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Neighbours Episode 0581 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0581
Australian airdate: 21/09/87
UK airdate: 31/01/89
UK Gold: 23/01/1995
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Paul Moloney
Summary/Images by: herriestopper & Sayaka/herriestopper
Madge says that Rob isn't very romantic. Charlene says Madge should set him straight, she says she tried, but Rob thought she was playing hard to get! Suddenly Charlene says Madge must keep Rob sweet - what about her apprenticeship?! Madge says Rob is OK, but he isn't Harold.
Des asks Daphne what she thinks about having the christening next weekend - because Reverend Sampson might not be available after that. They want Mike to be godfather, and are thinking of asking Jim and Helen. Mike wonders if Paul wanted to be one too and if it might be a bit awkward with him.
Daphne has got cabin fever from hanging around the house with Jamie. She hopes Gail will get the creche running at Lassiters.
Henry tells Charlene that Scott is coming out again for the darts final. Charlene isn't pleased - it would be the third night in a row. Scott says he'll be in it tonight, but this is the last time. Charlene glowers.
When Henry and Scott have gone, Charlene moans to Madge and says she has to talk to Henry. Madge says she will - as long as Charlene talks to Rob Lewis. They shake on the deal.
Paul is talking to Henry about the Waterhole renovations, he tells Henry the objective is to give the Waterhole a real outback feel.
Des comes in and wants to talk about Jamie's christening. Paul jumps the gun, thinking Des was about to ask him to be Jamie's godfather. Paul says he'd love to do it! Paul leaves before Des has a chance to set him straight.
Ramsay Street
Daphne is taking Jamie for a walk in his buggy. She sees Jim and asks him to be Jamie's godfather. He is delighted to accept. The christening is being arranged for Sunday.
JIM: Daphne...I'm really honoured.
DAPHNE: So are we.
Des is brooding - he doesn't know how to sort out the christening stuff with Paul. He goes off to find Daphne.
Scott comes in to practise his darts. Their competitors, Kenny and his mate, are already practising. The prize money is going to be $50. Kenny comes over and challenges Henry to put a $20 bet on the outcome of the match. He takes the bet, and much to Scott's concern, ups it to $50. Scott isn't keen, but agrees to bet $10 himself. Scott tells Henry not to tell Charlene because she'd murder him. Henry says Scott is henpecked!
The Garage
Charlene is working hard. Rob goes off on his lunchbreak and Charlene asks him pointedly if he'll have a normal-length lunchbreak. Rob wants to go and see Madge at the pub. Charlene tries to put him off, but he won't be put off! Rob starts combing his hair in reflection of a car window and heads off to find Madge. Charlene despairs.
Scott is just heading off when Madge comes in. She tells Henry off for dragging Scott out so often, saying he's not being a good influence on Scott.
Kenny comes over and introduces his sister BB. Henry thinks she looks quite nice(!)
Just then, Rob comes in, much to Madge's consternation. He invites her to dinner but she makes excuses. She puts Rob off telling him to call her some time and then makes a sharp exit.
ROB: (to Henry) She's a beaut woman, your mum. You sure know where you stand with her!
HENRY: Er...yeah(!)
BB is playing darts, but not very well.
Daphne and Helen are having a cup of tea. Daphne asks Helen to be Jamie's godmother. Helen is very touched but says she thinks Daphne should choose someone younger. Daphne says she wants Helen to do it - they've been so close, but she'll get a replacement if Helen thinks it's right. Helen suggests Beverly as a replacement.
Just then, Des calls round looking for Daphne. He drags her away, pulling Jamie in his pushchair with him!
Des is raving(!) Daphne makes him calm down and manages to get out of him that he's accidentally asked Paul to be one of the godfathers. Daphne isn't very pleased, and tells him there's another problem - Helen declined. Des says they could have three godfathers instead(!) but Daphne says she'll ask Beverly. They don't know what to do about Paul.
Madge is making baked beans for Henry's dinner so Scott and Charlene won't feel so left out.
Charlene comes in and says she tried to talk to Rob but he wouldn't listen.
Scott comes in and chats to Charlene - he got an "A" for his English assignment. She is pleased, but this fades when she hears he's still going to the darts game.
Charlene gets offended and tells him to get his own tea - and she hopes it chokes him(!)
Henry, Scott and Mike are warming up on the darts. Rob is at the bar talking to Madge(!)
Madge overhears the boys talking about the bet and tells Henry off for being a dill. She hits him with her teatowel(!)
Kenny turns up wearing a sling saying he can't play because of a sprained wrist - BB will have to stand in for him. He and BB exchange sneaky smiles.
In the evening, Jim and Helen return home after visiting Lucy. Paul is in the kitchen making himself a sandwich. He overhears Jim tell Helen, he's going to be godfather. When Jim has left the room, he asks Helen about it. He tells Helen that Des asked him earlier to be godfather. Helen thinks it's strange. Paul thinks something must have gone wrong somewhere.
Des and Daph are talking about the godfather mix up and how they're going to fix it, when Paul arrives on their doorstep. Paul wants to have a word about the christening. Des and Daphne look a bit worried. But Paul goes on to say he was thrilled they asked him, but he thinks since Mike is young it would be better if they asked somebody more mature to be the second godfather. Somebody that knows about kids. Des and Daphne agree and nod!
DES AND DAPHNE: Good point! Very sensible!
Paul then suggests that Jim would be well chuffed if they asked him. Paul hopes Des and Daphne are not offended he is turning them down. Des and Daphne go "No, no, not at all!!" whilst looking very relieved. They go to make Paul a drink.
The darts match is in full swing. Henry is in the zone and playing very well. BB gets up for her turn and Henry tells her not to hit any people, based on her form earlier that day. Her first shot is a treble 20. Kenny suggests doubling the bet and Henry agrees. But BB turns out to be a hustler and promptly scores 180.
BB: Guess I got lucky!
Henry looks stunned.
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Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0581
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0581
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Paul Robinson

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