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Neighbours Episode 0666 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0666
Australian airdate: 22/02/88
UK airdate: 30/05/89
UK Gold: 22/05/95
Director: Chris Sheil
Summary/Images by: Graham
Tony trying to kiss Sally but Sally pushing him away and telling him she's not interested.
Scott feeling dizzy as he heads to bed after a very long day working.
No. 26
The 'phone rings at No. 26 and Beverly emerges from the bedroom to answer it. Charlene comes on. Beverly listens and then says she'll only be a few minutes. Jim emerges from the bedroom as she hangs up. He sighs:
JIM: Don't they realise we're on our honeymoon?
BEVERLY: Jim, that was Charlene. Scott needs me.
With that, Beverly dashes back to the bedroom to change, leaving Jim asking in concern what's wrong.
No. 24
Charlene is sitting with Scott on the couch. He's telling her firmly that he doesn't need a doctor; she shouldn't have to disturb Beverly. Charlene, however, retorts that Beverly didn't mind - and *she's* not going to believe he's OK until she hears it from Beverly. Madge brings Scott over a cup of tea from the kitchen. Henry chips in that all Scott needs is a bit of sleep, in his opinion. Madge, however, tells him tersely:
MADGE: We don't *want* your opinion.
Charlene tells Henry coolly to stay right out of this: Scott would be fine if it wasn't for him. Henry snaps at Charlene:
HENRY: Get off my case will you, Lennie? I can't work yet - you *know* that: my back's still too sore.
CHARLENE (retorts): Oh diddums. You make me *sick*, you know that, Henry-?
Charlene breaks off as Madge snaps at both her children to stop bickering. There's a knock on the door and she goes and opens it to Beverly, who steps inside and asks what seems to be the trouble. Scott insists that he's just a bit tired, but Charlene tells Beverly that he's exhausted: he nearly fainted. Beverly suggests to Scott that they go somewhere a bit quiet, so she can take his blood pressure. The two of them head off to one of the bedrooms. Madge puts her arm around Charlene and says gently:
MADGE: He'll be all right, love.
CHARLENE: Yeah, I hope so. I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to him.
Henry sits down looking worried.
No. 26
Jim is making himself a sandwich in the kitchen when Lucy joins him. He asks her what she's doing up, and she explains that she heard him and Beverly talking and she couldn't get back to sleep. Jim explains that Beverly had to go and see a patient. Lucy asks if it was an emergency, and Jim replies quickly that he hopes not. He then tells Lucy that she should get back to bed, as he doesn't want her falling asleep during her lessons. Lucy, however, sighs:
LUCY: School's *boring*.
JIM (looking surprised): I thought you *enjoyed* High School?
Lucy doesn't respond, instead asking for some cocoa. As Jim starts making it, he asks Lucy:
JIM: Are Katie and Todd getting to you?
LUCY: A bit. I've tried being friendly to them, but they just don't want to know me. And it's... well, I got this letter from Jackie.
JIM (queries): Jackie...?
LUCY: You remember: she was in my class last year, then she went to Arlenwood College.
JIM: Oh yeah, yeah, I do remember: something about you wanting to sit the entrance exam.
LUCY: You wouldn't let me.
JIM: Well, you'd just got out of hospital. You weren't up to it.
LUCY: I bet I'd've passed if had've sat for the exam - then I would've been able to go to Arlenwood College with Jackie.
JIM: I thought you'd got *over* all this stuff.
LUCY: I *had* - but Jackie said in her letter she's having a great time. She reckons it's terrific there!
JIM: You like *your* High School, though, don't you?
LUCY (murmurs): Most of the time.
JIM: Look, if college means that much to you, maybe it's not too late to do something about it.
LUCY (glumly): It *is* too late: I didn't sit for the exam.
Jim puts his arm around his daughter and smiles that it's amazing how black everything looks in the middle of the night - so when she's had her cocoa, why don't they talk about something more cheerful?!
No. 24
Scott is yawning as he stands by the front door with Charlene, Henry and Madge. Beverly is telling everyone that he needs more sleep and proper meals; physically he's fine, but he's been doing far too much. With that, she heads off. Scott and Charlene go and sit down on the couch and Madge says to Scott:
MADGE: Well, I hope you *listen* to that advice.
SCOTT: Yeah, mum, I know she's right.
CHARLENE: Question is, what are we going to *do* about it?
Henry says uncertainly to Scott:
HENRY: Um... thanks for trying your best, mate, but... I'll have to let the business go.
SCOTT (exclaims): You can't do that!
Charlene points out that *something* has to give. Scott comments in concern that they'd lose heaps of customers, but Henry shrugs that it can't be helped. Scott retorts that it can: he'll just have to give up the job at the supermarket. Madge asks if that doesn't pay the best rates. Scott replies that it does, but at least then he'll be able to relax more in the evenings - and spend some more time with Charlene. He adds that he'll hand in his notice tomorrow. He hugs Charlene as Madge says:
MADGE: It's nice to see you've got your priorities right, Scott Robinson!
HENRY (grins): You thought he might end up a big miser like Harold, didn't you, mum!
CHARLENE (chastises): Big mouth! He didn't mean that, mum.
MADGE: Oh, I know. Still, Harold's penny- pinching is really starting to get me down...
Madge then declares that giving up that supermarket job is a step in the right direction, but she thinks Scott is still going to be working too hard for Beverly's liking. Henry suggests that maybe if *he* took things slowly, he could do most of the work. Scott, however, thanks Henry but insists that he can manage. He stands up as Henry tells him that he shouldn't have to - not on his own. Scott insists:
SCOTT: What are friends for, huh?
CHARLENE (looking suddenly thoughtful): Yeah, that's right: what *are* friends for...?
Madge and Henry look at each other.
No. 24
The next morning, Jane and Mike are in the kitchen with Scott, Charlene, Henry and Madge. Charlene is saying to them:
CHARLENE: I know you're both really busy, but do you think you could spare two hours each a day?
There's no response. Charlene persists:
CHARLENE: One hour? Half an hour, even?
There's still no answer! Scott adds that they wouldn't normally ask, but they're pretty desperate at the moment - and they'd pay! Jane, however, grins and says:
JANE: You will do no such thing! I mean - what are friends for if we can't do you a favour?
Mike says he doesn't mind getting up early so he can do Scott's pamphlets every morning. He then asks what he can do on his afternoons off, and Charlene says she'll get the list she made last night. Scott tells Jane and Mike that they really appreciate this. Jane says she can help out between 5:30 and 6:30 every night, after work. Mike comments that between the four of them they should get the job done. Henry says:
HENRY: Between the *five* of us, you mean. Look, I'll come on your rounds with you, Scott - there's got to be *little* things I can do.
Madge exclaims at Henry that he should be *resting*. Henry, however, insists that he'd feel better doing his bit; it would help his conscience if he at least *looked* like he was working. Charlene thanks him. There's a knock on the back door, suddenly, and Jim comes in. Madge says she's got to head off to the Waterhole. Mike, Henry and Jane head out too, leaving Jim to ask Scott if he's feeling any better. Scott tells him:
SCOTT: You bet. I mean, everybody is pitching in. I just can't believe it!
JIM: I didn't realise things were that bad, or I'd have offered to help myself.
SCOTT: You're on your honeymoon, dad!
JIM: Oh, I'm sure Beverly can spare me for an hour or two here or there!
Jim then asks what's on the agenda today. He looks at the list Charlene is writing and says he could help out with a couple of the gardening jobs. Charlene grins at Scott:
CHARLENE: Didn't I tell you this was a good idea?!
No. 26
Katie and Todd are sitting at the breakfast table. Beverly offers them eggs and both kids ask for them poached. Beverly looks in the 'fridge and says there's no orange juice. She takes a couple of eggs out, but as she turns to the stove, she stumbles and both eggs break into the pan! Jim comes in as he sees what's happened and he grins:
JIM: I love scrambled eggs!
He asks if there's any coffee, but Beverly mutters that she hasn't started it yet. Jim turns to Todd and says:
JIM: Todd, do you want to come out with me today?
TODD: What about Katie?
BEVERLY: I'm taking Katie shopping for some new clothes. Won't *that* be fun?
KATIE (flatly): Yes. Thank you, Aunty Beverly.
TODD: Whereabouts are we going?
JIM: To do some gardening for Scott. We can make a day of it; take a picnic.
Jim goes to look in the cupboard for supplies, but Beverly sighs that she warned him she's not as good at the domestics as Helen is. Jim gives her a kiss and says she'll get the hang of it!
The grounds of a house
Henry is running along outside a house, his hand to the small of his back, trying to escape the pouring rain. He finds shelter under some overhanging trees. Scott follows him and warns him that if he runs like that too many times, he won't be going out raging with Sally or anyone *else* tonight! Henry, however, retorts:
HENRY: Mate, the only way to stop me is to put me in traction!
Scott says he thinks he's got the message: Henry hasn't stopped raving about Sally all day! He adds that Henry had better be careful: over- enthusiasm was his downfall *last* time. He then muses that, rain or no rain, they've got work to get through before Todd and Jim get there.
Coffee Shop
Harold emerges from the kitchen and joins Mike behind the counter. Todd is sitting by the front of counter and Harold asks him if he's enjoying his stay in Erinsborough. Todd nods that he is. Mike hands Jim a bag of sandwiches and tells him that it's $5.03. Jim takes a $5 bill out of his pocket and Mike tells him that that will do. Jim hands it over and then tells Todd that they'd better get a move on, as they've got work to do. They head out. When they've gone, Harold says to Mike curtly:
HAROLD: We are not running a charity here, you know?
MIKE (blankly): What do you mean?
HAROLD: Well, there is a correct price for each and every item, and it is not up to you to make exceptions.
MIKE: Harold, it was only three cents!
HAROLD (indignantly): Well, a penny saved is a penny earned. Besides, it's tantamount to stealing from Daphne.
MIKE: I'm sure Daphne would have done the same thing. Look, if it bothers you that much, I'll pay it myself.
With that, Mike hands over a coin. Harold gives him his change!
The grounds of a house
Scott puts down a bag of compost just as Henry spots Jim and Todd approaching. Jim asks how things are going and Scott replies that they're not too bad - except for the rain! Jim asks what there is for him and Todd to do. Scott and Henry indicate behind them, where they've been working, and none of them therefore notices as Todd reaches into the bag Jim brought with him, takes out the pack of sandwiches and puts them in his *own* bag. Having explained what needs doing, Scott and Henry head off. Jim puts his hand on Todd's shoulder and comments:
JIM: I would say there's about two hours' work to do - so let's get into it; work up an appetite for those sandwiches, shall we?
Coffee Shop
Jane is sitting with Charlene at a table, telling her that Paul said she can finish early tonight, if that's any help. Charlene smiles that everyone's been terrific! Harold walks over and Charlene asks him for some spinach quiche, a cappuccino... and a bit of his time! Harold says:
HAROLD: What is it?
CHARLENE: Scott. Everyone's been really great helping him out with his gardening and stuff.
HAROLD: Ah, that's very kind of them.
CHARLENE: ...and I was wondering if, er, *you'd* like to put in a few hours.
HAROLD: Well, yes! Well, I *have* been looking for extra work, as you know.
JANE (explains): Scott and Charlene offered to pay the rest of us, but we wouldn't let them. I mean, it wouldn't be fair to do a favour for a friend and expect to be paid.
HAROLD: No, no, no, no, of course not. Er, sorry, Charlene. No, I won't be able to help you - as you can see, I'm run off my feet here.
CHARLENE: Oh, I know, but after work...?
HAROLD: After work, I shall be looking for work myself - *paying* work.
CHARLENE (mutters): Fair enough.
Harold tells Charlene to remember that there are other people in the world with problems of their own; she doesn't want to take advantage of their good nature. With that, he returns to the counter, leaving Jane to remark to Charlene:
JANE: Gee, he's getting a bit mean, isn't he?
CHARLENE: A *bit*? Anyway, we can do without him, so let's forget about him.
Charlene closes the pad that's open in front of her. She has a copy of the Erinsborough News under it and she starts looking through it, commenting that Scott's article on the Romeos should be in it. She finds it and Jane smiles that it's on the third page and all! Charlene adds that they haven't changed a word: Scott's going to be rapt! Mike joins them and asks if that's Scott's article. Charlene beams that it's ace! Harold walks over and tells Mike tersely that customers are waiting. Mike, however, just tells him that Scott's article's in the paper! He turns to Charlene and asks if Scott's got his cheque yet. Charlene smiles:
CHARLENE: He sure has! A whole $100 - certainly came in handy
HAROLD (exclaims): What - $100 for *that*? But it's quite *short*.
A thoughtful look crosses his face suddenly and he muses to himself:
HAROLD: A hundred dollars, eh? Well, well, well, well, well...
The grounds of a house
Jim and Todd are running with a wheelbarrow, looking for some shelter from the rain. They stop under an awning and Jim smiles at Todd that he did a good job with those tomato stakes. Todd explains that he grows a vegetable garden at home. Jim asks him if he enjoys it and Todd replies that it's peaceful out in the garden - and he likes watching things grow. Jim then asks him if he's hungry. He picks up his bag and goes to take the sandwiches out - but he discovers that they're not there. He comments to Todd in surprise:
JIM: That's funny. Did *you* pick up the sandwiches at the shop?
TODD: No...
JIM: I must have *left* them there. Sorry - we'll have to go back.
TODD: Couldn't we go to a shop that's closer?
JIM: Oh, it's not that far. Anyway, there's no point in paying for food twice. Come on.
Todd doesn't look happy.
Coffee Shop
Jane and Charlene walk up to the counter to pay Mike. Harold is sitting on one of the stools by the counter, resting his arm on the counter, staring into space! Charlene mutters:
CHARLENE: He sure is run off his feet!
She walks over to him and snaps her fingers in front of his eyes! He stirs and Charlene grins:
CHARLENE: Where *were* you, Harold? Off dreaming about money- making schemes, hm?!
With that, she and Jane walk out. When they've gone, Harold turns to Mike and says coolly:
HAROLD: That girl is becoming quite rude.
MIKE (sighs): Come off it, Harold - I mean, you *did* look like you were having a snooze with your eyes open.
HAROLD (retorts): I was simply trying to think of a subject for my article in the Erinsborough News.
MIKE: What makes you think they're going to take it?
HAROLD: Well, if Scott can do it, so can I.
MIKE: It's a little bit harder than that, I think. I mean, Scott's got a real talent for it, hasn't he!
HAROLD (chuckles): Oh Mike, *anyone* can write! I've done the odd piece myself - for the church newspaper, of course; not paid. No, no, I'm sure I can come up with something that will be quite acceptable, even if I do say so myself.
MIKE: And what's this story going to be *about*?
HAROLD: Well... look around you! Oh ho - the day- to- day comings and goings of a myriad of fascinating people.
MIKE: How come I never get to serve them, then?!
HAROLD: 'A Day in the Life of a Coffee Shop.' Now, has that got a promising ring to it?
MIKE (sarcastically): Oh, thrilling!
HAROLD: Yes... you don't sound too convinced.
MIKE: Frankly, Harold, I'm *not*.
HAROLD: Well, perhaps another subject?
MIKE (pointedly): Yes - like clearing tables, maybe...?
No. 26
Beverly piles several bags on the kitchen table. She hands one of them to Katie and Katie smiles at her and thanks her for buying her so many things. Beverly suggests to her that she run through to the bedroom and try her new clothes on. Katie, however, says:
KATIE: Aunty Beverly, can I ring mum and tell her about all my new clothes?
Looking slightly concerned, Beverly suggests that they see if she's home. They head through to the lounge room and Beverly dials the number. When she gets through, she asks Annette cheerfully how she is. Her face then falls as she listens, and she says:
BEVERLY: Yes, of course. Whenever you're ready.
She hangs up again and says to Katie mutedly:
BEVERLY: She's a bit dizzy, darling.
KATIE (sighs): No she's not. She and daddy are having another fight, aren't they?
BEVERLY (admits): Well, maybe just a little disagreement. She said she'd call just as soon as she was able. You miss her, don't you...?
Katie nods. Beverly assures her:
BEVERLY: Well, you'll be able to see her again soon - and you'll have lots of exciting things to tell her about, won't you?
Katie sits there looking upset.
Coffee Shop
Todd is sitting at a table as Jim stands with Mike at the counter. Mike is asking him if he's sure he didn't take the sandwiches *with* him. Jim says he's sure he did, but they went straight there and he's got no idea where they got to. Mike calls over to Harold, who's clearing some tables, and asks him if he put a bag of sandwiches aside, as Jim thinks he left his there. Harold replies that he didn't. Jim tells Mike that they didn't fall out in the car - he checked. Mike says he'll make some more. Harold, however, says quickly:
HAROLD: No, no, no, no, sorry. No, can't do that. No, I'm sorry, Jim, but it isn't normal business practice.
MIKE: I'm sure Daphne would do the same thing.
HAROLD: Yeah, well, just the same. I distinctly remember you buying those sandwiches, Jim. You paid less than the normal price, you put them into your bag and then you left. I don't see that what happened to them after that has anything to do with *us*.
JIM (curtly): I'm not trying to *cheat* you, Harold - *or* Daphne. If I were going to turn to a life of crime, it would be with something a great deal more valuable than a bunch of sandwiches.
HAROLD: Jim, I'm not implying that you're trying to cheat us; simply that we *are* running a business here.
As Harold keeps talking at Jim, Todd stands up, turns his back to the counter and then picks up a couple of wrapped doughnuts that on the table he's standing by. He slips them into his bag. Harold notices, however, and snaps suddenly that they don't like *thieves*. Jim asks Harold what on earth he's talking about. Harold points a finger at Todd and says curtly:
HAROLD: He just stole some food from that table.
JIM: Oh rubbish.
HAROLD (firmly): I saw him put it into his bag, Jim.
JIM: I think your eyesight's failing, Harold. Come here, Todd. Bring your bag.
Todd reluctantly picks up his bag and hands it to Jim, who says tersely to Harold:
JIM: I hope you're ready to apologise.
Jim looks inside the bag - and discovers both the doughnuts and the missing sandwiches. He sighs in disbelief:
JIM: Todd...
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Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0666
Beverly Robinson

Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson, Madge Ramsay, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0666
Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson, Madge Ramsay, Henry Ramsay

Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0666
Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson

Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Beverly Robinson, Madge Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0666
Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Beverly Robinson, Madge Ramsay

Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0666
Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson

Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0666
Jane Harris, Mike Young

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0666
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Katie Landers, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0666
Katie Landers, Todd Landers

Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0666
Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson

Mike Young, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0666
Mike Young, Harold Bishop

Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0666
Todd Landers

Jim Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0666
Jim Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson

Harold Bishop, Jane Harris, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0666
Harold Bishop, Jane Harris, Charlene Robinson

Todd Landers, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0666
Todd Landers, Jim Robinson

Mike Young, Harold Bishop, Charlene Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0666
Mike Young, Harold Bishop, Charlene Robinson, Jane Harris

Mike Young, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0666
Mike Young, Harold Bishop

Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0666
Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers

Harold Bishop, Jim Robinson, Mike Young, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0666
Harold Bishop, Jim Robinson, Mike Young, Todd Landers

Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0666
Todd Landers

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