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Neighbours Episode 0736 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0736
Australian airdate: 30/05/88
UK airdate: 05/09/89
UK Gold: 28/08/95
Writer: Chris McCourt
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Rob Lewis: Ernie Bourne
Nina Williams: Leigh Morgan
Amy Williams: Nicolette Minster
Summary/Images by: Graham
Gail crying at Paul that she knows she doesn't want to lose him, no matter what happens. Paul hugging her and assuring her that she won't; he loves her too much.
No. 22
Gail tells Paul that this doesn't make it all go away; he's still going to have to talk to Nina. Paul sighs that Nina doesn't want to talk about it; she didn't even want him to *know*. Gail points out that, one day, Amy's going to ask who her father is, and Nina's going to tell her the truth - and the two of *them* need to be prepared for that when it happens. Paul admits that he hadn't thought it through that far. He assures Gail that it'll all be OK; they'll be stronger now: if they can get through this, they can get through anything.
No. 26
It's the next morning and Helen is making breakfast. Beverly comes into the kitchen and Jim calls to Todd and Katie to get a move on. Katie comes running in, but tells Beverly that she's not feeling very well - her throat's hurting a bit. Beverly tells her to open wide, and she takes a look and then tells Katie that it might be an idea if she stays at home today. Katie, however, cries:
KATIE: I can't. I made a best friend yesterday. If I don't go to school, she'll meet someone else.
Beverly, however, tells her that she's definitely not going to school. Jim offers to stay at home and look after her. Helen chips in that she may have a sore ankle, but she's certainly well enough to keep Katie company. Beverly asks her if she's sure she knows what she's getting into. Helen assures her that after coping with Jim's children for all those years, she doesn't think one small girl is going to present too many problems!
No. 22
Gail is making coffee and she asks Paul if he wants one. He yawns that he could do with two or three. Gail then asks him if he's worked out what he's going to say to Nina yet. Paul, however, sighs:
PAUL: In my mind, I get to the stage where I walk up to Nina and say, "We have to talk about it" - and that's about where I go blank. I haven't exactly had a lot of experience in this sort of thing.
Gail offers to go with him, to offer moral support, but Paul insists that it's something he's got to do by himself. He then mutters in exasperation:
PAUL: You know what gets *me* is her attitude that it's none of my business.
GAIL: Maybe you're misinterpreting it?
PAUL: No, no. She virtually came straight out and said it. I just don't understand: I'm Amy's father, so why is she holding me at arms' length?
He sighs that there are just too many things to cope with at once. He puts his arm around Gail and gives her a loving hug and a kiss - just as Rob comes in and tells them to knock it off: it's eight o'clock in the morning! He then tells them that he wanted to borrow Gail, as he's got some business to discuss with Jim and he'd like to talk it over with her. Paul remarks that that sounds mysterious. Rob just says:
ROB: No secret, Paul - but I tell you what: you can forget about the quiet life. There are going to be a lot of changes around this place from now on.
Paul and Gail look at each other in surprise!
No. 26
Katie is lying on the couch, under a blanket, and Beverly gives her a kiss and tells her that she'll see her later. She then heads into the kitchen, where she tells Helen that she's glad it's *her* looking after Katie; if there are any problems, she'll know what to do. Helen smiles that she makes her sound predictable! Beverly says she knows she's on to a good thing, and if there was any chance of Helen deciding to stay, she'd be awfully happy about it. Helen replies that she loves the independence she has now, and the solitude, but she also loves being surrounded by the family. Beverly tells her that they're not about to give up on her yet - and neither is Jim. Helen murmurs that she's not making it easy. Beverly assures her that they're not *trying* to!
Jim is throwing some engine parts into a skip when Rob rocks up and asks him what he's doing. Jim retorts that the place is a mess and he's whipping it into shape. Rob mutters that he could be tossing away all sorts. Jim shrugs that he'd rather not think about it. Rob tells him:
ROB: You wouldn't *have* to if you hired yourself a permanent mechanic.
JIM: Who's arguing? But where am I going to find one?
ROB: Of course, it couldn't just be *anyone*. Have to be someone with a lot of experience.
JIM (exasperated): Rob... why are you telling me things I already know?
ROB: A bloke with a bit of class. Someone who knows the boot from the bonnet and cares about the difference. You getting the drift?
JIM (realises): *You*?!
ROB: Right first time. If you want me, you've got me!
Lassiter's complex
Jane is walking with Gail across the bridge, heading for the office, talking about how her nan and Mr. Bishop are tolerating each other, which is all you can expect from those two. Gail isn't really paying attention, though, and Jane asks her if she's all right. Gail replies that she's just a bit tired, that's all. They suddenly bump into Nina - carrying Amy - and Jane smiles at them and asks if they're off to the crèche. Nina nods that they are. She then asks when the conference notes will be ready, as she'd like a chance to check them sometime today. Jane tells her that they'll be ready in a couple of hours if Nina wants to pick them up then. Nina thanks her and heads off. Jane looks at Gail, who's been standing there in silence, and says:
JANE: I know it's probably none of my business, but have you two had a fight?
GAIL: What makes you say that?
JANE: Well, you were getting along so well before. Now it's almost as if you're hardly on speaking terms.
GAIL: You're imagining it.
GAIL (coolly): Yeah. Come on.
They head to the office.
Rob is helping Jim with the tidying- up, Jim saying he still doesn't know why Rob wants to do this. Rob tells him that it's a six- letter word: Gloria. He goes on that he wants to provide a home for her - *and* for the boys. Jim asks if they're giving Rob problems. Rob replies that they're not *bad* kids, but they're running a bit wild and need a proper home. Jim sighs and tells Rob that he won't be able to pay him the same sort of money he was getting on the racing circuit. Rob tells Jim just to pay him the living wage. Jim smiles that it'll be great having him back - and Charlene will be thrilled to work with him again when she's back from Brisbane. He then adds that, if Rob has no objection, he'll be round a fair bit himself, too. Rob frowns and says:
ROB: Do you think there'll be enough work to justify a manager?
JIM (laughs): Don't worry, Rob, I'm not going to spend my time looking over your shoulder!
ROB (coolly): *Harold* did.
JIM: Yeah, well, this is different. I want to do a bit of hands- on work; develop a couple of ideas I've been toying with.
ROB (shrugs): Sure. It'll be fun.
JIM: Yeah, well, I don't know if you're gonna feel that way when you hear the *rest* of my plan.
ROB: Shoot.
JIM: Apart from Charlene, I want you to train *another* apprentice - someone a little older.
ROB (warily): I don't know, mate. Some of these late starters can be a worry.
JIM (smiles): Rob, the late starter I had in mind is *me*!
Rob stares at him in surprise!
No. 26
Helen and Katie are setting up for face painting, Katie wearing one of Jim's old T- shirts that Helen tells her Beverly has been wanting to throw out for ages! Katie tells Helen that they don't *do* face painting at school. Helen asks why she was disappointed about not being able to go today, then, and Katie tells her:
KATIE: Because of Georgie - the friend I made yesterday. I've been here ages and she's the first one I've made.
Helen assures her that she'll soon make *other* friends. Katie, however, insists that she won't - everyone's already in groups; it's *always* like that. Helen asks her if that's because she's been moving around. Katie nods and tells Helen that if you're new, the teachers don't pick on you but sometimes the other kids do. Helen says:
HELEN: I was lucky. At *my* school, I stayed there all the way through - and I had an older sister to look after me.
KATIE (sighs): I wish *I* had.
Helen points out that she's got Todd, but Katie says he doesn't talk to her as much as he used to. Helen tells her that sometimes teenagers go through phases where they don't want to talk to anyone very much - but that doesn't mean Todd doesn't love her. She then goes on that *she's* available to talk to Katie if she wants to. Katie tells her that Lucy's lucky to have her as a grandmother - and she suggests that she could pretend Helen was her grandmother as well. Helen smiles that it's all right by *her*!
Paul is standing with Jim and Rob as they pore over a car engine, telling them that they'll get the Homes James fleet service. He then tells Jim that he thinks becoming an apprentice is a wonderful way to handle a mid- life crisis! Jim retorts that that's not why he's doing it. Paul smiles that he knows - and he thinks it's terrific; it's good to stretch the old brain cells! Jim walks off, leaving Rob to tell Paul that he'd rather leave the Home James cars until next week, as he's a bit busy, what with him and Gloria trying to find somewhere to live and starting the boys off at school. Paul climbs into his car as Rob adds that, now that he's made up his mind, he's looking forward to living back there and seeing more of him and Gail. He then suggests that they all have dinner tonight. Paul, however, tells him bluntly that they have to work back tonight. He drives off, leaving Rob looking disappointed.
Reception area of the Daniels Corporation
Gail sits down with a coffee as Jane comes in after sorting out a cleaning problem. She shows Gail a jumper for Jamie that Anna, one of the cleaners, gave her. She adds that *everyone's* been giving Jamie presents lately; she supposes it's because they imagine Des won't be able to cope being a single father. Gail says sadly:
GAIL: Well, he's done pretty well so far.
JANE (enthusiastically): Yeah, *I'll* say he has. I don't know why people think it's different when a man's a parent. I mean, men love their kids just as much as women do.
GAIL (distantly): Mm.
JANE: Anyone just has to look at Des when he's holding Jamie. That baby means the world to him.
Gail suddenly puts her cup down on the table and bursts into tears. Jane looks at her in concern.
Beverly has turned up to see Jim, explaining that she wanted to get him alone before he went home to let him know that with a bit more push, he thinks they can get Helen to stay. She adds that she wants to fill him in on how to act. Jim smiles:
JIM: Subtly pushy?
BEVERLY: Sounds about right!
Jim then tells her that he's going to be working at the garage full- time; he's decided to become a fully- qualified motor mechanic, apprenticeship and all! Beverly beams that she thinks it's a wonderful idea: he wanted a change and he wanted something hands- on, plus he already owned the workshop. Jim grins:
JIM: I'm beginning to understand why I married you!
Office of the Daniels Corporation
Jane comes in and hands a still- upset Gail a glass of water. She asks if she can help, adding that it must have been something she said - she was talking about Jamie... Gail sobs that she'd like to tell Jane, but she can't - it's not something she can help her with. Jane accepts this and goes to walk out. Gail, however, sobs suddenly:
GAIL: Oh, who am I kidding? If I don't confide in someone, I'm going to go crazy.
Jane comes back in and assures Gail that she can trust her. Gail explains:
GAIL: Paul and I... well, we've just found out that someone he used to go out with has a child. *His* child. And for some reason or other, she never even told him she was pregnant. That's all.
Jane asks how Paul feels about it. Gail replies:
GAIL (sobs): Confused. Not me, though. I mean, I'm pretty upset, but I'm not confused. I know exactly how I feel: utterly and unbearably jealous.
She goes on:
GAIL: I'm jealous because someone else has given Paul a child and I can't.
JANE: Do you know this woman?
GAIL (sniffs): It's Nina Williams.
JANE (gasps): Nina? Then... Amy?
GAIL: Yeah. She's a great little girl, isn't she? I know it's a horrible thing to say, but right now I wish almost the ground would open up and swallow her, because I don't know how to handle the situation at all.
JANE: Of course you don't; *no one* would. What's Paul going to do about this?
GAIL (sadly): I don't know. It's what frightens me.
No. 26
Helen is painting Katie's face, telling her as she does so that she hopes Katie appreciates it, because she's the only child in Erinsborough to own a Helen Daniels original! Katie has a look in the mirror. Helen has painted her face to look like a cat and Katie beams that she loves it! Beverly arrives home and exclaims that Katie looks very smart. She then asks Helen if Katie has been very trouble and Helen assures her that she's been very good. Katie runs off to wash her hands for lunch, leaving Beverly to grin at Helen that that's a wonderful way of destroying that terrible old T- shirt - not that anything could put Jim in a bad mood right now!
Paul sits down at a table with Nina, who tells him that she's so sorry about everything - she didn't mean it to work out this way; if she'd known he was in charge here, she'd have booked the conference somewhere else. Paul, however, mutters that she's only sorry because he found out. Nina remarks that he's not making this very easy. Paul retorts through gritted teeth:
PAUL: What do you expect? I've just found out I've got a daughter. Don't you understand how that affects my life?
NINA: Yes.
PAUL: Then why, for heaven sakes, didn't you tell me before?
NINA: I couldn't!
PAUL (mutters): Sure you couldn't.
NINA: I didn't know I was pregnant until after we'd broken up.
PAUL: So? I'm not *that* big a louse. I would've supported you.
NINA: I didn't want you to. We weren't in love anymore. Paul, don't you see? It would have been wrong for us to get back together just because I was pregnant.
PAUL (coolly): And that justifies you not telling me, I suppose?
NINA: It would've complicated things; and I didn't need the money. With a good job and my family helping me - and they *did*-
PAUL (interrupts angrily): It sounds rosy all around, doesn't it.
NINA (snaps): Oh Paul, please don't. I know this isn't easy; it isn't easy for *me*, either.
Paul pauses before saying they have to decide what happens now. Nina tells him:
NINA: Well, I'll be getting married soon. Bruce - my fiancé - he's great with Amy. He already thinks of her as though she's his own.
PAUL (snarls): Well, she isn't.
NINA: I'm afraid I don't see it that way, and neither does Amy. We're both very happy, Paul, and I don't want anything to change that. I'm asking you to stay away.
PAUL (in disbelief): You can't do that.
NINA: Amy already has one father. She doesn't need two. I'm sorry, Paul, but we're leaving today and that's the end of it.
With that, Nina gets up and walks off, leaving Paul looking astonished.
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Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0736
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0736
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers

Rob Lewis, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0736
Rob Lewis, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0736
Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels

Rob Lewis, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0736
Rob Lewis, Jim Robinson

Nina Williams, Amy Williams, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0736
Nina Williams, Amy Williams, Jane Harris

Rob Lewis, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0736
Rob Lewis, Jim Robinson

Katie Landers, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0736
Katie Landers, Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson, Rob Lewis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0736
Jim Robinson, Rob Lewis, Paul Robinson

Gail Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0736
Gail Robinson, Jane Harris

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0736
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Gail Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0736
Gail Robinson, Jane Harris

Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0736
Katie Landers

Nina Williams in Neighbours Episode 0736
Nina Williams

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0736
Paul Robinson

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