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Neighbours Episode 0766 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0766
Australian airdate: 11/07/88
UK airdate: 17/10/89
Guests: Bronwyn Davies: Rachel Friend
Summary/Images by: Jamie
Des and Mike's
Des is confused over Bronwyn commenting on how Jane is into him. Bronwyn apologises and says that she just couldn't help but notice how happy Jane is around him and how good friends they are. Des is angry and tells her that gossip like that can ruin people's lives, especially in the neighbourhood they live in. An embarrassed Bronwyn says that she has to go to collect her things from the hostel to take it over to Mrs. Mangel's. Des admits his shock to Mike but Mike thinks Bronwyn has hit the nail on the head.
MIKE: You know Jane's got a new man in his life that she's not telling anyone about it. It's you, whether you like it or not.
Mrs. Mangel's
Mrs. Mangel opens the door to Bronwyn who has left her things on the drive. Jane senses her discomfort and asks if everything is ok. Bronwyn says everything is fine so Jane offers to help carry her things in. Before they leave, Mrs. Mangel wants to set some house rules. Bronwyn is to be punctual and tidy, she is not to play loud teenage music or to smoke and drink. Bronwyn is definitely not to invite a member of the opposite sex into her room. What's to say Bronwyn's not a lesbian eh Mrs. Mangel? Didn't think of that did you! Bronwyn agree to her rules and goes to get her things.
Des and Mike's
Mike is explaining to Des how it's been obvious that it's been Des all along who Jane has been taking a shining to. After all, they've been going to the zoo together, they've been to restaurants and they always seem to be in the same place at once. Des insists that it's all been for Jamie's sake but then realizes that it's because of Jane's new secret love a.k.a Des that meant that Jane and Mike broke up. Des says that he's going to talk to Jane and tell her that they can't be together something which Mike advises Des do gently so that she can get on with her life. Des says that he is going to handle things the best he can.
Madge and Harold's
Scott and Charlene are getting some things out of the fridge/freezer for dinner. Charlene really wants her and Scott to impress the people from Scott's work who are coming over. Madge comes in and asks what exactly they're doing. They explain about the journalists coming over but Madge says that they're going to have to postpone as Harold has some people from the church coming over tonight. Scott tries to convince her by telling her that they're two very important journalists that he could learn a lot from. Madge suggests that they go into their room to have the dinner but Scott and Charlene laugh it off. Madge tells them they've got no alternative so Scott and Charlene decide they'll have to call it off; it is Madge's house after all.
Outside in the Madge and Harold's garden Charlene is cleaning some mechanical parts when Scott comes over and says that they've changed the venue of the dinner to Ken's house so she can cheer up now. Charlene is annoyed by Madge and Harold, as they always do something that disrupts what they want to do. She wishes they would just butt out and that they could move out. Charlene asks Scott how much they have in the bank.
The office
Scott and Charlene walk in and ask Paul for some advice, if he's not too busy. They tell him that they've looking for a place of their own and they think they've covered it financially but they want to make sure. They list the things they have covered such as rents and bonds but Paul reminds them they might need furniture and they'll need food and other necessities. Charlene works out her sums and says that it appears as though they've covered it. Paul asks if Madge knows they're moving out. Scott and Charlene tell him that she doesn't know a thing although it can't be too much of a surprise for her as she always knew them living there was only temporary. Des rings up the office phone, telling Paul that he need to meet him. Paul agrees to see him in the Waterhole in about an hour.
Ramsay Street
Jane and Bronwyn are picking up Bronwyn's belongings from the driveway when Scott and Charlene come over (they're just everywhere at the moment?!) and introduce themselves to Bronwyn. Charlene asks if Bronwyn is into cooking as she has some great Italian recipe's that she could give her. Bronwyn says she is but she's not very experienced and doesn't know if Mrs. Mangel will let her try any recipe's out. Scott and Charlene announce the news that they're looking to move into their own flat. Jane congratulates them and says she can't wait for the house warming. They say they're good byes as Jane and Bronwyn pick up some more bags from the driveway.
Mrs. Mangel's
Mrs. Mangel is telling Bouncer that he must be on his best behaviour for Bronwyn while Jane and Bronwyn both come in holding mostly flowers and herbs. Bronwyn gives the herbs and tells them that having them fresh in the house is best for cooking. She also says she's going to put a flower in her room to keep it fresh and bright. While Bronwyn goes away Mrs. Mangel tells Jane that Des rang to meet up with her but Mrs. Mangel says she told him that he should see less of her. Jane is angry and says she had no right to do that. Mrs. Mangel admits that she had the impression that Des was the one pursuing her and not she realizes that it was the other way round.
The Waterhole
Des is outside the Waterhole sulking when Paul comes over asking what's up. Des explains about the woman that's interested in him and Paul realizes straight away that it's Jane his talking about. Madge brings some drinks over and goes away while Paul tells him that he could have her if he waned to. Des thinks it's too soon after Daphne so Paul advises him to let her down gently and not to hurt her so she can get on with her life.
Mrs. Mangel
Bronwyn is sitting down on the living room floor stroking Bouncer when Jane comes over. Bronwyn asks if everything's OK. Jane says she's fine but Bronwyn knows it must have something to do with Des. Bronwyn asks if there is anything going on between them. Jane says there isn't but she would definitely want something to happen. Jane thinks he's still in love with Daphne, even though she's dead. Jane says she's happy that at least Des doesn't know how she feels about him. Er, yes her does, love!
Madge and Harold's
Scott and Charlene are preparing the last of their food for the dinner at Ken's place when Madge comes in and goes to sit on the couch. Scott and Charlene announce to her that they're both moving out as they've saved enough money for their own flat. Madge thinks that should save up some more for something better but Scott doesn't want to do that. They both leave out the door leaving an upset and slightly stunned Madge on the couch.
Mrs. Mangel's
Despite Bronwyn teaching Bouncer 'bad manners' Mrs. Mangel thinks that her and Bronwyn are going to get along just fine. Jane goes to get the phone as its ringing. It's Des and he wants to meet her and his place now. A happy Jane tells Mrs. Mangel she's going out to Des's and that she's going to apologise to him for what she said earlier. Mrs. Mangel advises her not to do or say anything but Jane wants to make it up to him. Jane leaves and Mrs. Mangel goes to get another biscuit. Bouncer puts his front paws on Mrs. Mangel's lap but Mrs. Mangel isn't happy, calling him a bad boy.
Des and Mike's
Jane comes in and apologises for what Mrs. Mangel said to him earlier. Des says that he's realized something. He's realized that some people think that they're having some sort of relationship. He admits he knows that Jane has feelings for him and he wants to protect her from gossip. He says he's flattered and that she shouldn't be embarrassed. Jane is stunned and asks if a relationship is completely out of the question to which Des nods his head and apologises.
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Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0766
Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies

Des Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0766
Des Clarke, Mike Young

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0766
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris, Bronwyn Davies

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0766
Nell Mangel

Mike Young, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0766
Mike Young, Des Clarke

Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0766
Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0766
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0766
Bronwyn Davies, Jane Harris

Jane Harris, Bouncer, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0766
Jane Harris, Bouncer, Bronwyn Davies

Bronwyn Davies, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0766
Bronwyn Davies, Nell Mangel

Jane Harris, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0766
Jane Harris, Des Clarke

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