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Neighbours Episode 0735 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0734 - 0736>>
Episode title: 0735
Australian airdate: 27/05/88
UK airdate: 04/09/89
UK Gold: 25/08/95
Guests: Nina Williams Leigh Morgan
Amy Williams Nicolette Minster
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)/Jamie
Mrs Mangel takes Bouncer back to Des. She tells him to make sure Mike fixes the fence so that Bouncer can't escape again. After all she's a very busy woman and doesn't have time to look after animals all day long! Jane arrives home and speaks to Des whilst Mrs Mangel goes to get Bouncers brush. Jane tells Des that she's fed up of Mrs Mangel being so rude. Des tells her that Mrs Mangel is lonely and that Jane should go easy on her. Mrs Mangel comes back outside and Bouncer runs to her again, she smothers him with love and then stops when she notices Des and Jane are watching.
The Office
Gail and Nina are having a meeting about the conference. Gail says it's a shame Nina couldn't make dinner but Nina says she has other commitments. Gail says she'd like to get to know her as she likes to meet Paul's old friends, but Nina says her schedule is very tight. Paul arrives and he and Nina exchange a frosty look. She leaves and Paul tells Gail he has to make some phone calls. She asks if everything is ok, as he doesn't seem himself. He tells her he's just tired and says he'll be home soon.
Mrs Mangels
Jane is upset when she sees Mrs Mangel is still doing the Dear Georgette column. Mrs Mangel says she has a duty to the readers but Jane thinks her replies can upset people. Mrs Mangel says her replies may be harsh but that's because she doesn't suffer fools. Mrs Mangel asks Jane to read a letter she has replied to. It's from a widower who is very lonely. Mrs Mangel's reply is positive and lovely and tells the man all about the church group and the bowling club. Jane is touched and Mrs Mangel admits she tried to influence people when she first started writing the column. She tells Jane it's nice to be needed and asks if they can be friends again. Jane says yes as long as she doesn't interfere in her life.
Madge is upset because Harold is going to Mrs Mangels house. He says he won't say a word to her and that it's only a rehearsal. He says he will stand by Madge but she says every time there's a chance of teaching Mrs Mangel a lesson everyone caves in. Harold is sure that Mrs Mangel has learned her lesson this time.
Paul has told Des about Amy being his daughter. He says he doesn't know what to do. He's worried about telling Gail because of the IVF programme; he thinks it will change everything between them. Des tells him that Gail's a smart lady and she loves him, she's not going to leave him over something that happened years before they were a couple. Paul decides that Gail has to know and what's more he has to be the one to tell her.
Mrs Mangels
Mrs Mangel is at her organ when Jane shows Harold in. Harold hands Jane the music and she hands it to Mrs Mangel. She is stuck in the middle of them and becomes the messenger for both parties.
Mrs Mangel: Tell Mr Bishop I'm ready to commence with the 23rd Psalm.
Jane: Nan he's right here why don't you tell him yourself?
Mrs Mangel: I would if I could Jane but it seems Mr Bishop and I are not on speaking terms so if you would be kind enough to act as our interpreter.
Harold: Your cooperation would be appreciated Jane
Jane: Great I had nothing better to do. Nan says she's ready to start the 23rd Psalm.
Mrs Mangel starts playing and Harold tells Jane to tell Mrs Mangel that he needs to warm up before they start. Harold starts doing some scales and after he's done a few runs, Mrs Mangel starts playing again. Harold protests that he's not ready but then gives up, finds his page and starts to sing.
Mrs Mangel: Tell him to slow down. This is not a jazz club.
Paul and Gails
Gail is in the kitchen when Paul comes home. He doesn't say anything and just looks at her. She's obviously worried and asks if everything is ok. He tells her that he loves her and hopes she knows that. She asks what's wrong.
Gail: You've murdered someone? Someone wants to murder you? You forgot to pick up the laundry?
Paul: No to the first one, not that I know of for the second and....what laundry?
Paul's distressed and Gail tells him she can't help if he doesn't tell her what the problem is. He says the problem is he doesn't know how to tell her. He says before they met he and Nina had an affair. Gail says she knows that and it's not a problem, she can handle him having a past. He asks if she could handle him having a child. Gail is stunned as Paul tells her he found out today that Amy is his daughter.
Mrs Mangels
Jane is sitting on the couch whilst Mrs Mangel and Harold continue to plod their way through 'The Lord Is My Shepherd.' Mrs Mangel is playing dud notes.
Harold: Will you tell your Grandmother the note is C sharp and not that abominable thing she just struck?
Mrs Mangel: Mr Bishop is singing flat would you inform him that Jane?
Jane has had enough. She says all she is doing is encouraging them in their row. Jane says they have been friends for many years and can't believe they are behaving in such a ridiculous way. Harold said there can be no reconciliation until Mrs Mangel accepts Madge as his wife. Mrs Mangel says her pride won't allow it and Jane tells her to swallow her pride just this once. Mrs Mangel says she will apologise and Harold goes to get Madge!
Paul and Gail
Paul and Gail are having dinner but none of them are eating. Paul asks Gail if she's finished her dinner but gets no response. He asks if she wants some more wine and is again met with silence. He pleads with her to talk to him and she says she doesn't know what to say. She says she's confused and then shouts at Paul and asks how he could have let this happen to them. As soon as she's said it she apologises and says it was a stupid thing to say. She asks him if he was in love with Nina and wonders if he would have married her had he known about Amy. He says he doesn't know, neither of them wanted marriage and that's probably why Nina didn't tell him. Paul doesn't see why this should affect their relationship. Gail states that she can't give him a baby and somebody else has. She doesn't see how he can understand how she feels and says for all she knows Paul could still be in love with Nina. By this point Gail is in tears and Paul shouts at her to stop with the 'what ifs' because it's getting them nowhere.
Mrs Mangels
Harold brings Madge into the living room and declares that Mrs Mangel has something to say. Mrs Mangel mumbles a very quick apology and turns her back on Madge. Madge tells her she didn't quite hear what she said so Mrs Mangel once again apologises. Madge is not satisfied and asks Mrs Mangel what she's apologising for. Mrs Mangel replies that she's sorry for giving David the wrong impression about her. Madge accepts her apology and Harold is beside himself with joy. He and Jane go to make some coffee and Madge makes her way to Mrs Mangel.
Madge: If you think I believe that then you're wrong.
Mrs Mangel: And if you think I meant a word of it you're equally wrong.
They realise they'll have to maintain the charade to make Harold happy but vow their feelings about each other won't change.
Paul and Gails
Gail comes downstairs and Paul asks her how she is. She says she's feeling better and has been doing some thinking. She still doesn't know how to handle the situation but she knows she doesn't want to lose Paul ever, no matter what happens. Paul hugs her and tells her she won't lose him because he loves her too much. Gail says they have to deal with the fact that Amy is here because one day Amy will want to know who her real father is and they have to be prepared for that. Paul says he hasn't thought that far ahead he's just been thinking about how it will affect them. He says if they can get through this they can get through anything.
<<0734 - 0736>>
Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0735
Gail Robinson

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0735
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0735
Paul Robinson

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0735
Nell Mangel

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0735
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris, Harold Bishop

David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0735
David Bishop

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0735
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

David Bishop, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0735
David Bishop, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Henry Ramsay

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