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Neighbours Episode 0710 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0710
Australian airdate: 22/04/88
UK airdate: 31/07/89
UK Gold: 21/07/95
Guests: Sally Wells - Rowena Mohr
Rob Lewis - Ernie Bourne
Gloria Lewis - Beverly Phillips
- "Stopping At Nothing" by Kids In The Kitchen
- "I Should Be So Lucky" by Kylie Minogue
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)/Graham
Lucy and Katie have been swimming in the Ramsay pool whilst Helen and Madge are having tea. Lucy tells them that they are helping Henry build a kennel for Bouncer. Madge tells Helen the wedding reception will be held at the house and will be a small affair. She asks Helen to come shopping with her so she can buy a new dress. She doesn't want to tempt fate after Harold saw Henry in the dress she was supposed to wear.
The Coffee Shop
Des is furious over what is happening to Mike. He fails to see how this is justice after Summers got off for killing Daphne. Harold doesn't help matters by talking of the dreadful things you read about prison life in the papers. Sally arrives and tells Des she's had no luck finding a flat mate. She notices the sombre mood and asks what's wrong. Mike says he doesn't want to talk about it and storms out, Jane follows him.
The Office
Gail catches Paul playing on the computer game, he protests that it's morning tea break so it's allowed. She sits on his lap and tells him she's finding it hard to get motivated today. Paul asks her what is on her mind and she admits she is having problems dealing with Rob being married to anyone but her mother. Paul suggests she may be a tad jealous as she's used to being the only girl in Rob's life. Jane arrives and asks to take her lunch break early as she has something important to tend to.
Jane finds Mike sitting at the side of the road near his bike. He tells her how the thought of jail terrifies him. Jane reassures him and tells him his good character may ensure that he doesn't get a heavy sentence. Mike says that even if he only gets a few months no one would give him a teaching job once he were let out of prison. Mike implicates that he's thinking of leaving Erinsborough. Jane makes him promise that he won't leave but he can't promise her anything.
The Office
Jane is telling Paul and Gail about Mike. They assure her Mike won't do anything silly especially as Des would lose the bail money if Mike were to skip town. Paul offers her some more time off but Jane refuses. Rob arrives and tells them his fiancé Gloria is on her way. Paul and Gail insist that Rob and Gloria will stay with them once she arrives.
Henry and Todd arrive home from work and Lucy and Katie want to make a start of the kennel. Madge asks Henry to mind the kids whilst she and Helen go shopping. Henry says that's fine as they are building the kennel together anyway. Madge tells Helen that the kids are thinking of moving out once Harold moves in. Helen tells her not to fight it - she's starting a new life and so are the kids.
Ramsay Street
Lucy sees Mike loading up his bike. She runs over and tells him she'll pop over later to tell him aboUt Arlingwood. He tells her he's not sure he'll be back by then. Lucy asks where he's going and he tells her he doesn't know.
The Coffee Shop
Harold and Sally are talking about Mike's situation. They are worried about him. Rob arrives and tells Harold he is getting married. Harold seems shocked but Rob is openly gloating about Gloria!
Mrs Mangels Garden
Henry, Todd and Katie are measuring Bouncer. Henry tells them this iS supposed to be a quick job and he wants it done quickly and efficiently!
The Coffee Shop
Helen and Madge are back from their shopping trip. Sally tells them she still hasn't found a flat mate. Helen is sure she'll find someone soon.
Mike is driving down an open road.
The Coffee Shop
Henry has finished drawing the plans for the kennel and Lucy, Todd and Katie are around him full of excitement. They think they should add a sunroof among many other comforts for Bouncer. Harold tells them they should stick to something simple, as Mrs Mangel won't want a monstrosity in her garden. Henry once more tries to persuade Sally that he would be the perfect flatmate.
The Office
Helen has been looking at some Home James papers and Gail asks her over to dinner so she can meet Rob's fiancé. Helen comments that Gail must be curious to meet her and Gail says she is. She tells Helen she's happy for Rob but it's clear she has reservations.
Sally has brought Jamie home from the day care centre. She asks after Mike and when Des says he's not home she tells him Jane told her Mike was thinking of shooting through. Des assures her Mike wouldn't do such a thing.
The Office
Gail is running around trying to finish things so she can go home. She tells Paul she wants to get home and start on dinner in preparation for Gloria's arrival. As they pack up their things Rob arrives and says Gloria is here now. Gloria enters, smothers them both in kisses and announces she's going to be their new mother! Paul and Gail looked stunned.
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Helen Daniels, Katie Landers, Lucy Robinson, Madge Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0710
Helen Daniels, Katie Landers, Lucy Robinson, Madge Ramsay

Sally Wells, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0710
Sally Wells, Harold Bishop

Des Clarke, Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0710
Des Clarke, Jane Harris, Mike Young

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0710
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Mike Young, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0710
Mike Young, Jane Harris

Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0710
Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Gail Robinson

Rob Lewis, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0710
Rob Lewis, Gail Robinson

Katie Landers, Henry Ramsay, Todd Landers, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0710
Katie Landers, Henry Ramsay, Todd Landers, Lucy Robinson

Helen Daniels, Madge Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0710
Helen Daniels, Madge Ramsay

Henry Ramsay, Lucy Robinson, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0710
Henry Ramsay, Lucy Robinson, Todd Landers

Mike Young, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0710
Mike Young, Lucy Robinson

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