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Neighbours Episode 0563 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0563 (Gail Robinson makes a promotional video for Lassiter's)
Australian airdate: 26/08/87
UK airdate: 05/01/89
UK Gold: 28/12/94
Writer: Rick Maier
Director: Paul Moloney
Summary/Images by: Sue Parker/Graham
Paul asks Gail to do a promo video for Lassiters. Jane transforms back into Plain Jane.
At Mrs Mangel's:
Amanda thinks Jane's appearance is a huge improvement.
At the Robinsons:
Jim tells Helen his weekend in Adelaide was hectic but he's very happy. He's busy now though, working on his new workshop project. He has time to tell Helen all about Beverly though - apparently she has secrets. She ran away from a man in a shopping centre in Adelaide, and she's been getting phone calls at the surgery from a mystery doctor. Helen advises him that a woman with a past is much more interesting. Their chat is interrupted by Gail who wants Helen to appear in her video, in her Home James uniform. Helen agrees.
At the coffee shop:
Harold arrives for work in a sharp suit and bow tie. Charlene jokes that he fancies himself as a movie star. He protests and rushes off to the kitchen. Charlene laughs at him getting so worked up over a crummy little video and Henry asks if that's the case, why is her best dress stashed out in the kitchen. She shrugs and says there's nothing wrong with making a good impression. Henry trots off to work, revealing "Henry's lawn mowing service" painted on his back in neon pink paint. "All's fair in love and commercial enterprise Lennie." Harold reminds Charlene that Eileen is coming back to work that morning and asks her to be extra nice to her, she's very depressed remember. Charlene agrees, as Eileen bursts through the door full of the joys of spring. Charlene - "You were saying?"
At the office:
Gail and Mike are planning out the final details for their shoot. Gail wants Mike to ask Jane to front the video and Paul agrees that she'd be perfect. Until she walks in that is. They all stare at her and she is offended. She insists that no-one has any right to comment as long as she does her job okay. Cue raised eyebrows all round. Gail is reluctantly forced to take on the job of presenting the video.
At the hospital:
Bev tells Amanda her mother is making excellent progress and will possibly be released by the end of the week. Amanda remarks she probably knows how much the bed is costing. Beverly warns her that she'll need lots of attention when she is released - for as long as it takes to get better. Amanda goes off and Jim appears to ask Bev out for dinner that day.
Outside the Waterhole:
Eileen is lecturing a nervous Madge on how to act. Mike tells her she's in the way and moves her aside. He starts to film Gail interviewing Madge, who describes the history of the Waterhole - "a small but colourful balloon. Balloon?? Why did I say balloon? I meant saloon!" Gail calms her down and they start to shoot again. Unfortunately they have to stop again as Eileen is grinning away in the background. Gail - "Mrs Clarke, you've accidentally wandered into shot."
In the office:
Henry asks Paul if he needs any more help with the video, but Paul says he'll have to see Gail. Jane comes into the office in her new drab gear and Henry laughs that on the day when everyone else is dressed in their best gear they've made Jane dress up as an old woman. She snaps and tells him to keep his lousy opinions to himself.
It's Helen's turn to be interviewed, as Madge brags about how well she did - until Mike reveals how many takes it took. As Helen is interviewed Eileen "accidentally" wanders into shot, again. Gail takes her aside and tells her she's not being fair to anyone getting in the way like this. Eileen relays all the musicals she's been in and Gail tells her if she gets in the way again, she's out of the whole thing. It floats over Eileen's head like water off a ducks back.
Jim and Bev take ringside seats at the coffee shop so they can be in the movie too. Henry chats to Mike about how things are going and says he thinks he should be in some of the shots of the grounds, to make them more interesting! Beverly and Jim order their meal, then Bev asks Eileen if she can interview her for a paper she's writing. Eileen is delighted until she finds out that the paper is on the aging process!
Harold is chatting up some old bid who's staying at the hotel. He panics as the cappuccino machine blows a gasket and accidentally knocks a pot of coffee over Eileen's arm - she is distraught as the camera is arriving any minute. First though, Jane and her mum arrive for lunch and Charlene, in her best frock, takes one look at Jane's new make-over and does a runner into the kitchen. Eileen goes over to serve them, carefully hiding her wet arm behind her back. Harold asks Amanda to move her coat because of his allergy so Jane tries to take it through to the kitchen (how hygienic!). Amanda refuses to let it out of her sight and hangs it up by the door.
In the office:
Gail is exhausted and tells Paul that making the video is harder than it looks. He is sure it will be worth it. She tells him she wants to end the movie with an interview of him. He won't do it, so she tries to persuade him - at the moment it's no better than a home movie. Arm firmly twisted, Paul agrees. Gail runs out promising him he won't have to wear much makeup.
At the coffee shop:
Amanda asks Jane to take time off work because there's no way she'll be able to look after her mother on her own when she gets out of hospital. She asks for the bill, then realises her coat is missing. Eileen helpfully holds up "a piece of purple nylon" and Amanda cries that her coat is a full length mink. Harold starts wheezing at some lady's bag and Amanda insists her coat must be inside, despite the fact that the bag would barely fit an arm of her coat inside. The owner protests strongly but Amanda forces it open, to find a cute little dog inside. In despair she admits to Jane that it isn't her coat being missing that bothers her - all her money was inside.
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Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0563
Jane Harris

Amanda Harris in Neighbours Episode 0563
Amanda Harris

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0563
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0563
Charlene Robinson

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0563
Henry Ramsay

Gail Robinson, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0563
Gail Robinson, Mike Young

Beverly Marshall, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0563
Beverly Marshall, Jim Robinson

Gail Robinson, Madge Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0563
Gail Robinson, Madge Ramsay

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0563
Henry Ramsay

Gail Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0563
Gail Robinson, Helen Daniels

Beverly Marshall in Neighbours Episode 0563
Beverly Marshall

Harold Bishop, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0563
Harold Bishop, Eileen Clarke

Harold Bishop, Amanda Harris, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0563
Harold Bishop, Amanda Harris, Jane Harris

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0563
Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop, Amanda Harris in Neighbours Episode 0563
Harold Bishop, Amanda Harris

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