be long before Jamie is more familiar with her than he is with him or Des. Des assures him that he'll always by Uncle Mike to Des.
Lassiter's Office
Paul comes in and let's Gail know that Karl has been charged with theft but has been let go because he didn't have a record. Paul apologises for not trusting her female intuition. Gail is about to say something when the phone rings. It's the clinic, they want her in tomorrow morning. After a jubilant Gail puts the phone down she asks for only one thing, for Paul to kiss her, which he does.
<<0773 - 0775>>
Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young, Jamie Clarke, Harold Bishop, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0774
Bronwyn Davies, Mike Young, Jamie Clarke, Harold Bishop, Des Clarke

Gail Robinson, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0774
Gail Robinson, Nell Mangel

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0774
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris

Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0774
Bronwyn Davies

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0774
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Jane Harris

Bronwyn Davies, Jamie Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0774
Bronwyn Davies, Jamie Clarke, Mike Young

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0774
Des Clarke

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0774
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

Carl Banks, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0774
Carl Banks, Paul Robinson

Nell Mangel, Carl Banks, Gail Robinson, Jane Harris, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0774
Nell Mangel, Carl Banks, Gail Robinson, Jane Harris, Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop, Mike Young, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0774
Harold Bishop, Mike Young, Des Clarke

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0774
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

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