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Neighbours Episode 0665 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0665
Australian airdate: 19/02/88
UK airdate: 29/05/89
UK Gold: 19/05/95
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Henry telling Madge that they'll have to cop it sweet over Madge losing money on the sale of her car.
Grounds of Lassiter's
Scott is mowing the grass in the grounds around the lake at Lassiter's. Charlene approaches him suddenly and gives him a wolf- whistle! Scott turns off the mower and Charlene hands him some sandwiches for lunch, saying she figured he probably wouldn't have time to get anything to eat. They sit down on a nearby bench and Scott sighs:
SCOTT: I don't even have time to *scratch* myself. After this job I've got another job one in Elliott Park and then another one at Stansfield.
Charlene asks him if he'll get it done in time, and Scott replies that he's *got* to; he can't just not turn up at the supermarket. Charlene exclaims that *something's* got to give: he was up at four o'clock this morning and he didn't get in until after midnight last night... Scott puts his arm round her and assures her that he won't be so late tonight. Charlene, however, says indignantly:
CHARLENE: It's not fair: *you're* doing all the work and Henry's just slacking off.
SCOTT: He can't help it. Anyway, the only reason he bought the extra round was so that we'd have more money coming in, isn't it?
He adds that the least he can do is keep it all running until Henry's well enough to help out again. Charlene mutters that for Henry's sake it had better be pretty soon...
No. 24
Henry is sitting at the kitchen table. Madge hangs up the 'phone and joins him and he asks what Paul said. Madge tells him:
MADGE: He's going to talk to his solicitor. Apparently, that agreement I signed *just* may not be binding.
Henry asks if Paul said what he thought the chances were, but Madge admits that he wasn't very encouraging. Henry sighs and apologises for letting Barry Hawkins anywhere near her. Madge, however, replies that Hawkins has been coming into the Waterhole for long enough; she should have picked him for a rat before *this*. Changing the subject, she stands up and says she'd better get off to work. She then reminds Henry that he's got a physio appointment: the sooner he gets better, the sooner he gets back to work. Henry murmurs:
HENRY: Forget about *work*; all I want to be able to do is stand up straight. It's not too much to ask, is it?
Office/Reception area at the Daniels Corporation
Jim knocks on the door of the office and steps inside, where he asks Paul if he'd like to join him for lunch at the Coffee Shop. Paul muses that he thought it was traditional to spend the honeymoon with the *bride*! Jim replies that he'd love to, but unfortunately Beverly's busy being an aunty to Todd and Katie. Paul comments:
PAUL: It's a bit much being lumbered with them straight after the wedding, isn't it?
JIM: Oh, I'm getting used to the idea - and you can't really take it out on the kids.
Paul asks how *Lucy's* handling things. Jim replies that she's handling them surprisingly well - although she's not getting any encouragement from Todd and Katie, as they can hardly get a word out of them. The two of them head out to the reception area just as Madge comes in. She asks Paul if he has any good news for her. Paul replies:
PAUL: I'm sorry, Madge, but the solicitor said you don't have a leg to stand on - well, not after you signed an agreement saying 'best price' without specifying the minimum.
MADGE (exclaims): But it's just so unfair! I mean, why should that dreadful man get away with ripping me off like that?
JIM (comments): I take it you sold your car?
MADGE (bitterly): Oh no, not *sold* it; given it away. I could cheerfully *throttle* Barry Hawkins. Mind you, I wouldn't get away with it - not the way *my* luck's running.
PAUL: Why, what else has happened?
MADGE: Oh, well, Harold's lost all that money... and Henry's hurt his back and he can't work. Ha! I'm really beginning to believe that somebody up there hates me!
JIM (sincerely): Well, there's lots of us down here who *don't*.
Madge apologises for sounding like such a whinger. Jim remarks that it sounds like she's got good cause. Madge shrugs that she'll just have to battle on as best she can. With that, the three of them head out.
No. 24
Charlene marches in through the back door at No. 24. Henry is putting on his jacket gingerly and Charlene demands of him:
CHARLENE: Where are you going?
HENRY: To physio - if I can ever get my coat on.
CHARLENE: I've just been to see Scott - and I reckon you're using him.
HENRY (looking surprised): What's brought *that* on?
CHARLENE (tersely): He's out there working himself into the ground - not getting enough sleep, not eating properly - and all because he thinks he owes it to you for giving him a job.
HENRY: What can *I* do about it? I'm not bludging, Lennie; I just can't work yet, not like this.
Charlene suggests to Henry curtly that he get on the 'phone and cancel some of those jobs. Henry retorts that he paid good money for that new round, and if he starts cancelling he'll lose the extra customers. Charlene mutters:
HENRY: So, when I get better, there won't be enough work for both me and Scott. Besides, I need the money: I want to give mum back some of what she lost on the car.
Charlene tells Henry not to pretend he's making Scott work for Madge's sake. Henry sighs and tells Charlene to give him a rest: if Scott can't handle the work, he's old enough to tell him himself. Charlene retorts:
CHARLENE: He shouldn't *have* to.
HENRY: Oh Lennie, don't be like that. I feel sorry for Scott too. It's not *my* fault I ricked my back.
CHARLENE (exclaims): It is so! It only happened because you were showing off, trying to impress Sally. Now, either you do something about lightening Scott's workload or... I'll fix Bertha so that she never works again!
With that, Charlene marches back out!
Outside the Coffee Shop
Harold is serving lunch to Jim and Paul at a table outside the Coffee Shop, exclaiming as he does so that he's absolutely appalled that Barry Hawkins gets away scot- free. He mutters that it's always the way: the villains prosper while the hard- working, honest, decent, non- flesh- eating type - the ones that deserve to get on - they're the ones that go under. He then marches off to another table, still looking annoyed. Paul gives Jim a look! Changing the subject, Jim asks his son:
JIM: So, what did you and Gail decide to do about the IVF programme in the end?
PAUL: Still on the waiting list.
JIM (smiles): That's great!
PAUL: Yeah! How do you feel about being a grandpa, old- timer?!
JIM: If you ever want me to babysit for you, you'll drop the 'old- timer' bit right now!
A few yards away, Henry walks past. Harold spots him and grabs him, saying curtly:
HAROLD: Are you aware of the trouble you've caused your mother?
Henry retorts that Harold was just as keen on Barry Hawkins selling the car as *he* was. Harold replies through gritted teeth that that was only because he was under the impression that Henry thought Hawkins was of good character. Henry asks how *he* was supposed to know he wasn't. Harold growls that if Henry didn't know, he shouldn't have rushed in. He then mutters:
HAROLD: Oh, I don't know why I bother. With *you* it's just one hare- brained scheme after another.
HENRY (curtly): Finished? Then go tell it to someone else, Harold. I've had enough.
With that, Henry storms off. Harold turns to where Paul and Jim are sitting and exclaims:
HAROLD: Did you see that? Huh! Just another example of the rude, irresponsible behaviour of the young today. No wonder the world's going to rack and ruin...
Harold storms back into the Coffee Shop, leaving Jim and Paul sniggering!
Tony and Sally's flat
Tony serves up a pizza for his dinner. Sally is already eating and she tells Tony that if he wants to poison her body with that muck, leave her out of it. Tony sighs:
TONY: Preserve me from health nuts!
SALLY: Ha! Unfair! Just because I eat reasonably healthy food and teach aerobics doesn't make me a health nut.
Tony, however, insists that he thinks aerobics is a great idea - and he adds that he might ask Paul if he can teach a class in martial arts. Sally smiles that would be a good way of getting the men into the gym as well as the women. She adds that she'll give him a plug with Paul if he likes. Tony grins:
TONY: I reckon my mum's all wrong: you're not a bad woman at all!
SALLY (darkly): Why would she think I *was*?
TONY: Well, no matter what I tell her, she thinks you're living in sin with me.
SALLY: No way! You can get *that* idea out of her head right now!
There's suddenly a knock on the door and Sally goes and answers it. She finds Henry on the step and he says he was wondering if she had time to give his back a massage: the physio thought it might help. Tony smiles that he's come to the right place: Sally reckons she's a whiz at massage. Henry stands there without responding. After a few seconds, Tony breaks the silence by asking:
TONY: Did I say something wrong?
HENRY: No, no, I'm just surprised to find people who look like they're pleased to see me. Everyone else seems to *hate* me at the moment...
No. 24
Harold, Madge and Charlene are sitting at the kitchen table. Madge and Charlene are having dinner, and Madge tells Harold that she feels ridiculous sitting there eating when he's not. Harold assures her that he had sufficient to eat at Mrs. Mangel's. Madge mutters that that was pretty silly: he knew she'd have plenty there. Charlene muses:
CHARLENE: If Harold wants to waste away eating Mrs. Mangel's junk, then let him!
HAROLD: No! No, no, she's quite a good cook. You take tonight for instance: very tasty vegetable casserole: mushrooms... onions... tomatoes... zucchini...
Madge interrupts and sighs that she doesn't want to hear any more. Charlene comments that Henry didn't want to eat there tonight either. Madge says she feels really sorry for him at the moment. Charlene mutters:
CHARLENE: *I* don't.
HAROLD (coolly, to Madge): Neither do *I*. After the way he so irresponsibly handled the sale of your car, he *deserves* to go off his food.
Madge points out that it wasn't all Henry's fault: the two of them went along with it as well. Charlene says coldly:
CHARLENE: Mum, face it: Henry's a rat.
Madge tells Charlene not to go on. Charlene, however, retorts that Scott's slaving away at three different jobs and Henry couldn't even care less; *someone's* got to do something about it... and she knows just the right person. With that, she leaps up from her seat and dashes out. Harold asks Madge if she knows what that was all about, but Madge retorts that she has no idea and isn't going to worry about it either: she's got far too many *other* things on her mind. She starts clearing away the plates, going on as she does so:
MADGE: Honestly, Harold, when I saw that bill for the fire hydrant damage... it's going to take a huge chunk out of the little I *did* get for the car. What's left is going to go straight into the bank - for my old age or my marriage, whichever happens first...
HAROLD: Well, it *is* a cruel world, Madge, and there's only one way to fight a cruel world and that is with both fists.
MADGE: Oh Harold!
HAROLD: No, no, 'look after number one', that's the answer. 'Let the rest go hang', that's what I always say.
MADGE: Oh come on, Harold, you're not like that.
HAROLD: Yes, I know - but when the rest of the world is against you like this... well, it's a great temptation not to... to break out.
Harold punches the air in front of him, causing Madge to jump!
Reception area at the Daniels Corporation
Paul is putting on his jacket when Charlene dashes in, saying Gail told her she might catch him there. Paul replies that Lassiter's is practically booked out at the moment, so he's got six million things to do. Charlene remarks:
CHARLENE: You must be pretty tired, then.
PAUL: Yeah, a bit. Why?
CHARLENE: It means you'll understand why I'm so worried about Scott.
PAUL: Why - what's happened to him?
CHARLENE: Oh, nothing - yet; but it will if he keeps working the way he has been.
PAUL: Hang on, he's bringing in the money, isn't he?
CHARLENE: Yeah, but I don't want him killing himself to get it. He's doing all *Henry's* work at the moment... It's just too much for him.
Looking puzzled, Paul asks where *he* fits in. Charlene says:
CHARLENE: Well, he's finished all that clearing you wanted done by the lake. He's done a really good job... so I... thought maybe you could give him a few days off?
Paul says he doesn't see the problem: Scott is young and fit, and a bit of hard work never hurt anyone. Charlene retorts:
CHARLENE: You don't know what it's *like*. He's up at four to deliver pamphlets; then he works all day doing Henry's jobs; then he's off working half the night at the stupid supermarket. I've hardly *seen* him in the past few days, and when I do he's too tired to even talk to me. And nobody cares but *me*. I thought *you* would, but you *don't*.
Paul puts his hands on Charlene's shoulders and tells her gently to come on. Charlene cries:
CHARLENE: I just love him and I don't like seeing him like this.
PAUL: I love him too - but all I can promise at the moment is I'll lighten the load; I can't take it away from him completely. Only *Henry* can do that - when his back's better.
Tony and Sally's flat
Henry is lying on the floor of the lounge room as Sally massages his back. He smiles gratefully that he feels like he's ready to go a few rounds with the lawnmower! He sits up, but Tony warns him that if he uses his back muscles before he's ready, he'll be out of action for months. With that, he heads off to his bedroom, leaving Henry to mutter to Sally that he's got Charlene breathing down his neck. Sally tells him that it's only another week or so, but Henry replies that he's got to make it *sooner*. Sally smiles that he's doing the best he can. Henry, however, retorts that his best isn't too crash hot. Sally tells him not to put himself down. Henry mutters:
HENRY: Why not? Everyone *else* does.
SALLY: *I* don't.
HENRY: Give it time.
SALLY: Henry, stop it. None of what's happened changes the fact that you're a very worthwhile person.
HENRY (comments in relief): You really *mean* that, don't you?
SALLY: Of course I do. You're gentle and you're kind and you're honest.
HENRY: So are *you*...
With that, Henry leans in and kisses Sally on the lips. When he pulls back, he comments:
HENRY: I guess I was wrong: you really *do* care about me.
Sally doesn't look so happy...
No. 24
Madge serves up tea as she sits down with Charlene and Harold in the lounge room and remarks that at least Paul's promised to lighten Scott's workload at Lassiter's. Harold adds that Henry will soon be back on his feet. Charlene, however, retorts that Henry will string it out as long as he can. Harold says he hasn't heard Scott complaining. Charlene says:
CHARLENE: No - because he's not a whinger; but I bet if he'd done *his* back in and Henry was the one who had to do all those jobs and only get four hours' sleep a night, you'd hear him whinging all the way up Ramsay Street.
HAROLD: Ah, now, now, there's one thing I've always admired about the Ramsays and that is that they are *not* whingers. Look how your mother was cheated on the sale of that car today: do you see *her* sitting around moaning about it?
MADGE (grimly): Believe me, Harold, every time I think of that Barry Hawkins, I could scream out of sheer frustration.
Charlene mutters that if Henry's got any sense, he won't bother coming home at all tonight - because the way she feels about him right now, he's lucky he's in one piece.
Tony and Sally's flat
Sally and Henry walk to the front door, Henry asking Sally what she wants to do tomorrow night: dinner?; a movie? Sally, however, suggests that they not make a big deal out of it. Henry insists that she deserves to go somewhere special. Sally says she'll let him work it out. They kiss again and Henry heads out. When he's gone, Tony joins Sally and remarks:
TONY: You really *have* been cheering him up, haven't you!
SALLY: It was just a kiss. Henry's so down, I didn't have the heart to stop him.
TONY: Lucky Henry...
SALLY (snaps): Don't, Tony - I'm feeling guilty enough about it as it is.
TONY: Why should you?
SALLY: Because it's Henry! He always makes such a big deal out of everything. I kissed him, so he immediately assumes I want to go out with him. I didn't know how to tell him no.
Tony remarks that if Sally's *that* worried about Henry, she obviously *likes* him - so she should go out with him and have a good time and have fun. Sally replies:
SALLY: *I* wouldn't mind, but Henry always gets too serious - and when I tell him for the hundredth time to back off, I'm just going to hurt him again and then *I'll* feel terrible and he'll be all upset again and we'll be right back where we started from when he came in tonight. Great...
No. 24
Henry is sitting with Madge and Harold in the lounge room, telling them happily that he couldn't believe it when Sally said yes; after all this time, she actually wants to go out with him! Charlene walks over from the kitchen and says to him tersely:
CHARLENE: I think it really stinks you're well enough to take Sally out but not to help Scott.
HENRY: What's sitting in a restaurant got to do with pushing a lawnmower?
CHARLENE: Nothing - which is exactly my point.
Henry tells Charlene that she's not making any sense. Madge suggests to Charlene that she go to bed, as she's got to get up early for work. Charlene, however, retorts pointedly:
CHARLENE: Not as early as *Scott*. Besides, I want to give him his dinner when he gets in.
She heads back to the kitchen as Henry sighs that he gives up: he just can't win with her. Harold suggests that maybe he'd like to listen to a few words of wisdom. Henry retorts:
HENRY: Maybe I *would*, yes - as long as they don't come from *you*.
Harold gives in. He stands up and suggests that it's time he went home; perhaps everyone will be in a better mood tomorrow? Madge opens the door for him just as Scott arrives home. Charlene asks him if he's all right. He nods that he's a bit tired - he can't wait to hit the sack. The two of them head through to the kitchen, where Charlene begins serving Scott's dinner. Henry joins them and tells Scott that he's sorry for lumbering him with all that work: he'll try and help him a bit tomorrow. Charlene mutters:
CHARLENE: Personally, Henry, I think you've helped quite enough already.
Tony and Sally's flat
Sally is sitting reading a book of ghost stories when Tony walks over and tells her that the bathroom's free. Sally jumps at the sound of his voice and explains that all the talk of ghosts in the building has given her the jitters! Tony comments that that noise they heard the other day freaked him right out: ever since that painter who did the work upstairs told him it was haunted, he's been pretty jumpy. Sally says:
SALLY: I wonder how Mrs. Daniels is getting on.
TONY: Should be able to hear the screams from here if she *does* come face- to- face with any ghosts!
Sally looks up at the ceiling, warily! Tony then suggests that that's enough creepy stories for her, and he tries to take her book. Sally refuses to give it up, though, and they begin struggling with it - which ends up with Tony falling forward so that he's leaning right over Sally... He smiles:
TONY: It must be an omen!
He leans forward further to kiss her, but she pushes him away, saying tersely that she told him before: she's not interested. Tony stands up and mutters:
TONY: So it's OK for Henry and not for me?
SALLY (coolly): Henry is not my flatmate.
TONY: Well, in that case I should never have asked you to move in with me. I didn't think it would put me out of the running.
SALLY (retorts): Well it *does*. I'm sorry, Tony, I want us to be friends, but if you can't handle that then I'll find somewhere *else* to live. It's entirely up to you...
No. 24
Charlene is sitting on the couch. Scott is lying back with his head on her lap, and she's telling him that Paul was really good about it: he's going to fix it so there's not as much work at Lassiter's until Henry's back on board. Henry walks over to them and mutters:
HENRY: You've got a nerve interfering like that, Lennie.
CHARLENE: *Someone* had to.
HENRY (raising his voice): Are you *dumb* or something? If the workload's cut down, that means we don't get paid for it.
CHARLENE (angrily): Well, why should *you* get paid for it? You don't do any of the work anyway.
HENRY: That is not the point. I am a partner in the business and I am entitled to my share of the profits.
CHARLENE: What a joke! I'm a partner too and I've never got a *cent* from it!
Madge emerges from her bedroom suddenly and snaps that she's trying to get some sleep. She slams her door as she closes it again. Charlene tells Henry to look at Scott: he's knocked out. Scott chips in, though, that he can look after himself. He stands up and sighs that he's going to bed. Charlene points out that he hasn't had his dinner, but he retorts that he's not that hungry. As he goes to head to the bedroom, he stops suddenly and begins to stagger forward hesitantly. Charlene and Henry walk over to him, looking concerned. Charlene says:
CHARLENE: You all right?
SCOTT (murmurs): I don't know... I just feel really dizzy.
He puts his hand to his forehead, looking very unwell...
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Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0665
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

Madge Ramsay, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0665
Madge Ramsay, Henry Ramsay

Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Madge Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0665
Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Madge Ramsay

Henry Ramsay, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0665
Henry Ramsay, Charlene Robinson

Jim Robinson, Harold Bishop, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0665
Jim Robinson, Harold Bishop, Paul Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0665
Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop

Tony Romeo, Sally Wells in Neighbours Episode 0665
Tony Romeo, Sally Wells

Tony Romeo, Henry Ramsay, Sally Wells in Neighbours Episode 0665
Tony Romeo, Henry Ramsay, Sally Wells

Harold Bishop, Madge Ramsay, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0665
Harold Bishop, Madge Ramsay, Charlene Robinson

Paul Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0665
Paul Robinson, Charlene Robinson

Tony Romeo, Henry Ramsay, Sally Wells in Neighbours Episode 0665
Tony Romeo, Henry Ramsay, Sally Wells

Sally Wells, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0665
Sally Wells, Henry Ramsay

Harold Bishop, Madge Ramsay, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0665
Harold Bishop, Madge Ramsay, Charlene Robinson

Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0665
Charlene Robinson

Sally Wells in Neighbours Episode 0665
Sally Wells

Tony Romeo in Neighbours Episode 0665
Tony Romeo

Henry Ramsay, Charlene Robinson, Harold Bishop, Madge Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0665
Henry Ramsay, Charlene Robinson, Harold Bishop, Madge Ramsay

Sally Wells, Tony Romeo in Neighbours Episode 0665
Sally Wells, Tony Romeo

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0665
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0665
Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

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