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Neighbours Episode 0680 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0680
Australian airdate: 11/03/88
UK airdate: 19/06/89
UK Gold: 09/06/95
Guests: Eileen Clarke - Myra De Groot
Sally Wells - Rowena Mohr
Tony Romeo - Nick Carrafa
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)
Helen and Beverly get out of their car and Helen rushes over to Gail.
The Office
Paul and Des are waiting for Gail and Daphne. Jane arrives and tells Paul one of their clients pulled a muscle during Sally's aerobics class and is threatening to sue. Paul leaves to sort the situation out and tells Des he won't be long.
Gail is sitting in the ambulance with Jamie on her lap. Daphne is wheeled in on a stretcher with Helen and Beverly behind her. Beverly asks Helen to follow them to the hospital in her car. As the ambulance leaves Helen takes a few minutes to gather herself together before driving to the hospital.
Daphne's Coffee Shop
Sally arrives and thanks Henry for covering for her. Eileen tells her she would like to attend one of her aerobics classes. Henry laughs and tells Eileen he loves her sense of humour. Eileen tells him she is not joking and states that she and Daphne used to go to aerobics together regularly.
Henry: Good old Daph, be great to have her back again won't it?
Beverly asks Helen to phone Des and Paul, as the news will be better coming from her.
Outside Lassiters
Paul and Jane make their way back to the office after defusing the aerobics class situation. Tony arrives and Paul leaves them alone. Tony asks Jane out on a date but she says no because of Mike.
The Office
Tony follows Jane to the office and tells her they can invite Henry and Sally and make it a foursome. She agrees and Tony leaves when the phone rings. Paul and Des head out of the office and tell Jane they will be in The Coffee Shop if Gail and Daphne arrive looking for them. Jane hands Paul the phone and says its Helen. Helen asks Paul if Des is still with him and tells him to come to the hospital straight away.
Helen: Darling there's been a terrible accident.
Paul: Gran what are you talking about?
Helen: It's Gail...Jamie and Daphne.
Paul and Des arrive and can't get any sense out of the nurse. Paul is asked to follow the nurse and promises Des if he finds anything out he'll be straight back. Helen finds Des and tells him Daphne's car was hit, causing it to roll over. Beverly brings Jamie to Des and tells him he is fine. However Daphne is in the operating theatre after sustaining serious head injuries. Des sits down with Jamie and tells him his Mum will be fine. Before Beverly goes Helen asks her how Gail is, Beverly comments Gail is the lucky one.
Hospital Room
Paul rushes into the room and finds Gail lying in a bed hooked up to a drip. He takes her hand and she starts to cry. She tells him she and Daphne were run off the road by two idiots screaming and yelling at them. Paul tells her Jamie is fine and promises everything will be ok. He calms her down and says they can talk about the accident later.
Gail: Will you stay with me?
Paul: Yes, always.
Daphne's Coffee Shop
Jane has told Eileen about the crash. She asks about Jamie and Jane says she doesn't know how he is, all she knows is that Paul and Des have rushed to the hospital. Eileen says that's where she should be and leaves, asking Sally to take care of The Coffee Shop. Jane asks why things like this happen; Daphne and Gail wouldn't hurt anyone. Sally says she's worried about Des and tells her how she was looking forward to becoming friends with Daphne. Henry swings through the doors wondering why Eileen just pushed past him, Jane starts to cry and falls into his arms.
Paul makes his way back to Helen and Des. They ask how Gail is and he tells them she will be fine. Des says Daphne will be fine too. Helen and Paul leave to see Gail and Des tells Jamie they will be able to see Daphne soon. He tells Jamie how he and Daphne were so happy when he was born and says it was the happiest day of his life. As they sit we see the moment where Des and Daphne hold Jamie for the first time.
Eileen arrives and tells Des she wants to get her hands on the men in the other car.
Hospital Room
Beverly is examining Gail. She tells her there are police waiting outside who want to take her statement. Gail says she can't remember anything and asks for a few minutes alone with Helen and Paul. Beverly leaves and Gail tells Helen and Paul about the accident. Paul tells her she is the only witness and assures her the details will come back to her.
Eileen tells Des she will take Jamie home. Helen takes them and Des promises to call when the operation is over. Eileen breaks down and Des tells her that Daphne will be ok; she's a fighter.
Daphne's Coffee Shop
Henry tells Sally he will look after the shop so she can go to the hospital. Sally tells him he's a guy in a million and thanks him for always being there. Tony arrives and asks them to dinner. They tell him they can't go and as Sally leaves Henry tells him about the accident.
Eileen tells Helen that before she got to the hospital she started crying and couldn't stop. Helen says Des will need a lot of support now and Eileen tells her she won't take any more pills.
Sally is waiting with Des. Paul comes back from seeing Gail and asks Des how Daphne is. He and Sally leave to get some coffee and Beverly comes to see Des. She tells him in spite of everything they have done for Daphne she is still in a critical condition. Des says Daphne will get better because she has to.
Outside The Coffee Shop
Jane sees Henry clearing the tables and tells him she feels useless in the office on her own. Henry tells her it's only when something like this happens that you stop to think about how much people like Daphne and Gail mean to you. He says he feels sorry for Des, as he knows how much he was looking forward to having Daphne home.
Des is sitting alone, he prays.
Des: Hey God. It's Des Clarke here. When my son Jamie was sick I asked you to help me. Haven't said much about it but I know you listened; you gave him back to us. I need your help one more time. It's Daph. She's in trouble and you know what I'm like without her, I'm nothing. I need her. Jamie needs her. She's all we've got. The fact is she doesn't deserve to die. I deserve it more. Maybe those larrikins that run her off the road deserve it too. Just don't let her die God. Please, whatever you do just don't take her away from me now.
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Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0680
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0680
Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke

Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0680
Eileen Clarke

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