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Neighbours Episode 0582 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0582
Australian airdate: 22/09/87
UK airdate: 01/02/89
UK Gold: 24/01/95
Writer: Rick Maier
Director: Paul Moloney
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
Henry is in a darts competition with Scott. BB turns out to be a hustler and scores 180, winning the game.
Charlene is telling Jane that she doesn't think she's being unreasonable - Scott has been out three night in a row.
JANE: Well...he's just adjusting.
CHARLENE: If he doesn't get his act together soon, I'll be doing some adjusting too. I don't see why I should have to sit at home.
JANE: It's not going to solve anything, Charlene, you need to spend time together.
CHARLENE: When? He's at school, I'm at work. He's studying, I'm cooking. He's out playing darts, I'm miserable. Whatever happened to the white picket fence and the cocker spaniel?
She thinks marriage isn't like the movies at all. She's fed up that Henry has more control over Scott than she does.
Just then, Henry and Scott arrive home. Scott is mad with Henry for losing them money.
HENRY: We had an extra interest in the outcome of the darts competition. We got taken in and shafted.
MADGE: Henry, English please, would you explain it in English?
HENRY: It's the oldest trick in the book. The gun drops out after the bets are down. Introduce a ringing, up the ante, me and Scott get pasted, end of story.
JANE: That was English?!
Henry says they'll just have to play better in the rematch tomorrow night and win it all back.
CHARLENE: Over my dead body!
MADGE: And mine!
CHARLENE: You bet my money without even bothering to ask me?
HENRY: Stay out of this, Charlene.
MADGE: Henry, don't you think you've done enough damage for one night?
They all start arguing. Finally Scott says he's sorry and he's not going to do a re-match. He goes off to his room and slams the door.
The girls sit down in the kitchen and wonder what to do. Charlene says that Henry is driving her insane.
Harold is putting a video on for Eileen and Mrs Mangel.
HAROLD: The man at the shop couldn't recommend it enough!
MRS MANGEL:(reading from the video) 'A no holds barred look at the rituals of life and love set among the forgotten tribes of the Amazon. '
HAROLD: 'No holds barred' sounds realistic, doesn't it?
The title of the video is "Hot Cargo" which Harold thinks sounds like an old Bogart movie(!)
They start the video and tuck into some chocolates. Suddenly Mrs Mangel stops chewing her chocolate and gets an odd look on her face. In fact, the three of them are staring at the screen in puzzlement.
HAROLD: No! NO! No, no no! I've never seen anything so lewd and disgusting in all my life!
He rips the video out of the machine in shock. Eileen is quite overcome, feeling dizzy whereas Mrs Mangel is sitting stunned on the settee.
Scott is up late having a glass of milk. Charlene comes out and sympathises with Scott about the hustle. He tells her about the girl, BB. They found out what the BB stood for - Bullseye Brenda! Charlene laughs and says that a $20 loss is nothing if he learnt something from it.
CHARLENE: I have to realise that you need your own space. I don't want to nag you.
SCOTT: I don't want to spend every night of my life playing darts, either! So, if I can't play darts, I guess I'll have to find some other type of pass-time.
They kiss.
Mrs Mangel is raging about the porn video to Jane.
MRS MANGEL: Young natives shaking their wotosis all over the place! It was disgusting!
Jane tries not to laugh. Mrs Mangel tells Jane that she intends to go back to work next week for the sake of her finances. She doesn't think Harold will be with them forever as Eileen is determined to get her hooks into him.
MRS MANGEL: For quite some time now she's had very little opportunity for...hanky-panky, as it were.
JANE: Nan!
MRS MANGEL: Oh, yes, very amusing. We'll see how amusing it is when I fall behind with the mortgage payments.
Jane says it is partly Mrs Mangel's fault for reading Eileen's tea-leaves.
JANE: You know what she's like, Nan, she believes in all the mumbo-jum...interesting folklore!
MRS MANGEL: Yes...she did believe everything I told her, didn't she?
Madge is putting pies for the Coffee Shop into a box and warns Henry not to have any. Scott and Charlene are having breakfast. Henry starts going on about the darts re-match again, but Scott tells him again that he's not interested.
SCOTT: The fact is, tonight, I will be staying home with my wife.
Charlene reminds Henry that Scott can make his own decisions! Henry's not happy and stalks off. Madge drops a pie on the floor on purpose so that she has an excuse to give it to Scott to eat (he and Charlene are still living on scrambled eggs) and Henry doesn't look happy.
Eileen has done herself up and come around to see Mrs Mangel. She has totally overdone her makeup and jewellery(!) She fawns over Harold and asks him if he'd like to pop around to her place for a vegetarian meal tonight. He graciously accepts.
When Harold has gone, Mrs Mangel glares at Eileen.
MRS MANGEL: You two seem to be very jolly.
EILEEN: Really?
MRS MANGEL: Of course, Mr Bishop is a wonderful man. It's such a pity that he and Mrs Ramsay appear to be at such odds.
EILEEN:(dreamily) Well...these things happen, Nell.
Mrs Mangel looks into her teacup.
Jane comes over to talk to Henry. She wants to talk to him about Scott and Charlene and asks him to meet her at lunchtime. He reluctantly agrees.
Henry comes to open the pub and sees BB there. He doesn't want to talk to her, but in the end reluctantly appreciates her genius hustles. She offers to buy him lunch to make it up to him a bit.
BB: You weren't doing anything at lunchtime, were you?
HENRY: Nothing that can't wait.
Eileen is planning her night with Harold, down to the classical music background.
MRS MANGEL: You're planning this dinner party for just the two of you, are you?
EILEEN: It's just a friendly little evening.
MRS MANGEL: Oh, of course.
EILEEN: Two mature adults, sharing each other's company.
MRS MANGEL: Absolutely.
EILEEN: Nell, you don't think Harold will misconstrue the invitation?
MRS MANGEL: I doubt it. He's a man of wide experience. I'm sure he'll be able to...restrain himself.
EILEEN: Nell...you're not suggesting...
MRS MANGEL: Ordinarily, I'd be the last person to suggest such a thing, but there is the evidence! He's a man. He's a lonely man. He's a recently estranged lonely man. And one does wonder how he...happened on that particular video...
EILEEN: Oh no! No!
MRS MANGEL: Who's to say what his intentions might be. And he does shave twice a day! Well, there must be some hormonal clue there. Sometimes...he doesn't even let me strain his tea-leaves...
EILEEN: That's it! The tea-cup. You must read it for me! You must tell me what it says about Harold!
MRS MANGEL: That would be improper.
EILEEN: Nell! In the strictest of confidence, I won't say a word!
MRS MANGEL: Oh...well, I don't suppose it will cause much harm. Now...
She turn the teacup upside down and rotates it three times. Then she looks into the cup and recoils in shock, putting a hand to her forehead dramatically.
EILEEN: You've seen something.
MRS MANGEL:(dramatically) It's too unspeakable...! This was a bad idea.
EILEEN: Oh no, no, if you've seen something about Harold, you must tell me.
MRS MANGEL: Oh, the poor man, what a wretched, wretched fate!
EILEEN: Fate? What do you mean?!
MRS MANGEL: See the leaves? Oh, it's too utterly gruesome! It's the sign of the satyr. Half man...half beast! No wonder he shaves twice a day!
Eileen looks very worried!
Outside the Coffee Shop
Harold serves two coffees to Harold and BB. Henry and BB chat and he finds out that she does a bit of modelling, and also that she likves with her brother. They love it - no parents to tell them what to do. Henry thinks that sounds great!
Jane comes over and tells Henry that she's been waiting for him for ages. She's not happy and says she didn't know why she bothered trying to talk to him in the first place. She stalks off back to the office and Henry follows her.
The Office
Henry apologises for forgetting - he didn't realise it was such a big deal. Jane tells him he's making things hard for Scott and Charlene at home. He's not pleased at being blamed for everything that goes wrong at home.
HENRY: Everyone else gets the benefit of the doubt, not good old Henry! I am sick of it.
He walks out, saying that everyone thinks they'd be better without him around and he might just do something about it.
Harold comes in and Eileen looks terrifed and goes to sit on the other side of the room. As Harold walks around the room, she keeps moving to chairs as far as possible away from him(!)
HAROLD: I am looking forward to our dinner tonight. I know it's meant to be music, but there is nothing like a good casserole to soothe the savage beast!
EILEEN:(faintly) Beast?!
HAROLD: Yes, I'm absolutely ravenous, if I don't eat soon, who knows what might happen?!
EILEEN: Oh my gracious!
HAROLD: Something wrong?
EILEEN: Dreadful migraine. It just came over me like a wave.
HAROLD: Oh dear, I know what it's like, I get some dreadful thumpers. I tell you what, a little massage might do the trick.
EILEEN:(in terror) No! No, thank you! I must be getting home, a good night's rest will do me the world of good!
HAROLD: Well then I'll drive you...
EILEEN: No! No, a walk will probably do me well as well!
She rushes out, leaving Harold looking rather confused.
HAROLD:(to Mrs Mangel) Do you know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that woman was scared stiff!
Mrs Mangel looks triumphant!
Scott is struggling with his maths homework when Madge comes in. She tells Scott and Charlene that she's brought food home and they're all going to eat dinner together.
MADGE: Now, going without for a principle is one thing, but being idiotic is something else. Now, I've had you two here for dinner before without anyone's ego being bruised, haven't I? And that's exactly what's going to happen tonight. You are my guests and I won't have any argument!
Scott tries to get a word in, but Madge isn't having any of it.
CHARLENE: Scott, I've seen her in this mood before. Best not to rock the boat.
SCOTT:(gratefully) Who's rocking? I'm starving! But I can only accept on one condition. That you let Charlene and I take you out for dinner with us one night.
MADGE: Oh, I'll hold you to that.
Henry comes in and immediately stomps off to his room. Scott and Charlene look confused. Madge thinks Henry has been fed up of people getting at him lately and she'll have a word to him later.
Jane tells Mrs Mangel that she didn't know that Eileen got migraines. She looks suspiciously at Mrs Mangel.
MRS MANGEL:(smiling to herself) Well, they do say that the course of true love never does run smooth...
JANE: You've said something!
JANE: You just can't help yourself, can you, you just have to interfere! Then again, who am I to talk, I'm probably just as bad.
She tells Mrs Mangel about her words with Henry and is worried that she's made things worse.
Henry comes out of his room with a bag and tells everyone he's moving out. They are all shocked.
HENRY: You heard. Why are you gaping at me like goldfish for, this is what you want, isn't it? Henry's a stirrer, Henry's a troublemaker. Well, Henry's out of here.
MADGE: But...nobody asked you to leave! This is preposterous, it's your home!
HENRY: Uh-uh. It used to be. Things are getting a little crowded in here now. See you around some time.
He walks out.
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Jane Harris, Charlene Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Madge Ramsay, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0582
Jane Harris, Charlene Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Madge Ramsay, Scott Robinson

Eileen Clarke, Harold Bishop, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0582
Eileen Clarke, Harold Bishop, Nell Mangel

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0582
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0582
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Madge Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0582
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Madge Ramsay

Eileen Clarke, Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0582
Eileen Clarke, Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop

Henry Ramsay, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0582
Henry Ramsay, Jane Harris

BB Larkin in Neighbours Episode 0582
BB Larkin

Nell Mangel, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0582
Nell Mangel, Eileen Clarke

Jane Harris, BB Larkin, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0582
Jane Harris, BB Larkin, Henry Ramsay

Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0582
Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay

Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0582
Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop, Eileen Clarke

Scott Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0582
Scott Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Charlene Robinson

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0582
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0582
Henry Ramsay

Madge Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0582
Madge Ramsay

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