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Neighbours Episode 0646 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0646
Australian airdate: 25/01/88
UK airdate: 02/05/89
UK Gold: 24/04/95
Director: Chris Sheil
Summary/Images by: Sue Parker/Graham
At the garage
Mrs Romeo goes into a huge rant in Italian. Tony stops her and introduces her to his friend Henry. She doesn't want to meet friends, she wants to meet Jane. He assures her she will, soon. Henry scarpers!
At the Robinsons
Madge runs in excited at passing her theory test, now she can start practising her driving. Jim has finished fixing the worktop and Helen pointedly says it's a pity her painting couldn't be fixed as easily. Madge apologises again and says she knows it isn't the same but Henry did offer to buy her another canvas. Helen laughs sarcastically and remarks that Madge is right, it isn't the same (Now now ladies!) Madge offers to help with dinner but Helen sends her outside to bring in the washing. Jim asks if all this hard feeling is really because of a chipped work surface and she tells him about the falling out yesterday. She thinks it would blow over more easily if they weren't having to share a house.
At Mrs Mangel's
Harold is bellowing out a hymn as he answers the door to Henry. Henry comments that he could hear him from the street then asks if Jane is home. She isn't. Harold suggests that he come in anyway, to be a practice audience for his singing. Henry scarpers again!
At the coffee shop
Jane pesters Mike to tell her where they are going out to. He tells her they're going to a very exclusive restaurant - right there in the coffee shop. He's cooked her a special meal. Jane comments that he must have changed - "I thought you wouldn't butter toast if you could help it?" (Surely in the wrong job then!). He agrees that he has changed, he hopes it'll convince her to go out with him again. He goes to lock the door and is knocked off his feet by Henry bowling in. Henry explains that Tony's mother has turned up and he needs Jane's help. Unfortunately Jane points out that isn't her problem, it's his and Tony's.
At Tony's flat
Henry explains that Jane has called the engagement off. Tony is panic stricken - what will they tell mum? In walks mum and asks what's going on. Quick thinking Henry tells her that Jane has got chicken pox and it'll be a week before she can see anyone, Mrs Romeo has had a wasted trip. She exclaims that a week is nothing, she'll wait. Henry quickly argues that it'll be a month before she's back on her feet. Mrs Romeo still can't be put off. A month is nothing either, she'll wait.
At the coffee shop
Mike and Jane are enjoying their candlelit dinner (even though the overhead lights are on as well). Jane thanks Mike for going to so much trouble and he tells her it's all worth it. Jane romantically tells him there is something she needs to ask him - can he smell something burning? He rushes off to save the desert as Harold barges through the front door demanding to know what's going on. Mike protests that Daphne wouldn't mind but Harold insists he is in charge while Daphne is away - and he needs the coffee shop that night to practice his singing in. He decides they should compromise, he will practise in the kitchen. They don't think it's much of a compromise but sit back down to eat whilst Harold "Amazing Grace"'s off to the kitchen. Jane jokes that Mike has thought of everything for their night, right down to the floorshow.
At the Robinsons
Jim suggests playing a game together but Madge insists on cleaning the kitchen. Helen is grateful, she couldn't lift a tea spoon. Henry bursts in declaring that he's starving and Helen wearily tells him they've already eaten - his dinner is in the oven. Madge shepherds him through to the kitchen out of her way. Jim asks Helen if she's sure her painting is ruined (obviously the cause of her bad mood this evening). She says it's difficult to get any peace, as Henry drops his plate onto the kitchen floor. Madge clouts him and calls him a walking disaster area.
HENRY: But it was hot!
MADGE: Of course it was hot you fool, it was in the oven!
Helen walks in and at the end of her tether sends Madge out to the living room to talk to Jim and Henry out to get a hamburger. He gladly escapes.
Madge and Jim chat about wedding invites and Jim apologises again for taking her wedding date. She assures him that it doesn't bother her, not as if she was going to use it anymore. Jim asks if she wants him to have a word with Harold, there's really no reason to postpone the wedding just because of money. Madge asks him not to, she'll talk to him herself.
At Tony's flat
Mrs Romeo is cleaning and questioning Tony about Jane. He tells her he'll bring her up to Perth when she's better. Mrs Romeo says there's no need - she'll meet her while she's here. Tony worries. Mrs Romeo goes off to cook and Sally arrives at the door, wanting to know why Tony has stood her up. He apologises and explains the disaster that's happened. Mrs Romeo appears at the door and wants to know who this is - Tony panics and introduces Sally as Jane's sister. Mrs Romeo is delighted and ushers her inside.
At the coffee shop
Harold's singing is booming out of the kitchen. He eventually comes out and says he thinks he'll be off. As he is leaving (to Jane and Mike's relief) Madge arrives, they need to have a chat. Jane tactfully says she and Mike are going out for a walk and they leave, Mike remarking as they go that they'd better lock the door - there seems to be more traffic there tonight than on a normal busy lunch hour. Madge tells Harold she wants their wedding to go ahead as planned - she's going to sell her car to get them the money. Harold looks uncomfortable.
At Tony's flat
Mrs Romeo asks Sally about the rest of the "family". She lies that they're circus people- "Dad's a lion tamer, and mum perfected the triple somersault - with pike - on the trapeze." She then dashes off as she has to get home to Grandma, making it clear to Tony that she's sick of this business already.
At the coffee shop
Harold refuses Madge's offer and she is upset. He is stubborn and insists he intends to stand by his decision. She shouts that sometimes he makes her sick and storms out!
At the Robinsons
Helen tells Jim that she isn't bothered about the counter top, or the ruined painting. She's worried that if Henry and Madge don't go home soon their friendship will be the thing that's worried. She's sure Scott and Charlene will understand. Madge comes in all upset after her row with Harold and Helen sends Jim off to make a drink so they can chat. Madge pours her heart out to Helen, who is more sympathetic than she's been in yonks. She apologises for not being much of a friend lately. Suddenly she's changed her mind about Madge and Henry moving out - they're welcome to stay as long as they want.
At Tony's flat
Mrs Romeo is fussing over Tony again. Tony talks about the arranged marriage and asks what would have happened if he hadn't found a nice girl of his own to marry? Mrs Romeo calmly tells him that in that case he'd have to marry Angela (the girl she's found him).
At the coffee shop
Henry asks Jane how she's feeling and she trigs straight away that he really wants to know if she changed her mind about meeting Tony's mother. She hasn't. Oh-oh, here's Mrs Romeo visiting the coffee shop. She's delighted to see Jane - but what happened to the chicken pox??
<<0645 - 0647>>
Mrs Romeo, Henry Ramsay, Tony Romeo in Neighbours Episode 0646
Mrs Romeo, Henry Ramsay, Tony Romeo

Helen Daniels, Madge Ramsay, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0646
Helen Daniels, Madge Ramsay, Jim Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0646
Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop

Jane Harris, Mike Young, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0646
Jane Harris, Mike Young, Henry Ramsay

Henry Ramsay, Mrs Romeo, Tony Romeo in Neighbours Episode 0646
Henry Ramsay, Mrs Romeo, Tony Romeo

Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0646
Jane Harris, Mike Young

Jane Harris, Mike Young, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0646
Jane Harris, Mike Young, Harold Bishop

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0646
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Henry Ramsay, Madge Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0646
Henry Ramsay, Madge Ramsay

Mrs Romeo, Tony Romeo in Neighbours Episode 0646
Mrs Romeo, Tony Romeo

Harold Bishop, Madge Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0646
Harold Bishop, Madge Ramsay

Sally Wells, Tony Romeo, Mrs Romeo in Neighbours Episode 0646
Sally Wells, Tony Romeo, Mrs Romeo

Madge Ramsay, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0646
Madge Ramsay, Harold Bishop

Madge Ramsay, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0646
Madge Ramsay, Helen Daniels

Tony Romeo, Mrs Romeo in Neighbours Episode 0646
Tony Romeo, Mrs Romeo

Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay, Mrs Romeo in Neighbours Episode 0646
Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay, Mrs Romeo

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0646
Jane Harris

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