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Neighbours Episode 0663 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0663
Australian airdate: 17/02/88
UK airdate: 25/05/89
UK Gold: 17/05/95
Summary/Images by: Graham
Hilary and Helen hearing a wailing sound in the middle of the night at Helen's flat. Hilary declaring that Helen's flat is haunted.
Helen's flat
It's the next morning, and Hilary emerges from her bedroom. Helen is in the kitchen and she asks Hilary tersely if she slept well. Hilary she retorts that she didn't - as Helen well knows: all last night she felt there was something in her room, staring at her. Helen tells Hilary not to be silly. Hilary retorts that Helen can't deny they heard a baby crying. Helen, however, says:
HELEN: Yes, I heard a noise, but there could be any *number* of possible explanations for it.
She then announces that she's going to go and have a shower. Hilary pulls her dressing gown round her. She then glances over at the fireplace, on which a vase of dead flowers is resting. She looks horrified, and she calls out to Helen. Helen rejoins her and wearily asks what the matter is. Hilary indicates the flowers and tells her:
HILARY: They were fresh yesterday. Something's *killed* them.
Helen goes and looks in the vase and then tells Hilary that it's rusty water: it's an old block of flats and no one's stayed there for a while, so the pipes have probably gone rusty. She adds with a smile:
HELEN: There is nothing supernatural going on! It's pure coincidence. Now, will you stop letting your imagination run away with you?
HILARY (warily): There are far too many coincidences for *my* liking - *and* there's the unexplained crying.
Both women jump suddenly as they hear a whistling noise. Helen then realises that it's the kettle boiling! She goes off to have her shower, leaving Hilary to sigh heavily.
No. 28
Des heads into the house, holding the day's newspaper. He calls to Eileen to come out of her room and have some breakfast, but she just murmurs:
EILEEN: I'm not hungry.
DES: Come on, mum, you've got to eat *something*.
EILEEN: What for?
DES: Well, if you don't, you'll starve.
EILEEN (declares): Good.
Des looks around and then calls out to Eileen that he could really do with some help with the housework. He adds that she'd hate to let her *friends* see the place. Eileen murmurs:
EILEEN: Then don't let them in.
DES (trying again): Mrs. Mangel said she'd come round. Don't you want to talk to *her*?
EILEEN: I don't want to talk to *anyone*.
DES (snaps): OK, suit yourself - but Mrs. Mangel's your friend and she's worried about you. You could at least make an effort.
Eileen emerges from her room, suddenly. She's wearing her dressing gown and she looks haggard. Her hair hasn't been brushed. She walks slowly across to the couch and sits down. Des suggests to her that she have a shower and get dressed before Mrs. Mangel gets there. Eileen, however, retorts quietly:
EILEEN: If Nell Mangel wants to see me, she can see me as I am. I don't care what she thinks.
Tony and Sally's flat
The front door opens and Sally and Tony rush in after a run! They're both panting and Tony laughs as he tells Sally to admit that she found that last lap pretty tiring! Sally just collapses into a chair! Tony asks who's going to get breakfast. Sally smiles:
SALLY: You get yours, I'll get mine.
TONY (going to kiss her): Or we could skip it altogether...!
Sally deftly slips out of the way, though, and grins at Tony that another trick like that and he'll be minus a flatmate and minus a friend! There's suddenly a knock on the door and Tony goes to get it. He finds Helen standing on the step, and she apologises for calling so early but says wondered if she could borrow some milk and use his 'phone. Sally calls over to Helen and asks if the 'phone isn't connected yet. Helen comes in and replies it isn't and neither is the electricity. Sally gets her a 'phone book and asks Helen if she's moving in today. Helen explains that she moved in yesterday, actually, with Hilary, Jim's cousin, who's here for the wedding. Sally remarks:
SALLY: It must have been pretty spooky upstairs last night with no lights in the place.
HELEN: Well, the noises certainly frightened *Hilary*.
SALLY: *What* noises?
HELEN: I don't know, exactly. Sounded like a baby crying. *You* didn't hear anything, did you?
TONY: Not *last* night, but we did hear something on Saturday afternoon.
SALLY: Yeah, it sent shivers up *my* spine, I can tell you.
Tony suggests that it was probably the wind. Sally asks Helen if she isn't scared living up in the flat. Helen, however, insists:
HELEN: There's nothing to be *scared* of.
SALLY: Well, how do you explain the weird noises?
HELEN: I can't explain *anything* at the moment - but I'm certain it isn't a ghost; and even if there *were* such a thing, I refuse to be chased out of my new home!
No. 28
Eileen is sitting on the couch, still wearing her dressing gown. She's staring into space. Des calls to her suddenly that Mrs. Mangel's there, and Mrs. Mangel steps into the house. She walks over to the couch and chastises:
MRS. MANGEL: Eileen Clarke! You should be *ashamed* of yourself, moping around in your dressing gown at this time of the morning. Goodness me, it's not as if you're *ill*.
EILEEN (murmurs): I'm far from well...
MRS. MANGEL: Don't be silly! You're just feeling sorry for yourself. Nothing a good, hot, strong cup of tea won't fix - and one of my date scones.
EILEEN (quietly): I don't want anything, thank you.
MRS. MANGEL: Oh nonsense - I'll put the kettle on.
As Mrs. Mangel heads over to the kitchen area, Des says he'll leave them to it. Eileen asks him in concern where he's going and he replies that he's heading to the bank to get some paperwork. Eileen cries that he said he wouldn't leave her on her own. Des, however, points out that Mrs. Mangel's there: *she'll* look after her 'til he gets back. With that, he heads out. Mrs. Mangel says to Eileen:
MRS. MANGEL: I suppose you'd like to be filled- in on all the local news, hm?
Eileen doesn't respond. Mrs. Mangel goes on:
MRS. MANGEL: Well, let me see... yes: Helen Daniels has moved out of the Robinson house and she's gone into a flat - and by all accounts it's haunted. What do you make of *that*?
Eileen just murmurs something inaudible. Mrs. Mangel sighs and tells her gently to snap out of it. She continues:
MRS. MANGEL: You're not the *only* one with problems, after all: poor Mr. Robinson and Dr. Marshall didn't get away on their honeymoon.
EILEEN: Why not?
MRS. MANGEL: They had to cancel it. Oh, there was some trouble with Dr. Marshall's niece and nephew trying to run away. Such a shame... it was quite a decent wedding, considering.
EILEEN (murmurs): At least they had each other.
EILEEN: Jim and Beverly... at least they still have each other...
Helen's flat
The real- estate agent has turned up at Helen's flat. He thanks her for 'phoning and adds that he wasn't expecting her to move in quite so soon. Helen explains that she had to change her plans. The agent comments that he's sure she'll agree that the flat's in good repair. Helen nods that everything's fine. Hilary emerges from her bedroom and comments to the agent that he must be Mr. Phillips. Helen introduces Hilary to Mr. Phillips and she says to him:
HILARY: Helen said you were going to drop by, so I've just jotted down a few things. Now: leaky tap it the bathroom...; right- hand cupboard below the basin's missing a handle; now, in the-
Mr. Phillips interrupts Hilary and tells her that she'll find all those things listed on the inspection sheet he just gave Helen. Helen tells Hilary that they'll go through that list later. Hilary muses:
HILARY: Yes, well, I'm quite sure there won't be any mention of *ghosts* on that list.
MR. PHILLIPS (smiles): Surely you ladies don't *believe* all those ridiculous stories?
Hilary retorts that she isn't so sure they *are* ridiculous: there were some very strange noises there last night. Mr. Phillips reminds Helen that he explained about the previous tenants; he thought she was satisfied. Helen smiles that she's *perfectly* satisfied. Hilary, however, snaps that *she isn't*. Mr. Phillips says:
MR. PHILLIPS: Miss. Robinson, there's no *real* mystery about the girl who lived here with her baby. She was late with the rent once, so I came round to collect it; found the place empty; called the police, but they couldn't trace her - so I put her stuff in storage in case she ever came back.
HILARY: And doesn't it seem strange to you that she simply left without her belongings?
MR. PHILLIPS: Well, she probably got into some trouble and had to get out quick. Look... I've seen it all before - and all those silly ghost stories that are flying around...
HELEN (declares firmly): Are just silly stories.
MR. PHILLIPS: And if *you're* satisfied, Mrs. Daniels, well, that's all that matters, isn't it.
Hilary stands there stony- faced.
Reception area/Office of the Daniels Corporation
Jane is taking some files out of the cabinet in the reception area when Paul and Gail come in, Paul grinning as he apologises for them being late and explains that Gail nearly turned their breakfast meeting into a luncheon! Jane smiles at them that she thought it was really lovely the way the two of them renewed their vows yesterday. She then hands them their post and the two of them head through to the office, where Paul passes Gail one of the envelopes and remarks that it looks like the form from the IVF programme. He adds:
PAUL: We've still got time to change our minds, you know?
GAIL (looking surprised): Who said anything about *that*?
PAUL: Well, *you* did: when you found out you were adopted, you said you had *enough* to contend with.
GAIL: No, I haven't changed my mind. That was before I had a good talk to dad about it all. I *want* us to start a family.
With that, Gail puts her arm around Paul and smiles as she asks him if he's got a minute to help her fill in the form.
Helen's flat
Helen and Hilary are unpacking some tea chests. Hilary takes what looks like a metal candle holder out of a box and Helen asks in astonishment her why on earth she'd want to keep it. Helen smiles that Paul and Scott gave it to her about ten years ago. She adds that *she* didn't pack it; Scott must've slipped it in! Hilary remarks coolly that Scott seemed in rather a hurry when he arrived. Helen, however, points out that he has a lot of work to do, with Henry being injured. Hilary mutters:
HILARY: Yes... those Ramsay men always manage to find something wrong with themselves when there's work to be done.
The doorbell rings suddenly, causing Helen and Hilary to jump again. Helen goes to answer it and finds Mrs. Mangel standing on the step. Mrs. Mangel smiles that she thought she'd be their first visitor. She steps inside and she and Hilary acknowledge each other. Hilary muses:
HILARY: Well... I must say I like *that* outfit.
MRS. MANGEL: Oh, thank you!
HILARY: Yes. The cut and colour of it suit you so much better than the one you wore at the wedding!
Mrs. Mangel starts looking around. She comments that the place is very nice - although rather chilly. Hilary says tersely:
HILARY: *Very* chilly. I suppose you've heard the stories about this place?
MRS. MANGEL: Yes, I have - not that I set much store by idle gossip, you understand?
HELEN: I'm glad to hear that!
MRS. MANGEL: ...though I fear in *this* case the gossips may be *right*. As you know, Mrs. Daniels, my psychic powers are not to be sneezed at and I... I definitely feel the presence of a spirit here. I *was* going to bring Eileen, but I'm glad that I didn't, now: her spirit is troubled enough.
No. 28
Eileen is still sitting on the couch in her dressing gown. Des is trying to get her to eat a date scone, but she turns her nose up at it. Des insists that he's not letting up until she eats something, and Eileen eventually gives in and takes a bite. The bell rings suddenly, and Eileen says quickly:
EILEEN: If that's Nell Mangel, send her away. I can't face her, Desmond.
Des hands Eileen the scone and heads to the door, not noticing as Eileen spits out the piece of scone he made her eat. He opens the door to find Sally standing on the step, and she asks him softly if his mother's in. Des replies that she is, but she's not up to visitors. Eileen, hearing Sally's voice, cries:
EILEEN: Don't let her in, Desmond.
It's too late, though: Sally walks over to Eileen and insists that she only wants to talk to her. Eileen stands up and retorts:
EILEEN: I have nothing to say to you. You never wanted me to marry Malcolm. [To Des] Look at her face: she's come to gloat.
DES (gently): Mum, Sally's here because she *cares*.
EILEEN: She only cares for *herself*. [To Sally] You hate me. You hate me because you were frightened I would take Malcolm away from you. Well, I hope you're satisfied the way things turned out.
With that, Eileen marches off to her room. Sally apologises to Des, saying she shouldn't have come. Des, however, tells her:
DES: It's not your fault - I know you came for all the right reasons. I don't know what to *do* any more...
Helen's flat
Hilary, Mrs. Mangel and Helen are sitting around the coffee table, Mrs. Mangel saying:
MRS. MANGEL: A sure sign of the presence of a spirit is when you can never heat the room. It's always cold where spirits live.
HILARY (uncertainly): And what sort of spirit do you feel in *this* place?
Helen starts to say that this has gone far enough, but Mrs. Mangel ignores her and says:
MRS. MANGEL: I sense an *unhappy* spirit... restless... searching... it can't be at peace until... until it's found something it's lost.
HILARY: Is it... harmful?
HELEN: Hilary, that's enough!
MRS. MANGEL: I can't be sure. [To Helen] I really do think you should get someone in who can *handle* matters such as these. Why, I'm sure Reverend Sampson could perform some type of exorcism.
HELEN (exclaims): Really, Nell, I'm surprised you even *suggested* such a thing!
MRS. MANGEL: Have it your own way. You may feel secure while *Hilary* is with you, but what happens when you're left on your own?
HELEN: But I decided to move in here because I wanted to *be* on my own. I'm sure I can handle anything that happens after Hilary leaves. In any case, she's going to stay here for a while.
HILARY (nervously): Well, um, actually, Helen, as a matter of fact, this slipped my mind, but look, there's a quilter's meeting on in Adelaide tomorrow and I simply must attend - but it means I'll have to leave this afternoon.
HELEN (looking quite pleased!): Oh, what a shame! Er, couldn't you get an early- morning start?
HILARY: Oh, er, no, no, I have a lot of organising to do.
HELEN: Of course!
MRS. MANGEL (warns): If I were *you*, Mrs. Daniels, I wouldn't stay here either. There's no point in trifling with the unknown...
Office of the Daniels Corporation
Gail has finished filling in the IVF form and Paul asks her if he should get Jane to post it for her. Gail, however, says she'll drop in into the clinic at lunchtime. She then asks Paul if he thinks it'll affect their chances if they don't know her full medical background. Paul, however, says he doesn't think so - and they can't be the *only* people in this position. He adds:
PAUL: Rob couldn't tell you anything at all about your natural parents, eh?
GAIL: He never knew them - and it's understandable he never felt the urge to seek them out.
Paul tells Gail that there *are* organisations that can help. Gail, however, says:
GAIL: No. If it was needed for the form, I'd say yes - but it isn't.
Paul asks Gail if she's not curious in any way at all. Gail replies that she knows he's thinking of *her*, but she really doesn't want to know: to her, Rob and Brenda are her real parents. Paul smiles:
PAUL: Rob always *said* he was a lucky man.
GAIL: So are you!
She then adds with a grin:
GAIL: Imagine if I *did* find my natural parents: I'd probably end up with hordes of relatives I didn't want to know!
PAUL: Yeah - the *Robinsons* have got a few of *those*!
Helen's flat
Hilary is about to close her suitcase when Helen emerges from the bedroom area and hands her her dressing gown, telling her she forgot it. Hilary places it in the case and then asks Helen to help her close it. When that's done, Hilary says she'll look in on Beverly and the kids on the way to make sure they're all right - for Annette's sake - although it puzzles her why she can't sort out her *own* problems without dragging other people into it. Helen says she's sure Annette has her children's best interests at heart. Hilary replies:
HILARY: Yes - but why burden poor Beverly now that she's married? She's going to have *enough* problems organising herself and Jim.
HELEN: She'll manage beautifully.
HILARY: Helen, Beverly is one of my nearest and dearest friends, and far be it for me to say anything against her, but running a household is *not* one of her strongest points.
With that, Hilary says she must be off. She picks up her case and heads to the door. She pauses and turns back to Helen, saying:
HILARY: I do wish you'd take Nell Mangel's advice and have this place... exorcised. I'd feel a lot happier.
HELEN (smiles): Hilary, I've Tony and Sally downstairs if I need them.
Hilary muses that she supposes that's something! She then heads out. Helen closes the door behind her and sighs heavily. She suddenly shudders slightly, feeling the cold. She murmurs to herself:
HELEN: Ghosts! Old wives' tales...
Reception area at the Daniels Corporation
Jane is sitting at her desk when the outside door opens and Tony comes in, saying he's just returning the keys for the Home James limo. The two of them head over to the coffee area and Jane asks Tony if he finished painting his flat. He smiles that it's a bit rough in spots, but nothing a couple of posters won't hide! He then takes Jane's hand in his. Jane looks at him in surprise and asks him what he's doing. Neither of them notices as Sally comes in and overhears as Tony says to Jane:
TONY: I'd just like to thank you for helping us out with the painting - and if there's anything I can do for you, don't hesitate to ask.
JANE: Can I have my hand back?!
Sally calls over suddenly from the door and tells Jane that she'll have to *watch* Tony: he's obviously got his eye on her! She then hands Jane the office lunch order. Tony heads out as Jane asks Sally when she starts her aerobics class. Sally smiles that it's tonight, straight after work. Jane tells her to reserve a place for *her*. Sally says:
SALLY: Actually, I want to start some classes during the day, as well, but I have to wait for Mrs. Clarke to be well enough to take over the Coffee Shop for me.
JANE: Yeah, Des seems a bit worried about her.
SALLY: Yeah. I went to see her today, but my timing was lousy. She really was in a bad way.
JANE: She's pretty tough underneath. I'm sure she'll bounce back.
SALLY: I hope so.
No. 28
Eileen emerges from the bedroom area and shuffles slowly around the lounge room, calling for Des. There's no answer, though. She dashes back to her room, looking upset. The front door opens suddenly and Des comes in with a large box. Eileen emerges from her room again and cries:
EILEEN: Desmond, I thought you said you weren't going to leave me alone.
Des explains that he was just dropping off the last of the presents. Eileen murmurs that she guesses it had to be done. She goes on distantly:
EILEEN: I suppose they're all laughing at me...
DES (gently): Mum, no one's laughing at you. They're *concerned*; they want you to be happy again and so do I. Why don't you go and rest in your room? I'll make some lunch and call you when it's ready.
Eileen suddenly looks at the box Des brought in and asks what it is. Des starts to say that it's from Madge; it's nothing. Eileen, however, pulls the lid off to reveal the untouched wedding cake. Eileen stares at it and gasps:
EILEEN: Desmond, how could you bring that into this house?
DES: Madge didn't know what to do with it. I told her I'd take it. I don't know... I'll just get rid of it.
Des picks up the cake - but Eileen lunges at it suddenly and starts smashing her hands into it until it falls into pieces and drops on the floor. Eileen bursts into tears. Des puts his hands round her shoulders and says gently:
DES: It's all right, mum. It's all right...
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Helen Daniels, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0663
Helen Daniels, Hilary Robinson

Des Clarke, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0663
Des Clarke, Eileen Clarke

Sally Wells, Tony Romeo in Neighbours Episode 0663
Sally Wells, Tony Romeo

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0663
Helen Daniels

Eileen Clarke, Nell Mangel, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0663
Eileen Clarke, Nell Mangel, Des Clarke

Real-Estate Agent, Hilary Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0663
Real-Estate Agent, Hilary Robinson, Helen Daniels

Jane Harris, Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0663
Jane Harris, Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0663
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Helen Daniels, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0663
Helen Daniels, Nell Mangel

Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0663
Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke

Sally Wells, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0663
Sally Wells, Des Clarke

Hilary Robinson, Nell Mangel, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0663
Hilary Robinson, Nell Mangel, Helen Daniels

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0663
Gail Robinson

Helen Daniels, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0663
Helen Daniels, Hilary Robinson

Tony Romeo, Sally Wells, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0663
Tony Romeo, Sally Wells, Jane Harris

Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0663
Eileen Clarke

Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0663
Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke

 in Neighbours Episode 0663

Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0663
Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke

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