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Neighbours Episode 0662 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0662
Australian airdate: 16/02/88
UK airdate: 24/05/89
UK Gold: 16/05/95
Summary/Images by: Graham
No. 28
Des is talking to his father on the 'phone, telling him that being abandoned on her wedding day really knocked Eileen for six. He suggests that Malcolm write her a letter and tell her it was the best thing to do, and he adds that he'll call tomorrow; he doesn't want to lose touch again. He then hangs up before calling out to Mike, who's in his bedroom, that that was a short wedding reception; there's nothing wrong, is there? Mike emerges from his room and says:
MIKE: Not with the bridge and groom, no. Beverly's niece and nephew have gone missing.
DES (exclaims): What - her sister's kids from Adelaide?
MIKE: Yeah - we're all going on a hunt for them.
DES (muses): I reckon we're going to have to *ban* weddings in Ramsay Street: they always lead to *some* disaster!
Mike chuckles. He then asks Des if he's got his mum out of her room yet. Des, however, sighs:
DES: No way.
MIKE: Well, at least we know where *she* is...
A busy street
Jim, Beverly and Lucy - still wearing their wedding outfits - are walking along a street full of shoppers, looking for Todd and Katie. Beverly comments that she's sure the kids don't know anyone in Erinsborough, and she asks Jim if they could be trying to get home. Jim, however, says he doubts it, if Annette and Bob are arguing all the time. Beverly turns to Lucy and asks her if Todd and Katie said anything to *her* that could give them a clue. Lucy, however, replies:
LUCY: They hardly said anything at *all*. [Admits] I thought they were a bit stuck- up, but I guess they were unhappy.
Beverly sighs that she's going to have to give Annette a call soon if they don't find them. The three of them turn a corner and return to Jim's car as Jim assures Beverly that the search party they've organised will find them in no time. Jim starts the engine of his car and drives away. None of them notice Todd and Katie walking along the street behind them, Katie grumbling:
KATIE: Are we nearly there, Todd?
TODD: Soon, Katie. Soon.
The two of them approach a woman who's heading towards them and Todd asks if she can tell them how to get to Windsor. The woman replies that it's a bit of a distance - although they can catch the 517 bus around the corner and change at Morris Road and get the 643 and then get a private bus from the junction. With that, she smiles and walks off, leaving Todd and Katie looking at each other in concern.
No. 26
Helen closes the front door of No. 26. Hilary is standing by the table of leftovers from the reception and she sighs in relief that she's glad Mrs. Mangel has gone: all that fussing about wearing the same dress when those two poor children are alone out there... She adds:
HILARY: Mind you, I'm not surprised she was embarrassed - it looked much better on *me*! Oh, what *am* I going to tell Annette? Those kiddies are my responsibility.
Helen says she's sure the others will find them. Hilary insists that she should be out there looking: she and Beverly are the only people there they *know*. Helen, however, tells her to stop upsetting herself. Hilary mutters that she can't stand around doing nothing, and so Helen suggests that they start clearing away the leftover food. As they do so, Hilary sighs that Todd and Katie will be *starving. She then gasps in horror*:
HILARY: Helen - you don't think they've decided to become... street kids?
Helen just gives Hilary a weary look! There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Hilary exclaims that they're back! She dashes over to open the door, but looks disappointed to find Des standing on the step. She mutters:
HILARY: Oh - it's you.
HELEN (rolling her eyes!): Come in, Des. Don't mind Hilary!
Des comments that Mike told him about the kids; he guesses there's no news yet? Hilary tells him that she was hoping *he* was them. Changing the subject, Des hands Helen a parcel and explains that he thought he'd drop it off. Helen asks how Eileen is and Des replies that she's still locked in her room. Hilary exclaims dismissively:
HILARY: Oh, what a way for a grown woman to behave!
DES (growls): How would you feel if you were stood up on *your* wedding? I mean, it would take a bit of imagination, but-
HILARY: She's got nobody to blame but herself - he's already dumped her once. Now, in *my* opinion, she's lucky it happened before they'd exchange their vows. She should be *relieved* instead of hiding herself away.
Helen clears her throat nervously and quickly hands Des a plate of sandwiches, telling him to take them home with him, as *they* won't get through them all. Hilary remarks:
HILARY: Good idea. Des will have to look after *himself* now that Eileen's pining away and his wife's left him.
DES (coolly): Daphne hasn't *left* me. She's looking after her father.
HILARY: Oh is she? Whatever for? You know, there are professionals who can do that so much better than family. She should be at home with *you*.
DES (snaps): Why don't you just mind your own business?
With that, Des storms out, leaving Hilary to remark to Helen:
HILARY: Really. And I thought he was such a *polite* person.
HELEN (pointedly): He usually *is*...
HILARY: Well, look - if *anyone's* got a right to be on edge, it's *me*. *He* hasn't got two lost kiddies to worry about.
Bus Stop/Street
Katie and Todd are sitting at the bus stop, waiting for a bus.
Scott and Charlene are driving along in Bertha, Scott muttering:
SCOTT: What a great way to spend a Sunday: looking for runways.
CHARLENE: We can't just leave them *lost*.
Scott mutters that they'd better turn up sooner or later: he's got to work at Lassiter's tonight. Charlene starts to say she knows work's getting him down-. She breaks off suddenly, though, as the approach the bus stop, and exclaims:
CHARLENE: There they are!
At the bus stop, Todd spots Scott approaching in Bertha and he leaps up and tells Katie to run! The two of them dash off down the street. Scott stops the car and jumps out to chase after them. Todd and Katie keep running - but they head straight towards Mike, who's also spotted them and uses his bike to block their path. They try to turn back, but Scott has caught up with them. He grabs them and tells them quickly that he's not going to hurt them. Charlene joins them and says to the kids gently:
CHARLENE: Why did you run away? Were you missing your mum and dad?
KATIE (cries): I don't *want* to go back there.
MIKE: Whatever you've done can't be *that* bad.
TODD: We haven't done *anything*.
Charlene suggests that they come back and talk to Jim and Beverly about whatever's wrong. Todd just snaps that that's not going to do any good: they wouldn't care. Scott says softly:
SCOTT: I reckon you ought to give it a go. Look, guys, running away's only going to cause more problems.
CHARLENE: *He* should know - he's already done it twice!
SCOTT: Come on, guys, you're not going to take off again, are you?
Todd and Katie look at each other.
No. 26
A short time later, the front door opens at No. 26 and Scott and Charlene come in with Todd and Katie, Scott calling to Helen and Hilary that they've found the kids safe and sound. Helen and Hilary run out of the kitchen, Helen smiling at Todd and Katie that they've had quite a day! Hilary looks at Todd and snaps that he's got some explaining to do. Helen, however, tells her to leave it for now. Jim, Beverly and Lucy arrive home as well and Beverly smiles that she's relieved to see the kids. Scott suggests to Charlene that they'd better get going. He offers Jim and Beverly his congratulations on their wedding and he and Charlene head out. When they've gone, Helen points out to Hilary that they didn't finish doing the dishes, and the two of them head back into the kitchen. Lucy apologises to Todd and Katie for getting snitchy before the wedding, and then she, too, heads into the kitchen. Jim bends down to Todd and Katie's level and says gently:
JIM: I guess you two are a bit hungry.
KATIE (looking at Todd): Yes...!
JIM: I'm a bit peckish myself, so why don't we go to the kitchen?!
No. 28
Scott and Charlene have turned up at No. 28 and Scott is telling Mike that they were on their way home and they had this fantastic idea! Des emerges from the bedroom area and sighs that Eileen still won't eat anything. Charlene tells him that they were sorry to hear about the wedding being cancelled. Des nods:
DES: Yeah. Mum won't even *talk* about it - except to remind me to take all the presents back.
MIKE: Des, she doesn't deserve this. I don't know how you can even *talk* to your father after what he's done.
DES: Yeah, I know what you mean, mate, but it was better to do it now than to walk out on her a couple of years down the track.
Changing the subject, Mike asks Scott what the great idea is. Scott smiles that they've come to do him a favour: he's been working pretty hard lately, and he's not getting as much exercise as he used to... Charlene goes on:
CHARLENE: As your two best mates, we've decided to do something about it!
MIKE (exclaims): Excuse *me*! I am much fitter than your husband and I'll prove it any day! What do you want: sprinting...? Swimming...? What?
SCOTT: Listen, that's kid's stuff, right? I have got something much more interesting in mind!
No. 26
Helen, Beverly, Hilary and Lucy are doing the washing up. Beverly says she thinks it's time for a talk, and Lucy takes the hint and leaves the room. Todd and Katie are sitting at the kitchen table with Jim, and Todd asks what they want to talk about. Jim replies:
JIM: Why you ran away.
Sitting down at the table, Beverly says:
BEVERLY: I've always thought of you as a *sensible* person, Todd. You must've had some plan as to where you were going...
Todd doesn't respond. Beverly goes on:
BEVERLY: If you think so little of Katie's welfare that you'd expect her to camp out, then I'm *ashamed* of you.
TODD (retorts): It wasn't *like* that. We were going to Craig's: I knew his mum would look after Katie.
JIM: Who's Craig?
TODD: He was my best friend in Adelaide until his parents moved to Windsor. He said we could always come and visit if we liked.
JIM: I can understand you wanting to visit your friend, but Mrs. Daniels or Hilary would've been happy to drive you if you'd asked.
TODD: We didn't just want to visit; we wanted to *live* there.
BEVERLY (exclaims): But what about your parents?
KATIE (cries): We don't *want* to go home.
BEVERLY: Is it because they're fighting so much?
HILARY (butting in, curtly): Of course it is - and I must say, I don't blame those children for not wanting to go back. Really, the atmosphere in that house is most unpleasant.
TODD (standing up angrily): You keep quiet. You've got no right to talk about my family.
HILARY (aghast): How *dare* you speak to me like that!
Jim, however, tells Hilary to keep out of this. Beverly tells Todd that she'll ring his mother and have a talk with her. Helen suggests to Hilary quickly that she take some afternoon tea to Charlene and Scott at Lassiter's. Beverly heads through to the lounge room to use the 'phone, but Jim follows her and says quietly:
JIM: If we don't leave soon, we're going to really miss that boat.
Beverly, however, says apologetically that she can't leave until she knows that Todd and Katie are all right. Jim sighs that he's only just getting used to her *pager*; now he's got a niece and nephew vying for her time as well! Beverly smiles:
BEVERLY: Ten years from now, our wedding day will make a great after- dinner story!
JIM: You mean I won't have you to myself even *then*?!
Lassiter's lake
Scott, Charlene and Mike are all standing at one end of the lake. Charlene says she's marked the middle of the opposite side of the lake; Scott has to go round one side of the lake and Mike around the other until they reach the marker. Mike comments in surprise:
MIKE: *That's* not much of a run, is it?
SCOTT: It is when you're on your hands and knees!
MIKE (bemused): Hands and knees?!
CHARLENE (holding out some gloves): And weeding!
MIKE (exclaims): Weeding? Boy, have *I* been conned!
Scott explains that he's desperate with Henry off work. Charlene says she'll help the both of them equally. Mike gives in and takes the gloves she holds out. As Scott gets down on his knees, he says he hopes they find out why Todd and Katie ran away: it'll make a good human- interest story for the paper. Charlene sighs:
CHARLENE: When are you going to find time to write a story? If you're not delivering pamphlets, you're gardening; if you're not gardening, you're working at the supermarket.
Mike chips in that he can help during the weekends when Henry's away, but he's pretty busy during the week. Charlene adds that *she* can't just walk out of the workshop. Hilary walks over suddenly, holding a basket, and saying:
HILARY: Time to stop work, kiddiewinks! I've brought you some afternoon tea.
MIKE (to Scott and Charlene): Kiddiewinks?!
Hilary then glances around and remarks tersely that it looks like there's been more talk than work going on; if they'd started on opposite sides of the lake, they wouldn't have been able to talk and they'd have got more done. Scott insists that they *can* work and talk at the same time. Hilary, however, retorts that that is just a fallacy. She adds:
HILARY: Now, take a sandwich and off you go - over to the *other* side!
No. 26
Jim is sitting on the couch. Helen emerges from the bedroom area as Beverly hangs up the 'phone. Helen says Lucy isn't making much progress: Katie and Todd are just sitting there. Beverly says she can understand it better now: Annette's just admitted how bad things are with Bob. Jim queries:
JIM: Bad in what way?
BEVERLY: It's been worse lately, but he's had problems ever since he got back from Vietnam.
JIM: I didn't realise he'd been through that.
BEVERLY: I knew he'd become pretty much of a recluse, but they moved to Western Australia and Annette didn't say much in her letters. They only moved back to Adelaide just as I was leaving.
HELEN (remarks): Surely the children wouldn't run away just because their father was withdrawn?
BEVERLY: Apparently, he can't cope with the responsibility of having a family: he's alternating between bouts of depression and anger. Annette's almost at the end of her tether: she burst into tears when I told her the children had run away.
Turning to Jim, Beverly tells him that Annette begged her to keep the children *there* for a while. Jim comments that it'll mean they have to delay the honeymoon. Beverly insists that she's sorry, but she doesn't see that they have any choice. Jim, however, muses in acceptance that if Paul and Gail are anything to go by, a delayed honeymoon is better than the real thing! Beverly calls to Todd and Katie to come out there. The kids emerge from their bedroom and Beverly tells them:
BEVERLY: I've just spoken to your mother.
TODD (tersely): We're not going back.
BEVERLY: She agrees that wouldn't be a good idea just now - so how would you feel about staying *here* for a few days?
TODD: I guess it would be OK!
Helen smiles that with two additions to the household, she thinks it might be a good idea if she and Hilary move into her new flat. Jim comments that it won't be ready yet, but Helen points out that the lease is signed and she has the keys. Lucy says:
LUCY: But what about the ghost, gran?
HELEN (chuckles): If there *is* a ghost, I'm sure Hilary will scare it off soon enough!
Helen's flat
It's evening time. Jim is helping Helen and Hilary unload the car outside Helen's flat. Hilary is muttering that she doesn't like camping, and camping indoors is no better than camping in the *bush*. Helen insists wearily that they'll get everything organised tomorrow. She opens the front door and tries to turn on the lights - only there's no response from the switch. She groans that the electricity hasn't been turned on yet. Jim suggests that they go back home. Helen, however, says they'll get his torch out of the car and try and find some candles. Hilary demands:
HILARY: What about cooking and the hot water? I'm certainly not having a cold shower.
HELEN: Relax - there's a gas stove and there's a gas hot- water service. I know *they're* turned on because I checked last time I was here.
She adds that it's going to be fun!
No. 26
Todd and Katie are sitting watching TV when Beverly emerges from the bedroom area and tells Todd that Lucy's finished in the bathroom, so they can go and brush their teeth. Jim arrives home as Lucy emerges from her room with a bundle of toys and says to Katie that she thought she might like to borrow them. Todd, however, snaps:
TODD: We might have to *stay* here, but don't think we're charity cases.
LUCY (retorts): I didn't think *that*.
Jim tells Todd that if he's going to climb on his high horse every time someone's nice to him, he's going to make life very difficult for himself. Todd apologises to Lucy and the children all head off to bed. When they've gone, Jim smiles at Beverly:
JIM: Got you to myself at *last*!
The two of them sit down on the couch and Beverly thanks Jim for being so supportive. She adds that she's sorry for messing up his wedding day. Jim points out that it's *her* wedding day too. Beverly says:
BEVERLY: It's also my nephew and niece that have thrown a spanner in the works.
JIM: Maybe - but I think I'm better off than Helen is: I'll take Todd and Katie ahead of Hilary *any* day!
Helen's flat
Hilary has a torch and is shining a light on the stove as Helen makes some tea. Hilary is commenting that there must be thousands of lost souls roaming out there in the darkness. Helen, however, retorts that she's yet to be convinced that there *is* such a thing as a ghost. The two of them go and sit down at the table as Hilary says she knows someone who sensed a presence in his car with him. As she relates the story, there's suddenly a crashing sound, and Hilary and Helen both jump in surprise. Helen goes to investigate and smiles after a few seconds that it was just the camp bed falling on the floor. She then adds:
HELEN: I think I'll make it up and turn in.
HILARY: Um, Helen, would you mind if I had the main bedroom? The little one's so tiny - it's sure to give me claustrophobia.
HELEN: And of course it doesn't get the early- morning sun...!
HILARY: Well. If you're going to make a *fuss* about it...
HELEN: No, Hilary, you have it. I don't mind! Goodnight!
With that, Helen heads off to her room. Hilary looks around the lounge room warily.
No. 26
Jim and Beverly are wearing their dressing gowns as they sit on the couch. They have drinks in their hands. They clink the glasses and Jim smiles:
JIM: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson!
BEVERLY: And I am very proud to *be* Mrs. Robinson - but if you don't mind, Jim, I would like to stick to 'Beverly Marshall' in my professional life. It would complicate things awfully to change names at this stage.
JIM: Trust me to fall for a career woman!
BEVERLY: With a built- in niece and nephew to boot!
Jim comments that Todd and Katie may have ruined their honeymoon, but the bedroom door has a huge lock on! With that, the two of them stand up and Jim lifts Beverly into his arms! At that moment, though, Katie emerges from her bedroom and cries that she's frightened: there are funny shadows in her room that look like people. Jim puts Beverly down, and she gives the girl a hug and says:
BEVERLY: You know they're not. Now, come on - I'll show you.
KATIE: I'll still be scared. Can't I sleep in *your* bed, Aunt Beverly? Please?
Beverly looks at Jim, who rolls his eyes!
Helen's flat
Hilary dashes through the flat and knocks on the door to Helen's bedroom, gasping:
HILARY: Helen? Helen, wake up - it's the ghost!
Helen opens the door to her room and asks wearily what the matter is. Hilary retorts:
HILARY: That noise. Didn't you hear it?
HELEN: Look, I was *asleep* until you woke me up.
HILARY: Oh, it was awful. It sounded just like a baby crying - and it came from this room.
HELEN: You're imaging things - there's no baby in this building.
HILARY: Oh no, of course there isn't *now*, but there was *once*.
HELEN: Oh come on, Hilary, look, this is what comes of you telling ghost stories before you go to sleep. You had a bad dream, that's all.
HILARY: *Hardly*! You don't think I've had a wink of sleep on that dreadful stretcher, do you? I was wide awake.
HELEN: Well, it's apparently gone off to bother someone else. Goodnight! I need *my* sleep even if you don't.
With that, Helen returns to her room and closes the door. All of a sudden, Hilary hears another wailing sound. She dashes into Helen's room and exclaims:
HILARY: There. *Now* what do you think of my imagination?
HELEN (nervously): I- I apologise - it *did* sound like a baby crying.
HILARY: I *told* you so. Oh dear... what they say about this place must be *true*. Helen... your flat is *haunted*...
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Des Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0662
Des Clarke, Mike Young

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0662
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Todd Landers, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0662
Todd Landers, Katie Landers

Hilary Robinson, Des Clarke, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0662
Hilary Robinson, Des Clarke, Helen Daniels

Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0662
Charlene Robinson

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0662
Scott Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers, Todd Landers, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0662
Beverly Robinson, Katie Landers, Todd Landers, Jim Robinson

Mike Young, Scott Robinson, Des Clarke, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0662
Mike Young, Scott Robinson, Des Clarke, Charlene Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Todd Landers, Katie Landers, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0662
Beverly Robinson, Todd Landers, Katie Landers, Jim Robinson

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0662
Mike Young

Charlene Robinson, Mike Young, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0662
Charlene Robinson, Mike Young, Scott Robinson

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Todd Landers, Katie Landers, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0662
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Todd Landers, Katie Landers, Helen Daniels

Hilary Robinson, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0662
Hilary Robinson, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Katie Landers, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0662
Katie Landers, Todd Landers

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0662
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Hilary Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0662
Hilary Robinson, Helen Daniels

Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0662
Katie Landers, Beverly Robinson

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0662
Jim Robinson

Hilary Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0662
Hilary Robinson, Helen Daniels

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