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Neighbours Episode 0759 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0758 - 0760>>
Episode title: 0759
Australian airdate: 30/06/88
UK airdate: 06/10/89
UK Gold: 28/09/95
Guests: Steve Fisher Michael Pope
Summary/Images by: Jamie/Graham
Madge and Harold's
Charlene comes rushing in through the door asking Madge how work was while she hangs her bag up. Madge knows that Charlene called in sick as she saw Rob earlier so she came home early to check up on her, although she doesn't look sick apparently! Charlene says that she had headache, but Madge can't believe how casual she is being about her job all of a sudden. Madge asks her if she's getting on with Rob and Charlene says that she is and that it's 'none of her business' so she should get off her case. She decides to run off into her room, leading an angry Madge to sigh.
Number 26
Todd, Katie and Helen are looking through the Robinson Photo albums trying to find something that Todd could wear for the 50s night. Beverly and Jim are in the kitchen preparing some food when Todd and Katie ask if they had television, cars, or fridge's in the 50s which Jim says they did. However, apparently they didn't get television until 1956, which shocks Todd and Katie into asking what they did with each other. Helen explains that they talked and listened to music. Beverly is only going to admit that she was barely alive in the 50s so Katie asks if Henry was alive then as well but Helen says that 'Henry missed out on the 50s, or the 50s missed out on Henry." Katie asks why he is playing guitar at 50s night, because he is a 'show-off', according to Jim. Todd says that he is only going to dress up if Jim dresses up, which Helen thinks is a wonderful idea. They all start reminiscing about the 50s and Jim agrees to dress up. Jim cracks some sort of 50s joke which Todd and Katie fail to understand.
Des and Mike's
Mike thanks Jane for picking up Jamie from the nursery but Jane says that it was a 'pleasure'. Mike comes in, looking at Jane, and tells Des how great Canberra was. Des asks about Pete's leg but Mike assures him that it's on the mend. Des comments on how great Jane has been with Jamie when he was away. Mike clearly feels uncomfortable with this, so Jane heads for the door saying that she has lots of things to do. Des asks Mike to get over Jane because but Mike says that because they were going out for so long it's going take a while to get used to things. Des notices that she left her hand-bag, so suggests that Mike could go and give it to her so they can 'chat'.
Madge and Harold's
Henry is setting the table and when Madge comes in she tells him that Scott should be home in about half an hour but she has to meet Harold down at the church for a 'bloomin' meeting. Something is obviously bothering Madge so Henry asks her what's up and Madge tells him that Charlene took a sickie and 'went out on the town'. Scott comes in with hands up in the air saying, "I'm back!" while Henry Madge go over to greet him. Charlene comes out of their bedroom and welcomes him back with a hug while they say how much they've missed each other.
Mrs. Mangel's
Jane opens the door to Mike who is holding her purse; she thanks him for bringing it over. Mike says he wants to talk about something but Jane doesn't think they have anything to say to each other. Mike tells her that he thinks they should be friends as they're going to see each other from time to time and it'll be unfair on their friends. Jane invites him in and they both sit down and try to find thing's to talk about but after discussing Canberra and Rachel, Jane thinks that the only reason he came over here was to rub her nose in it. An obviously peeved Jane says that she has 'somebody in mind as well'. Mike asks who it is but Jane refuses to discuss it and says that she has things to be getting on with so ushers Mike to the door.
Madge and Harold's
Charlene is reading a magazine on the couch while Henry gives Scott a welcoming home present, 'The Dishes', but he refuses to do them and says he is going next door instead. Madge comes out of her bedroom and reminds Henry to do the dishes as she leaves for Harold's church meeting. Charlene tells her to 'have fun', but this angers Madge even after Charlene apologizes for everything. Madge leaves and Henry goes over to Charlene who tells him that she has tried to stop seeing Steve but it hasn't worked.
HENRY: Well then you've gotta try again. (Sad Neighbours theme plays) This time you've gotta carry it through.
CHARLENE: You know something. There were times today when I was really happy but I didn't wanna be. I knew I shouldn't be but I couldn't help myself.
HENRY: You're going to upset a lot of people Lennie. Your going to upset Mum, yourself. You're going to hurt Steve. You're going to hurt Scott most of all.
CHARLENE: What am I going to do?
HENRY: You know what you've gotta do.
Charlene starts crying.
Number 26
Scott is telling Helen, Jim and Beverly all the great interviews he managed to record while at the institute. Beverly tells him that while he was away they all discovered that Jim was once a vintage rocker. Todd and Katie quickly hand Scott a photo which he laughs at while Jim tries to snatch it off of him. Jim tells Scott that Des and Henry are going to be in the band for the night so Scott says that he might dress up as well.
The Garage
Charlene is opening up the garage when Steve comes along and comments on how beautiful she's looking but Charlene says that they need to talk. She tells him that they need to stop seeing each other but Steve just endlessly proclaims his love her and tells her that he knows she loves him as well but Charlene just thinks that they'd end up hurting everyone. Charlene says that they're finished but Steve doesn't want to give up on her even if she has made a choice. Charlene insists that there's no chance they'd work so Steve leaves.
Des and Mike's
Mike is reminding Des that a letter from his Mum, Eileen came today, but Des says that he just can't seem to keep up with them all now she writes almost every day. Mike tells Des that last night Jane told him that she was interested in another guy but Des doesn't think that Jane has told him anything about this other guy. Des acknowledges that she spent most of her time here while Mike was away so she had plenty of time to drop some hints. Des goes over to the kitchen while Mike looks at some pictures that Des had laid out on the table. He looks at a picture of Des, Jamie and Jane looking very happy. He appears to have worked out who this other guy is in Jane's life . . .
Madge and Harold's
Scott is typing up some transcripts of the interviews he made when Madge comes in, who is scrambling about offering to make him a cup of tea or some orange juice. Charlene comes in wanting to talk to Scott. Madge leaves so Charlene sits down next to Scott, who is concentrating on the type writer. Charlene says that she has something to tell him but Scott asks if they could do it later which Charlene agrees to. Apparently Charlene is the 'best wife a journo could ever hope for'.
The Coffee Shop
Steve is having a quiet drink when Henry comes in asks him if he is waiting for someone but Steve tells him that him and Charlene are finished for good. Henry, however doesn't believe him so Steve gets up and before leaving demands that Henry stay off Charlene's back as she's made her choice.
The Office
Mike comes is as Jane is working and Jane asks what she can do for him. He says that there are no hard feelings about last night, although he knows that the 'other guy' is Des. Jane says that that's an 'incredibly stupid thing to say' and maintains that her and Des are just good friends and she doesn't want him to make any trouble.
MIKE: Jane, Daphne hasn't been dead that long. He isn't ready for another relationship yet.
JANE: I know Des' state of mind and for the last time it's not him - now I've got work to do.
MIKE: Look I'm just trying to help out. Offer some good advice.
JANE: Goodbye.
Jane looks worried as Mike leaves.
<<0758 - 0760>>
Madge Bishop, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0759
Madge Bishop, Charlene Robinson

Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0759
Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Katie Landers, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0759
Katie Landers, Todd Landers

Jane Harris, Jamie Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0759
Jane Harris, Jamie Clarke, Des Clarke

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0759
Mike Young

Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0759
Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay

Mike Young, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0759
Mike Young, Jane Harris

Henry Ramsay, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0759
Henry Ramsay, Charlene Robinson

Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0759
Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels

Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Todd Landers, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0759
Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Todd Landers, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels

Steve Fisher in Neighbours Episode 0759
Steve Fisher

Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0759
Charlene Robinson

Mike Young, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0759
Mike Young, Des Clarke

Jamie Clarke, Des Clarke, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0759
Jamie Clarke, Des Clarke, Jane Harris

Madge Bishop, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0759
Madge Bishop, Scott Robinson

Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0759
Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Steve Fisher in Neighbours Episode 0759
Henry Ramsay, Steve Fisher

Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0759
Jane Harris, Mike Young

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0759
Jane Harris

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